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Fri 14th June, 2013

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Crimson_Ridley commented on Video: A New Game Theory for Pokémon Lore Get...:

I used to hate Game Theory because I thought MatPat was completely up his own... Ho-oh, but I've grown to love it and him! His theories are always incredibly entertaining and enlightening. I especially enjoyed the one about Majora's Mask being Link's limbo after he died.



Crimson_Ridley commented on Awesome Games Done Quick Raises Over $1.5 Mill...:

@Nanamine - Bi-annualy means every it happens twice a year. The article writer was mostly correct, except it's Summer Games Done Quick in the Summer and Awesome Games Done Quick in January. There's 1 of each, though they are basically the same thing. SGDQ raises money for MSF (or Doctor's Without Borders), while AGDQ raises money for PCF (Prevent Cancer Foundation).



Crimson_Ridley commented on Awesome Games Done Quick Raises Over $1.5 Mill...:

It was a fantastic event, with some very memorable moments! To add on to the 2 that you mentioned, I would also recommend people to watch the Battleblock Theater run with the developers present(these developers are some of the funniest people in gaming), the Tetris Grandmaster run, Kaizo Mario World, Kingdom Hearts 2, and there is just so much more!



Crimson_Ridley commented on Give Someone The Gift Of Nintendo This Christmas:

Congratulations to whoever won this! This was a very nice thing for you to do, NLife. I mentioned in my submission that I wanted to win the Wii U for my partner so that I could use the money saved (I was going to buy her a Wii U anyway) to help my partner travel to see her Grandma before she passed away, but unfortunately she died a lot earlier than expected this morning.

Life is a series of surprises, good and bad, but this kindness that the people of this website has shown to help make someone have a great Christmas is very inspiring! :)



Crimson_Ridley commented on UK Retailer GAME Cashes In On Intense amiibo D...:

This is why I never shop at GAME, and neither should any gamer with any sense. Supermarkets, the internet and lesser known game stores are where you should spend your money. GAME charge £49.99 for every new Wii U game! No wonder they almost went out of business.



Crimson_Ridley commented on Weirdness: Legless Peach amiibo Now Up For Sale:

Am I the only one that is actually quite disappointed with the quality checking of these amiibos? One would assume that a product made by Nintendo would be of a very high standard, yet you have to really look at each figure that you buy to make sure it's not got dodgy eyes, a missing limb, paint defects, etc. The Disney Infinity figures are much higher quality, and the same should be expected of Nintendo. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy my Samus and Mario amiibo, but I'm not particularly happy with the cheap quality.



Crimson_Ridley commented on Download: Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire...:

I have 2 OR/AS demo codes here that I don't need. The majority of you have probably already got the demo, but for those still waiting, good luck. :)


Enjoy. Please be kind and say thanks once you've activated one. Have a great day, everyone! :)



Crimson_Ridley commented on Official Nintendo Magazine Announces Closure i...:

That's a shame. It's been hard to find the magazine lately though, with most Supermarkets dropping it, and even WHSmith had very few copies. I used to read the magazines a lot, though I preferred NGamer (I may be slightly wrong on the name). I'll pick up a copy of the last issue for collection purposes though.



Crimson_Ridley commented on Super Mario World Speedrun Record Is Broken:

Does anyone have the link to the YouTube video? I can't view Flash videos on my iPad. I thought most people used HTML5 these days.

EDIT: Ah, is the video from Twitch? That might explain it, and why I can't find a YouTube video of it. I'll have to jump to my PC then. :)



Crimson_Ridley commented on Capcom Is Suing Koei Tecmo For Patent Infringe...:

Capcom, here's an idea; go back to making games your fans actually care for than rehashing SF IV over and over, turning Resident Evil in to a train wreck, and ruining the Breath of Fire franchise, amongst other things. You'll find that you'll start making money again so that you need not try to file some pathetic lawsuit.

Tell you what, for that advice you can hire me. Then, I can throw it back in your face because I'm not one for sailing on a sinking ship.



Crimson_Ridley commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Confirms New 'Retro' GameCub...:

Are wireless controllers really all that important to you all? How far do you sit away from the screen that a wired controller is an inconvenience? Stop being the pathetic "gamers" of the internet and moaning about trivial things. Grow up.



Crimson_Ridley commented on Miiverse Tells the Tale of a Broken Mario Kart...:

Mine arrived at 10am this morning! I then got a text from them (which also left me wondering why Nintendo feels they can just give out my mobile number) to tell me it had been delivered.

I'm now currently wearing my Bullet Bill shirt, have put my Spiny Blue Shell and Red Shell key ring on my shelf, slotted the case in to my Wii U collection, and have played a few Grand Prix's on the game. It's excellent, and so gorgeous!



Crimson_Ridley commented on Pikmin 3 Update Adds New Stylus Control Style:

I'm going to pick this up soon, but not through the MK8 promotion, as the game retails for around £20 new. I'll be playing the smarter option for myself, and picking up Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, as the game is still upwards of £30 pre-owned and I haven't played much of the original game on the Wii.



Crimson_Ridley commented on Miiverse Tells the Tale of a Broken Mario Kart...:

I've received 2 emails from Nintendo today. One when I sent them a pretty angry email about them not dispatching until the last minute, where they said "it should arrive today or tomorrow", and another saying that it has been dispatched with an ETA for tomorrow. However, in the tracking, it says it's awaiting collection.

I don't think I'll be ordering from the official website again, as Amazon, ShopTo and even GAME dispatch days in advance! You know something is wrong when you'd rather order from GAME.



Crimson_Ridley commented on Miiverse Tells the Tale of a Broken Mario Kart...:

I have doubts that Nintendo are going to even get the game to me Friday. I was hoping to get it on my birthday (tomorrow), but they haven't even dispatched it yet! They took the money last Friday, for Christ's sake!

I'll be happy to receive it Friday, but I would have expected it be posted by now.



Crimson_Ridley commented on Sonic Lost World Hits 710,000 Sales as Sega Li...:

Significant 3DS support is brilliant, but we appear to be glossing over the fact that there's not much in development for the Wii U, especially from a developer that seems committed to Nintendo. Are we just gracefully accepting the Wii U's a failure now? There's SO MUCH that SEGA could bring to the Wii U and they could also convince Atlus to bring a number of games over, which would drastically increase the console's appeal, but instead it just appears they're just releasing games on it reluctantly.

This year is going to be make or break with Nintendo as the PS4 and X1 will start powering forward with some great titles, while Nintendo have Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2 and to a very lesser extent Hyrule Warriors as their big hitters. All of which are unfortunately going to struggle to see the Wii U through (they're going to be awesome, but aren't going to sell consoles by the boatload).

Even Nintendo are giving up on it, and I really thought that SEGA would be one of the companies dedicated to supporting the Wii U. So much potential, but so little support. I want those years back where Nintendo could have a console that wasn't a top seller but had some absolutely incredible titles. The N64 never matched the PS1 in sales, but gave birth to games that were so incredible, they still inspire to this day. Where is that Nintendo now?