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Fri 5th Apr 2013

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Jonas87 commented on E3 2014: Shigeru Miyamoto Confirms Star Fox fo...:

This must have been a mistake on Time's part as the story seems to be broken now and I can only see the picture (trying to pull the story down?). It also says the story was to be posted at 1pm ET after the digital event begins. In any case I'm just that more excited to see some video of this in action!

EDIT: Actually the whole site seems pretty unstable... at least for me.



Jonas87 commented on Video: Let This Pikmin 3 DLC Trailer Give You ...:

In general, I would agree with you, but Nintendo seems to get how DLC should work. I have always hated day one DLC which always makes the retail version seem gimped from the beginning, but I have loved how Nintendo has been using DLC to extend the playability of games that have been on the market for several months already. Both NSLU and Pikmin DLC are prime examples of how it should be done!



Jonas87 commented on Review: Star Wars Episode I: Racer (Nintendo 64):

Definitely my favorite racer on N64 (just a hair more than MK64)! I would definitely pick this up if it came to VC. Though that might be unlikely now with the state of EA/Nintendo relations... I can hope though!



Jonas87 commented on Video: Latest Miiverse Update Continues to Imp...:

Since all of the videos that admins post are through Youtube, they should allow us to record a game play video and upload it to a personal Youtube account for sharing on the Miiverse. They already let us save video of NSMBU challenges; why not let us share them!?