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Wed 9th Feb 2011

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ville10 commented on Pledge to Cloudberry Kingdom, Get It Free on W...:

@Mercury9 The difference between Nintendo and these guys is that Nintendo has all the financial backing they need. In this case, the developers have already emptied their pockets, without support from us they won't get any further. That means worse graphics which in turn may turn off potential buyers, preventing them from gaining anything from their hard work.



ville10 commented on Talking Point: What New Super Mario Bros. 2 Me...:

It's not really that odd, no games sell as good as the 2D Mario games. If Nintendo want to go with risky projects (new IPs and even older ones such as Kid Icarus), they need to release games that they are sure to make a good profit from as well. Kid Icarus Uprising likely required a great amount of financial backing, and it was in no way sure to be a success. The existence of other games likely depend a lot on Nintendo making good money of the NSMB games, but none is forced to buy them.



ville10 commented on Kirby Gets 20th Anniversary Compilation for Wii:

As much as I want to celebrate Kirby's anniversary, I own pretty much all the games. Unless they remake the games included, I'll probably have to pass on this one.

Then again, if they throw together a nice limited edition with a bunch of nice bonuses (not like the weak Mario 25th anniversary), I'm sold!



ville10 commented on Feature: The Odd One Out in Operation Rainfall:

I find it a bit odd that you paint out Pandora's Tower as the only faulty game of the three. While I enjoyed The Last Story, it too suffers from performance issues. Praising The Last Story's graphics are also a bit silly, other than the main characters it really doesn't look very good at all.

I have yet to play Pandora's Tower, but I knew from the start what to expect from it. Truth to be told, I don't think anyone has claimed it to be anything more than it is. It was included in Operation Rainfall because it too was a recently released "core" game for Wii, which Nintendo seemed to ignore despite their promises about the next generation. A seven is anything but a bad score though, so I find this article to be a bit negative, perhaps giving some the impression it isn't worthy of a purchase.



ville10 commented on Review: Pandora's Tower (Wii):

The review sounded a bit more negative than the final score, I was half expecting a 6. Seems like a game that I will appreciate, The Last Story have already taught me to look beyond frame-rate issues and dull palettes.



ville10 commented on Club Nintendo Europe Gives Coins for JRPG Trilogy:

This is why I really wish that Sweden would be part of Nintendo of Europe. Why can't we ever get anything good? I want these so bad, but now I guess my only chance is finding them (for a far too high price) on ebay...



ville10 commented on New Fire Emblem Trailer Raises the Temperature:

@shingi: Why would NoA have more trouble than NoE? NoA didn't even have to do the translation of Xenoblade themselves thanks to their European branch.

Most likely they don't think this game will sell, or maybe they somehow think it's better to wait with an announcement (don't ask me why).



ville10 commented on Pandora's Tower Limited Edition Laid Bare:

These limited editions really make the games much more interesting to me.. I just wish Xenoblade had gotten the same treatment, rather than a uninteresting controller I don't need.



ville10 commented on The Last Story Coming to Wii in North America:

@Lordlz: Sure, it's very much possible Nintendo may be helping out in more ways than just handing XSEED the publishing rights. Fact remains though, Nintendo wasn't willing to publish it themselves, nearly costing a whole region the chance to play it.



ville10 commented on Watch the US Nintendo Direct Here:

It's a bit surprising to see that NoE has managed to surpass NoA in several ways. NoA still refuses to publish The Last Story (though I'm glad you still get it), and no confirmation of Fire Emblem 3DS. There also was no release dates given.

Japan are still miles ahead though. Calcibit (a football management game shown in the European and Japanese Nintendo Direct) seemed really interesting, with actual divisions for different regions of Japan in online play. I'm not really a fan of the sport, but the online mode seemed really impressive, especially for Nintendo.



ville10 commented on Dr. Kawashima is Coming to 3DS:

I'm kinda looking forward to this. Sadly it's likely to be a retail title, these kind of everyday exercises are better as download software, so that you don't have to switch game card each day.



ville10 commented on Talking Point: Achievements, Trophies and Wii U:

I know that some people love them, so not including them seems like a bad choice.
That being said, I really don't think developers should be forced to include them, or any specific number of them. The primary reason I dislike achievements and trophies is that far to often they objectives are the kind of stuff you'd do simply by playing the game (Beat world 1, etc.), or simply "Do this x number of times". They are only good if they add any new challenges, which is why they should be optional for developers.

I also think it would be best if achievements/trophies were personal and no total score/number were counted, as to avoid the silly bragging and comparing, not to mention games selling just for their simple achievements.



ville10 commented on Welcome to the New Look Nintendo Life!:

Still missing the old look a bit, but the new one is growing on to me, a lot of things are improved. I really wish the flags next to the user names in the comments still were there though, I loved seeing where everyone comes from!



ville10 commented on Retailers Leak The Last Story Limited Edition:

Looking good, but I HATE that the German rating has to ruin these boxes for all of Europe. Same thing with Skyward Sword, why can't they make it the same size as Pegi, it's not like it's too small to notice...



ville10 commented on Feature: The Best Games on GameCube and Wii:

Sad to see that neither Pikmin game made the list... Super Monkey Ball would also be included in my Gamecube list.

As for Wii games, I personally place Xenoblade and Sin & Punishment: Successor of the Skies in my top 3 (along with one of the Galaxy games), so I'm a bit disappointed that they didn't even make the list. Punch-Out!! would also be included if got to decide.



ville10 commented on Nintendo Can Recover From Loss, says EA Vice P...:

No wonder gamers insult each others as much as they do, when the developers are just as bad... Where's the role models?

Seriously, does this David Bishop even realize how successful the Wii and DS have been? The 3DS is simply a small setback, the price cut and high profile games have already improved the situation considerably.