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United Kingdom

Mon 31st January, 2011

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Gerry-Rich commented on Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Launches on 19th June:

@ James no source it's that 17th June is on a Friday, 3rd,10th and 24th June are other candidates but 17th is close to 19th, so I think that would be the most likely date it will be released. I'm just predicting not confirming ;)



Gerry-Rich commented on Donkey Kong Country Returns Sells Over 4 Milli...:

Let me clarify that DKCR is doing it's bestest in USA, about 2/3 of those western sales are from North America with the remaining coming for Europe, Australia ect, Well deserved I say, a remarkable game that's been revived from a franchise that hasn't seen a new DKC since 1996. This is set to top DK65 this year sometime, then it will be only behind the original DKC.



Gerry-Rich commented on Talking Point: Is the DS Dead at Retail?:

James Newton you must have looked at some old data, the DS is sitting at 145 Million rather than 130M :) Nintendo reported they shipped 144.59M as of December 2010 so it's over 145M at least as of 31st Jan 2011.