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Wed 15th Dec 2010

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Hey_Listen- commented on Iwata: 3DS and NGP will Appeal to Different Ta...:

I know this is like totally random and not related to the topic, but I have Animal Crossing: City Folk for Wii, and I can't find Wii Speak anywhere, but I was wondering if you can also use the Headbanger Headset for Animal Crossing also. Please answer



Hey_Listen- commented on Reggie: Steel Diver Makes Up for Lack of Zelda...:

Dude that's really because that was pretty much one of the best titles that should be on there and now I have to wait five years?! Dumb

Plus what's the point of steel diver anyway? It doesn't even look that fun. It looks like it should be from the eshop or 3dsware or whatever you call it