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Kevlar44 commented on Here's Exactly What Has Changed With Fire Embl...:

I'm glad they removed it, it's weird and adds nothing to the gameplay. I'm surprised anyone wants to do it, seems needlessly time consuming for something weird. Just get that Senran Kagura Bust game if you're into this stuff, i think you can rub them in that game.



Kevlar44 commented on Interview: Learning More About FreezeME, a Sur...:

Looks awesome. You promised a quality platformer for the system years ago and managed to deliver, it's awesome to see. For anyone wondering about how the PC version has been received i looked it up on Steam and it seems to be highly recommended.



Kevlar44 commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Do You Most Wa...:

@DESS-M-8 That's not my point. Like i said why can't they do both. ME as my own person wants to see Nintendo make certain games, i don't vote or buy things in order to appeal to a demographic other than myself. Individualism and Capitalism doesn't work like that. If Nintendo wants to/should make games to appeal to another demographic that's their own perogative, but it certainly isn't indicative of mine. Asking people to vote or voice an opinion for something other than what they want is foolhardy. I think we largely agree on the matter but at a surface level i couldn't disagree more with the idea that i as an individual ought to champion the development of something they don't care for.

It's like being a rock fan and liking say Nickelback simply for the reason of wanting a Rock band to be a bigger act than say any Pop music singer, like a Taylor Swift. I don't have to like either and i won't. I don't care if it means Rock music will be less popular, i can only value my own perspective and tastes. That's the inherent value i have to offer the world, the thing that makes me me. No point trying to cater to popular perception unless you want to be a poser and fail, there's certain fanboys Nintendo will never win over unless they bastardize themselves and it has nothing/very little to do woth the content they produce.



Kevlar44 commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Do You Most Wa...:

@Dess-M-8 I don't care about what the "market" wants, i care about what i want. I'm a Nintendo fan because they do something different, because they value art and creativity. Nintendo is still largely profitable, they aren't going anywhere. Also why can't they do both? I want Nintendo games the day they stop making those is the day Nintendo is no longer #1 in my books.



Kevlar44 commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Do You Most Wa...:

@Dezzy The reason people are voting more for Metroid has nothing to do with sales. I'll buy Mario every time but Metroid is wanted more due to the fact a mainline game hasn't been released since like 2010. I voted for both but Metroid was #1 on my list, if i had to choose one it would have been Metroid but it doesn't mean i wouldn't buy Mario.



Kevlar44 commented on Review: Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bro...:

@Gridatttack I grew up with both and have beaten both and i think hands down the All Stars port is better. It looks much better while still retaining the same art style, i also always hated the edge of the screen doing that weird flashing/clipping thing in the NES. What's wrong with the atmosphere? It's got better backgrounds and that's nearly it, i don't think i've ever heard this complaint before tbh.

Either way i think we can all/should agree that SM3 is a perfect game and arguably the GOAT in gaming, amazing that it came out on the NES. Only A Link to the Past is in the running for me.



Kevlar44 commented on Review: Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bro...:

i do laugh at the example of "Para Beetle Challenge" being trollish or overly difficult considering i beat it in my first try. These levels are generally excellent and are largely designed in a way that they really can't be recreated in Mario Maker. Never mind the difference in physics. I think it's a great buy if you're into Mario, really encourages Nintendo to go the extra mile with releases like this.

A word or warning to the wise, be sure not to shut the game off in middle of gameplay. I lost all of my save progress on the e-reader levels by shutting off the system in middle of a level (who would have guessed?) as opposed to quitting the level and backing out to the title screen. It was annoying to say the least.



Kevlar44 commented on Splatoon Outfits Heading to New Style Boutique...:

My wife would love this game, she really enjoyed the DS ones and isn't much of a gamer but titles like this, and Animal Crossing HHD, are the exact thing she needs to really get into the medium. It's very foolish that this isn't available in NA. Selling it for cheap and advertising it to women would be a great way for Nintendo to expand it's fanbase.



Kevlar44 commented on FreezeME Has Been Approved for a Wii U Release...:

Looks very well made, certainly takes a lot of inspiration from Mario 64. I'm sure i'll be picking this up. I remember when the KS launched and it seems to have come out well in the end.

Edit: Also just looked into it and the reviews on Steam are very good. Nice.



Kevlar44 commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo Super Scope:

What a disappointment this was back in the day. Besides the lack of games, and the questionable quality of them (not to say all sucked, Yoshi's Safari was good) the darn thing was one of the most battery intensive things i've ever seen. Batteries when i was a kid weren't cheap and this thing ate them like it was going out of style. It was more of a cool toy than a video game peripheral in my household, it was a cool toy though.



Kevlar44 commented on ​'Brain Training' Games Aren't All They're C...:

Headline seemed kinda misleading. Basically Nintendo did nothing wrong, it's common sense that pushing yourself mentally keeps you sharper. Luminosity is certainly in the wrong here, so why create a headline the sheds doubt on Nintendo's practices in selling the game?

For example i have a great aunt that broke her hip and had to be put on bed rest in a hospital on painkillers for a couple weeks, despite no apparent mental issues she never regained her full cognitive abilities after healing her hip. My Great Grandmother lamented her sisters demise by insisting this kind of thing was a common occurrence amongst the elderly in her assisted living community. My wife's Grandmothers Alzheimer's considerably worsened after her eyesight was impaired to the degree that reading became impossible. Her other grandmother became depressed after being diagnosed with Dementia and her illness rapidly worsened more so that expected after she failed to continue doing much of anything. In fact in both cases doctors suggested to the two ladies that they be sure to challenge themselves mentally to help stave off the progression of the diseases.

Mental exercise keeps you sharp, it's likely near impossible to prove for a variety of reasons, but common sense makes it a rather obvious and accepted train of thought to the typical person.



Kevlar44 commented on Feature: Why We're Still Playing... Metroid Fu...:

Fusion was a great game but for me it falls well behind Zero Mission and Super Metroid. Zero Mission is maybe too short and easy at times but i think it's definitely the best Metroid game. It's not the intense undertaking of Super Metroid but it isn't linear, Fusion's biggest flaw, making it the perfect mix. I don't recall Fusion or the bosses being challenging tbh, especially not the SA-X or any of the final bosses. The only time the SA-X was difficult was iirc the time he power bombed the room, that jerk was a bit of a pain to get away from that time. lol.



Kevlar44 commented on Sales for Dementium Remastered Have Been Much ...:

It seems to me this game is on the wrong platform. Who wants to play underpowered horror games on the 3DS. It can't compete with Resident Evil and even then that's not a game many indie gamers are interested in. I know Xeodrifter apparently didn't do that great and that's too bad since it was rather enjoyable, but Xeodrifter was also quite expensive for what it was.



Kevlar44 commented on Video: Check Out the Super Mario Bros. 3 Port ...:


I don't know if it would have mattered. Back then computers were pretty rare and the games on them were not nearly as good. In fact i seem to recall there was a port of the original Super Mario Bros. for PC (it sucked) and an all new game developed by Hudson Soft called Super Mario Bros. Special (it also sucked), and it didn't seem to hurt the NES version at all. Believe it or not but from the footage shown that game would have been just about as good as they could have done for the time, it's very similar to ID's other 2D platformers of the time which were the cream of the crop. It would have been a niche title for the few people with computers, just like Commander Keen is remembered today. Basically it would have been fairly inconsequential.



Kevlar44 commented on Video: Check Out the Super Mario Bros. 3 Port ...:

That's awesome. i loved those old Dos Games from Id Software. Commander Keen, Crystal Caves, Duke Nukem all gems for their time. The sound effects in the port are straight from those titles. I'd love to play the Dos port just for the heck of it.



Kevlar44 commented on Accusations of Plagiarism Directed at Popular ...:

Ignorant people... Good on you luigio17 for bringing it up, i certainly wouldn't lose sleep over it if i were you and it doesn't seem like you are, but he should be shamed for being a jerk. He should really have some pride and not take credit for other peoples work. If he had titled it after say you it wouldn't be so bad, but he's simply taking all the credit and i think that's shameful. All the people saying "who cares" i think are doing it because they're jealous. I made a level i put a ton of time into and i'd be annoyed if someone copied it and took the credit, my heart and soul went into it even if it is just a minor piece of it. These levels are minor works of art, they're creations that are intrinsically a representation of your individualism and it's totally immoral to pass something like that off as your own. If there is a silver lining at least you know your level was a good one as imitation can be regarded as a form of flattery.



Kevlar44 commented on Tri Force Heroes Developers Talk About the Eng...:

I really enjoyed Tri Force heroes, even single player, i only found one dungeon thus far i couldn't beat without skipping in single player. How much fun you have is certainly dependant on teammates, some people are frustrating, but it's rarely an issue and when you get a good team sometimes you can go 4-5 turns together before someone quits. I liked it a lot more than 4 swords.



Kevlar44 commented on Review: Kirby: Power Paintbrush (Wii U eShop /...:

Surprised this got a 5 since i've heard quite a few claim it was as good or better than Rainbow Curse and i would have gave that game a 9. 5 really seems kinda extreme but i can't say i know for sure.

Edit: Wow just looked back at the original review and i don't understand how it can go from a 8 to a 5. Perhaps the fellow reviewing it just isn't into this style of game...



Kevlar44 commented on Video: FAST Racing NEO's Hero Mode Melts Furth...:

I'm not an F-Zero guy really but this game looks truly outstanding for 15 dollars and i feel like i really should pick it up. I like that it looks to be easier than F-Zero GX/AX as that game looked and played amazing but was crazy hard.



Kevlar44 commented on Yacht Club Games Unveils Full Details of Shove...:

Yeah the developers should totally continue to develop additional content for free just because people want it. Ridiculous. This stuff wouldn't exist without the Amiibo. You aren't purchasing the Amiibo for the content, at least that's not the idea, you're purchasing it as a figure and the content is a bonus. This content only exists to provide additional incentive to purchase the figure, which without the game content would have probably been a similar price in store as 13 dollars for a toy figure is a pretty standard rate. Nothing is owed to you, Shovel Knight wasn't poor value, they've been very generous with content and updates for a game you agreed to purchase regardless of the Amiibo content. Companies need incentive to develop games and subsequent features and that incentive is money. People want a Shovel Knight figure there is clearly a demand for it, this is just a way to create a bit more demand and give it a function beyond just being a toy.



Kevlar44 commented on Intriguing Nintendo Patent Points to 'Suppleme...:

I've had similar ideas and hopes for Nintendo in the past, if they do this then i think there is tremendous potential. Upgradable consoles, consoles with PC and Cloud capabilities and connectivity, i think this is the future of console gaming.



Kevlar44 commented on Rumour: Universal Making Massive Land-Grab In ...:

@EarthboundBren It's not just going where Wet n' Wild was? Or are they developing hotels and stuff there, as i think i may have heard that. I also believe if you look on Google Maps there is clearly a great deal of development happening in the area, for something to open in 2017 it sure seems to me that development would have already been started, but i can't say i know for sure.



Kevlar44 commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U eShop Games - Third ...:

I have no idea how Teslagrad is so underrated but the mechanics, design, story, music, and art in that game were all essentially perfect. It's only downfall was that it was too short but it's no shorter than say Shantae for DSi. Really really wonderful game. Steamworld Dig, Shantae, Shovel Knight, and NES Remix 1+2 are all excellent games although as good as Shovel Knight is it's a bit overrated. I also think Elliot's Quest was a great game but i wouldn't have put it on this list given the issues it had with bugs.



Kevlar44 commented on SNES Title Super Star Wars Coming to PS4 and Vita:

@ Freelance

They are balls hard, i went back to the first one and i was thoroughly impressed with my childhood performance, i aced those games way back when. In saying that all those old platformers took some time to master but once you did that was 80% of the battle right there.



Kevlar44 commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

FF7 isn't a PS4 exclusive it's just coming to PS4 first, but with no mention of other platforms. Maybe this is foreshadowing it coming to NX, after all Square Enix suggested Dragon Quest was being developed for NX and they've been pretty cosy lately. Maybe this is like getting Snake in Smash Bros. except the remake comes after the Smash Bros. character is released.



Kevlar44 commented on Sega: Recent Sonic Games Haven't Been "Accepta...:

I think Sonic Lost World is a better game than it gets credit for. It wasn't perfect but it was fun and for me felt like the best controlling 3D sonic game i ever played. The parkour worked really well but it could have been explained better to the player, don't touch the control stick when your on walls other than when you want to jump to a different wall and it's easy, however if you hold the control stick in the direction you're moving it makes switching walls very difficult. . Lots of rough spots for sure but if they tried to make a sequel where they addressed the flaws instead of just constantly rebooting they could have a quality game.



Kevlar44 commented on Legend of Zelda Maker Fan Project is Currently...:

I think a Zelda Maker is very doable. They could do it like they did in ALTTP where the overworld was one map and all caves and dungeons were on a second map, just like Mario Maker is. NPC's could have properties and dialogue all ready in place, so for example you could have A. Basic NPC, says nothing important. B. Tip relating to item, place item on Basic NPC to have them say something relevant. C. Fetch NPC, NPC's that will either direct you to another NPC in the quest for an item or give you the item themselves if they were placed last. So on an so forth, you could also allow an option to customize dialogue but knowing Nintendo that would never be uploadable. The problem is a Zelda Maker, not a Zelda dungeon maker, would be a game for making a full game not individual courses. Having enough diversity between potential player courses to allow users to make them interesting enough to get any kind of commitment from people to play them may be difficult.