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KeatonTS commented on Demo for Super Smash Bros. 3DS Announced for N...:

i hate to ask, but can someone spare a code? ive been platinum continuously for years and i never got any codes for anything special nintendo has ever done... if you are willing to share, my email is



KeatonTS commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

@ikki5 The Wii U had more gameplay, screenshots, and it was featured more in directs and announcements, it got the gamecube controller reveal, and more of its stages were shown off more than the 3DS stages. The wii U version over shadowed the 3DS version, At that time, more people wanted the Wii U version because the 3DS version didn't get much attention. The type of attention I'm talking about is visibility. The fact that it's being seen and talked about. Now ever since the 3DS version had a mode exclusive for the 3DS, (Smash run) It began to get attention and gave details about the mode. Why? Because the 3DS version is almost complete in development so they want to advertise it as best as they can before releasing it. Especially since this is the first ever hand held smash bros

The Wii U version will most likely get extra modes as well. which will probably be better. I doubt they'll let the 3DS have all the fun stuff. They still have a lot of time left for announcing things for the Wii U, so let the 3DS version bask in the glory for now. It's just their way of giving information of two of the same games on different systems with (for the most part) different gameplay modes.



KeatonTS commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

@ikki5 the Wii U use to get way more attention than the 3DS first. we only use to get one picture every now and then, but most of the news was for the Wii U version, Now they're focusing on the 3DS on more, It's only fair because that one releases earlier



KeatonTS commented on First Impressions: Going Portable With Super S...:

@Falchion The "For" in it is important. Take the online battle modes for example. "FOR GLORY!" It's a play on words sort of. the people who like the 3DS version fight "For 3ds!" And people who like the Wii U version fight "For Wii U!" it's common use of the word when people are fighting for something they like. not to mention the 3DS box art looks like they're charging to fight as a team.



KeatonTS commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

This generation of kids is gonna suck.

Kid one: "Hey! Do you remember that game candy crush?"

Kid two: "Heh, Yeah, it was so awesome, Oh the nostalgia!"

Kid three: "Hey, what about Donkey Kong?! "

Kid 1 & 2: ".....The heck is that?"



KeatonTS commented on Eiji Aonuma Hints at The Legend of Zelda on Wi...:


Yeah.. It could have a separate mode for it, or some sort of online battle mode. where you can roam Hyrule field (if this is hyrule) and search for other players to take down. or an enemy brawl mode where you explore dungeons together and fight the boss of that temple (whose attack and defense power is increased. even a boss battle mode sounds cool .

However, very game has its own style. There are games fit for multiplayer and games fit for single. Legend of Zelda is one of those games. Sure Some multiplayer games are fun, but not everyone wants to play with everyone else. It's not disconcerting. It's just how it is. For all these years. Zelda games have been single player for the most part. It's best known for being single player, and most people didn't find four swords to be all that great. definitely not console tier.

If anything is disconcerting, it is making a game multiplayer which has been single player for the majority of it's life time. this is the kind of change that makes or breaks a game and which the Wii U really depends on.
I see where you're coming from, but I'm sorry. I don't want a single player experience to be a multplayer one. I want this game because I want it. not to share it with someone. In my opinion, It's worth more to play it alone. I don't want a game that depends on having a bud or a sibling to play with you. I have enough multiplayer games as is.

If people want to make something multiplayer, then I suggest making a spin off of it, like the mario series. Or what they're doing with hyrule warriors. Don't ruin the experience for the majority of people who like to experience a Zelda game the way it's supposed to.



KeatonTS commented on Eiji Aonuma Hints at The Legend of Zelda on Wi...:

Multi playable characters is fine as long as link has the most play time, and that in a certain point in the game, you get to choose whoever you want for as long as you want.

I'm really against having a co-op mode, however, i'd be willing to accept it if there is a separate mode/short story or side quests that allow or require co-op mode.
and also, integrate co-op mode for single player but make its importance to the story minimum, e.g. Only use co-op mode for collecting treasure chests containing rupees, heart containers, and other somewhat essential quest items. players would have to work together to get to the chests an into secret dungeons and caves. but this shouldn't be a necessary option to complete the came. I still want Zelda to be a single play experience. If not, then I hope they do this right.



KeatonTS commented on Talking Point: Mii, Myself and I - The Argumen...:

I don't see what's so bad about including Mii characters. They have just as much potential as any other character has. I say, you feel having Mii characters in Smash Bros abuses gameplay, then you must either have low tolerance or aren't that good in Smash Bros. Just like meta knight in brawl. He was a spam character, sure, but I didn't complain, because to me (And probably many others). He was an easy character to kill, and his attacks don't land decisive blows.



KeatonTS commented on Feature: All Of The Vital Super Smash Bros. Ro...:

@ChessboardMan I'm gonna say that there are more to come. Since we have to wait till october, which is about 4 months from now. we should get a few more reveals. we had 3 character announcements in 2 days, I wont be surprised if we have another tomorrow, then that just leaves nintendo direct to handle character reveals for the upcoming months, Or even if Sakurai reveals them on his own time. like he did with Ike (I think.. I think he made spontaneous reveal before.)



KeatonTS commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U Retail Games - Summe...:

@Hunter-D I agree with you, I got pikmin 3 as my free game with MK8, it was the only game worth getting because I had WWHD and NSMBU, and I didn't want Wii Party U because That's usually a family game and im more of a solo gamer. So I got pikmin 3 and assumed it wouldn't be good, but at LEAST entertaining as I liked the visuals. But As I played, it got interesting very fast. I've been playing it non stop. probably an equal amount of time as i've played mario kart 8. I am already what I believe to be the final stage of the game. I don't want it to end..



KeatonTS commented on Wii U System Update 5.0.0 Now Live, Adds Quick...:

I updated my Wii U and shortly after, my Wii froze and made a loud alarm like sound. I had to unplug the system. It was weird and startled me for a bit because I thought my Wii U would brick or something. It's okay now and I've had no problems since then



KeatonTS commented on Nintendo Download: 29th May (Europe):

getting the physical copy of Mario cart. the past few games i've been getting digital downloads because i didn't live near a game store while I was in college, im taking advantage of this



KeatonTS commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

@sasoriobi 10 bucks? How long are you willing to wait? 10 years?

SSBB was released in 2006 and it's value is still at least $20 in official video game stores, pawn and thrift shops, and online. What's the point of having a WiiU if you're going to disregard 1st party games as if they're rip offs?



KeatonTS commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

I figured that's how the super leaf would work!

As for attacks, They should allow strong attacks(Left/Right + A) be to swing the tail in a full spin

or just pressing A to do a weak tail whip. similar to the fan item. It'll be like all hand items, when you grab them, the A button becomes different attacks,
like the beam sword, you have a weak swing and a strong swing. in the Super leaf's case, you'll have a weak whip, and a strong full spin.



KeatonTS commented on Masahiro Sakurai Teases A Potential Final Smas...:

I hope he keeps negative space. I've been utilizing that move with luigi's Up+B screechy flaming punch thing, I can't still catch people without it, but it's fun when they've been caught and a KO is imminent. . . Better yet. I hope you can Assign different smash attacks (i.e: Pressing certain buttons whilst holding B to perform another smash attack)



KeatonTS commented on Artwork: When Nintendo Finally Gets Around To ...:

I dont... They're a little non-proportionate. Fox's head and torso is too big but his legs are stubby and short. and falco's body and head is also giant,with really, short legs.

I think they should stick to their cartoonish type style. or at least Smash bros melee fox with better hair/fur definitions

Overall, I don't feel that these designs match their character's essence or expressions too much.

This however. should be the new fox:

(Doesn't know how to post direct pictures yet)