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Sun 23rd Aug 2009

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jayo commented on Albert Chen - Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II Aim...:

@0LD_SK0OL_PUNK Hey, I like the prequels! And NO, Lucas did them for the movies, not for the money! Love them, hate them, they're very important pieces of the SW story line and franchise, so deal with 'em! I could go on forever about why the Prequels are important(or a necessary evil as some would put it), but I also don't want to waste peoples' time as well as my own.

That aside, I'd really like to see a 3DS remake of Rogue Leader, and it should also have the co-op and multiplayer that Rebel Strike had. It should have the old arcade games Rebel Strike had. Most importantly, I would like it to have more unlockable ships from the prequels as well as the Clone Wars series. If there's anything good about the prequels, they did have some cool fighters!



jayo commented on Talking Point: The GBA Games You Want on 3DS V...:

Those 5, plus:
The rest of the Super Mario Advance series
The 3 DKC games
I'd like Pokemon games if they could emulate the features unlocked in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum when the GBA game is inserted in the GBA slot.



jayo commented on Super NES Classic Controller Visits Australian...:

ryanthehedgehog- Austrailia's club uses stars.

JJ-I have those too, but this will be nice since it will save me the hassle of switching the controllers out. Austrailia has it, so it ought not be much longer...



jayo commented on Sony CEO Refers to Nintendo Handhelds as "Baby...:

Same attitude the 3DO guys had towards Genesis and SNES, and look what's happened to them! You'll be eating those words soon enough, Sony! Personally, I never saw a sufficient amount of games on the PS consoles to justify investing in them! Sure, there's the GTA series, but they're on PC too! Sony has no Mario or even Sonic, and that old orange bandicoot ain't what he used to be!



jayo commented on Top Screen Backlight to Blame for 3DS Battery ...:

@vonseux- You can do that with the 3DS.
The original DS had a rather short life of 6-10 hours, but then they brought out the DS Lite and DSi which had relatively longer battery lives. So, no doubt there will be redesigned 3DS's in the future that will have longer lasting batteries! Until then, let's make the best of this...



jayo commented on Review: Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary...:

Oh come on, Nintendo Life, this game deserves more than just 5.0! Yes, I agree that it leaves quite a bit to be desired, and that they should've included more games and stuff in the game disc itself.

But the Allstars game itself is just as good now as it was for the SNES! And with the soundtrack cd and book, it is great value! It's more effort on NOA's part than anything they've done as far as extras in Mario games! Yeah, the $30 price is a bit much for what's merely a vc game on a disc, but it's not bad compared to the average $50 Wii game! Also, considering $20 gives you crap like M&M's Kart Racing, at least this means you're getting something decent!



jayo commented on Review: Triple Running Sports (WiiWare):

"Or just look at the screenshots yourself, and see if you can think of anything more positive to say about them than, "at least they're not pornographic.""
-That's actually a negative thing to say! If they were, the game might be slightly more worthwhile!



jayo commented on Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition...:

@Link79 - I believe the SMAS with Super Mario World was not released in Japan, maybe that's why it's not in this one...

Still, I think they should've included it! Crap knows, that disc has room for Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine!



jayo commented on Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition...:

Hey, I told ya all it'd come! I'll be reserving my copy asap!

@lz2010 - At least they can rest easier knowing we're finally getting more of what used to be Japan-only stuff! NOA is definitely paying more tribute to this event than they did for Mario's 20th Anniversary!



jayo commented on Red Wii and DSi XL Coming Stateside on Novembe...:

I think the red DSi XL should've also been pre loaded with the Mario Clock and Calculator. Well, the SMAS Anniversary set is coming out in Europe, the special edition DSi XL and Wii are coming out there and here, so a US release of All Stars seems much more likely!



jayo commented on Japan Receives Red Wii in Honour of Mario's 25th:

@fishman100- Not only that, but I believe it is a cultural thing in Japan to make all these special things, more so than in the US. It's just the way we are!
@Collinhall- Hey, at least it's something! And maybe it is a hint that we might, just might, get some of this too!
@2D- I agree, it should have the M on it, and maybe some more Mario decals. I have a Wii so I'm not interested either, unless they'd let me transfer everything from my Wii to it! And I think it should've been preloaded with the VC versions of Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, and SMB 1-3. And New Super Mario Bros Wii should replace Wii sports as a pack-in!



jayo commented on Super Mario Collection Heading to Europe in De...:

@Don- Don't blame NOA, they don't have much control of whether or not it is released here. I'm sure they want it to come to the US as much as we do.
Although, since Europe is getting it, an American release is looking that much more likely! NOA has been doing some 25th celebrating itself, so it looks like we may get SOMETHING. At least they're doing more than what could be said about the 20th anniversary!



jayo commented on Star Fox: Assault:

I have Star Fox 64 and this game. I think this is a great game. Enjoyed the space levels, and I thought most of the ground level missions were great. The characters' voices are greatly improved compared to previous SF games. I do hope the 3DS's SF 64 remake will have this game's voice cast!

The game may seem a bit lacking compared to its N64 predecessor, but in light of Star Fox Adventures, you have to admit its great to see a more traditional Star Fox game!



jayo commented on Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels:

Adamant- No, as I remember, the difficult jumps were left in the All Stars version, That jump you gotta do in world C-2 took me countless tries!
I really liked the enhancements made in the All Stars version, but I always loved the 8 bits, so it's great to finally see the original version!



jayo commented on Archie Writer Reveals Sonic Colours Comic, Hin...:

I'd also really like to see the Sonic SatAM characters have active supporting roles in a future Sonic game. Better yet, the game should have all them, and the characters from Sonic X as well! I mean, this is crazy these worlds! Break down the wall for crying out loud!



jayo commented on Baseball:

Segasonic- No way! This one's better!

Cheetaman91- I think I'd say no. At least this game has a bit more going on in it!
I had the original NES version, and I do kinda like it. Part because of its 8 bit charm, and it is good for a little change in pace. Kinda like Solitare!



jayo commented on Wii "Most Reliable Console of This Generation":

My Wii is about 2 years old, and it hasn't failed on me yet! I did encounter some disc-read issues when I got SSB Brawl, but then I learned Nintendo offered free repairs, so I sent it to get fixed! Other than that, it works just fine!