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Tue 7th Oct 2008

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Big_A2 commented on Shigesato Itoi Elegantly Explains What EarthBo...:

Playing Mother 3 was my first "video games as art" moment and I've read lots of Itoi's comments about his games over the years, but it's always nice to read his new reflections on it. It's a real shame the man isn't interested in making games anymore.



Big_A2 commented on Weirdness: The Mystery of the Mega Man 2 Box A...:

@Nobodys_Angel I stand by that cover being amazing. Even though it's all hyper-real and silly, everything still looks like it should. Mega Man has an arm cannon instead of a gun, the bosses look exactly like they do in-game, and they even got the blue bomber's helmet right.



Big_A2 commented on Nintendo Download: 27th June (Europe):

@deKay: Unless they have just taken the PAL ROM and "un-converted" it back to 60Hz. Since Balloon Fight seems to have received zero optimisation in its original release, it should be identical to the US version now, just with European copyright info.

But I haven't checked it out myself yet.



Big_A2 commented on Capcom Teases More Mega Virtual Console Releases:

Given how bad the PAL versions of the NES Mega Man games are, I was quite happy when I found out today that 1-4 are on the Wii U's Virtual Console. GET EQUIPPED WITH 60Hz!

I've waited forever to say that.



Big_A2 commented on Review: Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream (Wii U...:

@n0body: I think this was brought up in the last podcast of 1Up's Retronauts. It's probably a matter of both the instruction manual and the added Wii U functionality, as well as any modifications Nintendo made in order to assure the emulation runs perfectly.



Big_A2 commented on Site News: Happy "Nintendo Life" Anniversary!:

Wow, has it been four years already? I still have very fond memories of VC Reviews, checking the site in the middle of class every Friday to see what classic games I might be playing that weekend (always with that glimmer of hope that it'll be EarthBound).

Also, the one time Seanbaby posted (on the Urban Champion review). In my opinion that was when VC Reviews went from small Nintendo fan-site to a force to be reckoned with.

Thanks guys.

Wait, there was a NintendoLife before the merge? I forgot about that!



Big_A2 commented on Miiverse Friend Requests Restricted For Gamers...:

@StarDust: Not exactly appropriate use of the word "spoiled". I mean, sure people born later than you are certainly luckier in terms of this, but it's not like letting kids use the internet is going to ruin them. Standard have changed. You can't compare your life then to someone's life now. By your logic everyone on planet earth is "spoiled" because they have greater opportunity than people born a century ago.

@Collinhall: He can, he just needs to enter his cousin's or whoever's Nintendo Network ID into his friend roster, and vice versa.



Big_A2 commented on Balloon Fight On Wii U Reportedly Running At 5...:

@BJQ1972: The difference for movies is only 4% and hardly noticeable. NTSC DVDs aren't perfect either and can show jagged movement due to the telecine process necessary to get 24fps to 30fps. Besides, it's a non-issue now that Blu-Ray has made 24Hz the standard for movies on home video.

But 17% in a video game plus boarders plus washed-out colours plus the fact it's 2013 is inexcusable. I think some people have taken their anger to MiiVerse, where it'll be right under Nintendo's nose. I might do the same



Big_A2 commented on Wii U Virtual Console Trial Campaign Schedule ...:

I'm figuring it's because Nintendo of America wants people to pay more than 30 cents for what is probably the most wanted VC game of all time. This isn't the nail in the coffin people are making it out to be.



Big_A2 commented on Nintendo Reveals Plans For Wii U Virtual Console:

@madgear: I'm sure it cost money on Nintendo's part to update the emulation or whatever else they did so it outputs to 1080p and plays on the GamePad and all that nice stuff. Otherwise they wouldn't be charging anything. If it gives PAL owners the 60Hz version then it's WELL worth the extra quid/buck.



Big_A2 commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. 2 (Virtual Console /...:

"By the way. I think this is the worst NES game evver made."

Hahaha. Good one kid.

I used to dislike the game because it was different but now that I’m older and can put gaming prejudices aside I think it's really cool. It's a lot of fun and very addicting, with very creative level and enemy design. Plus, given that the source material was from most of the same team that made SMB1, it doesn’t feel like a drop in quality or too out of place compared to the other Mario NES games. It was a great idea to release this in the west instead of Lost Levels, which, difficulty aside, was far too similar to its predecessor.



Big_A2 commented on Review: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (3D...:

@StarDust: B+A is annoying because you can't lie your finger across both buttons like you can with Y+B, or on the original NES controller. This way you can easily hold down the run button and then push the rest of your finger down when you want to jump. With B+A, instead you have to stick your finger in between both buttons and rock it back and forth when running and jumping. I find it uncomfortable.

@TheDreamingHawk, Y as jump? Are you crazy? No Mario game has the jump button on the left.



Big_A2 commented on Feature: James's Favourite Nintendo Life Moments:

Bye James. I don't think the site will ever be the same without you. Not to mention, reading this article reminded me of how far this place as come in a short 5 or so years.

Don't stop being awesome James.



Big_A2 commented on E3 2012: Miyamoto Talks Zelda Wii U Experiments:

I don't think the series needs a major change, I do want to see more Zeldas like Majora's Mask that tries something very different while still keeping what makes the series great.

Anyway, Miyamoto can do no wrong so I wouldn't worry about Zelda being "ruined".



Big_A2 commented on Talking Point: Your Sonic the Hedgehog Memories:

Sonic and me have had a weird relationship. My little brother used to rent your 3D games on GameCube and PS2 from Blockbuster all the time, and they were okay, and I had fun with them. We never bought one though. Sonic seemed strange. He was such an iconic pop cultural figure but his games were mediocre.
Then when the Wii came I downloaded the first Sonic Mega Drive and it was okay, worth owning, but nowhere near the brilliance of any of Mario's NES or SNES games. Then I got Sonic 2 and finally I could see why Sonic was liked. Once I got the chance to play Sonic 2 in 60hz, well, it pretty much became one of my favourite games ever.



Big_A2 commented on Guides: Upscaling Your Retro Consoles for HDTV...:

@1.MasterGraveheart: I agree. Some upscalers add more input lag, which can totally destroy games.

@16.DrKarl: The console can't just "adjust" to input lag. It's not that simple. How is the console and TV supposed to know exactly when you’re going to press a button? It works in Rock Band and Guitar Hero because the game is based on buttons that have to pressed at a certain time, so they can hold back the actual processing in the game's engine so it all syncs up, but for any other kind of game, it just won't happen at all.