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United Kingdom

Thu 5th Feb 2009

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Amorous_Badger commented on EA CEO Loves the Wii U:

I liked his 'drawing pass patterns for Madden' comment, that would be ideal for FIFA/PES - imagine the precision individual player control you get with sticks/buttons, plus the ability to precisely pick your passes...



Amorous_Badger commented on Games Do More Damage Than Passive Smoking, say...:

Massively misleading headline. The key phrase is 'Meta-analyses reveal that violent video game EFFECT SIZES are larger than the effect of second hand tobacco smoke on lung cancer, the effect of lead exposure to I.Q. scores in children, and calcium intake on bone mass. '
Effect size of a measure of the strength between two variables in a study.
It's NOT saying 'games are worse for you than smoking' it's saying 'there's quite a strong corealation between findings and theory'.



Amorous_Badger commented on Features: Games That Should Already Be on Virt...:

I've said this before and I'll say it again.

There's a HUGE reserve of untapped C64 games out there BEGGING for a VC release. I came to consoles somewhat late in life(my first console, as opposed to a 'computer' was a PSOne) and so a lot of old console games don't have that nostalgia element so important in seeing past some of the more outdated aspects of play, but c64 games? Now we're talking.

The C64 version of Turrican(arguably THE definitive version), CREATURES, Infiltaror, Elite, Mercenary, Speedball 2.....I could go on for hours here..



Amorous_Badger commented on Review: Chronos Twins DX (WiiWare):

Having played the demo I can't disagree more. The controls are heavy whichever method you use, you die apparently arbitrarily and the whole look and presentation of the thing is painfully reverent to the 16 bit era that it's desperately trying to be part of.