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Mario Kart 8 DLC Confirmed for Japan With Free Mercedes Car

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Tournament also planned in commercial tie-in

Update: Nintendo UK has issued the following statement to Eurogamer regarding this news:

The announcement this time was made by Mercedes-Benz Japan regarding their collaboration in Japan with NCL.

As for the information relating to the distribution of the GLA kart for MK8 outside Japan, we will be able to announce in the near future.

It certainly sounds like similar content is on the cards for the West.

Original Article:

Courtesy of its release one day earlier in Japan, Mario Kart 8 is now on store shelves in the country, though Nintendo will hope that copies will fly off shelves just as quickly. The company and commercial partner Mercedes have wasted no time, meanwhile, in unveiling some free DLC on the way to the title; time to open up the floodgates?

As you can see in the image above and below, this free content will come in the form of a Mercedes kart, part of a wider marketing campaign for the GLA class models to be promoted alongside the iconic Mario brand. In moves reminiscent of the Callaway partnership in Mario Golf: World Tour - which is distributing special clubs and items alongside Callaway-branded tournaments - the pictured Mercedes kart will be distributed free in Japan this Summer, with a special Tournament to be held in the Autumn / Fall period; we expect this tournament will be part of the online aspect of the game.

It's free DLC, admittedly, and also shows that Nintendo has developed the basic features into the game to cater these additions. We've just recently written about how Nintendo can keep the race going with DLC, so it'll be interesting to see whether this Mercedes promotion or equivalents make it outside of Japan, and also whether it's merely a starting-off point for full-on paid-DLC.

You can see a Mercedes trailer for the Mario partnership and more game screens below. Let us know what you think of this promotion; do you think it'll lead to more DLC for Mario Kart 8 in the future?

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Thanks to babyguess for the tip.


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Hunter-D said:

It all looks so out of place... and I'm not talking about  either!



SCAR said:

I was just about to say "WTF", but whatever... I guess only good can come from this.



conman2012 said:

It looks like it just for a laugh ( and brand exposure of course) and as its free I wouldn't get too upset.

On the upside, as there appear to be many who want arenas released, dlc is a good sign for that possibility



Swiket said:

I don't really have a problem with product placement, I mean it looked fine in the Pikmin games because it fit the setting... but this just looks hilariously out of place. It looks like they photoshopped it in.



readyletsgo said:

Not matter what it looks like, it's an extra 'kart' and confirms more DLC in the future for karts and maybe tracks and characters too.

This news has me over the moon, very exciting



SCAR said:

I think it's actually pretty cool. I'm mainly surprised that they had a real person represent Mario. I'm not sure how many times that has happened.



PinkSpider said:

Awesome and great advert to the end is fantastic, need for adverts like that for nintendo in the uk, God what's with everyone whining "oh it's out of place"



DreamyViridi said:

I like how the kart looks actually. The advert is great, the real-life Mario and Goomba too; they didn't look laughably bad. Oh and hey, this means DLC is a thing for MK8 so I can look forward to more of that.



Bulbousaur said:

Don't really car about the Merecdes, but the fact that DLC is possible and already happening in some capacity is very good.



Guybrush20X6 said:

I don't know what my feelings are doing. As long as it's not OP and DLC that people asked for is coming it's ok I guess.



Haywired said:

Looks so out of place... But if it's just a commercial tie-in DLC then fair enough I suppose...



AlexOlney said:

Doesn't bother me that it' same shameless plug, it's free and what's more (as everyone else has said) it heavily suggests more DLC in the future.



Crimson_Ridley said:

Only Mario could get away with driving an actual car in a kart race. Can you imagine taking a car through a real go-kart course? Anarchy! And, lots of blood...



StarDust4Ever said:

Dangit, I demand nothing less than Rosalina (or Golden Peach) driving a bright yellow Mini-Couper.

In other thoughts, this idea of realistic vehicle tie-ins in a fantasy karting game sounds kinda lame. Worse if the stats are beefed up. If I battle alongside some Japanese bloke in a Mercades, I'll be sure to hit them with every item I got.



luke88 said:

I don't think that it fits at all with the games aesthetic; kind of disappointing, probably not a big deal I guess but It might annoy me to see a load of GLA's racing alongside me when I'm playing online. No more of this please Nintendo.



Einherjar said:

Well, that Mercedes chose Mario Kart over any other IP even though it doesnt fit in the slightest just shows how big that IP actually is



cookiex said:

If this ever comes to EU I'll totally pick it for the NintendoLife tournaments.Untitled



Goginho said:

I'm not fond of it. Like many, I agree that it looks our of place :/ but whatevs. If it's optional, I personally wouldn't even download it, as that would make it an option to be a randomly-generated CPU kart.



Uberchu said:

no #WTF tag for this article I am dissapoint.

At least this is better that my lack of games.

Wii U FTW!



bouncer0304 said:

I'm calling it now- that will be released as DLC in the UK and will bw the big prize in the Mario Kart 8 family tournament.On the upside, it means DLC is confirmed and if it's as barmy as this, then bring it on



Peach64 said:

I agree it looks very out of place and odd. Hopefully it won't be available for online races so I won't ever have to see it in game.



Vriess said:

Big name brands in your games? Why Nintendo? This is beneath you... Please don't be a sellout.



0utburst said:

That's all I need to know. I'm going digital with MK8. Sorry GameStop, I won't be picking my LE pre-order tomorrow.
Thanks to NL and @babyguess.



rylo151 said:

that mario from the mercades ad looks like he belongs in tekken or something! i laughed out loud as he stepped out



LJay said:

What in the blazes is that stinking horrible merc doing in mario kart!!?? Please tell me that this is a prank!-nintendo really is selling out,dissapointing...



SCAR said:

Now all they need is Mr. Clean, Willy Wonka, and Ronald McDonald as playable characters.



Shiryu said:

I would rather have a Blue Falcon chassis download.... surely coming soon?



unrandomsam said:

I don't understand how people could be ok with this (Just because Nintendo has actually done it) but hate the idea of a Smash Brothers like Mario Kart game.



King_Johobo said:

HAHA! I love this! Though they could've used a decent Merc like the SLS lol i hope they bring more dlc karts out later



SetupDisk said:

It actually looks pretty damn cool. There are go carts made to look like cars in reality so I don't really see how the "out of place" complaints are accurate.



baba_944 said:

@SCAR392 They did it on the past "Gamecube" commercials called "Hot Mario" and the JPN commercial of "Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga".



LavaTwilight said:

I think it looks awesome and I love the commercial. I'll definitely be up for buying a Mercedes now...

If I had the money I'd probably already own one but there we go.



ThumperUK said:

I agree it looks out of place, but personally like it for that fact! I hope they do a Merc-owned Smart car version that topples over if you corner too fast.
DLC has obviously been written into the game, I have no problem with DLC that requires download/update, but do object to anything called DLC which is already on the disc (as this smacks of rip-off).



Kirk said:

Nintendo is looking really really desperate.

I mean I get the business sense in having some well placed product advertising in your games or whatever but this just looks totally and utterly forced and desperate.

It SCREAMS of desperation on Nintendo's part and IMO only serves to make Nintendo look like a bit of a sell-out in the eyes of the gamers; totally forcing misplaced crap into it's flagship games that to me is slightly insulting in how it's been handled and shoved in there, which is not what Nintendo needs right now.

Does the GLA even come in a convertible version or did they literally hack the roof off just to force it into this game?

I mean this looks like some homebrew guy hacked this into the game just for the hell of it.

You've surely got to handle this kind of thing with some minimum level of tact.



Wonky_Kong said:

Ehhh, its free so wjo can complain, though I will never use it and I hope there are no more commercial plugs. Tbh the only DLC I would want is arenas, chatacters make no difference to me and im sure there are already tons of karts. Tracks would ve good too, for a nice price because nothing sucks more than when you cant play a multiplayer match because you dont own the map



Stu13 said:

As long as it is just the car and not Mercedes banners hanging around the tracks or commercials playing in between races, I don't see it as 'selling out'. It is, however, quite... goofy.



Kirk said:

Why not just make a full GT or Forza clone and make all the drivers Nintendo characters while we're at it...

That would at least make far more sense than shoving this particular DLC into Mario Kart and it actually might even be a kinda cool Nintendo twist on the more 'simulation' style racing games that are so popular on the other platforms.

Then Nintendo can have product advertising and sponsorship out the wahooza and it won't look out of place in the slightest.



MrGawain said:

It's brilliant. It's fun and zany, it' free, introduces people to downloading additional content, and gets people talking.

As for 'selling out', it's not like Nintendo are plugging junk food to kids on load screens, they're partnering with a quality brand for a bit of fun. I see no harm in it.



BakaKnight said:

That advertisement... a great case of "so bad is awesomly good" XD

But... is the DLC only for Mario Kart or was confirmed also for Super Mario Bros?



Wouwter said:

I really dislike this, I'd hate it if they put advertisements in all their games. It would seriously make me stop buying them.



unrandomsam said:

@Captain-Falcon What happens if you don't have it though and try to go in a race online ? Does it immediately mean you can only play against people without it installed ?



Socar said:

Awesomely weird if you ask me. I can certainly see how people feel that its out of place but since its, I don't think this is an issue.

Look don't let this simple issue ruin you from getting the game. We all know that this game is gonna do big so don't let it down dudes!



King47 said:

I don't understand why people are against this. It's pretty cool and fun. It doesn't take away from the game and it's free. And it proves dlc is a possibility.



Gerbwmu said:

It's optional DLC that is FREE, and may never make it to the west. I think some of you are going a little crazy with this. You aren't forced to use it or even download it. Again though.....if some of you are so angered by something, that isn't even in the game, then boycott MK8. Personally I don't care one way or the other but my little kids would love to have the merc as a choice of vehicles.



TruenoGT said:

Not a big fan of advertising and product placement in games (or other PAID for products), just kind of cheapens it. This particular example isn't too bad however... It's kind of like the Kawasaki stuff in Wave Race 64, did people get freaked out about that?



NintyMan said:

When I saw this in the Mario Kart 8 thread, I thought it was a joke, but it's not. This is really cool and weird at the same time, but I don't mind it. It's DLC, and free DLC at that. The kart looks nice, even if I don't drive a Mercedes.

What makes this exciting, though, is that Mario Kart 8 DLC is actually happening and hope for more characters, tracks, karts, and arenas is higher than before.



Yai said:

That trailer was hilarious xD

The Mario at the end killed me! But hey this means MK8 has DLC... Maybe more to come?



SakuraHaruka said:

I like the "car", and the ad is very funny, jijiji, XD
Ok, then, DLC's is coming, Well, to wait that more extras there will be in MK8.



BertoFlyingFox said:

Heheh, it looks silly but in a cool way. I wouldnt mind them releasing arenas and more karts as DLC, especially if we get awesome kart designs that are inspired by other Nintendo games. I'd love to see a Link and WonderRed-styled kart.



Shugo said:

I'm okay with it.

Though I'm curious as to how this'll work online what with it being DLC and all. Perhaps it's already built into the game and is unlocked via the tournament (much like how Mario Golf did it).



SMW said:

Looks so out of place that it reminds me of that Nascar chick appearing in SEGA Racing.

At least we know they made it possible for DLC. Now all I have to do is hope for a Kong pack! Bring back Diddy and Funky!



xerneas said:

That's pretty hilarious But dlc, hell yeah!! Apparently the future dlc's could be anything then...



Wouwter said:

@Gerbwmu It sets a bad precedent though, apparently you can pay to have your product in a Mario/Nintendo game. This time it's optional, next time someone might pay enough to have it not be optional. Your kids may like it, but I think it looks tacky and out of place.



KingCreezy said:

It really doesn't bother me one way or the other. Product placement has been common in games for as long as I can remember all the way back to the Nes. As long as its not one big a** commercial I'm cool with it. This is the same company that had its own cereal for crying out loud.. Either way, it looks like we could be getting some more dlc, which I'm also cool with.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Can't believe people are complaining about free content that is clearly going to take nothing from the game and is not even a particularly foreign concept to Nintendo games. Basically a logo that has made a few million quid for Nintendo when they're struggling has managed to offend people. It's not like there weren't cars in MKW.

It does seem a bit weird that a Japanese company would want to advertise a German car. Does that mean Europe will get an American Car and America will get a Japanese car?



19Robb92 said:

It is not like this is the first time this has happened though. In Pikmin you find batteries labeled "Duracell" and designed as a replica of their batteries (which is not optional to the game).



Aran said:

What's so bad about it? I think it is awesome! It's a good start, we could get some real Life ATVs or chopper bikes, who knows! It's supposed we want new things, they give us new things and everyone gets mad or makes a joke about it. It's a good idea.



KodyDawg said:

That commercial was hilarious, but something's seriously wrong with that Goomba's design. :/ I hope we can get some of that DLC over here soon!



SanderEvers said:

@Aran One internet for you. People always end up in whinging about everything. Guys, don't take things so seriously. Mario Kart is a game with strange karts, bikes and quads. So a realistic looking car would really be just as strange. But that's what makes MarioKart cool, strange vehicles won't ruin the game.



unrandomsam said:

@Nintenjoe64 How about this you get a company logo tatooed on your forehead for free would you do it ? Everything free must be worth it ...

Advertising is worse than graffiti by miles. Try going somewhere in Europe where they are no chain stores or advertising/logo's everywhere. (It is far more pleasant and calm).



xevious said:

I don't get all this "sell out" whining. I mean....this is not only marketing for Mercedes, but Mario Kart also. I'm personally glad Nintendo is being creative promoting their product. Lack of such is one of the main reasons why Wii U is performing so poorly. How exactly is this different from the Shell or Mc Donalds campaign, other than you're actually getting some DLC stuff....?



Genesaur said:

Weird though it looks, I'm down. It's wacky ideas like this that catch people off guard and, more importantly, catch their attention.



Gerbwmu said:

@Wouwter - since you think it is tacky then you don't download it or don't buy MK8 at all if it bothers you that much. I happen to agree it looks odd to see a real-ish car in the screen shot but I understand it is just a business move and a unique way to advertise and push the Nintendo brand at a time when their marketing has been less then stellar.

As far as product placement. It's been around since early arcade games. Pinball machines are more or less billboards and the Easter eggs we all seem to love are nothing more then advertising in games.



RickyWill said:

What a time to be alive, seeing one of gaming's most famous icons riding a freaking MERCEDES.

Stop whining about it being out of place, that's baddonkey!

Sonic got this lovely thing Untitled,

It's Mario's turn.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



AJ_Lethal said:

lol@all the the people who's getting mad at this.

A kart-sized real car in Mario Kart? Sign me in.



Gerbwmu said:

@unrandomsam - I know a few really stupid people who paid to have a logo tattoo.......then again you couldn't pay me to get a tattoo so.....

As far as graffiti being better then close to Detroit I can assure you that most of the graffiti that I get to look at does not come from skilled hands.



RickyWill said:

Before: Mario Kart 8 needs to have DLC!

After: Why does Mario Kart 8 have DLC?!

What the heck are you guys? 5 years old?



Nintenjoe64 said:

@unrandomsam That is totally ridiculous. There is subtle and unsubtle product placement almost everywhere, especially in gaming and Nintendo have been doing this for years. As a promotion they've made a vehicle for MK8 that more people will like than will not. Nobody is asking anyone to tattoo themselves and seeing Mercedes logos isn't going to be encouraging children to take heroin or even buy a Mercedes.



Nico07 said:

@readyletsgo A million times this. This headline made my day. If brand promotion leads to other DLC like arena, characters, or tracks I am all for it. I would love to see NFC Nintendo characters be compatible with this game later this year.



bizcuthammer said:

That looks hilariously strange. I'd drive it, simply because seeing a Mercedes fly throught the air using a glider shaped like a flying squirrel is funny to me. Especially if there's a baby driving.

Really though, i would love paid DLC for this game. New tracks would be awesome but what i'd really want are arenas. They don't even have to make new ones, just upgrade retro arenas into HD and that'd be enough for me. I'd totally buy Block Fortress HD to play with all my friends.



HyperSonicEXE said:

Weird, but interesting!
Free DLC, I don't mind. I kinda like how Nintendo's doing this occasional corporate sponsor bit. Really cool.



AJ_Lethal said:

"Mercedes are good if you need an automatic that can easily hold a wheel chair in the back. Or if you have lots of big dogs."

Do you even AMG, bro?



readyletsgo said:

@Nico07 Yup! All i say is this is brilliant for both companies and for us gamers as its FREE!

Cant wait to see what other DLC they will bring to MK8 for free and paid.

Why are people moaning about this??????????? its free!!!



Technosphile said:

Since when is DLC even a good thing? Many of you are salivating at the idea of it in Mario Kart 8, but step back a moment and think about what that could eventually mean: $1.99 for custom color sets, $4.99 for a pack of three chassis, $14.99 for three additional characters.

Be careful what you wish for.



Vallu said:

Inbefore best car in the game for time trials and japan only. Oh well, can't wait to race against people with that car on Wi-Fi, I guess?



Gridatttack said:

Lol this was completely random. But its not bad, Come on people, ITS NEW CONTENT (while its true they could have come with something better)

@Technosphile DLC isnt wrong either. It depends on how the publisher executes. Those prices you mentioned are really exaggerated Also, for DLC hate, dont like it, don't buy it :>

@memoryman3 Still, Danica from SSR is better than golden peach
Why? Because its not a clone from other character from the game :>





The base game seems to be every bit stuffed with content as previous entries. I think it's fair for wanting DLC to get even more out of the game for the next few years. If you don't want it. Don't buy it.



unrandomsam said:

@LUIGITORNADO Mario Kart has never been stuffed with content. 32 tracks and hardly any game modes is not stuffed with content. It could be said something like Smash Bros Brawl was stuffed with content but that is the only example from Nintendo I can think of in recent times.



unrandomsam said:

(Stuffed with content would be 128 totally separate tracks (No 1/2/3) / 10 Gamemodes). Or even what All Stars Racing Transformed has I would consider a fair amount of content.



Sir_JBizzle said:

The commercial was pretty fun and kind of cool actually. I found myself laughing. As for the DLC, a little out of place? Perhaps. but it's nothing too offensive. Maybe if they gave it a more cartoonish look, while retaining the spirit of the vehicle promoted, it could've been less of an eyesore for some. Perhaps they'll allow you to change the color or something.

@unrandomsam Your tattoo analogy was a little weird, being that @Nintenjoe64 was implying that it's basically a cross promotion that put a few million in Nintendo's bank, I would imagine. The DLC, like the tattoo in your scenario, is free. Some probably would, if they loved the company, others wouldn't. So using your analogy, people have a choice whether or not they want to download. Now if it was a business transaction, I'm sure there would be some people who would jump at the chance to get a company tattoo on their forehead if there was a large sum of cash involved.

@Technosphile I hope Nintendo stays smart about the DLC like they have been. Though ultimately if DLC does start going south on Nintendo's part and they start nickel and diming us for character skins and whatnot, it would be up to us, the consumers to let Ninty know that it's not cool by voicing our opinion with our wallets and not buy the stupid extra stuff.



Sir_JBizzle said:

@Gridatttack actually @Techospile prices seem right in line with the price for normal DLC everywhere else. In fighting games additional characters come in around 4-5 dollars. So a pack of three for $14.99 seems about right. Though I do agree with the point that hopefully they don't start getting ridiculous with the DLC. At the same time, for something I know I would keep and play for years, I would be comfortable with a Season Pass option. Nintendo published games are top notch enough to be worth an investment I can't get back.



WanderingPB said:

Smart proactive marketing? Funny commercial? DLC? MK8?…wow Nintendo…keep it up!!!!

Um werent people complaining about lack of marketing and DLC and now that there is people still complain LMAO! Who cares if u dont like it its free and guess what MK8 gameplay will still be awesome...

But if u still want to rage why not just take it out on them on the track when u race someone using that car? Sounds like a good healthy motivation to hand over a MK8 whooping. Just play the game and shut up about the FREE OPTIONS available to all…but let me guess u were probably complaining about the FREE sonic lost world DKC too huh?…its sad really…



absuplendous said:

The Mercedes feels a bit out of place--I think a Mini Cooper or Beetle would better suit Mario Kart--but it doesn't bother me. The Yoshi sound effect in the NES game irked me a tiny bit, but the live-action portion of the commercial was great.



Reggaetony said:

If I see the phrase "out of place" one more time.....

Seems Ninty is really starting to open up with advertising and licensing. It's sorely needed and could help grow the brand even more. I'd like to see some more vehicles make the jump as well. It's a party kart game. Who cares about things looking strange?



noctowl said:

Antigravity: awesome!
Real life car: out of place!

I lol'd. And the commercial is great.



User1988 said:

I'm just hoping this means more DLC, hopefully in the form of more characters and karts!



Of_Folsense said:

This is awesome! Plus its another ad for MK8, which it needs. I think the people saying it looks out of place have convinced themselves in their minds that it does. Try imagining a couple spikes on the hood and see if that helps.



WiiLovePeace said:

Awesome! I was hoping they would bring DLC to MK8 & this at the very least confirms they can & hopefully will bring more. & it's free too! Though admittedly I wouldn't mind throwing my money at Nintendo for more. I want more characters darn it!



Sir_JBizzle said:

@Reggaetony "If I see the phrase "out of place" one more time....."

Haha. Couldn't help but to chuckle at that. Mainly because it's true. I don't think some of us don't quite know what to make of it. I said it, but I also said I didn't really care about it being in there. Though to be fair, 23 times out of 150 some-odd comments really isn't a terrible overuse of the phase.



Superiorspider said:

This is pretty cool. I like Mercedes. You Nintendo fan girls are just blind. It's free deal with it you ignorant whelps.



BinaryFragger said:

So people are now complaining about free DLC? Although the car does look odd in the game, it's a creative marketing campaign.

Gamers are so hard to please. They complain about Nintendo's lack of marketing, yet when the company comes up with a fun idea, they still complain.



0utburst said:

Long story but I will explain it briefly.

With Nintendo Network ID already in place, I have reason to believe that digital purchases will carry on to the next Nintendo console after the Wii U if you register the same NNID. I don't want to have paid DLCs by then and won't have the base game on next gen (or the gen after). I will be forced to pay for the base game again to enjoy the DLCs. Assuming it won't be backwards disc compatible or if I ever lose my physical copy.

It doesn't mean I will completely abandon physical discs. For games that are "complete" (DLCs included), I will still buy them physically like SMBU+SMLU, SM3DW, DKTF, LoZ:Windwaker HD, and others as I can still play them on other Wii Us without needing to buy the DLCs again for a complete experience.

This is why I'm getting Pikmin 3 as the bonus digital download for MK8 because it has paid DLCs. It might carry on the next gen console.



Gerbwmu said:

@JQuest - If you really counted........PROPS......I'm too lazy and don't want to check your figures but win today!



Sir_JBizzle said:

@Gerbwmu Haha. I just used the word search function in my Chrome browser. I'm not sure I'd waste the time to come through each individual post. That's either very looney or very OCD



Will-75 said:

I think its AWESOME and exactly the kind of thing Nintendo needs to do .., Nintendo and Wii U need all the attention they can get right now - smart move .



Hong said:

Next up: Samus finds a bag of Doritos Cool Ranch in the darkest depths of a forgotten civilization, and Link fills his bottles with Coca Cola™.



FabioSMASH said:

Nicely done, Nintendo marketing department!!!
Spread the word! Hammer your brand into the public consciousness!



Theober555 said:

I don't like the look of the Kart becuase it looks horribly out of place, but at least it's free I guess...
Also that advert was brilliant!



ultraraichu said:

Man that looks awesome. I can only imagine driving in that with my Mii upside down atm.

Love the video btw, it really put a smile on my face.



Raylax said:


Don't get me wrong. The telly ad is cool. The other promo material is cool. Crossover advertising, I can get behind that.

But the kart in the game, on the other hand. It's incredibly lazily detailed (completely flat textures, low detail model, the glass isn't even transparent) and sticks out jarringly with the rest of the pack. It's setting a frankly terrifying precedent that Nintendo is willing to inject third-party corporate brands directly into its major flagship IPs in this manner for the sake of a marketing gimmick. A clearly huge amount of work went into creating a high-quality, detailed and incredibly polished game. And yet the Merc kart just looks cheap. Tacky. Rushed. You can feel a thousand meddling hands from both sides making dozens of little compromises until the end product is devoid of all potential charm or character.

It's a massive advert. Not to the players, but to other corporations. "Hey, look at this!" says Nintendo. "Make deals with us, we can get you brand recognition in our games! Not just the smaller projects like Wave Race - but our absolute biggest, pivotal titles! We're willing to be flexible on how much it fits into the game universe! Call us!"

Free DLC? Cool. I can live with it. Probably won't be downloading this one myself, but fine. But I'm worried about what it means for future games.



Rensch said:

This looks out of place but in a cool sort of way. Can't pass up a cool freebie.



Gridatttack said:

@JQuest Yes, I know those prices are true on other platforms, but this might not be the case with nintendo. Whoever, we dont know until we see the price of these DLCs.



Mus1cLov3r said:

This product placement is incredibly stupid!

Mario Kart- a KART racing game
Mercedes- a luxury car manufacturer

I mean, a Jeep or something would make sense, but not this.



Sceptic said:

Way to ruin your IP, Nintendo. You just turned a strong brand into a billboard.



IronMan28 said:

Well, hopefully whatever they come up with next for DLC will be better than this. It is free, though...



Shambo said:

I think it's a very funny and rather smart idea, and I'm looking forward to trying it, as it's free anyway.



andrea987 said:

Cool, hope it comes to Europe, and with few skins to choose from. MK8's full of surprises, I see... nice!



TwilightOniAngel said:

I love this i dont care at least this shows DLC besides this is coming to mario kart 8. Maybe there is a chance i can play as drybones. I hope that happens lets just wait.



ModernMARVEL said:

I want this DLC. It looks so hilarious. When I first saw it, I thought it was photoshopped. Knowing it's real makes me eager to use it.



JaxonH said:


Um, haven't you ever played Nintendo games from previous generations? Even back on the N64, I remember seeing Fanta and Kawasaki ads in Waverace 64.

It's not being a "sellout". Advertising and sponsoring partnerships are a normal part of everyday life. I used to sell advertising myself, and I can tell you firsthand the world revolves around marketing. It's a clever and smart mutual partnership in which Mercedes benefits from extra exposure through Nintendo, and Nintendo benefits from extra exposure through Mercedes. It's all in good taste, as well.



MikeLove said:

Nintendo has partnered with Burger King in North America and this guy will be released as paid DLC in June




Murduskull said:

This is funny, ppl are getting way to serious over what is obviously a gag! I love how out of place it is, it's kinda the point!



ReigningSemtex said:

Nintendo is getting some of that Mercedes paper don't blame em loads of developers do product placement, it does look funny though



Vriess said:

With Wave Race there is a serious tone to the game and Kawasaki is the worlds biggest motocross cycle and jet ski manufacturer so imo that brand has it's place in the game, more or less. And Fanta ads in Wave Race? Not that I don't believe you but I must have really been concentrated on racing because I have never noticed any. Mario Kart is a fun racer. A Mercedes car next to a Buggybud, Wild Wiggler or just weird and out of place.

As for the lesson in need. I know how it works. I just don't like to see such blatant forms of advertisement in Nintendo games. It's out of place and beneath them.



Henmii said:

Okay I was wrong! I thought there would be no dlc. Its just a new vehicle though, not new tracks. But its free.

As for people who ask about extra retro courses: While that might be fun, I guess Nintendo want to keep them for future Mariokart titles!



AshFoxX said:

Here's to hoping we may get a time traveling DeLorean kart to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future next year.

Why not? The wheels already fold up when in anti-gravity! It's a perfect fit.



Ridley said:

Well SOMEbody looks like they had a third consecutive annual operating loss.

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