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Kevlar44 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Fal...:

@darthllama Most of those games are just the same poopoodoodoocacapoopledoople with a new coat of paint. Also it's pretty unfair to compare one consoles lineup against a combination of two consoles. Also afaik you're listing many games that don't come out this year. Never been impressed with Assassin's Creed or any non Rayman Ubisoft game, Modern Warfare is boring as hell (doesn't shooting people in the face get old?), EA sport games have been the same for 25 years, Need for Speed is usually pretty good but there's enough of those titles to go around. There's some good games of course but i don't feel the quality and quantity of 3rd party titles stacks up to Nintendo in the slightest.



Kevlar44 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Fal...:

I also hope Sonic Boom is good, i really enjoyed the Adventure games and i don't get the "y r Sonic n go fast" complaints. I've been playing Lost World and apart from some idiotic level design decisions from time to time (the whisps are just pointless and stupid 90% of the time) i've been rather impressed with the title, it could be improved quite a bit though i actually hope we see a sequel one day.



Kevlar44 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Fal...:

Smash is too obvious, Bayonetta looks unreal too though and being a massive GoW fan i assume this is a game i'm going to like very much. I hope it's very challenging, i love these games on the hardest modes. Captain Toad looks awesome too but that's clearly a far less intense experience.



Kevlar44 commented on The Studio Behind Sega's Wonder Boy Series Mig...:

@AhabSpampurse, One of the best games i've ever played. It's the 3rd game in the WonderBoy in Monster World series, but there is another WonderBoy 3 that is actually more like the original title. The Monster World series was different, the game you are referring to is most commonly called the WB III: Dragon's Trap for the Master System and the WB III: Dragon's Curse for TurboGrafx. If they made a sequel i'd buy it day one, nothing else in that series is even close to as good IMO.



Kevlar44 commented on Nintendo Confirms Development of Games That Wi...:

It seems like a substantial improvement to me, i'm excited. I'm suprised people are so upset, the only things they'll miss out on wouldn't have been possible before or they can just wait to play next gen. IMO DSiware was the only real significant thing added with the DSi so i didn't really care about it, the New 3DS adds improved screen, buttons, speed, and style plus Amiibo functionality (i doubt i use that much at all). I see little downside, maybe 1 less 1st/2nd party game a year for the existing 3DS model.



Kevlar44 commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):


I don't think your points should diminish the score too much.

  • No online multiplayer doesn't make the game bad, many Nintendo games don't have this feature. Who cares, it's minor and certainly not something one should feel entitled too. Any game ever made could of had more features and game modes. I didn't see Mario Kart getting docked for no Adventure mode or whatever game mode somebody decided should have been present.
  • Inconsistent frame rate is an issue albeit a somewhat minor one
  • 30 FPS, who cares that's fine. It's not very easy to tell the difference between 60-30 despite many people trying to pretend it's a monumental difference.
  • FMV, not the game that's just icing on the cake, if they're just average i can deal with that.
  • Battelfields and Enemies are lacking is a genuine and concerning complaint, these are the first points that i would actually think should substantially affect the score.
  • Apparently it doesn't use a last gen engine but who cares if it does, honestly can that really prevent it from being a good game?
  • Overall lack of polish is pretty subjective and vauge, but it is a relevant complaint.

So basically i see two or three examples listed that should actually affect the review score as they actually relate to gameplay and fun factor. Everything else you listed seems very minor, certainly nothing is substantial enough to justify knocking it down bekow a 7.



Kevlar44 commented on Feature: We Go Hands On With SteamWorld Heist,...:

They made it pretty clear a while back that the 3rd SteamWorld game was going to be completely different just like Dig was a radical departure from the 1st game in the series SteamWorld: Tower Defense. I like this idea of development but i would be lying if i said i didn't want some more of what Dig was selling. That game was excellent, one day i'll try Tower Defense.



Kevlar44 commented on Review: Azure Striker Gunvolt (3DS eShop):

Really enjoying it so far, i like that the difficulty is up to the players choosing. I've played it a fair bit so far and have only beat a 4 levels thank to the challenges and the gear upgrading system. Looking forward to Mighty No.9.



Kevlar44 commented on Video: The 10 Best Zelda Games As Selected By You:

I'd rank the main series games i've beaten like this:

1.ALTTP: Never gets old, my first Zelda.
2.Ocarina: Blew my mind
3.ALBW: Only issue is it could have been more difficult
4.WindWaker: Love this game, could be harder
5.Minish Cap: Underrated gem, it would probably be higher if i had beaten it more than once.
6.Twilight Princess: Pretty much perfect, just doesn't stand out.
7.Oracle games: Great games, i think i slightly prefer Seasons.
8.Skyward Sword: Awesome game, i think i'll appreciate it more on a second playthrough.
9.Links Awakening: It's great, there's just been many better 2D Zeldas at this point.
10.Majora's Mask: It's good, the masks are unreal, but i found the pacing off.
11.Phantom Hourglass: Really good game from my memory, haven't played since launch and it never did enough to not make me wish i had a new classic 2D Zelda.
12.Zelda II: Great game for it's time but too hard early on causing the player to have to grind, also some things are very difficult to figure out when progressing.
13.Zelda I: The template of the series it's rightfully been surpassed by nearly all of it's sequels.

Spirit Tracks is the only mainline game i haven't beat, i got a few hours into it and quit i hate the train. I love exploring and the train killed that.



Kevlar44 commented on Looks Like You Can Only Install 300 Games And ...:

Wow. First off 300 games is ridiculous, delete some of the useless crap like Demos and Videos and you should be fine, and if you still have the problem i think it's insane that you buy that many games. I'm guessing it's laziness, too lazy to research what will appeal to you, i'm thinking this largely due to the whining on here about swapping SD cards. If you are too lazy to swap an SD card i doubt you're motivated enough to do even a little research. Complaining about having to swap SD cards at that point is the whitest whine if i've ever seen, it's just a ridiculous thing to be upset about. It's truly sad and shocking that people feel so entitled to convenience that they'll complain about having to swap essentially a 300 title game cartridge (or whatever the Wii's limit was), when they own a fricken system that requires you to swap cartridges in order to play many of it's games. Insane.



Kevlar44 commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Master System:

I'm a Canadian with a Master System, my wife had one as a kid too. They weren't very popular but they certainly were around, Alex Kidd in Miracle World was a very well loved game as a child. I always thought it was cool that the system had a game (or two?) pre-installed on it. Also Wonder Boy the Dragon's Trap is in my opinion one of the best 8 bit games out there, everyone into the classics should play it.



Kevlar44 commented on Video: Prepare To Pour One Out For Sega's Fall...:

Always good to see Commander Keen love. I always enjoyed the old Apogee games like Duke Nukem (2D) and Crystal Caverns too. DOS had some gems, it would be really cool to see a remake collection of some of those titles.



Kevlar44 commented on Review: Putty Squad (3DS):

I am sure i'm one of a very few people on this site who actually owned a Putty game. I had Supper Putty and beat it as a kid, it was fairly tedious to play at times and i'm shocked they would make a remake. Me and my brother both had forgot this game even existed until a few years ago we found the game at my grandparents during a family function. If companies are going to do random remakes of games hardly anyone remembers someone should do 'on the ball'.lol



Kevlar44 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Must Take Careful Step...:


I'm not sure i understand how you claim Nintendo has offered poor value in regards to DLC? They don't have GOTY editions because they rarely have DLC and when they do it hasn't typically been on their biggest games. However what they do have is the player choice games for 20$ for the Wii. Still Nintendo doesn't have to offer there games at a discount once they become old i think they rightfully feel that the consistent quality of their games allows them to retain their value. That's fair for them to decide. If the game was once fairly valued at one price then why must that change for them to offer value?



Kevlar44 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Must Take Careful Step...:

I think it's hilarious how people are worried about "current trends" in relation to removing content to make DLC when Nintendo is a company that ignores "current trends", sometimes to the point that it's annoying. Nintendo makes plenty of mistakes but they are rarely of the unethical or anti-value variety. Let's not prosecute Nintendo for the crimes of other companies.



Kevlar44 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Must Take Careful Step...:

@DLC Haters

I made an account just so i can complain about the attitude on here towards this DLC. What's with the generalizations and need to paint all DLC with the same brush. Just because some DLC is bad doesn't mean all DLC is, i ask Nintendo for DLC in my club nintendo surveys when it comes to games i think it would work well for (i.e. Mario Kart Wii, Mario 3D World).

In regards to this particular game it's clear that the DLC is not necessary for a full game experience with the roster, game modes, and courses being as abundant as ever. The game is already priced very cheaply considering what there is to play through in regards to previous installments and other retail releases. Essentially what i see it as is you can buy a mini sequel for 15 dollars, as 105 courses is a substantial addition and 4 extra characters adds about as much diversity as many sequels would to the roster. Whats wrong with that?

Also there is no way of knowing if this content was available at the time when the game was finalized, or in other words "left off the cart", i'm sure the process of getting a game to retail is fairly extensive and there would be an ample amount of time to add additional courses using an already complete engine. Day one seems like a missed opportunity and a pretty naive way of going about adding content but claims of wrongdoing are being greatly exaggerated.

An idealistic standpoint that doesn't critically evaluate each situation on it's own individual merits is a foolish position to take as such idealism does not allow an individual to give credence to the differences in execution. The devils in the details so to speak, and there's some pretty big details being left out by people when evaluating this situation. The option to play Mario Golf for 30 dollars is a great one, the option to add a mini sequel for half the price is an amazing one. People should be applauding the option to get the same game content for cheaper with the option to get a far bigger game for just a little bit more. I can't believe you people can complain about this, i'd be stoked if this exact same scenario played out for Mario Kart.