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Thu 27th Jan 2011

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Nightsider commented on Review: Sweet Memories Blackjack (3DS eShop):

Knowing about NintendoLife reviews, they probably wanted to hate this game instead of trying to enjoy it. IT'S BLACK JACK a simple card game that added a few gimmicks in there to make the experience somewhat unique. Did it work? No. But a 3 out of 10? Really?



Nightsider commented on E3 2012: Iwata and Friends Enjoy a Job Well Done:

@NintyFan Phenomenal idea. Nonspecific action figure should have his own game too. @Joshers744 we're just being honest. I don't think it was soooo awful. I just think they could have announced more things. and fit all 3 presentation into the one main one. It could have worked, we didn't need that much coverage of Paper Mario



Nightsider commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii):

Absoloutly every gaming website gave this game a 10 gameinformer, ign, nintendolife, famistu. only gamespot gave this anything but a 10 they game it a 7.5 for no good reason they said the controls were bad but you could see he was using no technique he was just swinging the remote randomly. he said too much padding. ign praised this



Nightsider commented on Review: Cruis'n USA (Virtual Console / Nintend...:

I give this game a 6.25. I actually have a system of rating. I rate Gameplay, Variety, Story/Progression, Graphics, Sounds I rate every aspect out of 2 which in total adds to ten. Gameplay: 1.25, Variety: 1.5, Story/Progression: .75, Graphics: 1, Sounds: 1.75. Nintendo Life has a problem with reviews being so black and white. Either a game is Amazing or it is terrible.



Nightsider commented on Talking Point: The Critical Importance of Blac...:

How about a new Metroid game? Ya know a first person shooter that actually had thought put into it. All of the Call of Duty games have no innovation and they are all the same. If anything, they're getting worse. My friend, who plays Call of Duty, said himself that he likes MW2 and hates MW3.



Nightsider commented on Rumour: Two Zelda Titles in Development:

i dont want to have to make a choice like pkmn black and white and i dont want to buy both. how about a majoras mask 3d? huh ive never played it so it would be nice. how about a zelda where you move with the anolouge and strike with the stylus ? idc as long as it is as good as usual



Nightsider commented on Nintendo Working On New Zelda Game:

Majoras mask remake maybe but the 3ds needs an original zelda game. i realy liked ocarina of time 3d because ive never played through the game before. but a new one that could probably be a skyward sword prequel . or maybe the answer to all un specified zelda components like who is majora



Nightsider commented on Iwata Resists Calls for Smartphone Games:

it would kind of cool though to see nintendo make a smartphone. In stead of a hinge it would be a slide and the top screen would be a sensitive touch screen as well as a 3d screen. Hey htc did it. and it would be an all digital platform. Who says nintendo cant make a better phone than apple. apple also came out of nowhere with a phone.