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Fri 27th June, 2008

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grumblebuzzz commented on Nintendo Confirms Splatoon Tower Mode Release ...:

I seriously think that if Wii U had launched with Splatoon, Smash Bros, and Mario Kart 8, Nintendo's current home console fortunes might be very different right now. All three games are the crowning jewels on the platform, but Splatoon might take the win. It's been an absolute joy to play and be a part of. Some people complain about the "drip fed" modes and weapons, but for me it keeps me excited and makes me feel like these releases are more like "events."



grumblebuzzz commented on Review: Don't Starve: Giant Edition (Wii U eShop):

I agree with the reviewer: this is a solid game and I like it a lot, but I'm a little disappointed with the gamepad implementation. The menus are screaming for touch support, but all you can do is move the map around, which is pretty pointless. Also the off-TV function makes the picture so muddy that you can barely see or read anything.



grumblebuzzz commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Slashing Its Way to 3DS:

I was all excited for a second thinking this was a new Wind Waker sequel, but I'll pass on another Hyrule Warriors. The Wii U game got very stressful very quickly for me. Too much "run here and do this... and this too... and this at the same time!" I found myself cursing at the TV and not having fun with it a lot.



grumblebuzzz commented on Splatoon Practically Sold Out at Launch in Jap...:

@Marshi My internet connection is a shared free hotspot for my apartment complex and is absolutely terrible. It won't let me online in any other game, but if I try about 5-10 times, I can get into a match in Splatoon with no problems at all and can continuously rematch until I'm ready to quit. Never lags and has only disconnected once. It must be a problem on your end.



grumblebuzzz commented on Splatoon Producer Inks Out Reasons For Lack Of...:

Having played it myself now, I personally don't see any reason to have voice chat and if it was there, mine would always be set to OFF. The premise and map are both so simple that you don't really need to communicate once you have the hang of things, imo.



grumblebuzzz commented on Nintendo Download: 28th May (North America):

(insert my weekly "Where the F___ is Zero Mission! Bleh! You hate Metroid, NoA!" rant here) Now with that out of the way, Splatooooooon! I'm so excited, even though I won't be able to online really at home.



grumblebuzzz commented on iOS Title Catch The Rabbit Sure Does Remind Us...:

I just don't get these clone games like this. Why make the character look exactly like Nabbit? Nobody would probably even put two and two together that this is essentially a rip off of the Nabbit sequences in NSMBU if he didn't look just like Nabbit. Why not give the character a different look so as to avoid the inevitable cease and desist letter?



grumblebuzzz commented on Nintendo Download: 30th April (North America):

Yup, just porting Paper Mario over from my Wii menu. Another blah week. Maybe now that they've put out all the N64 games they promised we can get Zero Mission next week? (And yes, I will complain about this every Thursday until it's finally released here.)



grumblebuzzz commented on Nintendo Direct: A Special Splatoon Direct is ...:

I'm mildly excited for it. As someone without a reliable internet connection for gaming though, I'm waiting for reviews to see if the single player content is worth the price for admission. Haven't been terribly impressed with the local 1-on-1 mode yet either, so this will essentially be a single player only experience for me if I pick it up.



grumblebuzzz commented on Natsume Suggests That Nintendo's Moving Away F...:

Even when Nintendo decides certain games are a good fit for Wii U, they hum-haw around with regional releases that are months and months apart. Virtual Console is a hot, honey boo-boo mess on Wii U in North America and they refuse to address the problem except by occasionally saying "LOOK! WE'RE DOING GAMES FROM (insert classic system name here) NOW!", then releasing one game from the announced system each week for a month after, then nothing else for months. Where are the Wii games they made such a big deal out of at the first of the year? Why are so many games (Kirby's Return to Dreamland, Metroid Zero Mission, Final Fantasy games, etc) available in other regions, but not in NA? They never follow through with anything beyond a one-month window following an announcement. I foresee us not getting another N64 or DS game until around fall/Christmas time after they release their 4 piddly little games they promised in the Direct.



grumblebuzzz commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

Nope. It will not have much of an effect on selling new hardware whatsoever. People who own a Wii U already will pick it up, no doubt, but if Smash Bros and Mario Kart didn't turn it into a rip roaring success, a new IP that doesn't have the built-in nostalgic fanbase definitely won't.



grumblebuzzz commented on Gallery: Splatoon Development Updates Show Off...:

I'm hesitant to get all hyped for it until they officially detail whether or not there is local multiplayer. I don't have a connection that supports online gaming, so until I know whether or not my nephew and I can play together in person, it's a no-go for me.



grumblebuzzz commented on Nintendo Download: 19th March (North America):

@faint: It apparently isn't that well-known considering several commenters have said, "There's a Klonoa 2??!!" so please don't try to act like I'm abnormal because I have never heard of this franchise. Also with 9 whopping votes, it doesn't seem like it's gonna be a big money maker for Nintendo of America like, oh, say a Metroid game and a Kirby game that have already been released in Europe would be. I am more so complaining about NoA's poor virtual console strategy than Klonoa 2 itself.



grumblebuzzz commented on Video: Guess What, Super Mario Sunshine Looks ...:

I don't get the reverence so many people seem to have for Sunshine. It must be a generational thing since I see a lot of folks talking about childhood whenever it's brought up and saying how it was their first Mario game. As someone in his 30's, I played this game in my early 20's and it's just okay to me. Possibly the worst 3D Mario game imo. A bad Mario game is still a great game, of course, but I don't need to see an HD version, a sequel, or a revisit to this game at all.