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PS and nintendo! Nintendo 1#, PS#2

Male, Netherlands

Dutch. Likes E3 Follows nintendo news like 5 years. I like to make video game music. currently workng for a game of someone. only the music

Tue 5th Mar 2013

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Retomplay commented on Shigeru Miyamoto: Luigi's Mansion is Suitable ...:

it's not as scary as the first one. this one has more humour than actual dark gameplay. luigi's mansion had no music aprt from the halls. and it was very dark in some rooms. that game was more for the feel than for the humour. this game is the opposite.



Retomplay commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Revised Approach to E3:

I personally like e3 more. it's because of the hype. it's live. it has audience, you can hear the reaction. and it's summer. direct is good though but e3 is my favorite. and not only that, because it's live. after the presentation regie stops by gametrailers live, with geoff keighly. and a after interview with maybe more information. maybe some twitter questions. there.