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Wed 15th Dec 2010

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ThrowdownN64 commented on NPD Group Reveals America's 2011 Best-Sellers:

I personally think that a hardcore gamer is one who actually plays games...
Not just a game here or there like the new cod or whatever but actually know about gaming, have played retro and new games, and play many genres
Tis a shame many gamers think that just because you play a certain game or system automatically makes you a hard core/core gamer



ThrowdownN64 commented on Talking Point: What You Want in a New Nintendo...:

I would like
gamecube and wii backwards compatibility
a slot for ds and/ or game boy games
better virtual console (earthbound please!)
i would like it if instead of blue neon they started leaning towards origanal nintendo red
and a normal controller thats like the game cube but different and an amazing rumble pak