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Wed 26th Jan 2011

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baba_944 commented on Rumour: SEGA Teases More Information for Sonic...:

I hated S3&K and prefer Sonic 4 over it. When I was a kid, I sucked at S1&2 and thought S3&K was going to be harder than that. I was wrong. It was so easy that I beat the game AND accumulated the chaos emeralds in a few hours. And I Still have troubles beating Sonic 1 and 2 today.

I also want a Sonic 4 episode 3 as I adored Sonic 4:EP1&2.

Happy anniversary, Sonic.



baba_944 commented on Unity 5 Development Engine Launches, Includes ...:

I'm learning C# with monodevelop and "Unity". I'll learn more this weekend in fact. I'm writing a novel based off my game. Anyway, I wish I can PM here. I want to ask inkling something without getting way off-topic,