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United Kingdom

Mon 31st Jan 2011

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Gerry-Rich commented on Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Launches on 19th June:

@ James no source it's that 17th June is on a Friday, 3rd,10th and 24th June are other candidates but 17th is close to 19th, so I think that would be the most likely date it will be released. I'm just predicting not confirming



Gerry-Rich commented on Donkey Kong Country Returns Sells Over 4 Milli...:

Let me clarify that DKCR is doing it's bestest in USA, about 2/3 of those western sales are from North America with the remaining coming for Europe, Australia ect, Well deserved I say, a remarkable game that's been revived from a franchise that hasn't seen a new DKC since 1996. This is set to top DK65 this year sometime, then it will be only behind the original DKC.



Gerry-Rich commented on Talking Point: Is the DS Dead at Retail?:

James Newton you must have looked at some old data, the DS is sitting at 145 Million rather than 130M Nintendo reported they shipped 144.59M as of December 2010 so it's over 145M at least as of 31st Jan 2011.