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Thu 27th Jan 2011

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JohnDoe123 commented on Feature: Nintendo Life's Top 20 Wii Games:

7 third party games. Not bad. It's probably around what other Nintendo console's lists would look like.
Unfortunatly, what I notice is that almost every single third party game on the list is rare and difficult to find. I think this may be why people say the Wii has no good third party games, because they can't see them anywhere. Nintendo needs to support third parties more and publishers need to market and make their games available and easy to find.



JohnDoe123 commented on The Binding of Isaac Creator Still Thinks the ...:

Just bought The Basement Collection from Edmund, looking forward to playing that. I'm not too interested in The Binding of Isaac, but it would be good to see it on 3DS.
What I'm more interested in is Super Meat Boy: The Game, which is the iOS SMB game. It's apparantly all new levels and stuff, with different controls suited for touch screens. I'd be very glad to see that on 3DS, as I'm not expecting to see it on PC.



JohnDoe123 commented on Reaction: Age Ratings and Video Games:

I always thought the ESRB needed a 15 rating for games in between 13 and 17, because 4 years changes a lot in a teenager, it's much too broad. Also, I find it really is up to the parent to decide what content is appropriate for their child. The backs of game boxes should have the paragraph descriptions from the ESRB's website printed on them, so parents can read and decide wether that content is suitable for their child. The E, T and M don't really represent the content of the game. Then again, most teenagers don't even go to the game store with their parents.



JohnDoe123 commented on Retail Download Cards in Japan Set For Small D...:

I'm glad to hear they're releasing the download cards before the game comes out. So you can preorder, in a sense. Hope they do that over here. I'd ask for the option to pre-load your games onto the 3DS, and have it activated at a certain time, but thats probably too much to ask for. What time would this appear on the eShop anyways? Noon, like with regular eShop titles, but that would be hours after the stores open.



JohnDoe123 commented on Nintendo Download: 14th June 2012 (North America):

DKjr doesn't update, unfortunately. I even redownloaded it.
So far, I'm very disappointed with Nintendo's lack of original eShop titles. We got Pushmo, maybe another game. Thats it so far. Nothings been announced. With DSiWare, Nintendo released many games, many of which were very high quality.



JohnDoe123 commented on 'Majority' of Nintendo Games to be Released Di...:

I wouldn't expect them to promise all of their titles will be available for download. If something came up and they were unable to realease a title as a download, they would be criticized. I expect Nintendo will make an effort to release games digitally, though.
I'll need a larger SD card.



JohnDoe123 commented on Pikmin 2 Finally Reaches North American Wiis Soon:

This is great! I got the original on Gamecube for $2 a few months ago, but haven't played it much. I'll make sure to do so.
It would be great if the New Play Control series was expanded on the Wii U, preferably through download.