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Sat 21st Nov 2009

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_Joejoe_ commented on Level-5 Reveals More Information on Layton 7, ...:

While it's true that a table top card game doesn't sound too Layton-y, the idea of a multiplayer game based on deduction and reasoning does actually sound quite interesting and the 'who dunnit' mystery aspect does sound like the kind of game Layton would play. I guess it depends on his level of involvement in all of this. It's hard to tell.
Back in the early concept of Layton 7 I was ready to brush this off as a waste of time, but my interest has been peaked, at least enough to see where they go with this. It's difficult to say without any gameplay footage, though. As for platform, I can understand why 3DS wouldn't be their best option considering it's multiplayer focus. Wii U version could be cool, though.



_Joejoe_ commented on Mighty No. 9 Studio Comcept Facing Fan Backlas...:

Hold on, hold on,

Has she actually gotten to do anything yet? In this position that she has been hired to fill has she changed the direction of the game? Has she altered the characters in any way yet? This article hasn't said that she has.

All right, yes, she is a feminist. But there are LOTS of feminists out there and in many ways I think that feminism has it's points. I respect other people's beliefs even if they contradict my own. Who or what she is isn't important right now. The game is and so far I haven't seen her hurt the series yet. Give her a chance. Let us see where the game goes FIRST, the we can decide whether these 'pitch forks' are worth sharpening.



_Joejoe_ commented on Fan Campaign Starts for Princess Zelda to be G...:


I dunno, it's all well and good to say "Nintendo, do this"
But you have to remember that character first is not part of their philosophy. They don't fit their games to their characters, they fit their characters to their games. They made Mario Kart and Mario Tennis, etc not because they thought that they needed Mario to start doing sport, but rather because their gameplay concepts worked in the Mario Universe. Smash Bros was made BEFORE they decided to throw nintendo mascots into it and Kirby's Epic Yarn was originally about Prince Fluff.

Now, I wouldn't mind Zelda being a main character, but for nintendo, Zelda would need to be a main character for gameplay reason, you know? I don't want to tell them to make a Zelda game just because Zelda. It goes against who they are and I like nintendo mostly because of who they are.



_Joejoe_ commented on Disney Infinity Will Have A New Game Released ...:

I, for one, think that Disney Infinity is a marvelous idea for one reason and one reason only:
This means no more rubbish movie video games from Disney.

I mean, look at Wreck-It Ralph. The movie was AMAZING! And having a video game based off a movie based off video games in general, well, that should make for a very good video game indeed! But it wasn't. When Wreck-It Ralph released on Wii and 3DS, it was just dull. I suspect it was due to low budget and time restraints, just like with most movie videogames.

But once Disney Infinity is released, they won't have to code up an entire game for it! They will already have Disney infinity as the template, all they have to do is make the characters, the levels and their done! Its much quicker and cheaper than making a whole new game from scratch, so these games should be of MUCH better quality!

We might ACTUALLY get to play a good Wreck-It Ralph videogame!
(P.s: I'm not saying ALL Disney Movie Video Games are bad. Toy Story 3 was awesome.)



_Joejoe_ commented on Iwata Defends Identical Digital and Retail Prices:

My decision really isn't based on price. Of course, I can understand why one would be upset about this. Paying full price is also paying for the manual, box and cartridge.
Then again, the box takes up space, the cartridges either get lost (Happened once thus far.) stolen (Happened to 5 of my games thus far.) or I end up using up all my pockets carrying them around.(Everyday.) Having them downloaded digital seems like insurance. I don't really care about the boxes or the manual. (I keep them, but they take up space, gather dust and serve no purpose whatsoever.)
On top of that, games being released in South Africa is kinda sketchy. Retailers still don't even have Kid Icarus here yet. But my 3DS is connected to the UK's eshop, so when software comes out there, they come out on time and never sell out.

So, would I pay full price for a game that can't be lost or stolen that I can be sure will be able to buy the moment its released without having to add in the cost of petrol?
Yeah, I think so. I'd be paying for the game and the convenience instead of the game and it's packaging.

Course, I don't think that digital will really take off, as you all said. But then again, I don't really want it to. Even after the digital release I'll likely still buy retail simply because I don't like using credit cards. (I like to see my money go, I dunno, the game just feels that more valuable when I see my self lose something for it.) Also, if I don't go to the store for a game I'll likely not get out of the house much at all. XD The way I see it, full digital isn't my thing and I would end up missing opening a new and shiny box eventually. But its nice to have the option in case I can't get it in stores.

Now, if digital was more expensive, then I'd be annoyed.



_Joejoe_ commented on PETA - Relax Mario Fans, It Was All a Joke:

This is kinda like if a doctor were to say
"Yeah, wouldn't it be hilerious if Johnny Depp snapped and violently killed everybody I knew in the most graphic and horrific manner? Because, you know, he has been a pirate wielding a sword before. Heh... heh... heh... By the way, are you aware of serial killers?"

I mean, I wouldn't expect somebody who spends their years 'protecting animals from harm' to find a joke which involves terribly violent acts towards cute and cuddly creatures funny. Its kinda creepy. If I was handing my dog over to somebody who wanted to give it a better life and he cracked a joke like this I'd probably punch him in the face, grab back my dog and make a run for it!

If anything, I'd say they are just trying to find away out of this without having to apologise. :<



_Joejoe_ commented on Review: Pokémon Rumble Blast (3DS):

All I want to do is play as a wooper.

But I'm not going to get it. Because I know full well that I'm going to eventually get a wooper and I'll get to play as him for all of 5 seconds before he is too weak to use anymore.

I kinda wish that they had traded in collecting hoards of toys for exp and leveling up. (So, you know, you can still get that oddish, but not by the thousands.) I like having a team to stick with, it makes it all more personal. They don't need to learn new attacks as they level up, but atleast let them get stronger as you play. I also would have liked it if they had mapped out 2 more attack buttons. Is allowing 4 attacks per pokemon really that complicated? I would think that it would have diminished the button mashing a little. If this game had inculded just these two things, I would have been sold.

I was going to get it anyway because I thought the multiplayer would be fun, but now that I know that it hasn't got multicard play, which means that I'd either have to buy it twice or nag a friend to get it, it just doesn't seem worth it.

But still. Wooper.



_Joejoe_ commented on Talking Point: The GBA Games You Want on 3DS V...:

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
Bomberman Tournament
Advanced Wars
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team
Harvest Moon
Super Star Saga
Super Mario Advanced 3
Final Fantasy VI
Wario Land 4

Course, what with Final Fantasy and Bomberman being 3rd party and all, I suppose I'd give Golden Sun a try and, if they are willing to translate, one o' em Starfy games.



_Joejoe_ commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising's AR Card Battles are Bou...:

Perhaps its just me, but I kinda assumed it was predetermined from the start. I mean, the two cards were doing the same thing over and over again... it just seemed kinda obvious. Still, its a neat little bonus, after all, its not like its the ONLY mode Kid Icarus is giving us what with both solo and that epic lookin' multiplayer! XD



_Joejoe_ commented on Looks Like There's No Sale on Sonic Games This...:

Actually, I bought Sonic Colors today. It was on sale. 60% off! I dunno why they dropped the price so dramatically... I mean, it was retail and it certainly doesn't look pirated... but I figured I won't look a gift horse (Or, in this case, gift hedgehog) in the mouth unless it lead to world domination... which it doesn't, I checked.



_Joejoe_ commented on The Rolling Western Keeps Those Wagons Rolling:

I dunno, I think it looks pretty cool! And its kinda New IP from nintendo, isn't it? Something like that should be encouraged!

Armadillo Cowboy thing rolls into view

What have I done?



_Joejoe_ commented on Connect Your Club Nintendo and eShop Accounts ...:

Well, atleast its not all we are getting. Ya know, the free excitebike game, Poke3Dex (Get it? I think it could stick!), and... uh... oh! Right! The internet browser! (Whiiiiichdoesn'tsupportflash... but maybe one day... trails off into own mind) Still, I don't think its that bad a swag.



_Joejoe_ commented on Features: The World of MotoHeroz:

I was interested in this game. I mean, I wasn't curious about it... it was just there. The gameplay looked fun, so I figured I'd get it eventually, end of story.

But now that they are telling us that there are actually proper characters, and a world has been figured out with how it all works and it seems that its not just a bunch of Monster truck things going along a 2D track and they might actually have a reason for racing, well, Now I'm definately getting it, day 1! Can't wait for the next article! (Heh, littlefeet. Genius!)



_Joejoe_ commented on New Nintendo Console at E3?:

So... what your telling me is that Skyward Sword is pretty much going to have the same timing as Twillight Princess did? Appearing inbetween Nintendo Consoles? Wierd...

Welp, guess I best start saving... again.
The Pikmin series may have just jumped a whole console! D: Weird...
(Not counting New Play Control.)



_Joejoe_ commented on This Dr Lautrec Trailer Reminds Us of a Rather...:

Well... we still don't know how the gameplay works yet... do we? (Well, I don't.)
I'm just saying that maybe he will set himself apart from Layton that way?
Well, I live in hope. It looks like a game that I don't want to dislike. But I kinda have to if they are going to 'monkey see monkey do' the genius puzzle solving gentleman.



_Joejoe_ commented on Sony CEO Refers to Nintendo Handhelds as "Baby...:

Any attention is good attention. He'll take the blame just remember his name. After all, not only will this make Nintendo look kiddy to those who don't think, it will make people who do think aware of PlayStation.

And that is why I hate Advertising. Funny Adverts are good, but then you get this sorta thing.



_Joejoe_ commented on Hudson Entertainment Closes its Doors, Cancels...:

What worries me is that A. Konami made Bomberman Act Zero, which was an aweful reboot. Though I'm not saying that they will do it again, you have to understand that my trust in them is fairly shaky.

On top of that, while I still don't know if they are going to continue with Bomberman, my favorite game series, I do know that they are not continuing Bomberman's 3DS game. The script for Bomberman 3DS is for sale to anybody, it was published by BETAscript. I saw it on a site that I usually buy my books and games from.



_Joejoe_ commented on Nintendo Reveals New Kirby Platformer for Wii ...:

This Kirby has the same hyper bright style as Kirby 64, but thats the only proper similarity I see. But the landscapes look more like the typical Kirby style than 64 in my opinion and there are hats, waddle dees and an actual sword ability, unlike 64. Perhaps the main reason it is most similar to 64 is because, well, its the only other console game that has Kirby doing, well, awesome suck/spit Kirby stuff. The only other two are Epic Yarn and Air Ride which are a completely different kind of basting sauce. (And that one that never pitched... nearly forgot that one.)
Mooovin' on.
HEEEEEEEEECK YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH! Finally! Kirby being, well, Kirby! + Apocolyptic-like abilities (Giant Star spitting, Giant sword, Giant fire dragon.) + The ability to surf... ON THE GROUND. (Jesus could walk on water, Kirby can surf on the ground. Oh what a team they would make!)



_Joejoe_ commented on Look Out Fireplacing, You've Got Competition:

Oh no! Flame war!
I can see the heated debates on which one is better slowly rising. Afterall, where theres smoke, theres fire. Though this one may be better as we all know how terrribly the last one crash and burned (I'm going to assume that the game designer got fired for that one.) I guess these guys just thought it would be smart to strike while the fire is hot.



_Joejoe_ commented on Talking Point: Your Nintendo Moment of 2010:

My top Nintendo moment of the year was the announcement of Kirby's Epic Yarn at the E3. Incidentally, my worst Nintendo moment was the announcement that Kirby's Epic Yarn will only actually reach Europe in Feb 2011.



_Joejoe_ commented on Warren Spector Defends Mickey's Maligned Camer...:

A while back I 'liked' Epic Mickey on facebook and I constantly check for updates. Twice Warren Spector has appeared on the Epic Mickey page to answer questions, the second time he got to address the camera:
"Camera. Okay. Let's talk about that... Camera in games is a Really Hard Problem. Maybe the hardest there is. Each kind of game requires a unique camera approach. To oversimplify, a platform game wants a camera that's relatively high overhea...d (to show off jumps and such) while an action/adventure wants a camera positioned lower to show off more of the tactical situation. DEM is a game that combines BOTH of those game styles in one package. Plus, players get to decide how the game "feels" as they play, based on how they use paint and thinner. We came up with what we thought was the best solution given those facts. If we'd done a "straight" platformer - which we DIDN'T - or a straight action game, we could probably have tuned it better, but for the game we were making, I thinkt the team did really well. I'd like to see someone else make a game where you don't even know whether there's going to be a wall behind the character and/or whether there was going to be a platform in front of the character and do better, camera-wise!"

Just wanted to point out the paint and thinner thing, After all, there are quite a few walls and floors that aren't always, well, in existance.
But the fact is that there is not much that can be done about it now. I enjoyed the game, the camera, though a tad difficult, didn't really hassle me that much and I got used to it pretty fast!