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Demonic_St33V commented on Platinum's Kamiya: "No Other Way" That Bayonet...:

@Zach777 Bayonetta is a witch with the power to control hair that fights the legions of heaven and hell. It's a fast-paced action/adventure game kinda in the vein of Darksiders or Devil May Cry.

As a side note - Her outfit is completely made of hair, the more powerful the attack, the less clothing she has while performing the attack.

Whole game is pure fan service, but the first one was fun.



Demonic_St33V commented on Hardware Classics: NEC PC Engine:

Still have mine. My favorite games for the system were "Bravoman", the "Nuetopia" series and this bizarre racing RPG that I can't remember the name of. Random encounters in the game's over-world were resolved via dirt-track car racing. Instead of weapons and armor? Car parts.



Demonic_St33V commented on Goodbye Galaxy Games Responds To Renegade Kid'...:

Piracy is interesting to me.... Maybe because all my pirating friends are the "If they didn't want me to pirate it, they would've released a demo" type who tend to go out and buy copies of the games they pirate if they end up actually liking them.



Demonic_St33V commented on Talking Point: Time for Wii U to Treat Us Like...:

As a tired, grizzled old gamer with permanently blood-shot baggy eyes from mid night launches and 72+ hour gaming binges.. I find this offensive. I'm old and tired, I want to start my downloads when ever I want and play my games when ever I want..... And seriously, you kids need to stay off my lawn!

Seriously.... I will get my gun.....



Demonic_St33V commented on Under-Age Workers Allegedly Worked on Wii U Ma...:

I hate to say it.... But meh. I started working a real job at the age of 13, had my parents sign a release form for me so I could do it legally. Worked from the time I got out of school until midnight or 1AM. Worked for that company for 14 years total. When I finally quit, I had gone from being a manual labor grunt to being the IT and logistics manager.

Admittedly, unlike these kids in China, it was entirely by my own choice.



Demonic_St33V commented on Interview: Smileboom - Petit Computer:

@emiru69 - Even if you know nothing about programming, it's worth having because the games made with it require the app to run. I have a very solid foundation in programming, it was a big part of my major back in my college daze, but I've not written a single line of code for Petit Computer. on the other hand, the games I've downloaded for it that were developed by the Japanese community are the most played games on my 3DS,



Demonic_St33V commented on Pokémon Dream Radar:

I will be getting this. I consider myself lame for being a fan of Pokémon.... But I will confess, the last time I demanded anything from my ex-wife, it was to send a text message which said (and I quote) "gimme back mai Pokémans! I needs their Poképowa!!!!"



Demonic_St33V commented on Legend of Zelda Prototype Cartridge Posted on ...:

Gimme a few days to hit up the local used game shops for every copy of Zelda they have, work out a deal with a buddy of mine who owns a 3D printer to have the yellow carts fabricated and I'll be willing to make you all a much better deal....

Seriously, I can't trust auctions like this any more.



Demonic_St33V commented on Review: Petit Computer (DSiWare):

OK..... Points that need to be made....
1) There's already a huge online community backing this.
2) Just having it on your 3DS or DSi leaves you open to a massive list of "home brew" indie games and content that is otherwise completely out of reach.

Seriously.... one of my favorite games to play on my 3DS right now is a Mario-themed puzzle platformer that's only available if you have THIS app. I used PTCUtilities to "decompile" the game from it's QR codes, and massive props go out to whoever it was in Japan that made the game: 3795 lines of code.



Demonic_St33V commented on Review: Petit Computer (DSiWare):

I have experience in programming in Java, C++ and Basic. So of course I snagged this little app! Although I snagged more because I want to be able to experience whatever awesome things the community puts out than because I wanted to do any programming myself.



Demonic_St33V commented on Talking Point: Using Glitches - Cheating or Cl...:

Some "cheats" aren't actually cheats, but left over tools from the games QA process, like ABBACAB for Shadowrun on the Sega Genesis. This code would allow testers to rapidly test different aspects of the game by directly modifying their characters.



Demonic_St33V commented on Machinarium Finally, Officially Cancelled:

Whether or not 40MB is a barrier to a game development team all depends on how hard they're willing to work. In April of 2004 .fr-08 released the beta version of kkrieger, a rather stereotypical FPS for the PC. Everything about it was simple standard FPS fare, lite on plot - heavy on gun play. Graphics wise, it was comparable to big budget AAA FPS games available at the time.

So what made kkrieger special? Fully installed it only required 96k of disk space. Yeah, less than a frichen meg.

.fr-08 was a different sort of developer though. The kkrieger beta release was, as far as I know, the only game they ever released. .fr-08 wasn't founded to develop video games, they were more about proving a point: lazy development = wasted resources.



Demonic_St33V commented on You're Not Alone in Finding the First Zelda So...:

Hard? I don't get it... When it was released in the Wii shop, I snagged it. Didn't get a chance to play it until my next day off, sat down and beat it in a single (if long) session. I walked away thinking to myself "I don't remember it being that easy the first time I played it".



Demonic_St33V commented on Could the Wii U Controller Do Full Body-Tracking?:

Wii Fit saw a lot of use in my household. Then my wife got a gym membership and I remembered that people with the form of adrenal disease that I have don't have to exercise to stay lean and mean.

Honestly, I love the WiiU controller, but the touch screen is the only aspect I'm obsessed with. No more in-game inventory screens cluttering up my TV!!!



Demonic_St33V commented on Talking Point: What Was the Best Super NES Gam...:

For the SNES? I would have to say the side-scrolling action RPG with the most non-traditional plot I've ever played: Demon's Crest. Multiple endings (based on what items you've found), a second quest and.... best of all.... You're a gargoyle who embarks on his quest because he wants to become the ultimate demon.



Demonic_St33V commented on EA CEO Loves the Wii U:

Honestly, I think if third party titles fail on the WiiU, it will be more due to poor marketing than the console itself. Games move consoles, marketing moves games. Third party support for the WiiU is so far looking pretty awesome, but if they don't shove a hornet's nest up their marketing teams' collective <expletive deleted> when the time comes, their games will fail and the console itself will loose a massive chunk of potential market share.



Demonic_St33V commented on Nintendo Still Not Heading into iPhone Games:

As Dragoon already pointed out, people are already emulating Big N's consoles and games on their smart phones. So if Nintendo were to try hoping into the smart phone game market, they'd have to jump some pretty big hurtles to get noticed.

It'd be a good market for them to tap into though. My wife and I devote more mobile game time to our Droids than we do our DS.



Demonic_St33V commented on Rumour: Wii Successor Won't Have a Traditional...:

8 gigs.... I suspect this to be wrong, but if it turns out to be true <shrug> Not a big deal if game developers use it properly. Even less of a big deal if the console supports SDHC (be idiotic if it didn't, even my phone supports SDHC). And by "use it properly", I mean actually THINK for a change. Seriously, there's MMOG's for Android and iOS that weigh in at less than 12 meg.



Demonic_St33V commented on Don't Get Too Excited About Next Week's Invest...:

I can see it now: "Blah-blah-blah, 3DS is selling in record numbers, blah-money-blah, and if you think we made bank on the Wii, just wait until you hear what we're going to announce in the near future possibly!"

I've been to investor's meetings, they rarely "pull back the curtain". It's usually just talk about how much money they've made and how much more they'll make when they DO actually pull back the curtain. It's often even more of a tease than the rumor mill is by itself.



Demonic_St33V commented on Sony CEO Refers to Nintendo Handhelds as "Baby...:

OK, the staff at the company I work for is composed mostly of people 21~40 years of age. On their breaks, if they're not watching movies or chatting with friends on the back deck, most of them are playing games on handhelds or doing something in one of the office's two game rooms.

What types of handhelds? iPhones, iPads, Droids, <insert all Nintendo handhelds here>. I've never seen anyone with any flavor of PSP in the office, but two days ago I did see a coworker playing Pokemon on a Gameboy Color. He said he was "kicking it old-school" because his DS needed a recharge.

Maybe everyone at my office is just anti-Sony though... When they put in the office's second game room, they decided it would be the "Console Room" (the other is dominated by a ping-pong table and old arcade machines). They took an office-wide vote to decide what consoles we'd have. We ended up with a 360 and a couple Wii's.... I don't think the PS3 got more than 5 votes.

Side note - I don't think there's a single non-gamer at my office.... There's a 60 year old man on my team that plays Crime Craft.



Demonic_St33V commented on High Voltage Cancels Animales de la Muerte for...:

As much as I hate to admit it, XBox Live Arcade and Steam do get more of my gaming dollars these days than Wiiware. Last game I purchased was actually Beyond Good and Evil HD (although I beat it on the Cube, had to play it through again - love that game).



Demonic_St33V commented on Review: Cricket Challenge (WiiWare):

I understand Cricket about as well as I do any sport, which is to say "not at all". Still, I've always found it to be more interesting than most sports. Shame there's so few decent games based around it.



Demonic_St33V commented on Smell the Burning Rubber in this Ridge Racer 3...:

I've been a fan of the Ridge Racer series since the first time I played it on the PSX.... Hell, played that game so much that I got a little too good at it. Were talking so far ahead of the other cars on the final lap that I'd stop 100 yards short of the finish line to do donuts before claiming victory.



Demonic_St33V commented on Earn Coins by Walking Around With Your 3DS:

Interesting feature.... Too bad the only place I do much walking is at the office and the 3DS would technically be qualified as contraband where I work - A Wi-fi enabled "data storage device" with CAMERAS?! Just being seen with a cell phone (even if it's turned off) outside of designated areas can get you fired.



Demonic_St33V commented on Cross Shanblue's Palms With Silver for a WiiWa...:

"that was probably plagiarized, & then re-written from wikipedia"

Actually, you'd be surprised how many occult books are public domain these days. Publishers have been making a fortune since the early 1900s re-printing "The Book of the Black Pullet" (gotta love supernatural chickens!) under different titles. I have two under two different titles by two different publishers in my book collection actually... Used to have three, but I needed a last-minute birthday gift for a friend who also collects rare and odd books.

Plagiarized? Quite possibly, but they wouldn't have had to resort to wikipedia to do it.

As far as this game goes... Meh. The subject matter is best left to books, and yeah - Looks like collection of flash mini games wrapped in a thin veil of "occult wisdom".



Demonic_St33V commented on Mix Superstar Will Be a European Christmas Pre...:

You could do it with the modified mic I mentioned previously and a male to male audio cable. There is a downside to the "mic hack" I forgot to mention though - Due to how USB microphones for the Wii work, anything you imported would be converted to mono channel sound.

A more ideal solution would be the ability to import wav or mp3 files off an SD card directly in Mix Superstar. That could leave the developers potentially open to some copyright issues though, so I can see why they didn't include it as a feature.



Demonic_St33V commented on Wii Balance Board Gets its First Horror Title ...:

I would imagine the balance board would be tied to some sort of fear system. Example: Get startled and loose your balance? In-game character stumbles. Startled bad enough you step off the board? BAM! Face-plant your character into the dirt.



Demonic_St33V commented on This Jedward Dragon Quest Promotion is Getting...:

I admit it, I hate a lot of things... But these guys kinda top my list at the moment. Seriously, my Pictish ancestors would've skinned these punks alive and stuffed them into hollow logs to rot. Why? They're annoying. Period.

They're also lame... But it's the annoying D-Bag factor that kills me.... Maybe I'm just getting old......



Demonic_St33V commented on Even a Wii Remote or a DS Stylus Can Be a Soni...:

I hate to say this, but since I spent part of my day at the office yesterday debating "Darth Vader Vs. Magneto: who would win in a fight?", I've not a leg to stand-on.... Yeah, if I lived in a region these games were being released in, I would buy two of those Wiimotes.

One to use, one to sell to some fan boy on eBay 6 months after it was released.



Demonic_St33V commented on Jett Rocket Sequel May Already be Firing Up it...:

Honestly, it is a pretty easy game. I'm about two thirds of the way through it and have only invested about two and a half hours in the game. When I realized I was breezing through it so quick, I decided to take a break.... And played Rune Factory for the rest of the day. Jett's a great game though.



Demonic_St33V commented on Review: Monster Hunter 3 (Tri~) (Wii):

This is.... With out a doubt... The most fun I've had with a console game in ages.

Favorite things so far: I can't kill anything in the game without remembering a Chronicles of Riddick quote, "You keep what you kill", and I must admit I get a sick sense of joy out of bashing a Khelbi in the head with my shield to knock it out so I can cut off it's horns.