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Sun 28th Nov 2010

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nmozdzier commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Makes Bold Move with t...:

I like where they're going with this, but they have to continue with good games for GBA, I would be amazed if they didn't include Superstar Saga, and I could care less about the NES games, I wish that instead we could choose 3-5 eShop games.



nmozdzier commented on Talking Point: The GBA Games You Want on 3DS V...:

Yay and no. I'm kinda mad because I just bought Metroid Fusion and I own a few other ones... I hope we do get Mario and Luigi, though, that's one that should be a no brainer. The annoying thing is that people are still gonna have to buy a new SD card for all of those games, and well, there simply isn't enough memory for some music, 8 3D videos and the other, already-on-there stuff.



nmozdzier commented on Talking Point: Wii U - Revolution or Evolution?:

^I still don't see how the vitality sensor is useful.

But the one big thing different from the DS is scale, and a lot can be done with that, and the two screens aren't connected either, which can also add more to it.



nmozdzier commented on Iwata Discusses More Built-In 3DS StreetPass G...:

I surprised they haven't been incorporating play coins into the games, it's obvious that AC will have use for street pass and play coins, for furniture and stuff, but also in Mario Kart, to buy new and better vehicle parts, and well in Paper Mario and Super Mario, maybe to buy some expensive and special items, or to use the Super Guide, which will likely be in Super Mario.



nmozdzier commented on Iwata: "We Must Continue to Combat Negative 3D...:

I think that Nintendo needs to focus less on the 3D, as everyone knows about that, and they need to address that it doesn't hurt the game to not play it in 3D, I mean i have friends that won't buy the system because they don't want the 3D, and they feel it will be wasteful if they don't use the 3D, when in fact, it is better than the previous versions in nearly every way, and the DS is dying, not nearly as fast as the Wii, but it doesn't have long left, so 3D or no 3D, it's still next generation.



nmozdzier commented on Review: Pilotwings Resort (3DS):

Huh, so funny how your and IGN's review kinda contradict each other. You say the graphics of Wuhu are nice and crisp while they say they're overused. You think the controls are great and they think they're not as precise as one would have liked. You don't really like the difficulty and that the earlier ones are "relaxing" meanwhile they say they are "mind-numbingly dull" and well it seems that the second half of the levels are extremely hard, so what about DK Returns? Everything past the cave world was hard, and yet people praised the game for its difficulty, hmm. Bottom line, this review is better suited for those that are more or less casual, meanwhile IGN's focuses more on the smaller, more exact things.



nmozdzier commented on Review: Liight (WiiWare):

Hmm... This game seems a lot like Auditorium, but I liked that game, the computer version at least and I don't have a PS3, so this and Fluidity will probably be purchases.



nmozdzier commented on Iwata: 3DS and NGP will Appeal to Different Ta...:

Good job, Nintendo. The funny thing is that they're both advertising the same features: graphics, touch screen, and internet, so this will be interestingly boring. As it will be the same old pattern. Sony fans will buy the PSP2 while Nintendo fans get the 3DS, the only margin where Nintendo will win is with their uncanny ability to pioneer with 3D and well this:
Sure Sony is marketing to hardcore audiences and so is Nintendo, but Nintendo also markets to the casual, and well casual is just a fancy term for uninformed. So 3D plus undoubtedly cheaper pricetag equals NINTENDO!!! The only way Sony would have a chance at outselling the PSP2 is if they price it cheaper than the 3DS, then they have a chance, but that would never happen.