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Mon 29th Mar 2010

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Boman commented on Review: NES Remix (Wii U eShop):

YES! finally a release I really want.
I like playing in short bursts, and absolutely love warioware, retro game challenge and retro games in general.
My only complaint is that I would have prefered this to be on the 3DS.



Boman commented on Tetris:

This one really brings back memories.
€4 ???? they sould have made this a free chritmas download.



Boman commented on Sony CEO Refers to Nintendo Handhelds as "Baby...:

I think he says things like this because he is frustrated!
NGP is dead even before it's release.
It has no real innovation and it will never manage to compete with apple's iphone or nintendo's 3DS.
PSP may look slick and with a more adult look but it's years I don't turn it on, I just find it boring.
Sony is in trouble in my opinion.



Boman commented on Review: Metal Torrent (DSiWare):

I adore bullet hell shmups!
I arrived 6th (in the leaderboard) in one of the game modes.
that didn't last long though ; (
I hope more shoot 'em ups are released soon.
Lots of bullets, lots of names:
Manic Shooters / Bullet Hell / Bullet Curtain.
Go check out some bullet hell videos on youtube,
you will be amazed.



Boman commented on Review: AlphaBounce (DSiWare):

First game I had I was disappointed.
I thought it was Slow and Boring.
then when I progressed to the following levels and got grasp of the menu
navigation system,understood the various bonus items,I got totally addicted!



Boman commented on Review: Game & Watch Donkey Kong Jr. (DSiWare):

Donkey Kong Jr. you barsteward!!
You made me overcook the pasta!
Cavatappi pasta: 8 minutes boiling time,
ok I'll have a short game in the meantime....... ..oh no....!!!!!
This G&W is truly marvelous,
ironicly i'ts even better than the arcade game.



Boman commented on Review: Mr. Driller: Drill Till You Drop (DSiW...:

I'm going to get this tonight...well after 12.00
I'll have to free some blocks.. = (
Puzzle games are perfect for dsiware.
I wonder why popcap does'nt release games for dsiware.
I would like to play bejeweled or peggle ( yes I know they are out on card)



Boman commented on Frogger Takes a Trip to DSiWare:

I have both the games you mentioned,Konami Arcade Classics DS&GBA.
frogger runs smooth and the emulation is perfect on the GBA.
yes it's a shame they left it out the DS collection.
I've lost any hope of seeing frogger (arcade) for DSiware
since the DS virtual console April Fool's joke.



Boman commented on Review: Game & Watch Vermin (DSiWare):

My friend had this G&W as a kid.
I forgot how fun and addictive this game was.
I cant figure out the expression on the character's face.
none, he has no expression!



Boman commented on Frogger Takes a Trip to DSiWare:

I was tempted to get this for the wii.
But now I think I'll wait for this DS ware version instead.
Small, simple games are more suited for portable gaming!
although I would prefer the original arcade version on the DS,
displayed on both screens, the road on the bottom screen and the river on the top screen.



Boman commented on Impossible Mission:

I grew up playing this game (and Lazy Jones)
never actually finished it though.



Boman commented on Boulder Dash:

UH, HELLLOOO..any other C64 games coming out?!!??
have they abandoned the platform?
There are tons of great C64 games still to be released.
Maby nintendo has been discouraged by low sales.?? : (



Boman commented on Review: Game & Watch Mario's Cement Factory (D...:

all I need now is more free blocks...
please Nintendo make games playable from the SD
I think people eventually will stop buying games if they have no memory space.(moving them back and forth to the SD is a pain)
that was my case with the wii (before the upgrade)



Boman commented on Feature: The Making of the Nintendo Virtual Boy:

I have one ; ) and love it!
If you are a collector or a retrogamer get it...
you can't deny the fact that the virtual boy and the vectrex
are the most unique consoles ever made.
plus it's relativly cheap if you want one.



Boman commented on Review: Game & Watch Chef (DSiWare):

At last they have arrived in Europe!
I got this one plus Mario's Cement Factory.
I hope next week we will get: Donkey Kong Jr. and Helmet.
Funny thing is I just bought a Mario's Cement Factory
game&watch from ebay the other day.Friday I check out the store and what do I see..? yea that's right...Mario's Cement Factory!
What a coincidence.