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Fri 20th Jun 2014

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clvr commented on Review: Dark Half (SNES):

Uh, never heard of this one before...and it sounds awesome! The only thing I don't get though is why NL felt the urge to review this game 20 years later hahahah



clvr commented on Sceptile Spotted as Potential Reveal for Pokk...:

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this article is the total lack of comments about that girl's cuteness. Not lying, as soon as I saw the pic I thought the comment section would be flooded.
Well, I guess I'll have to be the first then XD



clvr commented on Mario History: Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - 2003:

Absolutely love this game! I've loved MK ever since 64, but DD is easily one of my favourites, only losing to the magnificent 8 and perhaps DS. Love the double racer mechanic, its tracks, and its characters (I'm so sad poor Petey never made the cut again). My friend and I still remember the good ol' DD times fondly though he doesn't even care at all about gaming now.



clvr commented on Nintendo NX Will Be About Creating "Fun New Wa...:

I read a lot of comments saying "more power, no gimmicks, third parties, etc." but actually I don't understand. First, "fun new ways to play" can mean anything cause it's kinda the standard way to describe any new product. Second, "it's what they said about the Wii U" as some of you say, ain't necessarily a bad thing because of, you know, games (which I guess are the reason why people buy a console, or at least should be). Obviously I'd like to have 3rd party games on my Wii U as much as you do, but I barely have the time to play the games I already own and they're amazing. Of course Nintendo could adopt a more common architecture in order for the NX to be more "3rd party-friendly" but even then it might not be enough for them to get on board. But in the end, I can't complain about the games I have played on my DS, Wii, 3DS and Wii U, despite their "gimmicks" (as you call them). Actually it's them who got me choosing them, because I appreciate the fact that they tried to change gaming. Of course they haven't gotten everything right so far and I feel they haven't expressed all the potential these consoles offered and still offer, but at least they tried to do something new instead of rehashing the same experience as ever. Personally I don't want "to play the old way"; I'd like to see gaming as a whole evolve, and not only in the number of polygons on the screen or buttons on the pad.



clvr commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D ...:

@BenAV I partially agree with you on the topic of remakes, but I couldn't be more excited for MM3D simply because I used to play it with my dad on the N64 when I was 5-6 and I loved it though I obviously couldn't understand it as I can understand it now. I think this is a great opportunity to play a timeless masterpiece for those who had an experience similar to mine and for those who are younger and never had a chance to play it.



clvr commented on Video: New One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X Tr...:

There's always a guy complains about the potential spoilers for OP fans when it comes down to Grand Battle X news, and it seems this time it will be me please NL, put a spoiler warning somewhere when writing this kind of articles.



clvr commented on Impending Japanese Launch Of Super Smash Bros....:

These reveals leave me a bit disappointed...if Sakurai wanted so bad to get rid of clones, then why put Lucina and Dark Pit in the game and even have Dr. Mario return? Besides that, I don't like Mr. Pepper and I'm sad not to see Lucas (who was my favorite character in Brawl), but that's just my opinion. Bowser Jr. was the only reason that could make me hope the leak was real and he hasn't been confirmed yet...I'll wait hoping for more surprises



clvr commented on Feature: Meet The Playable Cast Of Hyrule Warr...:

@AlexOlney he'd be my first choice, should I get the game eventually. He was my hero when I used to play OOT with my dad at 3 Midna is one of my favorite Zelda characters, but her style doesn't excite me that much. Also, it's disappointing not to see Tingle and Oni/Fierce Deity Link.



clvr commented on Nintendo Download: 4th September (Europe):

I'm glad Code Of Princess finally got its discount here in Europe, so I think I'll download it. However, I'm slightly disappointed that we still don't know when SMTIV is out.



clvr commented on Ocarina of Time Joins Hyrule Warriors With She...:

I'm a big Zelda fan but I've never really been that interested in this spin-off, but I guess some cool characters could make me buy it...I was thinking of Mikau (whom I loved back then but I don't think will make it to the final game), Link's alternate forms (Deku, Goron, Zora and of course Oni Link), Skull Kid and Tingle (my hero ). Oh and I guess the mask merchant would be weird and cool at the same time