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Sony CEO Refers to Nintendo Handhelds as "Babysitting Tools"

Posted by Trevor Chan

Don't get him started on the issue of self-respect

Some Sony executives have positive things to say about the company's rivals, and some don't. Sony president and CEO Jack Tretton is without doubt a person that falls into the latter category.

Speaking to Fortune, Tretton refers to Nintendo's handheld offerings as the "Game Boy experience", and he doesn't seem too impressed with the apparent street credit that they supposedly lack:

Our view of the 'Game Boy experience' is that it's a great babysitting tool, something young kids do on airplanes, but no self-respecting twenty-something is going to be sitting on an airplane with one of those... He's too old for that.

Maybe he's forgetting that the Nintendo DS range has reportedly sold over 146 million units worldwide and has already established itself as the best-selling handheld console, dwarfing the 67 million PlayStation Portables that Sony has managed to shift.

There's also the notion that a console is defined by its games. Of course, these are just sales figures and does not factor in the "self-respect" that Tretton is talking about. Ooh, let the furore commence.


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Lictor said:

I am 20 and I use my 3DS on the train when going to/returning from university



Nathan said:

I'm 25, turning 26 in June and I own one... And will be playing it whenever and wherever I damn well like.



taffy said:

I just sold my PSP. Not cause it's a bad system but with having a Wii, DSi XL I just wasn't using it.



JebbyDeringer said:

Gameboy or Sony people that don't want to be seen gaming in public don't want to be seen gaming in public. The device doesn't make a difference there. Besides CEO's are just floating heads in a land filled of unicorns and rainbows.



zionich said:

31, Married, have a son with another child on the way and I play my 3DS. (some more games like Monster Hunter 3DS would be nice ) So who's he trying to kid. Some one should tell him PsP sells so well because its easiely hacked for people that like to pirate games.



TwilightV said:

And this is why I don't support Sony.

Also: Is this really newsworthy? Just seems like somebody's looking for drama.



grumblebuzzz said:

It just comes down to that the quirky, nerdy and smart people like Nintendo games and the average testosterone-addled, headset cursing 15 year old likes Sony. I have love for both, definitely, but gross displays of comments like those of Sony's president only serve to make Nintendo look like the classier establishment.



zeeroid said:

It's really not even worth going on the defensive over an off-hand comment from Tretton. He talks a lot of crap, and nobody ever really cares. I severely doubt that his opinion on what a DS is good for is going to change anyone's opinion about either platform. I guess it might win over some people on the fence about getting a PSP or 3DS... if they happen to be in that small demographic that is not already familiar with dedicated handheld gaming platforms, it ridiculously image-conscious, and is also something of a gadget geek. For both of those people in the world, go ahead and buy an NGP this Winter! Good work, Jack.



accc said:

Instead of thinking of stupid things to say, maybe Jack Tretton should spend more time trying to figure out why Sony's marketshare has gone in the toilet ever since the PS3 launched.



Noend said:

So Sony wants to compete on image.....going head to head with Apple for the image device peer pressure crowd.....good luck with that.



FJOJR said:

Dear PSP, thank you for having games not compelling enough to make me want to continue owning one of you and better spend that money on the 3DS.



WaveBoy said:

God damn Zeus this is embarrassing. Dumbest quote of the decade. When I'm kicking it in my 80's I'll still be rocking these so called baby sitting tools. Actually, only brain dead insicure twats who can't think for themselves will be buying into his little ridiculous comment, either that or people who have no idea about anything hand held related.

It almost makes me want to sell my PS3. LOL
I might as well, I don't even play the thing. I should just get a Bluray Player....Besides I honestly don't like using a video game system to play movies....It just doesn't seem I think I'm just going to experience Dead Space 1 and 2, Mortal Kombat....Street Fighter 4 and BlazBlue are out for the 3DS anyways. I'm going to kick the beast to the kirb....hehe. Then again....Resident Evil: Racoon Operation is sceaming my name.



daznsaz said:

i thought i saw that sony blokes name on a loaf of bread but it actually said thick cut



CowLaunch said:

I think it's the parents who intend to give their young babies Resident Evil on the 3DS that should be questioning their self-respect.



CrazyOtto said:

I actually thought the NGP looked like an excellent handheld, but I won't be buying one now!



SuperDel said:

If I were to play my 3DS or play my PSP on a plane I would get the same reaction from others. A handheld is a handheld at the end of the day. If you are playing video games, it is seen as 'childish' by any non-gamer. So whether that be DS, PSP or even dare I say an iOS device, it's all seen the same by others.



Link79 said:

I'm 31 and I wouldn't be ashamed if someone saw me playing 3DS in public. It's guys like this that make Sony look like jerks. Ever notice how Nintendo doesn't go around ditching other game companies? They just want to make great games. Not take shots at the competition for kicks. He's just another jealous idiot.



Despair1087 said:

i'm 20 and i've been carrying a nintendo handheld with me everywhere i go for as long as i can remember. i proudly walk around, my head held high, with a 3DS in my front pocket.

forget you sony.



Corbs said:

Let's see how Sony supports the NGP and then we'll see if they can back up all of this chatter. LOL



dizzy_boy said:

what this guy said can actually be classed as good marketing, because it makes me want to buy more nintendo stuff.



Wolfenstein83 said:

So the CEO of a company that makes billions of dollars is having a flame war with another company, and these are adults?
Am I supposed to be impressed at how hardcore this guy is, cause he is sarcastic and makes fun of things?
No wonder the world is so messed up these days, people like this ruin everything.
I am still going to buy a 3DS no matter what this blockhead thinks.



Wheels2050 said:

Does he really think his opinion will dissuade people from buying products? Because, you know, when I want to get the definitive answer to what's cool and what's not I look to 50 year old company CEOs...

The only one I see as having any significant sway over consumers is Steve Jobs.

(Oh, and badmouthsadmouth, I do hope you realise your comment is exactly like Tretton's...)



Bobpie said:

His shameful stereotypings mean nothing about the quality of the DS. The DS and 3DS sacrifice some of Sony's supposed 'cool factor' and 'street 'cred'' for substance, functionality and strong franchise support, among other things.



Bobpie said:

And to be honest, what really makes the difference between the two consoles?



jaffa said:

I hope Nintendo doesn't reply
or else they may start a flame war......
Anybody else think that this guy is actually promoting the 3DS?
Cause I think he sounds like he does....



ville10 said:

Really? He said that? Why can't developers just acknowledge the good sides of their opponents’ products and keep the rest for themselves? I'm so tired of this kind of slander; they should try to get us to buy their products by convincing us that their product rocks, not saying other products suck.

Nintendo does the same, but I don't think they refer to actual products as often. Mostly it's just "people want more than fancy graphics."



WaveBoy said:

Nintendo's way too professional to make any comment towards what this goofball has said anyways. It honestly makes Sony look unprofesional, it's flat out embarrassing really....

Nobody can match Sega's epic Slogan, "Sega does what Nintendon't!"
Even though it was a load of bull.



belmont said:

We should always play whatever games we like whenever they are on DS,PSP,PS3 etc.

@6 DS is hacked easier than the PSP, you just have to give 10 to 20 euros to buy a flashcard, no change in the systems software is needed and you don't have a brick risk. For PSP on the other side if you don't know what you are doing you may end up bricking it.

I personally have all DS iterations (not a 3DS yet due to the lack of games) and all PSP's except 2000 and use both systems very much (I have a lot of games also). I think that PSP has better software, especially RPG's. The DS is not in good position in Europe recently, with no major hardcore games and publishers have forgotten the region, while the recent releases from Square Enix gave a boost on PSP



nasachi said:

oh great, Sonies frustrated again xD

i'owned a PSP, nice hardware, but sold it cause it lacks great exclusive games



Tony3DS said:

Last time I was at the store the DS section was 2 aisles long with about 100 plus games. Even if I liked the PSP better they had such a sad little display with 9 or 10 games tops. ::



_Joejoe_ said:

Any attention is good attention. He'll take the blame just remember his name. After all, not only will this make Nintendo look kiddy to those who don't think, it will make people who do think aware of PlayStation.

And that is why I hate Advertising. Funny Adverts are good, but then you get this sorta thing.



Scarlet said:

This guy is just jealous. He's calling others names to make up for his own ineptitude.



freakpower70 said:

It takes alot of class to slander your competition. I know Jack's mother taught him better than that.



Corbs said:

Rumor has it this whole rant began when Jack came home and caught his mother playing a 3DS. Evidently, he just lost it.



6ch6ris6 said:


so typicall. i tell you the guys at sony are in their pants because the 3DS is so great. they know it. they know that it will be even harder to bring a console now.

haha sony. good luch. you will need it. ngp is almost dead before arrival.



Ristar42 said:

Is he trying to 'shame' people into buying a psp2? Hopefully '20 somethings' are mature beyond such naff peer pressure, and play the games they like.



XCWarrior said:

Amazing how I see people with DSs all the time. Yet I very seldom see anyone with a PS... uh, what's the last letter? Can't remember, since no one talks about the PS... maybe its a DS... oh wait, that's the system that sells!



Denkou said:

Dude. Poke'mon. You can never get too old for pokemon. And for that matter, mario, zelda, metroid, tetris, and the list goes on for miles. Those are a few of the game series that will prevent sony from EVER making a handheld that can compete with nintendo.



Nintenzo said:

Idiot... How would he know what the babysitting experience is? All of his games have way too much violence and language for anyone under 13.



WolfyWardark said:

I'm 24 and proud of owning a 3DS. Heck, I'm proud of owning anything made by Nintendo. Sony will NEVER win me over with anything they produce, I hope they go bust.



Slapshot said:

Wow, Nintendo opens their pie-holes about Apple instead of just saying nothing at all first, and now Sony does the same thing toward Nintendo.

As a huge Nintendo/Sony fan, I'll be seen in public playing both my 3DS and NGP, so take that Mr. Jackie T.

Great old saying "If you have nothing good to say, then don't say anything at all"!



NintyMan said:

Mr. Tretton, look at the sales figures for the Nintendo DS. Now tell me if Nintendo handhelds are "babysitting tools." Also, a lot of twenty-something people would have to disagree with you.



Traxx said:

I had owned a PSP. The most useless game device I ever had. It failed as a handheld (too big, screen non protected, no battery life to write home about) and as a video game console in general (game library is pathetic, I only really wanted 2 1/2 games). So sold it, to make room and money for 3DS. I dont see how NGP will improve on this, its bigger, still not protected, battery life wont get better, two sticks will make it even more pocket unfriendly.

Playing in public with a handheld was never that "cool" since I got my 3DS. I dont know if all people who see me playing this think of me being cool, but I feel cool. Just buy cosmos black and all things are settled.



DarkLloyd said:

i like what each companies bring so everything gets equal view in my eyes, however that is just taking it too far



Kid_A said:

I love to babysit my kids with GTA: Chinatown Wars, TWEWY and Street Fighter IV.



TikiTong said:

My PSP broke,it works,but wont let me play games!!!
At least Nintendo remembers that games can be for everyone,and they know it's not wrong when youre any age playing games.
Besides,theyre library has done a good job of doing that



Supremeist said:

If your saying the 3DS is for babies, your basicly saying consoles like Xbox and Playstation are baby as well. Isn't Resident Evil coming out for 3DS in 2012 ? Don't we also have Super Street Fighter IV? Pardon me, but does he know about all the launch titles? Sure, they're are some babyish titles like Nintendogs + Cats, but they are still fun for all ages. So Nintendo basicly made the 3DS suitable for ANY age. Plus, if its for babies, why do 6 and under have to turn the 3D off due to eye issues? God, I sware. The NGP is overpriced and will be crap. No one cares, Sony.



RogueBologna said:

I kinda enjoy when someone says something like this. It's just funny to see people's reactions to their idiotic comment.



Tylr said:

Come back in 20, no 30 years, and see if anyone remembers what a Playstation was, Sony. (Exuse my lack of originality. )



Luffymcduck said:

Time for rage... no. Or maybe a little...

Hello Sony dude! I´m 20 and I like playing with my 3DS and DS. Now off.



JohnDoe123 said:

Why do people say stuff llike this? It is seemingly obvious the backlash he will recieve, and he will be proven wrong.



HandheldGuru97 said:

This guy is an idiot my brother has a Psp the graphics the weigh the dang system is a piece of nothing compared to the Nintendo DS and 3DS line. Nintendo least knows what handheld means portable Sony doesn't. The NGP will suck Sony. Now I hope my brother doesn't miss his Psp.



Spoony_Tech said:

Does he really think a bunch of kids own this thing right now. I mean really! Its not CHRISTmas or anything. How many parents are going to buy their kids one of these for that price and not at least be their birthday. I believe most who own one now are people who work for a living. Many kids wont own one for another 8 months. Not to mention that 3ds games are going to be geared more toward older crowds this time around. Just look a some of the M rated game coming out for it! Lets just hope those games don't fail or it could go back to kid friendly games in a year or two!



koops330 said:

I'm 17 and still playing a DS and I want to buy a 3DS. Jack is also forgetting even if its is just for kids the ds has sold almost 90 million more units then the PSP



Sonic1994CD said:

Hey this is a funny joke to me because no one even owns a psp that I know of. Plus you don't have any games that makes people want to come back and play it more. And I see no good games coming out for the NGP, so the 3DS already own you.



Collision_Cat said:

I own a DS and PSP. Despite what people say, the PSP has a lot of good games. Which system I like the most depends on what mood I'm in and what sort of games I want to play. I will say that a lot of Nintendo's games might seem like they're for kids to the Sony guy, but really they appeal to people of all ages.



melvin2898 said:

Most of my favorite games are on DS....
I don't even like the PSP that much. I like that I can put movies on there and play Birth By Sleep.



KingMike said:

When it first came out, Sony was pretty much saying the same thing about the original DS, and I think we know how that went.
Actually, this is really nothing new. New Nintendo hardware comes out, Sony bashes it. Same thing with the Wii. I can't remember exactly what they were saying, but I'm sure it was something about motion controllers being for little kids and grandmas.
(oh wait. It's a hit, and Sony wants to copy it. It's suddenly no longer just for kids and grandmas.)

(I was waiting to decide whether to get a DS or a PSP. In the UMD Movie days, Sony made that a very easy choice. )
Although I did eventually get a PSP anyways, caused by Square-Enix remakes.

Sure, I haven't seen a lot of adults carrying around a DS, but I haven't seen many carrying a PSP either. Just cellphones.



The_Fox said:

Ha! There's nothing easier than trolling Nintendo fans.

What exactly did you expect him to say about a Nintendo handheld? He's part of their freaking competition, for crying out loud. He says dumb crap, Reggie says dumb crap. Circle of life and all that.



JayceJa said:

the part i find funniest is the people saying they arent going to get a NGP based on one comment by him

i disagree and am a little insulted by such a stupid generalizing statement, but i dont really care, ill grab a NGP if there are at least a few exclusive games i really want from it no matter how much i like or dislike sony



HandheldGuru97 said:

Also just for the record I'm in 7th grade and everyone I showed my 3ds though it was awesome even my 45 year apple lover dad though it was cool. Sony this ain't going with your NGP because most of what your doing done before, also who the heck names there game system NGP?



Malkeor said:

Yeah i'm 21, and I play my DS/3DS alot actually.
As a matter a fact i'm not afraid to whip this out in public every now and then. And, neither is anyone else, nor do people care what you're playing as long as the games are good, which, yes, they are



Meta-Rift said:

Is that why the PSP has been reduced to competing with iPhone games?

This guy needs to understand that you can't make a game good by simply giving the main character a gun and rendering everything with photo-realistic gore.



Mr_Nose said:

That's right, Mr. Tretton.
The key to success is to insult prospective customers.

How did He become CEO, again? Did he win a contest or something?



Hokori said:

Funny because when I turned 11 I stopped playing "BIG BOY GAMES" and started playing the "7 Year old games"
Lets see a 7 Year Old beat Pokemon Black 100% without an Action Replay, and lets see him beat Contra 4 on the Hardest setting alone



Glade said:

Let me see... I've been saving up for a 3DS since December and I got Mine on tuesday this week. It's awesome... something my PS2 could never have done. The same goes for any other Sony game I have played by my friends...



Yasume said:

Almost 21 and I still love playing Nintendo games. I don't really care if some games are kiddy or not. If I like it I play it.



Mach-X said:

I find it amusing that off the cuff remarks like this get printed as news and all the little fanboys get all up in arms over it. Every silly sony quote NL prints is predictably followed by rants of "GRRRRAAAAAWWWWRRRR SONY SUCKS GRRRR NINTENDO GOOD". In all honesty his quote has some merit. My DS collects dust because after New Super Mario they decided to focus on cats and dogs and pokemon. Kind of wish Id gotten a PSP and be looking forward to Ghosts of Sparta. The next gen portable has me rather intrigued with a return to cartridge type media. If current gen PSP games get offered on the PSN they just might have an interested buyer......



Yosher said:

That guy makes me laugh! I'm 22, my sis is 25, and a friend of mine is 33, and then I know several others well above the age of 20 who love to play on a Game Boy, GBA, DS, 3DS- or virtually any Nintendo handheld (or console). What is that guy babling about? XD You'd think HE would be too old to throw mud at Nintendo like this.



emirblade said:

I'm 22 and I'm mature enough play where I want when I want without caring for what other people think.



mariopaperthin said:

there just mad becuz nintendo made a hot new cool 3d system and didnt have the mind set to make it up there self sony loser o_o



TanookiSteven said:

@84 - Actually, there are some more professional, and more mature employees there that have praised Nintendo at times (rarely, but at times), this guy is just a big jerk. I've seen his full comment. What a shame. Tell me when he gets fired for making such a big trolling comment. Sony has done things like this before, but that comment doesn't compare to what Sony themselves has said before. This guy is a big troll. Sony on the other hand have made a few bad comments that can be accepted. His whole comment...Sheesh, someone kill him. I don't care for PSP or any other console they have, basically cause of these actions. They think they're so big and mighty, and yet, when someone bashes them once, they act like complete babies. Let's not forget Nintendo's: 3D without glasses, offended Sony. They acted like babies AND said that Nintendo shouldn't be making bashes like that when they've done it themselves over 9000 times! Plus, they even copied Motion controlling! WTF?! If they're so professional they need to start acting like it, because with comments like that past and comments, they can easily drive away customers by being such jerks....



longtimegamer said:

He's an Idiot! I'm older than alot of people on this site and I play GBA,DS,ect... Any handheld, even psp (if I had it working right) no matter what people think (Though probably not at my friends gallery. ). Now if it was a Leapfrog system..... Different story.

Edit: Basically, I'm a gamer and I'll play on on what I want and where I feel like playing.



MasterGraveheart said:

Ahhh, Jack Tretton. Of all the talking heads over at Sony, he's the one I'd most like to see get punted over the goal posts.

Look, Wacko Jacko, as a 24-year-old gamer, going on 25 in July, when I leave for my summer vacation, I'mnot only going to be playing my Nintendo handhelds, in this case the 3DS, on the airplane, I'm going to be demoing it for that poor sap in the row next to me whose parents brought him a PSP thinking all handhelds were created equil. I know 40-year-olds who play with their DSs in their cubicles at work. I know of SPORTS ATHLETES who carry one in their locker rooms. I know of PRO WRESTLERS who play them in public. Don't be bitter that, even at $129, nobody wants your glorified paperweight.



ThrowdownN64 said:

If nintedo is a baby sitter, sony is the baby and the baby sitter always makes more money than the baby



Megumi said:

Oh yeah, totally, older gamers with Nintendo handhelds don't exist, they're too old for those baby toys...Uh oh...vanishes in an instant



SigourneyBeaver said:

Haven't we just been told the 3DS has been breaking sales records? No surprise to me that Sony is taking a pop at Nintendo. Quite a stupid thing to do though, considering the 3DS has been breaking sales records.

Sony should just stick to promoting their own machine. I'm really interested in the NGP and I think the touch pad on the back is a great idea. Something I would've expected from Nintendo, actually.



MarkyVigoroth said:

To be serious, I have been getting the same mentality that Mr. Tretton is getting. I mean, just because you can and because you like does not mean that you should. Besides, what do numbers prove? They can mean that all we got is tons of immature adults (myself included) who do not know how to pursue more adult entertainment that does not involve making your parents cry.



1080ike said:

Don't be mad, people. He's just taking out his frustrations that he can't make something original to save his life. Motion-controlling, anyone? The only fully original thing in recent memory I can recall Sony coming up with first is the PSP Go, and we all know how that turned out.
Edit: Along with the touch pad on the back of the NGP. IMAGINE! A touch screen on the back of a system! How did no one else come up with it first?!
On another note, Sony's marketshare has been going down recently. Wonder if he's going through the same problem Nintendo did with the N64 and Gamecube, and if so, how he's going to get through it.



4estGump said:

I like the PSP for what it is and I like the DS/3DS for what they are. We are all gamers and each brings something different to the table. I'm turning 33 this May, married, and own all the current gen consoles (Wii, 360, PS3, PSP, 3DS). I share my love for being able to buy and play what all the companies are doing. At least there's no monopoly. Competition is good. Just have some respect. This includes Reggie and Jack. I've been loving the gaming circuit since the Commodore, Atari and ColecoVision days and the handhelds since GameBoy fat made me lose money on AA batteries until I got the fat rechargeable carry-along. Game on, my friends. Game on.



k8sMum said:

as others have said, this is just the SSDD that goes around. he's a jerk, but reggie has been known to put his foot in it too.

we have all consoles dating back to atari. i play my DSi all the time. my son has a PSP...we switch to play games that are available on one but not the other. we both win. i haven't gotten a 3DS yet because 1) i need a new car more and 2) i am not enthralled with the launch line up. just consider the source, folks, and don't get yer knickers all twisted!



Squiggle55 said:

anyone who thinks a 20-something is being childish for playing a 3DS on a plane is going to think the same thing about a PsP. haha, nobody on earth is going to say "hey, that's a PsP, that's a very mature gaming decision."



TheBaconator said:

I always like how every company is always downplaying Nintendo handhelds in someway, but then Nintendo says nothing. Probably because Nintendo is too busy trying to figure out what to do with all the money they have made off of them.



FluttershyGuy said:

What a cheap, and rather transparent attempt, at societal manipulation. Trying to plant the seed in the minds of people who read this that it's "uncool" to be seen with a 3DS.

That's just a crock of you-know-what. A silly marketing ploy from a suit trying to keep Sony from getting it's rear end torn up by Nintendo and then handed back to them. Like what happened last generation with DS vs. PSP.

I'm a mature 34 year old, who will happily brandish my 3DS in public if the desire to strikes me. And anyone who calls me a kid because of it can taste the steel of my Masamune blade.



killer6370 said:

What Sony says doesnt impress anyone, they always try to bash their rivals but then always get smacked to the ground, the Nintendo/sony war is like if you compare Justin Bieber to AC/DC thats why sony never get me buy one of their things,thats a company i really hate(not only because they are stupid but also because they block all sony music group songs on youtube)
and i am 23 years old and play only on apple or nintendo portables sony will never get my soul



TrueWiiMaster said:

Man am I sick of people saying Nintendo's just for kids! There are plenty of titles, 1st and 3rd party, for both the DS and Wii that are great for older players and/or great for all ages! Last I checked Mario didn't stop being fun the moment I turned 21.

Then again, I guess this guy has to tell himself SOMETHING to get to sleep at night knowing Sony's PSP sold like trash compared to the DS.



Glade said:

Seriously. Blood,gore, shooting and fighting isn't everything.
They'll fail again like they've always have >.<



ville10 said:

Kinda fun that everyone gets so mad about this trash talk, but then immediately proceeds to trash talk Sony themselves...



SilverBaretta said:

This entire comment thread is getting lulzy. I have no personal comment myself, as I like Sony as well as Nintendo and love it when companies talk trash, but I think I'll at least say, "How unprofessional."



TheBaconator said:

I don't recall Sony being very shooty/fighty. Last time I checked Shadows of the Colossus, Sly Copper, Ratchet and Clank, Motorstorm, Ico, Wipeout, LittleBigPlanet, Locoroco, and Ape Escape were all First Party Sony games that don't fall under what you describe Sony games as. They make a much larger category of games then you may think. And your Avatar is Mickey from Kingdom Hearts. I believe those are PS2 games.



Monsti said:

I's like to call this unproffesional, but this is just too stupid. shakeshishead



danschemen said:

sony has always talked about nintendo being crap even though nintendo has always done better than them



killer6370 said:

@133 yes fully right thats my bigest wish, i want sega back but now they are friends of nintendo no more rivals, but they where the best rivals ever, they didnt have to bash rivals like sony does they did it with their hardware
nintendo always created new technologies like mode 7 ect and sega always upgrades their hardware like the cd device




WOW, I totally see why the PSP hasn't sold so well in most of the world. Sony are really out of touch with the gaming masses.

Idiotic and false comment. When marketeer commersialist are scared of the competition, they make foolish commentary like that. Wait-a-show-your-hand to the competition you bufoon. LOL.

The average Nintendo gamer is 33 if you count the retro consoles and modern Nintendo consoles togetHER according to survesy conducted on 5000 European and American gamers.... These adults happily play Gameboys and DSs and 3DSs. Duh. Hello?

Such breath-taking stupidity. Go chew on your islotaionist, exclusional consoles now - there's a goo village idiot. lol



Pogocoop said:

My PSP corrupted all my saves 2 days ago. I had the self control not to smash it. But after reading that. I might just reach for a hammer.

I was looking forward to patapon 3.... Patpon series was the only reason I bought the PSP and I regret it...



Tylr said:

I really do wonder how the 3DS is for kids only though. C'mon, really, what does the 7+ on the top of the mean? I'm not saying Nintendo handhelds aren't for kids, but they're for everybody. The games are diverse rather than some bloody shooter on the PSP. Sony should quit being hypocrites and ask themselves is LittleBigPlanet a baby sitting tool as well? Implying Nintendo gaming is for kids is Sony's tagline.



kurtasbestos said:

I'm 30 and I have 3 DSes. It's easily my second-favorite system of all time after the Sega Saturn. I'm not ashamed to be seen playing it in public while riding the bus, flying on a plane, at a coffee shop, or even while I'm walking to work. The NGP is probably going to be a portable PS3... as in, it's not going to offer a whole lot of interesting and creative new games the way the DS has over the years.

Also... I like that the portable wars have basically reverted to name-calling like the old "Sega Genesis does what Nintendon't" and "Turbografx is what Genesisn't" days.



Gerry-Rich said:

I wonder what he'll say once DS passes PS"'s LT sales, DS is at 147M right now and PS2, 150.34M?, either way by summer DS will surpass it, so eat lead sony!



jayo said:

Same attitude the 3DO guys had towards Genesis and SNES, and look what's happened to them! You'll be eating those words soon enough, Sony! Personally, I never saw a sufficient amount of games on the PS consoles to justify investing in them! Sure, there's the GTA series, but they're on PC too! Sony has no Mario or even Sonic, and that old orange bandicoot ain't what he used to be!



Arcanum said:

Soooooooooo...Basically Sony is calling everyone, who owns a a 3DS and is over 20, an idiot.



Kyloctopus said:

The top 10 most bought games belong to Nintendo (wii play, wii fit, Mario kart, and a couple others)
The most bought home console is wii
The most bought handheld gaming console is the DS
The 3DS's main feature is not safe for children
Sony just had a commercial with only kids saying thanks to the PSP
I just saw a 20 year old guy playing pokemon black in public



RYBlast said:

They say, "The smallest dog barks the loudest."

And last time I checked, the PSP had a promotional video with a bunch of kids saying thank you to it.

Edit: I just read that Sony are trying to revive Hannah Montana LMAO



Henmii said:

"Our view of the 'Game Boy experience' is that it's a great babysitting tool, something young kids do on airplanes, but no self-respecting twenty-something is going to be sitting on an airplane with one of those... He's too old for that"

Utter rubbish. He's just jealous that Sony didn't have that much of a succes with their PSP.



RionaaM said:

Well then, I guess I have no self-respect, 'cause I'm an almost twenty-something and dying for a 3DS.
According to him, looks like NGP is too much of a macho console for me... I'll pass.



Punny said:

Yep, I just love to babysit my (non-existant) children with Dead or Alive, Street Fighter, and Resident Evil!
He's just jealous.



dustin_g said:

I am 31 and all I will buy is Nintendo products, they back them up and fix them, and have the best games/control/innovation.



MeloMan said:

In my 30s and have rather enjoyed the Nintendo portable experience thank you very much. And to show how out of touch he is, did he really say "the gameboy experience?" Sound like someone's thinking 15 years in the past. Go back to the million dollar rock you crawled out from and come back when you learn what videogames are.



AVahne said:

Meh, I'm pretty sure this man, alien, ....thing is pretty much anyway, no need to pay attention to it



komicturtle said:

I don't use video games to present my manhood. The man shares invalid arguements. Wii Motion Plus was revealed in 2008- released in 2009 and finally built into Wii motes last year. Next.

There are benefits to Microsoft's Xbox 360 having a hard drive externally, so let's not get into that.

Why is this man representing Sony Computer Entertainment? He doesn't even know what video games are all about. At the same time, he's insulting Sony's own properties such as Little Big Planet that appeals to a broader audience just as Mario.

There's a little more to what the man said, which is why I brought those up.

I wish Reggie would break things down for this man and make a fool out of him. He deserves it. The way it looks, he's acting as if Sony is "SO PEERRRRRFECT". Least with Nintendo, the two presidents admit their faults. I have yet to see Sony admit theirs. Better yet, when was the last time Sony DID not come off as being 'perfect' in what they do? At least, from this guy.

I'm slowly edging away from purchasing an NGP or Sony console. That money is not going to this man's pocket. What he said is disrespecting among other things he has said in the past. I'd be happy if he wasn't president of SCEA. He doesn't know what video games are all about. And it's not using them for enhance or prove your manhood. That's ridiculous.



Kid_A said:

I really like Sony from a games standpoint, I just wish they'd be a bit classier about stuff like this. How can we expect gamers to be more mature if the people who help create and promote the games say such blatantly childish things?



longtimegamer said:

I was wandering if he wasn't trying to influence people away from Nintendo handhelds and to the psp with this comment. as some other here have thought too. Of course he could just be an *ss.



Tim_Slim said:

self respecting twenty-something?... he's the one, who likes all our pretty songs, and he likes he likes to sing along... just a thought like



Mach-X said:

Are you guys still at this?! Seriously? Over an off the cuff remark that gets splattered by the media all over the place? You don't think Nintendo people say stupid things like 'sony are a bunch of aholes' 'ps3 sux' and whatever other gibberish. I'm not even a Sony fan, don't own a PS3 nor a PSP, I just like to try and be the voice of reason when this stuff gets reported. I can't believe how silly people are being bringing up numbers too! It's hilarious. Ok here's one '140 million ps2's and counting'. Here's one more '100 million ps1's'. I couldn't even begin to fathom their television sales. Actually I might buy an NGP that thing looks amazing, plus you can buy PSP games online and run them from media. Hmmmm how many complaints per week get lodged over nintendo's download service? Really guys I'm not trying to be a jerk, but let's call it like it is, games like Nintendogs and Harvest Moon and Pokemon are babysitter games. Comparing a months sales of a BRAND NEW system to one that's six years old? C'mon guys I thought us NL members had more sense than this.....



kiddudu said:

I don't think this is good advertisiment. There were a lot of things to talk about Nintendo doing wrong, but he chose to talk about its costumers. I think he's just trying to get his fired.



wedgeredleader said:

Dear Sony CEO,
Just wanted to remind you of a advertising campaign...
If it were to go viral it would "definitely" destroy these baby toys you speak of.
Remember this?

Now to all those saying this is fake... It's not. Sony paid for this as a serious Viral advertising campaign. You can all probably guess what happened.



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

Going to be 21 and I still enjoy gaming. T_T Though the lack of support for the UMD format, I'm still a Sony person and a Nintendo person equally. I'm still waiting on a Xbox handheld.



Funem said:

Comments from a person more concerned about the competition than he want to let on. People who usually belittle another person are afraid or worried about them in some way or insecure about themselves, same about companies and other companies I guess.



nasachi said:

Tj92 United States 09 Apr 2011, 23:03 BST
"Sony's acting like a trapped rat right now. Lashing out when they know they are cornered."

yeah great, Sony's just a bad loser, NGP is dead even before its launch... it's gotta hurt to be f***ed by Nintendo again as with PSP and PS3 xD



TikiTong said:

With a comment like this,this must mean that Sony is for much older game players,which is reducing the audience



Demonic_St33V said:

OK, the staff at the company I work for is composed mostly of people 21~40 years of age. On their breaks, if they're not watching movies or chatting with friends on the back deck, most of them are playing games on handhelds or doing something in one of the office's two game rooms.

What types of handhelds? iPhones, iPads, Droids, <insert all Nintendo handhelds here>. I've never seen anyone with any flavor of PSP in the office, but two days ago I did see a coworker playing Pokemon on a Gameboy Color. He said he was "kicking it old-school" because his DS needed a recharge.

Maybe everyone at my office is just anti-Sony though... When they put in the office's second game room, they decided it would be the "Console Room" (the other is dominated by a ping-pong table and old arcade machines). They took an office-wide vote to decide what consoles we'd have. We ended up with a 360 and a couple Wii's.... I don't think the PS3 got more than 5 votes.

Side note - I don't think there's a single non-gamer at my office.... There's a 60 year old man on my team that plays Crime Craft.



Slapshot said:

@Kid_A... I agree, I think Jack should keep his mouth shut on these critical issues, and leave it all up to Kevin Butler - who has been a PR beast for Sony. Reggie has basically done the same thing at Nintendo though with his "garage developers" and "iOS" comments hes made recently too. Neither of the companies can say anything about the other.

This comment Jack made is likely his arrogance swelling from the PSP outselling the 3DS at launch, and fact that the PS3 just overtook the XBOX 360 in the worldwide install base.



ZukutoBen said:

Well I have a Nintendo 3DS and Game boy Advance SP and I'm 14 so that's aload of dog poop.



Mega_man_xK said:

So.. What you're telling us is since Nintendo is a baby's toy, does that mean that Metal Gear and Resident Evil are for kids too?

Wow! I actually thought that M meant for Mature!

Sony your Argument is Invalid.

PS. Does the Psp have Super Street Fighter 4?
Again your argument is Invalid.



XCWarrior said:

So in other words, the 3DS is something kids want to play with. The PSP is something that.... pirates use to steal games so they don't have to pay for them? Oh right, thanks for clearing that up moron.



SuperLink said:

Well, I'm sorry. I didn't know that the kind of hand-held gaming system defines what kind of man you are. I guess I should start playing PSP games so that I can be a self-respected member of society.

Plus, you know what I hate? I hate it when I bring up a conversation about Nintendo or the Wii, and then everybody around me is all like, "Duuuuude, the Wii is totally gay! Dude, why do you have a DS. That's really sad, are you like 5 years old or something?". Yeah, I hate that soooo much. I just didn't know that a game had to have hardcore blood, weapons, nudity, death, and cursing in it for it to be a really cool game, sorry. All I'm trying to say is that some people are really misguided.



outrun2sp said:

Nintendo is purely about sales now. Basically they are proud to point out that they are outselling other units and this is entirely down to the first party software and household names. Regardless of that I think that the other competitors offer more long term experiences as nintendo is operating at a quicker pace where the objective is make money make money....

This is very different to the values of nintendo before.



Mike1 said:

I'm 30 and I still play my DS all the time at work. This Trenton guy is nothing but an idiot. Talks a lot of smack but it's funny how he always says the Wii and DS are for kids when both of those systems have crushed the PS3 and PSP in sales.



Zach said:

I have a feeling that the CEOs of Sony, Apple and Nintendo all got together recently and agreed to trash talk each other to boost sales. How many people are more likely to take pride in and buy Nintendo products because of statements like this, and vice versa?



Algorhythm said:

...says the guy in last place in both console and hand-held market. (at least in the U.S.)



Rob_mc_1 said:

I'm going to agree that the DS series of portables are good babysitting tools. Might as well start them off right and show then a very good library of games.



Noire said:

Considering some of the reactions here, he may actually be on to something.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Right you are, Feenie. After two days of debating the point with some friends on Facebook, I've just suddenly realized that by being defensive about it, I was proving his point. Oops.

That said, it IS legitimately not a nice thing to say (obviously), and he should be ashamed of himself for it. Also, I did NOT read through all the comments here, just so you know...I saw Feenie's due to convenient placement at the bottom of the list, and found it meshed perfectly with what I came here to say.



Malkeor said:

@Mach-X- Don't forget it's not the 3DS thats out selling, it's the DS, a system that is 1 year older than the PSP. So yeah, DS not 3DS. Just thought i'd clear that up



mariopaperthin said:

i dont care what any body thinks sony is jealous who would ever think of 3d system and there see this it make them mad or so scare there shaking in there boots



ramstrong said:

Baby sitting device? There's nothing wrong with that. I'm also cool with education software for DS out there. Pokemon is pretty addictive, no matter what the age.

Sony's OtherOS Removal, Rootkit hacking? Need I say more? I'm still boycotting Sony over that.



super-nintendo said:

I'M AN ADULT WHO SOLD PSP AKA BSP FOR Nintendo 3DS!!! And would do it again. I can't wait to play my sexy 3DS on my flight to Hawaii. Self confidence is something sony's fans must not own. I've been a Nintendo fan since the 80's and would play my original Game Boy in public anytime! I won't be buying NGP at all.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

I have owned 2 iterations of the DS and just bought a 3DS for my girlfriend. She is 29 and I am 30. We talked about getting PSP's but the only thing she would want to play is KINGDOM HEARTS and I don't care for ANY of the PSP's titles. I play my DS on the plane, train, and bus. It's not about the company's reputation, it's about the software - and Nintendo and their third parties always put out the best handheld software.



Hey_Listen- said:

sony said that motion control was a bad idea, then they copied them. Then they said that 3D was a bad idea, but just you wait



Kingbuilder said:

I've never been for Nintendo handhelds, so I could care less what Sony negative things Sony is saying about them. :/



Big_A2 said:




motang said:

pfft! I am in my early 30s and I have a 3DS and a DSi, certainly not a babysitting tool...this guy is dumb!



Mabbit said:

Yeah, the Gameboy was a babysitting tool... The PSP is so much better. It's a MANsitting tool!
that was sarcasm, by the way



DrDaisy said:

I read about this on GameSpot. I was in my twenties when I bought my first Nintendo DS, and I haven't been embarrassed about playing it on an airplane or any other public place. Jack would probably say I don't respect myself because of that (and the fact that I bought Super Princess Peach for it), but I'd be even more embarrassed actually caring what he thinks about me. Well, beyond reading some articles and replying, anyway.



Boman said:

I think he says things like this because he is frustrated!
NGP is dead even before it's release.
It has no real innovation and it will never manage to compete with apple's iphone or nintendo's 3DS.
PSP may look slick and with a more adult look but it's years I don't turn it on, I just find it boring.
Sony is in trouble in my opinion.



Marvelousmoo said:

Hey, at least we've got more maturity than you. For that Sony, you are the little kids, not us respecting game boy players.



SyFyTy said:

For me NGP stands for 'Not Gonna Purchase' ... from this 'No Good Prince'



Tate24 said:

Am 27 and i love 3DS. All my friends who hve see it in motion are amazed over it! Sony hasnt got creative bone in there body! Nintendo brings out sumthing that shakes up games industry and then year later sony brings out sumthing that they copyed off big N and calls it new .



Pod said:

25 here, have played three different DS models until they fell apart.

BUT, Tretton will be Tretton. In the announcement videos for the PlayStation Move he was quite cocky too.



R-L-A-George said:

22 here, if Nintendo handhelds and consoles weren't for adults. My Grandpa wouldn't have played Pac-man on an Gameboy Color and Zelda on SNES, N64 and Gamecube.
People can say the same about playstation or videogames in general....Like the douches that expect your maturity to be low in the first place.(After talking to your parent) Your sitting there ignoring them with your DS Lite and all of the sudden they start baby talking you, pretending to give a crap about what your playing. [Personal experience, I was about to punch that lady. Next time it happens, I'm going to tell the person straight, with no violence.]



rainbowkirby6000 said:

lmfao thats hilarious you guys r sooooo hyped up about this,we know the guys a complete douche,the 3ds aint 4 me but i dont care i just got over its,dsi to the TOP



zeldaman said:

the number of coments this article has got x 999999999 is how many times he's messed up

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