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Thu 9th Feb 2012

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Imagine23 commented on New Road Redemption Footage Blasts Away Road R...:

It's like when you go to a new restaurant for the first time and you believe it's the greatest one you've ever eaten at, and then you keep going after that. And with each visit the quality of the restaurant gets worse and worse...



Imagine23 commented on Nintendo Defends Influx of New Mario Titles:

It's mostly the spin-off titles (the party and sports genres) that are making mario stale.
If only nintendo and various developers would take a break from mario of a while and focus more on the struggling IPs...



Imagine23 commented on EA Outlines Its Reasons for Lack of Wii U Support:

@Burning_Spear I understand what you mean, but if a company shows that it's too focused on being where the money's at, they may lose touch with consumers. They have to balance both thier income and their impression
If you only help those who will give you a huge reward as a thanks(8th gen) , and leave those who don't seem profitable (wiiu) to rot on the floor, you look like a first-class, greedy donkeyhole.
Probably not the best analogy, but i'm sure you get what i'm trying to say



Imagine23 commented on Happy 15th Birthday, Banjo-Kazooie!:

I don't know whether I should be happy or sad:

Happy because the game has aged so well or sad because there will probably never be another outstanding entry in the series again