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Thu 19th Aug 2010

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danschemen commented on Talking Point: Is Wii U's Power Really That Im...:

Let's be honest tv are getting bigger and getting more HD and if nintendo can't at least pull the 1080p off then i'm not sure how well it will do cause I have two tvs and one of them is too big to play wii games cause it makes them look really bad, and the other one works well with the wii it's the perfect size but were going to be replacing it soon with a bigger tv. I hate when people say graphics matter but in this case if nintendo stays behind for another 6 years I don't see how the new touch screen will float them through this one.



danschemen commented on Square Enix Announces Kingdom Hearts 3D for th...:

why don't they stop making these for portable systems and just add more the actually game systems like a normal series of games. Started with PS2 then switch to Game Boy and then back to PS2. Then to the DS and PSP then back to the DS and now the 3DS!!!!!!!!!
The Series would be better off with just making it for the wii or ps3/ps2 cause then everybody would actually be aware of the story cause all i see in the comments of most KH news and stuff is that they havn't played this or that game which really hurts the story cause these games get confusing when you put complicated stories behind them and then switch systems every time you decide to make a new game.