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Thu 25th Feb 2010

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Arcanum commented on Weirdness: Super Mario 64 Expert Collects a St...:

Yeah... We should round em up and put them in prison. How dare they spend time on what they want to do with their life instead of doing something that you sir would find to be "productive".
(might be wondering why i put that in quotes. Its just that nothing humans ever do is actually necessary in the grand scheme. But dangit thats why this judging of 'too much time on their hands' really makes me cringe. Our existence unnecessary but we got it so let's do what we want with it and not compain about what other people do with their excessive time.)



Arcanum commented on 17 Games Get North American eShop Discounts in...:

Just curios sorry to bother, I like looking through the comments and finding yours cause i find yours to be very insightful and i always agree with you but i always see you spell "Nintendo" wrong. Is that a thing and done intentionally or... Or yeah whats going on there? Not that it bothers me...Just a curiosity that has built up.



Arcanum commented on Video: How to Get a Skell in Xenoblade Chronic...:

Man i was 80 hrs in at lvl 35 when i got my skell finally. I have unlocked the secrets of overdrive all on my own and i am tearing through lvl 50 enemies at my level of 38 now. Got my own method of attack style... Aka strategy. The rest of my team always dies tho. I wish i could program them more.
Anyway fighting with my skell seems really weak. Its more effective, efficient, and fun fighting on ground overdrive for me. My skell is just for an opener attack and to drive around faster.



Arcanum commented on Masahiro Sakurai Talks About the New Fighters ...:

What? Seriously? The only reason a game is good and should be bought is strictly based on the amount of sales to you? Because bayo 2 "tanked" in sales that automatically means it sux? You sir have missed quite alot of games than. Bayo 2 was absolutely beautiful and nothing would change how awesome it is had it got 1 sale or 1 million sales. Shame on you.



Arcanum commented on We Have Shigeru Miyamoto To Thank For The Supe...:

"Recently all 3DS related posts keeps turning into arguments on whether the New 3DS is worth it bla bla bla. Don't you guys have better things to do? Seriously if you don't like the system, sod off.
We have the disposable income of 200 dollars and we think it's worth it and we're enjoying it. I mean seriously you don't have to go on every thread trying to convince people that their purchases are unwise."
This Is somehow more beautifully worded then anything I have read before for some reason. I do have better things to do indeed! And I feel ashamed of myself for doing things like that.



Arcanum commented on We Have Shigeru Miyamoto To Thank For The Supe...:

"...even with the small processing power upgrade that most games won't be able to use, the 3DS's hardware is woefully outdated." I think the vita has loads more power and much better hardware and it not much of an argument i know, but having 'woefully outdated hardware ' doesnt seem to be a, if it were to have better hardware it would most definitely be more expensive and at that point People start to complain about the price. seriously wth! 😂



Arcanum commented on Bravely Default Producer - No Need for More Im...:

I am by no means calling this game bad.
I am a huge RPG fan and love to play everything RPG on my 3DS and WiiU.
But I fail to see what's so special about this game...maybe I've played too many RPG games and the clichés are starting to become very "present" if you know what I mean. I know this is what RPG is but somehow I need something very different so I can appreciate each RPG style....or maybe a terrible RPG to show me how good I have it O.o

Edit: I won't completely shut it down. Afterall it is just a demo. I really want to find a reason to play this game. I love mah RPG's. Hopefully I find what I failed to see.



Arcanum commented on Capcom Explains Wii U and 3DS Cross-Play in Mo...:

I really can't wait for this...I played the hell out of MH3 with my lil bro and cousin. So many memories and so much fun. I logged over 800 hours into that frekkin game. I NEED THIS GAME NOW! And yes bundle of some kind please. Maybe a limited edition 3DS please?



Arcanum commented on Fire Emblem to Start Japanese 3DS DLC Service ...:

AAAHHHHH!!! This Fire Emblem 3DS game has got me FREAKING OUT MAN! I had no idea I loved the turn-based RPG genre. I always felt it would be boring or something!!! I feel like such an idiot!! All of the RPG's I've missed!!

It all started one day I was bored. I had like $50 to spend so I said "hmmm... I'ma try something new." Went to gamestop and bought 2 games of that genre for the DS (but I played them on the 3DS). I got Golden Sun: Dark Dawn and Final Fantasy: the 4 heros of light. So I pop in Golden Sun...according to my 3DS I played the game for about 9hrs (not kidding it looked to be around 8hrs and 45 min.) This genre is CANT EVEN EXPLAIN IT! I am in love with this genre! I seriously feel that I can't stress enough how freakin incredible this genre is! I played the hell out of those games!

Now Fire Emblem comes out for ambassador's... this time according to my 3DS I played the game for about 13hrs and a half. I am so tremendously hooked on this game that it's literally hard to not play it. I have like 3 dreams a night about the game. I hate when this happens. Now I want to buy every Fire Emblem game ever made! If this games doesn't get localized...sniff I'll cry



Arcanum commented on More Xenoblade Chronicles Let's Play Videos Jo...:

hey whats the possibility of an Wii U HD version of xenoblade? I have been pondering that idea after I wrote I in the comments. and If its possible maybe they can throw in some kick a** online feature! Dreams my friends, DREAMS!



Arcanum commented on Rumour: Nintendo Readying Big Announcement Nex...:

The iPad is kinda weird actually.....for one thing why the f*** didn't the first iPad have a camera? It was just to take advantage of their obedient fans and leech out extra money from them.
And another thing about it just kinda feels even stranger. It costs like $600 And I can get a laptop that does a whole lot more than the iPad for about the same price. It boggles my mind.



Arcanum commented on First Impressions: BIT.TRIP SAGA (3DS):

I only got BEAT and I could not beat the second level....THIS IS PERFECT FOR ME!!
BTW is this gonna be a retail release or is it gonna be up for download? I would prefer it be a DL but I wouldn't mind if it was retail.



Arcanum commented on Darksiders II Launching in 2012 for Wii U:

I just laugh at all the haters...they hate so much that they don't even know what to hate about anymore and they pick random stuff to hate on without knowing much about what it is they are hating about. This time around they watched the vid and said "PS3 STILL HAS BETTER GRAPHICS" and "Wow so Nintendo finally gets better graphics. PS2 GRAPHICS! xD". That right there is blind hate... Those vids are not WiiU graphics, they are vids of games coming out for PS3/Xbox. what idiots.



Arcanum commented on Sony President Thinks 3DS is Just an Updated DS:

Why do they always have to bark at each other? Can't they just get along? Just co-exist or something? Seriously. What is the point of Sony saying that?? THERE IS NONE! Nothing will come from saying bad stuff about people. It just serves to start fights....



Arcanum commented on Rumour: Famitsu Details 3DS eShop Launch Line-Up: no internet? The fact that they left out the part where the internet is suppose to be activated makes it look a little....not to be trusted. Which makes me sad cause i would definetly want that 3D video player one



Arcanum commented on Iwata: "We Need Big Games to Hit 3DS Sales Tar...:

If Ninty were to make limited edition 3DS consoles they could sell so many! Limited Edition Super Mario 3ds would sell like crazy....And a Cross between Nintendo and Capcom to make a Limited Edition MH 3DS for a release of a Monster Hunter game on the 3DS would sell by the millions!
a man can dream



Arcanum commented on Beyond the Labyrinth Headed to 3DS in Japan:

I'm gonna add this to my list of most wanted RPG's
So now it's:
Pandora's Tower
The Last Story
Beyond the Labyrinth
.........I need to find a way to play all these japanese games! O_o