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Thu 21st Jan 2010

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nasachi commented on FAST Racing NEO To Feature 'Hyper Real Graphics':

Fast in Wii was very very fast and a Great Game... No compensation for F-Zero, but at leaste as good as Wipeout or Extreme-G

and with Shinen we can expect gorgeous graphics and Ultra Hardcore difficulty xD



nasachi commented on Video: This Is Why CoD: Ghosts Is Best on Wii U:

but you can't Play vs Players in Xbox or Playstation...?

Would be quite unfair and too easy if your Opponents use xbox-pad or dual shock
(Exzept if they'd have extremely powerful autoaim... dont know, Havent played Code for years)



nasachi commented on A Fresh Batch of Lovely Super Mario 3D World S...:

even just watching these screens makes me smile, reminds me of playing Mario Galaxy

playstation4? xboxone? sorry, (for me) it's about games and this is where Big N wipes the floor with Microsoft and Sony (poor exclusives)



nasachi commented on Super Mario Galaxy Is Eurogamer's Game of the ...:

no surprise

it's one of those games with pure Nintendo magic... with and amount of creativity, soul and attention to detail which other companies like Activision, Naughty Dog, Blizzard or whoever else will never even come close to, no matter how hard they try



nasachi commented on Review: La-Mulana (WiiWare):

absolutely incredible awesome game, i totally agree with 10/10 score

and did anyone say Demons/Dark Souls or Meat Boy would be hard games... sorry, they're a piece of cake compared to La Mulana (but LM is so damn motivating and never unfair, can't stop playing xD)



nasachi commented on Feature: WiiWare Games That Bit the Dust:

of course there are many many awesome Wii Ware masterpieces out there (La Mulana... fantastic game!!!), but especially Super Meat Boy would have been nice to play with classic controller imo... have bought it on PC, ok, bit i hope Meat Boy (or possibly a sequel?) makes it to WiiU or 3DS eShop, game is pretty awesome, imo the best non-Nintendo platformer in gaming history!!!



nasachi commented on Rumour: Grand Theft Auto V Coming To Wii U:

honestly, i don't need this on Wii, i'll play it on PC anyway

i do buy my nintendo consoles for nintendogames, 3rd-party-games i play on pc
(thus, i don't need any Playstation or XBox as the exclusives aren't that impressive)



nasachi commented on Talking Point: Five Reasons to Buy a Wii U:

imho it would have been a fail for any real "gamer" to have missed all those exclusive masterpieces on Wii
(ok, most of them were by Nintendo itself, but i don't think it'll be any different with WiiU... at first, 3rd-parties might be strong, but in 1 or 2 years imo they'll develop on PS3/4 and XBox 360/3 again cause it's much easier to compete with Sony's and Microsoft's games)



nasachi commented on Talking Point: Five Reasons to Buy a Wii U:

i'll buy WiiU of course because of the exclusives!

that has always been the point where Nintendo outclassed its competitors
(you simply don't get such a quality and attention to detail on XBox or Playstation)



nasachi commented on Sony President Thinks 3DS is Just an Updated DS:

strongest core generation for Sony?
lol, my ps3 collects a lot of dust, and i loved the ps1
(but ok, i have to admit i'm not such a great shooter fan, so there aren't many impressive ps3games for me)

and the Wii has far more brilliant coregames than only the Mario-platformers



nasachi commented on Sony President Thinks 3DS is Just an Updated DS:

... and Nintendo has no real competitor in terrms of quality coregames
(sadly Sony lacks great games, but ok, their platforms are great for multimedia)

but very funny to read after the PSP has been raped by the DS with no mercy xD



nasachi commented on Nintendo Download: 27th May 2011 (Europe):

Fast is absolutely great, playing it at the moment

fast as hell with crystal clear graphics, no jaggies or fliggering... wondering why other developers don't get this quality with their retail games ^^



nasachi commented on Wii Just Couldn't Handle Sonic Generations:

"SEGA has a vision for their game and they want it to look and be the best it can be"

in that case they should make it exclusive to PC-gaming, cause meanwhile even an average machine is miles ahead of PS3/360/Wii



nasachi commented on Got an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3?:

additional to my Wii i do own a PS3, but to be honest i mostly use it for DVDs or Bluerays... 95% of those good ps3 games i better play on my pc with better graphics and controls



nasachi commented on Guides: Upscaling Your Retro Consoles for HDTV...:

first i played my wii on a Sony-crt-display... meanwhile i play Wii on a Samsung-lcd and to be honest, i didn't notice any lag compared to playing on my old crt (the picture on my Samsung-lcd looks even better than on my Sony-crt)



nasachi commented on Sony CEO Refers to Nintendo Handhelds as "Baby...:

Tj92 United States 09 Apr 2011, 23:03 BST
"Sony's acting like a trapped rat right now. Lashing out when they know they are cornered."

yeah great, Sony's just a bad loser, NGP is dead even before its launch... it's gotta hurt to be f***ed by Nintendo again as with PSP and PS3 xD



nasachi commented on Skyward Sword Combat Trailer Shows Plenty of M...:

amazing, like a painting come to life oO

by far the greatest actionadventure on any platform this gen, nothing else even comes close, but ok it's a nintendo game so no surprise

imo games like Uncharted or Batman are good, but The Legend of Zelda is really a masterpiece and always one of the best games in videogame history



nasachi commented on Metacritic Midyear Report Shows Nintendo Conso...:

this is why nintendo-platforms are number 1 in terms of core gaming to me, although i also do own 360 and ps3:

"i don't want to play the most games, but the best games"

(nintendo=quality <-> 360+ps3=quantity... but i like my ps3 for watching movies ^^)



nasachi commented on Talking Point: Does Nintendo Need to Exercise ...:

"quality always beats quantity in my opinion!"

yes, i agree, that (quality) is why i prefer Wii to my other two hd-consoles in terms of gaming (but PS3 is great as a multimedia station, i use it a lot for movies and streaming mp3s... gaming on ps3, ok, mediocre)

ok, quantity of crapgames/casualgames is also very heavy on Wii, but as long as Wii gets the best core games (quality) i don't care bout them



nasachi commented on Sony: Publishers Pulling Resources From Wii De...:

it's easier for 3rd-parties to sell (hardcore) games on ps3 and 360 because on those hd-consoles the 1st/2nd-party-games of Sony and Microsoft aren't as good as on a Nintendo-console, but that's always been the case



nasachi commented on Talking Point: Does Nintendo Need to Exercise ...:

in my opinion it's pretty normal that the most popular and successful console also has by far the most bad games, just look at the ps2...

i don't really care about it, i do only buy those great games and luckily there are plenty of fantastic games on Wii, especially those of Nintendo of course



nasachi commented on Sony: Publishers Pulling Resources From Wii De...:

blablablubb, Sony...

PS3 is a great multimediamachine imo, but the (exklusive) games are pretty generous and boring, no competition for Nintendo

and i'd say most Wii-owners mostly buy Nintendo-games on Wii because there aren't any better games you can play
(most of the good PS3-games instead can also be played on 360 and/or pc, that's the main difference with games, so i don't worry at all)