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Fri 20th June, 2014

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clvr commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D ...:

@BenAV I partially agree with you on the topic of remakes, but I couldn't be more excited for MM3D simply because I used to play it with my dad on the N64 when I was 5-6 and I loved it though I obviously couldn't understand it as I can understand it now. I think this is a great opportunity to play a timeless masterpiece for those who had an experience similar to mine and for those who are younger and never had a chance to play it.



clvr commented on Video: New One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X Tr...:

There's always a guy complains about the potential spoilers for OP fans when it comes down to Grand Battle X news, and it seems this time it will be me :) please NL, put a spoiler warning somewhere when writing this kind of articles.



clvr commented on Impending Japanese Launch Of Super Smash Bros....:

These reveals leave me a bit disappointed...if Sakurai wanted so bad to get rid of clones, then why put Lucina and Dark Pit in the game and even have Dr. Mario return? Besides that, I don't like Mr. Pepper and I'm sad not to see Lucas (who was my favorite character in Brawl), but that's just my opinion. Bowser Jr. was the only reason that could make me hope the leak was real and he hasn't been confirmed yet...I'll wait hoping for more surprises :)



clvr commented on Feature: Meet The Playable Cast Of Hyrule Warr...:

@AlexOlney he'd be my first choice, should I get the game eventually. He was my hero when I used to play OOT with my dad at 3 :) Midna is one of my favorite Zelda characters, but her style doesn't excite me that much. Also, it's disappointing not to see Tingle and Oni/Fierce Deity Link.



clvr commented on Nintendo Download: 4th September (Europe):

I'm glad Code Of Princess finally got its discount here in Europe, so I think I'll download it. However, I'm slightly disappointed that we still don't know when SMTIV is out.



clvr commented on Ocarina of Time Joins Hyrule Warriors With She...:

I'm a big Zelda fan but I've never really been that interested in this spin-off, but I guess some cool characters could make me buy it...I was thinking of Mikau (whom I loved back then but I don't think will make it to the final game), Link's alternate forms (Deku, Goron, Zora and of course Oni Link), Skull Kid and Tingle (my hero :D). Oh and I guess the mask merchant would be weird and cool at the same time