Testing the waters for a 3D PSP?

It seems to to be pretty difficult to have a bad word to say about the recently unveiled 3DS, even if you are the competition. Following from the recent praise that a Microsoft general manager gave to Nintendo's "experimentation" with 3D gaming, a Sony senior director has now echoed that encouragement.

Senior group studio director, Mick Hocking, for Studio Liverpool, Evolution Studios, and BigBig Studios, said that Sony was "very pleased" with Nintendo taking its steps into the world of 3D gaming:

We are very pleased that Nintendo is launching in the field of 3D with its Nintendo 3DS, as this will give the general public a better understanding of 3D and thus democratising this technology in some way.

The positive comment came during a a recent presentation with the focus shining on 3D technology. Sony itself is a supporter of 3D gaming, with the PS3's support of the technology being promoted at this year's E3 event, along with games like Killzone 3 and Gran Turismo being key titles for when Sony's own foray into 3D gaming.

[source vg247.com]