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KeatonTS commented on Masahiro Sakurai Teases A Potential Final Smas...:

I hope he keeps negative space. I've been utilizing that move with luigi's Up+B screechy flaming punch thing, I can't still catch people without it, but it's fun when they've been caught and a KO is imminent. . . Better yet. I hope you can Assign different smash attacks (i.e: Pressing certain buttons whilst holding B to perform another smash attack)



KeatonTS commented on Artwork: When Nintendo Finally Gets Around To ...:

I dont... They're a little non-proportionate. Fox's head and torso is too big but his legs are stubby and short. and falco's body and head is also giant,with really, short legs.

I think they should stick to their cartoonish type style. or at least Smash bros melee fox with better hair/fur definitions

Overall, I don't feel that these designs match their character's essence or expressions too much.

This however. should be the new fox:

(Doesn't know how to post direct pictures yet)



KeatonTS commented on Netflix Wii U App Update Goes Live:

@Mahe Ridiculous as it may be, it's the only way unless you just remove the battery to turn it off yourself. It's the only practical way to conserve battery besides turning down the brightness and sound.

Besides, You don't have to use the game pad to pause a netflix video. A wii remote or a pro controller works too so you could just leave the wii U on the stand without waking it. If you want the entire system OFF while you want to use the Wii U then you will have to trick the gamepad.
I've done it. If your wii U is in a some what frozen state or a loading state, hold the power button on your wii u and it will turn off. Or walk away from your Wii U until your game pad says it cannot connect. then turn the gamepad off and return



KeatonTS commented on Netflix Wii U App Update Goes Live:

@unrandomsam Well all it does is put it in sleep mode, It doesn't turn off all the way. The little blue light will brighten and darken on it but that's about it. But if you touch the screen or a button, it will turn back on. I would guanatee that it saves it some battery when it's not in use, The screen isnt on so it not distracting and it doesn't make any noise or vibrations. How ever, I think it still does the notification light blink when a friend is online or a new message/call. I usually just let my gamepad die, then play the system using my pro controller since you can use that with everything on the Wii except the system settings and the Eshop.



KeatonTS commented on Marty Reminds 3DS Users What Not To Do On Miiv...:

I visited Marly's post and i saw a TON of "This comment has been deleted" posts. the 3DS community is gonna screw itself up...Good thing I have a Wii U. People are abusing their NNID and when they realize they've been restricted from using NNID services (Including eShop) they aren't gonna know what hit them. and try to erase their ID to created a new one, accidentally Wiping their 3DS system completely.



KeatonTS commented on Parent Trap: StreetPass Makes Social Networks ...:

@TheGZeus Dude. You can't expect LEGIT networking on something like street pass. that app is entirely made to get gamers together and play or get you to meet gamers so it benefits you for the little minigames that it has.

When you get street pass. you're passing a potential match up. Lets say you go to the park daily to walk your dog and rack up some play coins. and you find that you received street pass there every day at 3pm and their profile or the games of choice interest you. or at least their greeting message. you can arrange a personal message to that person for the next time you pass. something that will get you two to meet up and play.
you just earned your self an ACTUAL 3ds buddy rather than a online one.

I've done this multiple times. and i bring my 3ds to places i visit a lot to see if the same person(s) street pass me at least more than 3 times. the 3ds already acts as a scout. searching for people who have a 3ds in your area. the sole point of this feature in my opinion to connect players. more so in real life to enhance the 3DS experience and so that they can always be there too when you have "streetpass for goods" type games.

Rather it being a social app in its self like facebook, or twitter. It is a crutch to actually help you connect and be social with real people in real life, because you actually have to be near that potential player.
but i recommend not using places like best buy or anything thing because of the new street pass relay feature, because now. you'll never know if you actually passed someone now or 3 days ago. which kinda takes the fun and surprise out of streepass.



KeatonTS commented on Parent Trap: StreetPass Makes Social Networks ...:


so·cial net·work
noun: social network; plural noun: social networks

  1. a network of social interactions and personal relationships.
  2. a dedicated website or other application that enables users to
    communicate with each other by posting information, comments, messages, images, etc.

Number two is the best example. Streetpass does all except images.



KeatonTS commented on Parent Trap: StreetPass Makes Social Networks ...:

@FutureAlphaMale If im not mistaken, you're able to write short personal greetings and create a straight forward profile for people to see. the closest thing that equates to this is Twitter. you may not be able to reply, mention, or favorite what you see, Regardless of that. you're still technically meeting people, what they like, and what they last played. Despite the fact that no one really communicates real time on that app (or sometimes face to face), It is still considered social because it involves you meeting, or crossing them in real time. or meeting them virtually via Streetpass Plaza. it's as what the article and what Andy Roberson states,"without the junk."



KeatonTS commented on 3DS System Update Adds Nintendo Network ID, Mi...:

Im glad that i can see my WIi U Miiverse posts <3

I thought that even thought we had one linked NNID. Wii U posts can only be seen in wii U and 3ds and only be seen on the 3DS version of miiverse.

Although i do mourn the loss of friend adding and private messages. 3DS miiverse is not soo bad, especially since you can make post within your activity feed and chat there, and that you can follow friends. which is sort of like adding.

I just can't wait till they can make 3ds games to include a (post) button within games now, so uploading photos will be easier. i noticed that you can only post a picture in that games category. which it understandable, but some 3ds games arent on Miiverse. Like Ocarina 3D. I tried to post it in the General zelda community. but they remove the photo icon.



KeatonTS commented on Extended Nintendo Network System Maintenance S...:

@Bulby Or maybe Miiverse self updates unlike eshop where you have to update the entire system before you can use it.

Miiverse already had a recent update where Tom says that New updates/ changes have been made in preparation and arrival of the 3ds version



KeatonTS commented on Extended Nintendo Network System Maintenance S...:

To everyone talking about Miiverse no being down for maintenance. I don't think they need to be, they already updated miivere Wii U to be ready for the 3ds version, they rearranged a lot of things for the arrival of Miverse 3ds so that navigation will be easy. etc the fact they did this so early in the game hints the update is close by.



KeatonTS commented on Interview: KORG M01D Creator Nobuyoshi Sano Ta...:

"Do you carry a 3DS yourself on a daily basis?

Nobuyoshi Sano: Yes I do. However, I have to apologize to all those I have StreetPassed, as the phrase that I currently have set for StreetPass is pretty bad..."

Haha. i wanna know xD



KeatonTS commented on Miyamoto: Nintendo Has Unfinished Business Wit...:

NOO I DO NOT WANT A CONTINUATION OF 3D LAND OR NEW SUPER MARIO BROS SERIES. but. Super mario 3d world is an exception... its using a high amount of creativity and new ideas. but after 3D world. A galaxy game would be nice, But I'd what a Mario game that has ELEMENTS of galaxy but a new title together., you know, collecting the power stars...having tons of missions and levels to do with expertly hidden star coins. NO TIME LIMITS, NO LINEAR PATHS. NO FLAG GOALS, this makes the stage too damn easy for us. i want many choices to consider to complete the stage. like in galaxy, you could take up mini missions for stars instead of going for the main boss. NO MORE RUNNING FROM BOWSER NSMBU didn't do this, bowser was still extremely easy, I want a really good boss battle where you have to actually fight him. like you do in the first installment of the galaxy series. a mix of that and galaxy 2. NO MORE GIANT BOWSER. seriously, its getting over used and i hope this doesnt happen in 3D world. please have bowser at least take 6 or more hits..he's big as poopsiedoodledingdongderrydays and a giant turtle dragon, the least he can do is have tons of stamina or resistance. I like bowser, but he needs major upgrades.. its not fair that mario gets these new abilities but its just the same old bowser. getting bigger obviously didnt solve his problem. and finally a MULTIPLAYER (By choice of course) Mario RPG. 2 players at most.. Mario Galaxy would have been extremely fun if it were actually 2 players, being mario and luigi going against a stage and boss makes it soo much fun because the power star based mario games are much more difficult. especially with the scarce supply of 1 up mushrooms.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



KeatonTS commented on Guide: Using Nintendo Network ID On Your 3DS:

Im sorry, but this will be a simi useless app now....Adding friends for playing co-op and sending them an INSTANT message letting them you're ready to play is the main purpose of miiverse, besides asking for help on a post..
I know the swapnote accident bad and cost us flipnote friends gallery and swapnote and im okay (entirely with the loss of swaonote) but these are account systems.. people have to REGISTER to use these services that means you can more easily track and ban instead of making this a problem for everyone to suffer. I KNOW you can do this, focus more on the bigger problem and not the small ones like banning my ability to write a profile bio anymore..... I mean really? All i did was mention my alias so people would recognize me. Yet. i can give my Mii character my real name, visible to ALL of miiverse and not be penalized for it. I'm 19 years old, im not a child, nintendo. Use the age limit friend restriction to your advantage, but i suppose extreme region locking is more important than that, huh.



KeatonTS commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Resilience Against W...:

Just like me when my teachers and principle thought i wouldn't graduate high school.
I showed them, now im in college. Don't mind the feeble minded negative critics Nintendo and keep forward. Your time will come. Prove then wrong.



KeatonTS commented on Super Mario 3D World's Team Highlights the Val...:

I am hoping that they pull a SM3DL and make Special stage remakes of all the normal stages. it was pretty neat how they re did nearly all stages, it was like an all new game. Would have been better if it were harder.. like golden stage hard. hopefully they will tend to that in 3D world



KeatonTS commented on New Video Content in the Pipeline for 3DS's Ni...:

finally, I was sick of the Music videos. pointless reviews/reports, and unrelated animated videos with no history.

the only good thing i saw from nintendo video was Dinosaur Office and Kid Icarus anime. more specifically the 2D animated. the 3d was fine. but 2D is always better imo
I wish they'd utilize Nintendo Video more like how the wii version was. so that we can just watch an E3 or a Direct on there. if they already do, then i wouldn't know because i don't have the app anymore.



KeatonTS commented on Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service ...:

Seriously. What the heck is up with kids today? Whatever happened to
"Don't Talk To Strangers"? Bad parenting if you ask me but kids still lack common sense and have grown more vulgar and disrespectful over the years, they dont care who they have on their list unless they have a game to play or spam them to high hell. If you ask me, it's both age groups faults.. Kids drawing genitalia and saying curse words like they have a mix of ADHD and tourettes, you'd be surprised at what kids even talk about these days..nonetheless could you tell if they are a minor or not, but Yeah. like its not easy to delete a Friend Card... I wish people would make use of the parental controls and stop getting pissed over stuff that happens to your kid because you fail to listen to Nintendo. then everyone suffers from it
Please watch the profanity — TBD

Sorry for the profanity.



KeatonTS commented on Eiji Aonuma States Desire to Avoid the Limitat...:

You know what would actually be cool? Like how in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. instead of renting Items and seeing them too early spoiling the game (kinda)
Zelda Wii U can; instead of sprinkling the items in linear dungeons/temples. waiting for you to get them. They can be sprawled across the land. as treasures hidden in seemingly 'important' (Special) caves, forests, mountains, and even towns. the reason i say "Seemingly important" is because these locations have NOTHING to do with the Actual dungeons/temples of the game (If any) except for the fact that you need the items that resides in it. But you will have to travel to these places to receive the items most needed for the dungeon you are trying to beat.

It's a similar concept in the Wind Waker when you receive the power bracelets and Iron boots.those Items were different from the others because they were secret treasures hidden on remote islands, rather than in a dungeon. and you needed other items to get to them. (Sometimes for the zelda Wii U but not all the time would it be a good idea to need other items to get another as it would make it a bit more linear)
It actually even makes more sense rather than fighting a mini boss, then a treasure box randomly appears. Instead, each of these locations for the items could still have a mini boss, or in other words, a guardian watching over the treasure. that you have to fight, or solve a puzzle to get, etc. all the while treasures are secretly hidden through out the entire land of hyrule.

The best part about this idea, You can obtain treasure maps. The same idea as WindWaker, but instead of typical treasures such as rupees and heart containers, there will be treasure maps telling you where an item you need to progress further in the game is. these treasure maps can be obtained from other people, shops. Dungeons/temples (So they give you a hint on the item you need), and as rewards.

So to better imagine this.. lets say you reach a dungeon/temple that requires Mostly bow arrows to complete. As you progress through the dungeon. you find that you can't progress anymore, stumbling through the dungeon/temple. you find a compass, map, and this time No Item. But an Item MAP. (ONLY in specific dungeons/temple though because it would make things less linear, harder, and you would have to actually THINK when playing a game. NPC's will give you hints when talking to NPC's native to the dungeon/temple area. hints will be given, but you have to put in effort.)
The map Doesn't tell you what item yet. but it gives you a hint of what it is (this item is good with long range attacks) and give you a location with an "X" and a small riddle of how to obtain the items when you get there, which includes either fight a mini boss./ guardian, solving a puzzle, Running an errand for exchange. resolving a conflict, and other dilemmas. You will then have to leave the dungeon and make your way across hyrule to the "X" which could be in a forest, on/in a mountain, in a town, or any other place of secrecy where treasure is hidden. after reaching the destination, you will have to commence getting the treasure by whatever the means are that I previously stated. after obtaining the treasure, you return to the temple you left, to further proceed.

Treasure items can be received before starting a dungeon if you wished.
Some dungeons/temples will not provide the treasure map, meaning the treasure map should be somewhere along the way before entering the dungeon, such as in a town, held by a strange character, or special enemy, or obtained in an important side quest.
Some dungeons/temples will not allow access until you receive specific treasure items first in order to get into the dungeon. however, Every dungeon can be completed in any order ( if you're a type of person who finds the treasures without the hints or maps or cheats by looking online for treasure locations) which would be cool if all treasure locations would randomize per new game started. but if you stumble across a hidden item accidentally. then good for you, that makes one dungeon/temple one step easier to complete.

If the new Hyrule will be as large as Aonuma says it would be. then it will make this idea much more awesome in my Opinion. I like games that actually make you work for things and takes time to complete.