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Mon 24th February, 2014

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DoomTurtle commented on Review: Color Zen Kids (Wii U eShop):

Only 100 levels doesn't make this one worth it. Can't say the original was ever maddeningly difficult though. I beat all 460 levels and my playtime for the game shows just under 7 hours. That's less than a minute per level. The really easy ones take only a few seconds, so the few hardest maybe took 2-3 minutes tops. I was a little disappointed at how easy it all was.



DoomTurtle commented on Zen Studios Collaborates With Telltale Games a...:

I've been checking the Zen forums now and then just to see if they ever have any updates on fixes or the new tables, and they just won't respond with anything. It's pretty disappointing, because I bought the Avengers pack, and it's really fun. But I won't be getting anything else unless it's on sale, because their customer service for the Wii U is awful.



DoomTurtle commented on Feature: Looking Back on the Year of Luigi:

I need to know about Luigi Bros. in Mario 3D World. Is it an unlockable, part of a stage, or just an option on the menu? I haven't gotten into it yet, I'm still finishing up all the green stars in Mario Galaxy 2. But I did play it once with a couple friends and don't recall being able to select it.