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Tue 25th Jan 2011

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Ridley commented on Review: Pokémon Trading Card Game (3DS eShop ...:

Last year I got the itch to play this (or something similar) again after PortsCenter did an episode on it which led to my watching a playthrough of the sequel which led to my testing the waters of the Pokémon TCG website. But that, unless it's changed since, is a surprisingly poo Flash thing for a Nintendo product. Few months later, one of the Magic games popped up on Another Format for free which is fine but, like the TCG website, is moar-decks-as-DLC.

So yeah, I'd appreciate the chance to play the sequel or a new, largely self-contained game as well. Reliving this in the meantime.



Ridley commented on Oddworld's Lorne Lanning Isn't Worried About W...:

I will be getting New 'n' Tasty (on Another Platform). Happy to play Oddysee again but NnT is the first step in allowing Oddworld/JAW to tell new stories and that's largely where my interest lies. I want to see the rest of the Quintology as soon as possible.

Oddworld never should have gone away in the first place.



Ridley commented on New Steel / Ghost Type Pokémon, Honedge, Reve...:

@Ezekiel You fall down very quickly if you try to be literal with the graphics and gameplay. As a fictional ghost-possessed sword, for all we know its cutting ability is as effective as you standing in a crucifix position trying to stab a gazelle with knives on your soles.



Ridley commented on Fan Campaign Starts for Princess Zelda to be G...:

A more magical adventure with Zelda as the lead could be a fascinating addition to the franchise (as would a game from Ganon's perspective) but I don't want a game where it's simply Zelda picking up the sword instead of Link.

She doesn't have to be the damsel but her story should, y'know, be concerned more with the wisdom aspect of the Triforce.



Ridley commented on Microsoft To Announce Sequel To "Historic" Rar...:

If it was Kinect Sports 3 I'd just laugh and laugh.

Would quite like B-K, PD, VP, Kameo or Blast Corps sequels but it's definately not enough to make me want the console. I'd rather Rare did something that didn't remind me of Nintendo titles.



Ridley commented on Check Out This Comparison Between The New 3DS ...:

I'll not say no to more Zelda but there's something about that style which just rubs me the wrong way. Too plastic and shiny looking (and clearly designed for that 3D switch I keep in the off position). When I first saw it yesterday, it reminded me of Zelda's Adventure. Made me feel quite faint.



Ridley commented on Sega Adds Disclaimer to Aliens: Colonial Marin...:

I'm disappointed that self-proclaimed fans of the film watched Aliens and thought it would be better without this Ripley character.

If it wasn't for all the deception, the game would just be dismissed as another subpar movie tie-in. Would be nice if the Wii U edition turned out to have taken major steps toward producing the hyped version but I think it's more likely that Sega will cut its losses and Gearbox has Borderlands to fall back on.



Ridley commented on Ubisoft: Players Will Let Us Know When They've...:

"Are you looking forward to the next game in the series, or are you a bit fatigued?"

Neither, really. I enjoy the games but after following Desmond's story arc through five titles only for it to end on a cutscene and an AC4 advert was... disappointing.

From what I've seen thus far, Black Flag feels like a spin-off. Hope I'm wrong and the game justifies the IV beyond switching Kenways. For now, however, Black Flag seems to be an expansion of the ship sequences and that Mayan Temple DLC when I think each numbered installment should see a significant shift in the AC experience. For better or worse, III doesn't play like II. I doubt that will be the case with IV to III.



Ridley commented on Review: Pokémon Black and White (DS):

There seems to be a lot of hand-holding this generation. Healing items at the gym door and regularly placed healer characters away from the Pokémon Centers in the overworld.