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Mon 18th Jan 2010

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wedgeredleader commented on Microsoft Almost Purchased Sega In Order To Co...:

Typical microsoft/big business view point.
You see a market you want in, and rather than developing your own technology, you buy another company (or right to technology from a company) that is proficient in the market. It works on paper, but when you see what actually happens to the company, it falls victim to bureaucratic rule. A prime example of this path would be Rareware (as aforementioned by others). It can be argued Rare made some good games (if you like nuts and bolts or kinect sports) after being bought out, but I believe it that was just Rare in name. However, for Microsoft it was a good purchase because it prevented Nintendo from having any further Rare games (other than the ones currently in development).

Anyways, I'm glad MS didn't buy Sega, becuase I dont have to buy a 360 just to own valkyria chronicles!



wedgeredleader commented on Animal Crossing Watch and Kirby Pouches Hit EU...:

Well here's an option:
just create a european club Nintendo account, buy some european Nintendo games/consoles, register said games/consoles, get the points, find a way to ship it to a US postal address, and order the watch.

Simple right?



wedgeredleader commented on Feature: A Beginner's Guide to the World of Bl...:

I've spent many an hour playing this game. I don't claim to be good at fighting games but I have a fair amount of fun with this one. I would you pick it up if you have the extra cash, and/or find it cheap.

It's gameplay and characters are similar to that of Guilty Gear (I like the characters in this one better). So if you liked Guilty Gear you most likely would enjoy this one as well.



wedgeredleader commented on Nintendo Europe Launches Japanese RPG Trio Con...:

I finally tracked down a copy of Persona 3 FES and was feeling pretty content... Then I read the titles Xenoblade Chronicles, Pandora's Tower, and The Last Story all in the same post (and it wasn't about NTSC Localization).
I cried tears of sadness.



wedgeredleader commented on Rumour: Nintendo Preparing Dual Analogue 3DS R...:

well if your going to have two versions you might as well make these:
3DS Home edition
3DS FPS edition
3DS RPG edition
3DS Professional edition
3DS Ultimate edition
Sound like something another company would do?
I hope Nintendo would just stick with one model.
Also, could anyone think of how the second circle pad might interface with the 3DS? I don't think there is an ext. port... wireless?



wedgeredleader commented on Talking Point: What If Nintendo Became a Third...:

@4 Yeah, Microsoft wrecks everything.

In regarding to Nintendo being a third party, I'd be very surprised, but if they did become a third party developer. Nintendo is a primarily a hardware company. They make a decent amount of money off of games, but I think they make the bulk off of hardware sales. Making games for other platforms would encourage sales on other platforms, which they are kind off against. Take Apple for an example; If Apple made Mac OS X and iLife available on every platform, it's platform would lose exclusive features and most likely computer sales. Nintendo, if they made 360 or PS3 Mario games, would lose hardware sales to people who might buy their hardware if the Mario games only came on that platform. By the way, Nintendo should bring Xenoblade chronicles to the US. That might boost hardware and software sales. Good luck Europe!



wedgeredleader commented on Iwata Hits Out at Smartphone and Social Networ...:

While the AppStore has too much... crap ware, I really like a lot of the titles that are currently on it. Many console games have their own ports to iOs like sonic, final fantasy, and secret of mana. What makes the app store appealing to me is the price point in which most apps are under $9.99. The majority of titles at .99 (unless on sale) will usually not be worth it, but some of the higher priced games, I have put some good hours into. Albeit nowhere near what I have put into any traditional console game, but still enough for me to call it a viable gaming platform. Now facebook games and the like, in my eyes, don't represent any threat whatsoever to any real video games.



wedgeredleader commented on Rumour: 3DS Tech Specs Revealed:

The clock speed is not every thing with a processor. For example if you compare PowerPC processors to Intel Pentium processors of the same clock speed, the PowerPC will probably be much faster. My computer with a 1.8ghz PowerPC processor that was released in 2004 can still compete with most consumer computers today. So don't say that 266mhz is weak. based on the video seen at E3 I would bet the 3ds would do fairly well in performance and graphics. And because of the 3ds having two processors, it should be quite good at multitasking. It should be much more powerful than the current PSP and iPod touch 2nd Generation.



wedgeredleader commented on Review: Despicable Me: The Game (Wii):

@16 yes the super nintendo and gameboy versions were quite good. Many Disney movie games for the SNES/Genesis/mega drive were all right. E. G. The lion king, Pinocchio, Aladdin, actually one of my favorite Snes games, and a few Mickey mouse games.



wedgeredleader commented on Features: We Want Your NES Stories!:

I truly think my earliest memory available is playing Super Mario Bros. and The Legend Of Zelda on the NES when I was about three. I never got very far but it was always just pure fun for me. No matter what people say, I will remember the NES fondly for the rest of my life. By the way, I was three in 1997 but our family is frugal so only had an NES, in the next three years we would get a snes and an n64, and currently we own many NES consoles found at garage sales and thrift stores.



wedgeredleader commented on Rare Reveals Nintendo Wanted to Cancel GoldenEye:

@9 I will agree with you in that statement. Whenever Microsoft buys a company, they ruin it. Just take a look at nuts and bolts: it removed most platforming elements. Also Microsoft ruined any chance of a Banjo Kazooie and Tooie on the VC. Many companies bought my Microsoft become worse than original. It's very sad.



wedgeredleader commented on Aonuma Confirms Zelda is Not the Skyward Sword:

Say what you want... But you all know it's gwonam. Just imagine jumping of the platform and hearing Squadelah we're off! And he will tell you about all of the bosses . Plus late in the game you can use his carpet.
Now only if the game had the king.