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E3 2014: Shigeru Miyamoto Confirms Star Fox for Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"It’s been maybe 6 to 10 months that we’ve been experimenting with it"

In a shock reveal less than two hours before Nintendo's Digital Event, Time has published — and it seems is attempting to pull down — an interview and hands-on time with a new Star Fox title for Wii U. One of the most demanded franchises is actually coming to Wii U, but promises to be a rather different take on the series.

As part of Shigeru Miyamoto's brief to focus on the GamePad, this title will utilise the motion controls and physical inputs to control the ship — it's a spaceship shooter, with motion used for aiming and sticks used for controlling speed and moves such as barrel rolls. You can transform your Arwing into a Land Tank, while a Helicopter mode for two players that will include controlling both the chopper and a mini robot.

It sounds fascinating, albeit with a learning curve for the controls. Here's what Shigeru Miyamoto has had to say:

We originally began working with Star Fox back on Wii, and we had a small group of people experimenting with it for many years, maybe about six years, but we didn’t find an idea that really brought that together for the Wii. So instead we moved experimentation to the Wii U using some of the same assets. It’s been maybe 6 to 10 months that we’ve been experimenting with it.

...When we were developing a game, I wind up playing it for many hundreds of hours, and so because of that, I tend to get a little further away from the experience people have when they’re playing it for the first time. But that’s something we always pay attention to when we’re developing the game, and in this case I think Star Fox will be a game you spend a little bit of time getting used to the controls, but that once you do, then you’ll understand what’s fun about that experience.

I don’t think it’ll take a lot of play time for people to get used to it. For most people, it’ll take maybe 30 minutes to an hour. So from that standpoint it’s not a game that’s particularly well-suited to displaying at a show like this, where you only have a short amount of time to play, so that’s why we held the event yesterday, to get everyone in to play for a longer period of time than they might normally.

And then I also think that for a lot of people, they don’t have experience playing this sort of dual-screen gameplay, where you’re aiming with motion control and playing across two screens at once, so that also is maybe taking people a bit longer to get used to. But I look at video games as something that people who play them… One of the thing they enjoy is learning the controls, learning to master the game. And once they do, that sort of opens it up for them, they’re thinking about, “Oh, what’s this play style?” And then as they get deeper and deeper into the game and get better at it, they feel that sense of accomplishment having mastered it.

And then once you get used to the play style… I didn’t go into this detail the other night because it starts to get a little bit complicated, but once you get it, you’ll also be able to press a button to switch the view from one screen to the other. So you could play with the cockpit view on the TV and the fighter view down on the GamePad screen if you feel like that’s a better way to play.

...With Star Fox, one thing we’re doing is to make the game feel like you’re piloting your own aircraft. And so in that sense, probably initially one of the best ways to play is to have it up in front of you, in your line of sight from the TV. But also as I’ve been playing Star Fox more and more, what I’ve noticed is that it gets easier to play the game looking at the TV with the GamePad down. So as you get better, you’re gradually able to depart from holding it up.

...With the helicopter, we’ve been thinking of the two-screen gameplay, and so that was one of the early ideas. One of the things we’re considering at this point is making the helicopter so you could have two pilots, two people playing together, and what that’ll allow is you could have one player piloting the helicopter, and another player who’s using another controller to control the robot.

In the case of the Arwing spaceship, if you have two pilots, they’re most likely going to be sitting front-to-back, and you’ll have one piloting, the other able to look around. When you have someone piloting but someone else who can look around, what’s most beneficial to the person who’s looking around is the ability to look down below. In designing the Arwing we couldn’t quite think of a good way to have to redesign it so you’d have one player who could look down below. Thus we decided to create the helicopter.

...One thing I’m thinking is that with this Star Fox we may take a different approach, so that rather than one big title we have multiple releases that are connected through different missions. If I was to describe the Star Fox series up until now as being sort of a movie series, I guess I’d describe this new approach as something that’s more like a TV series for Star Fox.

Whether this was supposed to emerge before the Digital Event is unclear, but it's exciting nevertheless. The project's structure sounds interesting, though it's thought to be at least a year away.

Are you excited by this reveal?


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BenAV said:

That's great news... A little disappointing to be finding out about it like this though.



IxC said:

Well, Nintendo have won.

Doesn't matter what happens now.

Starfox > everything else in existence ever (except maybe Prime 4)



zeldagaymer93 said:

The fact that he admits over and over again in the article that the controls are confusing is worrisome.



TheFatLucario said:

I kinda had a feeling Star Fox 64 3D was a placeholder while this was being made.
Not that i minded, Having Star Fox 64 on the go is awesome!



Marakuto said:

Does this mean that Marcus McCloud will be playable? If so, I'm so going to save up for a Wii U and I hope Nintendo's E3 presentation will be spectacular!



rjejr said:

Very disappointed to hear it isn't a Starfox Adventures sequel, but I'mprobaly the only one. I rally want to revisit an exciting planet like that w/ Crsytal, sh edeserves he rown game. An dit ocdl look awesome in HD.

Though if this is like Kid Icaurs Uprisig w/ online multiplayer, maybe a few NFC toys, voice acting, the works, then I'm in.



Nintendaholic said:

great job nintendo on winning e3 before your presentation! something that has not been done before.



Peach64 said:

Woohoo. This was the one game I wanted them to announce. Anything else now is just a bonus.



Jellitoe said:

They (Nintendo) probably did this on purpose.

"Here leak this, and then pull it back to get people talking and watching our broadcast"



NintyMan said:

This is a huge erroneous leak from TIME. Oh my goodness gracious! It would be nice if this was a surprise during the Digital Event, but still! I am in shock, but it's a good shock. This Digital Event is going to be incredible.



Yorumi said:

I really hope they're not kidding about the controls being good because they way it's described it sounds really bad. I'm thinking like starfox command or whatever it was for the DS. They felt the need to force feed you the touch screen controls and it didn't work. I'm willing to give anything a try but it better work, and I mean work better a control scheme than even skyward sword.



AlexSora89 said:

This is awesome, regardless of two mere hours of difference between now and whenever we were supposed to find out. If they announce F-Zero or Metroid, WiiUs are going to sell like hotcakes.



Mayhem said:

Well, this is something... if they can make it like the N64 version, they'll be onto a winner with me
And after that...a new F-Zero please



mike_intv said:

And now the story is gone.
Soon probably to reappear.

Literally, it goes from a "story not found" to the start of the interview that won't move.



BestBuck15 said:

This is epic news. I like what he is saying about it taking a while to get used yo the controls, but once you do you'll have more fun. That's the old Nintendo I love, talking.

What a surprise. Imagine if F Zero was announced as well.



MixMasterMudkip said:

I'm honestly pretty mad they leaked this. I really wish I didn't leave Twitter open and saw this, but whatever. STAAARRR FFFAAAXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



OneBagTravel said:

not a fan of motion control games. the last few star fox games were horrid.. let's hope this space shooter returns to it's roots.



Artwark said:

THEY DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A NEW STAR FOX GAME!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER PLAYED STAR FOX BEFORE BUT THIS IS EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also I hope its a brand new game rather than a port. But who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAR FOX IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The_Ninja said:

I don't really like the Star Fox games but I'm happy for the rest. But hey if I like it I will buy it when I get a Wii U.



Epicnessofme99 said:

I really hate that they basically spoiled this before the event, but hey it's something that's insanely exciting, can't wait to see what else they have.



RantingThespian said:

As for getting used to the controls, just put in the training/practice mode that you had for the N64. A few run throughs in that will have newbies ready in no time!



Haywired said:

That was my reaction as well. I don't think the younger Miyamoto would ever have designed games in such a way and it's worrying if he has a "brief" to shoehorn in Wii U Gamepad features. To be honest my synopsis of the interview was "the controls are a convoluted mess", like a bad Star Fox motion mini-game from Nintendo Land, but I'll say no more as I don't want to be a buzzkill with the exciting news.



ikki5 said:

Now... if they give us Zelda U, everything will be set. I am also hoping for X release date



Jellitoe said:

It would be insane if they showed Metroid, Zelda and Starfox today.

I think people's brains would just explode.



DJSmith99 said:

Good, but I hope there is a good online mode. Nintendo has a habit of not putting online in multiplayer in Wii U games like Super Mario 3D World and NSMBU.



erv said:

lol, time screws up the only chance nintendo had of carefully building enough media momentum to save their wii U console targets.

Person of the year come next years' time cover: Iwata. Wait for it.



hYdeks said:

nods ok nintendo, good move, very good move so far, play your cards right and you and microsoft and ubisoft will be the best at the show! (Sonys press conference was very crappy )



Kevlar44 said:

I don't know if i wanted them to make a single game more than this. I think we're in for a real treat.



Trikeboy said:


Sorry, I was so excited I forgot how to type. OH MY GOD!!!!



theexxs said:

@Haywired: No, what he meant it's that this it's something nobody has really done before, therefore he expects people to take some time (as little as half an hour) to understand the controls.



Jonas87 said:

This must have been a mistake on Time's part as the story seems to be broken now and I can only see the picture (trying to pull the story down?). It also says the story was to be posted at 1pm ET after the digital event begins. In any case I'm just that more excited to see some video of this in action!

EDIT: Actually the whole site seems pretty unstable... at least for me.



Darknyht said:

Glad to hear it is coming, not entirely sure about the control method. However, I will give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt.

It especially makes me happy to hear that while they could have pushed it out on Wii (and probably sold plenty), they didn't because it didn't meet their standard of quality.



Kevlar44 said:


That's possibly the most over dramatized statement i've ever read. Nobodies seen footage yet, and the leak was all of an hour or two early. This has just made me more excited for the e3 direct.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Maaaan, you gotta be kidding! That's great! I wonder if they'll still show some gameplay at E3...



Yorumi said:

@Haywired Keep an open mind, I'm scared of motion controls too but consider how convoluted the controls of mario 64 seemed at first. You're going from digital to analogue input and all that. I'm certainly scared but motion controls did work well for MKwii so this might be able to work.

And omg the comments are scrolling fast.



DerpSandwich said:

I came here thinking that OF COURSE there wouldn't be any spoilers so close to the time of the event. OF COURSE nothing would be dropping with AN HOUR to go. That's what I get for making assumptions, huh?

Oh well, it's not like I wait for this all year or anything.



FritzFrapp said:

Really like the look of his Iron Soldier type game, Project Giant Robot. And what's this Project Guard? Looks cool.

So happy.



Crunc said:

The controls sounds weird, but I'll reserve judgement until I can try it.



Mega719 said:

Looks like Platinum Games really isn't working on the revival. I guess they still could he never said who's working on this. But overall I'm really happy I want to be a big fan of this series but there haven't been any new games. Wish Time didn't have to spoil the surprise



Alucard83 said:

I hope it will be the same as Star Fox adventure that Rare created. Not sure if Nintendo will be able to do the same as Rare did. Hope they won't screw up.



Leu10antFalcon said:

Thanks for the spoilers, TIME magazine!!!!! Nintendo have officially won Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014!



Auracle said:

Gen Reggie: It’s about time you showed up, Fox. You’re the only hope for E3!
Fox: I’ll do my best! Pachter won’t have his way with me.

Anyways... YES!



eze84 said:

so I've been trying to control my excitement, in case the show doesn't deliver. Now, however, ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN.



Cengoku said:

Starfox sales had lowered a lot those last years. It needed a change and I think that Nintendo are doing a good thing about it.



bro2dragons said:

This sounds, honestly, like GREAT fun, but it's actually the opposite of the Star Fox game that could have made gamers flock to the Wii U. I am both excited and disappointed by this review.

I think it's great that even when Nintendo's got it's back against the ropes, it still focuses on fun experiences, rather than the surefire sellers it could create. But at the same time, I'm somewhat disappointed this won't be the system seller a safer, traditional, action-packed Star Fox could have been.



Captain_Toad said:

What is it with Nintendo telling us stuff before the actual e3 event? Either way this is something I can't wait to see. Especially since the different game-play styles they've been experimenting for the past 6 years or so with multi-releases plus it's been so long since we had a star fox (minus Steel diver sub wars cameos)



WanderingPB said:

Ive been waiting for a true sequel since Starfox64…no offense to Adventures but it just wasnt for me. Its not coming out soon but good things are worth waiting for an since ive waited this long i can wait a little longer



KillScottKill said:

Not excited about how the controls were described. Can't stand games that have you hold up the Gamepad for extended periods of time. cough Nintendoland cough



JaxxRaxor said:

While I am happy that Nintnedo is finally making an effort to make the gamepad relevant again, I am nervous that the motion controls are going to be a major issue. But we have to see how it plays out.

Also disappointed that Time leaked this, would have preferred that we see this in the E3 Nintendo Direct but eh...



Ralizah said:

Nintendo has won E3 and their presentation hasn't even started yet!

Sony/Microsoft: "We'll kill you!"
Nintendo: "You're already dead."
Sony and Microsoft explode



Mikes said:

N-No way! Nintendo, don't do this to me! It's 8 in the morning and I don't want to wake anyone up with my hype!!! I-I can't control it! e_e



AVahne said:

AWESOME! But, if it's an episodic game, I'm hoping the price is low for each episode.
Still not convinced by this whole episodic system though.



RonF said:

I am not sure this will help to sell more consoles but it will definetely be a hit among Nintendo's fans.



Zobocop said:

"Multiple releases that are connected through different missions".

Is this a download only Star Fox? NOoooooooooooo!



Tritonus said:

It sounds slightly similar to Metroid Blast from Nintendo Land...

I'll need to see more before making a judgement, but my initial gut says that it's not really a system seller... I mean lol-wut, this is a game that won't Demo well at stores = won't pull people in who don't already have the system...



Sean_Aaron said:

The original Star Fox on SNES was just a rails arcade shooter so I never had any feeling for it. This sounds like it could be pretty interesting, but honestly I expect there will be very little Nintendo software on the Wii U I don't end up buying. Not many companies have the talent that Nintendo does.



Ryno said:

WHO CARES when the information is given as long as it is given??? I don't care if surprises were given yesterday. Just give me the news.



Rect_Pola said:

Sweet! I'm confused about how their ideas about the controls will work. (at least he admitted "this may be weird and I'm too close to tell") I do like the idea of breaking things up into missions. That's an even better model for episodic gaming than linear episodes. My vision would be if they are going to weave in a story, I'd make that a bonus for playing through in sequence, while getting a level out of context would have a "straight play" mode.



ACK said:

I adore the ship controls from Metroid Blast. So fluid, so smooth... Anyway, I have no problem with the gyro aiming (which is extremely precise). Actually, I'm fascinated with the possibilities for co-piloting.

If you are jumping in now to bash the gyro controls without giving them a fair shake, you might as well do us all a favor and ignore Star Fox U's existence.



Fazermint said:

1. Don't force gamepad / motion control
2. Make a real game, not episodic crap.
3. ???
4. Profit



Nintendofan83 said:


Did you just say something happy and positive in the comment section? Dang......the Big N is on fire already and the event hasn't even started hehe. All jokes a side, I am pretty stoked for this game as I thought it was a lost franchise.



ultraraichu said:

This is what I dreamed of. A Starfox (or any flight) game that uses motion contol and hae one screen in first person and the next in third person. This is the type of stuff my X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal Chair is made for.



Alucard83 said:

But it's not created by Rare isn't it. Are we sure we will get the same old Star Fox feeling i'm questioning.... To me Donkey Kong isn't the same either. But that's my opinion



Tritonus said:

@ACK I'm not bashing the controls - personally I like Motion/gyro/pointer aiming and prefer it over anything else, but I'm merely stating that I don't believe that this will convince the sceptics.

That demographic I'm referring to generally don't want to "learn" controls, they just want to pick up and blast away, with autoaim dual stick controls as they have been doing for years.



PokeAl said:

Replace the fluffy fox with a realistic believable character and a it could change
WII U perceptions.



Dodger said:

Well, that will be a fun game. Another reason to get a Wii U when I go back to the States.

I am pessimistic about the sales potential of the game. I doubt it will be a major source of sales. But that is no reason not to make it. They need games for the fans like us who read websites and play games like Metroid, Pikmin and Star Fox.




To all those worried about this game and/or the controls let me just say this

This is nintendo we are talking about, the only really disappointing star fox game was assault on the cube and that was made by namco and even that wasn't THAT bad.

So I have faith, and as for controls, INNOVATION, it's what nintendo do so relax and I'm pretty sure there will be a more traditional control option for those that wanna kick it old skool.



brandonbwii said:

Now this is what I call innovating within a popular franchise. I'm strongly optimistic that the new features will work this time, instead of the on foot segment of the last two games.



PuppyToucher said:

These controls sound like they could keep a lot of gamers away though. I hope I am wrong and they work like a charm but I am skeptical as of right now



Dr_Corndog said:

A Star Fox for Wii U would've been a nice win for Nintendo, but low on my personal hype level. A Star Fox for Wii U as Miyamoto is describing it in this interview sounds like a must-buy.



Yorumi said:

@MEGAMAN_D the reason people are scared is because motion controls have been a mixed bag. I liked the wheel in MKwii but hated the controls in skyward sword and twilight princess. I can't get through those games because of the controls. Then there's the horrible controls on starfox DS. Just because "it's nintendo" doesn't guarantee it'll be enjoyable. I'm keeping an open mind about it I'm just worried when they force motion controls with no options to use traditional controls at all(at least as far as we know now).



ACK said:

@Tritonus Yeah, you're likely right, but that's what makes Miyamoto great. He is a progressive, innovative thinker who has an incredible awareness of accessibility and playability, though little dependence on tradition. He is fervent in his testament to gameplay and that leads him down all sorts of roads that others wouldn't tread.

From the very beginning he was challenging what gamers could do with their hands and heads to play and enjoy a game.



NPC said:

i almost had tears in my eyes and im not that big of a fan of star fox



Tritonus said:

@ACK I still think Miyamoto is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, game developer living today / has ever lived.... Heck, I'm still playing Pikmin 3 Mission (+DLC) mode all the time - So addictive, so unique, relaxing and mind bending and exiting all at once.

If he can pull a Pikmin 3 with Starfox U, I'll be happy as a clam.

Pikmin 3 might be my favorite game in years. Pikmin has surpassed StarCraft as the best strategy game on the market in my opinion. Let's see if Blizzard can top it with the eventual Warcraft IV.



ICHIkatakuri said:

I noticed this on time a couple of hours ago and think it's sounding immense. And from the pic looking rather nice too already happy enough with E3 now this has been shown that the digital event could be 47 minutes of reggies bowel movements and I'd still think Nintendo won the show. This is after watching the exciting but nowhere near finished sony conference (where everything seemed to be for next year) and Microsoft we have cod again and halo and forza and crackdown and gears of war and dead rising and more halo and another game which is dead rising and crackdown mashed together so my opinion is objective lol



ricklongo said:

Well, that's a fine way to blow us away before the conference even starts. Well played, Nintendo.



Chris720 said:

Okay, so they're bringing Star Fox to the Wii U, my expectations of a possible Method for the 3DA have increased ever so slightly.



2Sang said:

I saw this a few hours ago on a certain video game board but thought it was fake. I'm so hyped right now I'm foaming at the mouth.



RoyanRannedos said:

This makes me think of Skyward Sword: at first, I'm all "WHY CAN'T I KILL THIS DEKU BABA?!?!", but by the end, well, I didn't want it to end. I'm expecting something of the same with the new controls on Star Fox.



Sir_JBizzle said:

@rjejr are you drunk? LOL

"...but I'mprobaly the only one. I rally want to revisit an exciting planet like that w/ Crsytal, sh edeserves he rown game. An dit ocdl look awesome in HD."

Though seriously. I liked Star Fox Adventures as well, Maybe the concept with it broken up like a "TV series" will lend itself to a Star Fox Adventures type game in the future... One can only hope! I'm excited about the new one nonetheless!

Also, I'm super pumped about Nintendo's E3 now (more than I was already super pumped) If this "leaked" now, I wonder what else the big N has in store for us??



Ahat said:

Our long-waited Fox is back.....with new tricks of the WiiU gamepad



Shambo said:

What was that immense tremor on my hype train? Oh, seems like another hype train impacted at the back, we're only gaining extra speed now! Tighten your seatbelts. (put*na da seatbelts, for whoever gets where it comes from )



MussakkuLaden said:

I'm not really surprised, as Starfox is the only greater franchise of Nintendo that hasn't received a fully new installment during the last generation. But I'm certainly delighted.



tanookisuit said:

Honestly I'm not sure how I feel about this. You use the tablet with the TV to aim your shots and shoot at stuff, almost like a really warped zapper or arcade game experience. I don't like the fact it can take an hour just to get comfortable enough to play as learning curves like that are a definite wall to enjoyment for many people.

This kind of stinks back to the DS where they wrecked two perfectly decent Zelda titles forcing flaky sketch controls which made the game more annoying than it should be to play, and then the Wii with some forced wiggling mechanics mucking up some titles too. Just because a part exists on a system that is unique, it's not good to just make people use it or walk away.



Rafie said:

I called it. Nintendo has DEFINITELY won E3! No question...... If anyone is disputing that, I'm down for a debate.



GraveLordXD said:

Holy ******* **** !!!!
OK whew
Where is metroid!! If I hear about metroid prime or something like super metroid I'm gonna take off work right now get me a drink celebrate and punch myself in the face



Rafie said:

@LDXD It's true my friend. It's not that Sony and Microsoft's were bad, it's that Nintendo's is THAT much better. I knew it was going to be like this. I felt it in my bones. LOL To be honest, I'm glad it's this way. Nintendo needs more positive because they deserve it. I'm so stoked from all the games I've heard already. I really am. high 5



Luna-Harmony said:

Fingers crossed they don't mess it up like the gamecube star fox the flight bits where great but the rest on foot pfft.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm so glad I went on an internet silence for the past half a day or whatever just to avoid any spoilers about the reveals in the Nintendo Digital Event. Though Star Fox was only shown through a blurry screen I now know that's what he was playing. Awesome!



GraveLordXD said:

@Rafie yep Nintendo finally woke up it seems hopefully all this great news helps the Wii u sell and get even more games in the future I can't wait to hear more! Like you said every game I've herd so far looking forward to!



burninmylight said:

"One of the most demanded franchises is actually coming to Wii U, but promises to be a rather different take on the series."

This is not what I wanted. I want a Star Fox game we haven't had in nearly 20 years now. I'd have no problems if they hadn't already tried to do a different take on the series and failed miserably. Just give me an evolution of SF64 and get it right for now.



Hotfusion said:

Good stuff!! To be honest I expected either StarFox or Metroid, but not both. They need to leave one for the 2015 E3.



Giygas_95 said:

I actually don't understand all the hype and demand for a new Starfox. SF64 is fantastic, but I mean it's just a rail shooter.

That's not to say I wouldn't get this eventually though. I'm sure it will be very good. Funny coincidence, I just played Starfox 64 this morning.



stunter101 said:

woot! Once I save up my money (if possible with all these new games coming out, lol) I'll be getting a WiiU along with this upcoming Star Fox game.



Manaphy2007 said:

does not matter if starfox is a sequel or a prequel to anything, its a starfox game and now im waiting for a new metroid and f-zero game to be announce



Action51 said:

The only thing wrong with this picture is that having it as a tease and then announcing it like this sort of caught off gaurd made the announcement have less impact...

Just showing a few seconds of footage and a logo at the tail end of the digital event would have been so much more impactful. People were left feeling the digital event was solid, but not loaded...just an offical nod to the new Starfox title at the end would have ended all doubts about the number of quality titles coming to Wii U.



GamerZack87 said:

"Land Tank"? Does the writer of that Time article mean "Landmaster"? Because the latter makes much more sense in the context of Star Fox.



maggerbee said:

I really just want a game like the 64 one but new levels and updated graphics, sick of all these different takes on the series.



AshFoxX said:

Sounds like what Star Fox was always supposed to be. The first SNES title was an experiment for 3D graphics on a 2D console. Star Fox 64 was revolutionary as the perfect example of force feedback. Star Fox lost it's way, but this one sounds so different that it feels like the right path. I'm hoping for heavy local multiplayer opportunities perhaps akin to Metroid Blast on Nintendo Land, but on a much larger scale.

Guessing since it's an episodic experiment, it will be eShop exclusive, and may have a retail release once all the episodes are released? Either way, I could NOT be happier.

Welcome back, McCloud.



Meaty-cheeky said:

Star Fox, Kirby Canvas Curses 2, and Crackdown 3 are my favorite announcement this E3 2014.

I'm also interested in Halo Anniversary, Destiny, Captain Toad, and Splatoon.



Cia said:

I think it's a bad idea to make the controls work as they seem in this game. The Gamepad is not a gimmick, i think it should be just alternative options, IF NEEDED. But this sounds more like sacrificing the comfortable gameplay for the Gamepad. Just like with some of the (not so good) games on Wii, with their tiresome motion controls.



8bitforever said:

@Faron I couldn't agree more. This game will be fine if it offers a normal control scheme but I doubt it will. Wasted opportunity to make a great Star Fox game if it is going to have a crazy control scheme that will keep me from playing it, and I love Star Fox! Side note, I have extreme motion sickness so this honestly will keep me from ever enjoying this game. Thanks a lot Nintendo!



Alucard83 said:

We want Star Fox Adventure 2. We want Star Fox Adventure 2. We want Star Fox Adventure 2. We want Star Fox Adventure 2. We want Star Fox Adventure 2. We want Star Fox Adventure 2. We want Star Fox Adventure 2. We want Star Fox Adventure 2. We want Star Fox Adventure 2. We want Star Fox Adventure 2.

nuff said



Alucard83 said:

@Fandabidozi and you think you will get Star Fox real feeling like Rare that gave you? DOn't forget Rare isn't working on it. Just the same with Killer Instinct. None of the Rare people were there who created that game. Killer Instinct on xbox one isn't not way we loved. The same will happen to Star Fox as well! Can't replica it as the designer themself.



theBluntKnight said:

for all the people concerned about the gamepad-centric controls demoed by Miyamoto-san I have a strong feeling that the finished game will allow players to opt for more traditional controls. A bit like the wii wheel, some people hate it and some people love it but by giving players the choice everybody wins. I hope that NIntendo carries this over into the new starfox.

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