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Beautiful Limited Edition Super Smash Bros. 3DS XL Console Bundle Revealed

Posted by Alex Olney

And it's not just a dull logo on it either

Nintendo has announced a new addition to its range of limited edition 3DS XL consoles, and this time it's celebrating Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

The special edition red console will come bundled with a digital copy of the game it represents, as well as an undeniably gorgeous design displaying many of the most recognisable fighters from the series, including some newcomers.

Frankly who wouldn't want a 3DS XL this glorious? If you've been holding out on buying the handheld machine until Smash Bros. comes out this could well be the console you'll want to show off to your friends. To make your money go even further (if you're in the UK), you can get a free shirt and sweatband if you pre-order from the Official Nintendo Store. If you've already got the console you can still get the bonuses by pre-ordering the game by itself!

This is currently only confirmed for Europe, but rest assured we'll update you if a North American equivalent is announced. You can find a link to all the listings in the UK store here.

Has this got your blood boiling for a brawl? Let us know if you like.

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benptooey said:

I like it, but I think it would be improved by not having the Smash Bros. logo, just the fighters. The black and gold Zelda edition remains the, er, gold standard of special editions in my opinion.



Peek-a-boo said:

I think you and I have a different definition of the word 'beautiful', but at least the game has a bundle of sorts. The 3DS XL would look better without the logo, methinks.

I am still SMH at the lack of AC adaptor though; terrible Nintendo being terrible.



19Robb92 said:

It looks ugly IMO.

Also, I really don't get why they design these with the 3DS closed. It would be so much nicer if the image was flipped so that the picture isn't turned up-side-down when you are actually using the system..



reali-tglitch said:

I would have thought a brushed-steel look with a 'cut-out' of the logo would have been pretty sweet. This just looks a little too cluttered.



Achoo said:

I always thought most of the 3ds's were a bit to plain in the design area. This one is certainly not that! Definitely the most detailed 3ds, Pretty cool imo



Azooooz said:

This made me consider upgrading my original 3DS. Anything should I be aware of before doing that?



Robin_Aisaga said:

Too bad they don't sell these in sticker form.. I think this is the best 3DS XL design to date



19Robb92 said:

But people won't come look at it in the stand, so what's the point?

If it was flipped you'd be able to enjoy the art both when the system is closed and when it's opened.



Diskach said:

Looks awesome (I allready bought the pikachu yellow edition), but that download copy of game is bothering me, i love phisical copy.
So probably a no buy for me, but I'll be buying the game hough.



cfgk24 said:

I actually think the faked up Luigi 2ds was the best way of doing a special edition. Also, the white Monster Hunter 3 Special edition in Japan and the competition prize consoles (Mario, Peach, Toad) as they are special in what they 'imply' not what they boldly state.



TheWPCTraveler said:

It would look more glorious without that logo.
I'd rather have the Smash Ball in the background.

Now, THAT'S a Smash.



Nik-Davies said:

I wish they announced this ages ago. I've already planned out my spendings until the end of the year and I need the money for an Xbox One and Disney Infinity.
Never mind, my Aqua Blue 3DS is still standing strong.



DrRandle said:

@Azooooz If nobody said it already, keep your 3DS until you get a new one to do the system transfer, then trade it in or sell it or whatever you wanna do. : ) Hope that helps!



The_Ninja said:

I love it. I don't live in the UK though, so I can't get it. And I already have an XL...



Sakura said:

I love the artwork, but I'm not keen on the red and black. I think my favourite is a plain white XL console with the retro hard case protector by Datel. Love the Toad original console too.



Inkling said:

I need this but all my money's going to games! How about a cheaper 2DS with this on the back?



FX102A said:

It looks cool, but I already have an 3DSXL (the Link Between Worlds one) and I want a hard copy of this game (although like MK7, this may be one of those games you'd like permanently installed coz you never know you might want a sudden multiplayer match with someone you bump into).



MagicEmperor said:

I suspected this would happen! I wonder if there will be a blue version with the "For Wii U" roster of characters? Dunno.

I already have two XLs, one that's standard blue for trips and 'rough' locations, and the Disney Magical World white one for home/gentle use. But this tempts me, brah. This tempts me pretty well.



Crimzonlogic said:

Looks fantastic! I really want this, but I think it would be a waste of money(That I don't even have). I still have my gold and black triforce XL, so there's that.



rylo151 said:

why do they design it so people looking at you using the 3ds see an upside down picture? it doesnt make sense to put the design that way



Grumblevolcano said:

Looks rather ugly though I'll likely still be getting a 3DS XL around EGX London when I have the money, just not that one.



Achoo said:

@rylo151 Because most of the time no-one will be watching you! And when you close it you get to look at the design...They made it so that the user gets the best experience, not the occasional looker on



Mr-DNA said:

This design is in full violation of 'less is more.' It doesn't need the character lineup and the title; they should have just picked one. Honestly, I would have preferred a big Smash logo. I was waiting until a Smash edition XL was announced before upgrading, but now I think I'm going to hunt down a Zelda edition.



Goginho said:

I always wondered, why are all these Smash fighters side by side readily facing the same direction, like they are collectively about to all battle someone or another group of characters? Aren't they supposed to fight each other
I like the art though (as well as this simplistic, yet detailed-enough style), and seeing these characters in a flat, 2D, B&W illustration (as opposed to its shaded, popping, 3D variant on the box) shows me how cool a comic strip would be. Link and Mario look absolutely bad ass here
But on the 3DS it looks a bit of a cluster fudge mess. Too much going on, too many lines and details and therefore doesn't suit it well as, say, a normal little illustration like a logo or something imo.. (especially when looking at it from far away)



NintyMan said:

I think this looks fantastic, personally. Much better than just slapping a flaming Smash Ball on it like I thought they would do with a Smash Bros. bundle. I've been waiting to get a 3DS XL for almost a year, and this would be great timing.

The problem is that I'm not European...



rylo151 said:

why does the 3ds xl not have a charger in the box in europe?? that seems an odd thing to not include in the box



Kirk said:

Not quite feeling the grey tone image on red. Looks a bit like trying to save some pennies on colour printing or whatever to me. Like when they'd print old game discs, GC as I recall, in only two colours or however many it was.



Achoo said:

@rylo151 Yeah I don't know, I'd prefer to see it every time I shut it without having to flip it personally. It doesn't bother me that others people would see an upside down image, If I was to buy one it would be for me not them



Noelemahc said:

My most favorite question rises up again: why do they only make the limited-edition-paint-jobs for the XL?



eleccross said:

Because of my broken L/R buttons this is exactly what I've been waiting for. Is this doesn't come out in America I'm going to be sooooooooo angry.



erv said:

Looks awesome. Monster hunter is a game I'm getting a 3ds for, but this might tempt me early.



Achoo said:

@Noelemahc It will probably be something to do with sales. The XL will sell many more than the standard these days I'd imagine. It probably would not be worth it



S3OL said:

At first I wanted to buy it, but now I don't!
Would much rather buy a plain one and get a decal.



ShadJV said:

Please US, pleaseeee, I've been waiting all year for a special edition XL to upgrade my lame regular 3DS and this one is perfect!!!



rylo151 said:

@Porky i bought the yoshi special design one without noticing it. after using it and having my sister and a friend ask me why i put the yoshi "sticker" on upside down it got to me a bit.



smikey said:

I'll get it as a collectors item but I hate that they pre install the games so as a physical collector I still have to buy the game in a box
It's not my favourite design but it looks pretty good to me



Azooooz said:

@Jmaster I think that you can download it again from Nintendo eShop. I know my cousin that bought Mario & Luigi edition. He said that he formatted his #DS, and M&L: Dream Team has been erased, and when we check the eShop, we found it in downloads list.



khululy said:

this thing makes me wonder should I upgrade from 3ds to XL. (and can I still have games installed on both?)



SphericalCrusher said:

If you are a new buyer, don't forget to take a look at the picture or the box itself that says "AC Adapter is NOT included" But yeah, this thing looks awesome! Probably meant for someone who already has a 3DS, but still. If I have not switched out my blue XL by now, I doubt I am going to, but still.... this is very tempting.



LasermasterA said:

Oh lala! This thing is nice. If I buy this and do the system transfer, will I keep the game? Could I redownload it later, if the I transfer it with NNID? Otherwise it would be a deal breaker for me and make the purchase completely unwanted.

But still the thing is nice and beautiful to me, don't know why some people don't like it. Maybe 'cause its too stand-outish?



Link506 said:

Makes sence It's an XL. They will work better for smash. Too bad I already have one. I'm not a guy who will pay though the nose twice.



Iggly said:

I'd love to finally upgrade to an XL, but no money. [Also the fact that it isn't a US 3DS XL] Ech, times like these makes me wish I had a job.



mystman12 said:

Oh good, I actually don't like this design so now I don't feel stupid about buying a normal XL a couple of months ago!



dinosauryoshi said:

A bit cluttered for my liking. Get rid of the logo I say. Still looks cool though and I'm glad many people like it. Personally the Yoshi one is still my favourite special edition but that's probably predictable!



sillygostly said:

I would have been tempted if the characters were in colour… but I'm quite happy with my Pikachu 3DS XL. I may get a Japanese one at one point though. It's just too bad that the ship has long sailed on the Charizard LL (and I'm not willing to pay $900+ for it).



TeeJay said:

This looks too busy for me. I was hoping the inevitable Smash Bros 3DS would be a simple black with just the Smash bros. symbol on it. Also lack of Megaman is a deal breaker.



Doge said:

Gee, why is all the limited edition 3ds's XL? Plus, i have a 3ds, so pointless to me. Plus, upgrading to an XL would be pointless also



bezerker99 said:

I don't like the Smash artwork for 3DS so to have it transferred to a 3DS XL just comes across as goofy to me. I'm also not a Smash fan so I won't be getting this, despite me desperately wanting to upgrade to an XL. Maybe one day Nintendo will release something that catches my fancy but today isn't that day.



AG2014 said:

DAMN! Why is the 3DS so popular!? I knew something like this would happen! And I just wanted an XL so badly!



Palutena said:

Doesn't look that great. I'm not sure if I should wait for an ORAS 3DS XL Edition or get this one.. (Since it is Smash and Smash Bros is my favorite game) Plus, I rather have a hard copy than a pre-installation.. Maybe a refurbished 3DS XL will serve me better.



Emaan said:

Something about the design just seems off. My favorite 3DS XL so far is still the Mario & Luigi: Dream Team bundle one.



jpfan1989 said:

Ooooooo I want ii'no no I cant! But its so beautifull. Er I already have a 3DS and a Zelda XL



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Looks okay, I guess. As others pointed out, the logo is unnecessary, but I also think that a stronger ink style for the fighters would've been nice to create a more distinct contrast.
Though the biggest design flaw is still that it's an XL.



Gen0neD said:

That thing is atrocious. My wallet was a bit nervous at the head line. Thought for sure I was about to be $200 poorer. Nope. I'm waiting for a Metroid one themed after the light suit. Yes, I know that's specific, but that's what I want dammit!



GloverMist said:

Really? I just pre-ordered Smash 3DS on a different website yesterday. sigh If only I'd waited one more day, I could've got a free shirt...



Yosher said:

Pre-installed?! Why?! Damnit if it wasn't pre-installed I would have bought this! I really want this one, but... ugh I hate when games come pre-installed......



LztheQuack said:

Preinstalled games can still be downloaded again after a transfer. I believe the accounts are combined during the transfer



rjejr said:

Once again I'll be looking to buy a 3DS. Came close last month, glad I waited. Now to see if the US gets it.

Full price tacked onto the XL for a Digital DR has me less interested however. If they are going to charge the full price for the game then the full game car tide and box should be in the bundle. Should at least be a substantial discount.



Yorumi said:

Wish all these special ones would just be sold stand alone. I don't plan to get smash on 3ds, otherwise i'd be really tempted to trade my current 3ds in for it.



HumaneBlaze said:

I actually think it looks pretty cool....something told me I should have waited because I had a feeling this was gonna come out and I just got an xl during that big best buy sale a couple weeks ago XP



Emblem said:

Really don't like the red, otherwise i'd likley pick up another XL.

FYI to those complains about the AC adapter, you can get a USB charger for 50p on Amazon that works wonders. My cat bit through my original charger and i've been using a usb charger for about a year now.

Shame Nintendo does'nt just include one of those since they are cheaper to produce and would fit in the tiny 3DSXL box.



sketchturner said:

@Gen0neD Haha... That's what I said about WiiU. My plan was to wait for a Metroid-themed WiiU before I bought one. However, in May my resolve finally crumbled and I bought a regular black one. I'm having a blast with it so it was worth it. But if a Metroid WiiU ever gets released, I will go crazy.



KFlow325 said:

It definitely looks cool...but I just recently customized mines via various decal sites...Its pretty G now as you can see



Mega719 said:

Looks more custom than something made by Nintendo but still looks great. But it would have been cooler if it was designed in the colors of Brawl's Smash Ball or Final Destination rather than being another red 3DS




Would be better if it was just Rosalina and the 3DS was the color of her dress~‚ô• oh screw it, it doesn't need to be smash bros themed at all



Sherman said:

It's awesome! But why do they keep using the design turned up-side-down. No one sees it when closed. I got the Gold/Black Triforce one because it's the only one they got right...



ReshiramZekrom said:

Great. And I just pre-ordered SSB43DS yesterday. If this comes to North America, I might be getting the physical game and the system XD



DarkKirby said:

There are too many characters on there I don't like/care about over ones I do like.

No deal.



Gen0neD said:

@sketchturner I have the Zelda 3DS (which I love btw) but since it's release I've got a couple of barely discernable scratches on it. The kind that nobody else can see but me. And because of that, my adoration for the machine is waning and I want to replace it. I thought this was gonna be the mammer jammer right here. Nope. If/when Nintendo decides to release a Metroid one, I will take time off from work to ensure I'm the 1st in line for pre order.



Megumi said:

Crap....wanting a bundle (low on money, lol), but at the same time want to have a custom skin for my XL. TwT



Capt_N said:

@Azooooz: I believe reading here on NLife, on Nintendo's site, & elsewhere, the answer was something along the lines of e-Shop merging, or something.

@Everyone_Else: It's cool enough to me, but I already own an onyx/black original 3ds that I've had since Christmas 2011. Also, I liked the original Smash logo(N64) much better than Melee/Brawl, although they are fine, too. I can understand them not including Mega Man, as he is 3rd party. Speaking of, I wish Caps would do a Classic Series MM 3ds. A shell case doesn't count, unless that was the norm for Nintendo. Nintendo could make some money doing that, although a full-out system w/ the design makes more money, in the short-term, I guess.



HaNks said:

such an uncomfortable system for a game like smash, i'll be sticking to the wii U version.



0utburst said:

According to some in this comment section and those I've read from the forums, yes you can still download pre-installed games on your new system when you format and transfer your NNID from its previous 3DS.



ToastyYogurt said:

I've been waiting for a Smash Bros. 3DS XL, and I have to say I'm just a little bit disappointed. Would've liked it better without the logo, and I don't know why but mimicking the cover just seems weird to me. Oh well, it still looks nice and I'll still consider it.



dkxcalibur said:

I think it looks awesome. We were planning on buying the youngest son his own 3DS.....I'm hoping this comes to NA so it's this one.



Hyperstar96 said:

@DarkKirby In other words, you're saying:

"Too many unmemorable characters. I'd rather have the one with the totally memorable and not at all generic kawaii desu anime girl."

Anyway, if I didn't already have my Zelda 3DS XL (which seems to be one of the more valuable XLs from what I've seen), I'd definitely get this.



Nintendofan83 said:

I have no idea why anyone would want a regular 3DS or 3DS XL with so many outstanding limited edition handhelds on the market. I had a red 3DS for about a year and then I sold it so I could upgrade to the 3DS XL ALBW edition. I am very tempted to buy this one as well. Then I could have 2 amazing systems that could be used to play local multiplayer! Any ideas about price? The Zelda 3DS XL was $219.99 (in Canada) and came with a digital download for ALBW. That system sold very well so i'm hoping Nintendo keeps a similar price.

However, i'd trade in both these systems for one of those Yellow 3DS XL Pikachu system that came out a while back.



PigmaskColonel said:

Dangit! If I just would've held off on getting that AC:NL 3DSXL last year... But then I'd have to wait so loooong for my 3DSXL.




Freeon-Leon said:

@Yosher I think you can call Nintendo's customer service and do something about it, a friend called and he received a download code when he bought his Zelda XL



GhotiH said:

Looks a little too cluttered for my tastes, and I'm not crazy about the color scheme. I like simple, and would have personally preferred just a logo. But ah well, I'll just stick to my launch day 3DS and leave this for those who want it.



Yosher said:

@Jahir I meant I don't want the download version at all, I just want the physical game. Not a digital one. A download code wouldn't do anything for that.



HandheldGuru97 said:

Just preordered the stand alone game itself so I'll hold off on this. the design good design, a nice vibe to it...



DarkKirby said:

DarkKirby #125
There are too many characters on there I don't like/care about over ones I do like.

No deal.
Your saying that, my reasoning of, because of there are not being enough characters I like on it over the ones I don't care about on the 3DS, I won't buy it, is flawed?

Or that I have different preferences than you being flawed reasoning?




TeeJay said:

@DarkKirby I think Hyperstar was saying you calling Random Anime Girl more memorable than Smash characters is flawed reasoning.



2Sang said:

Surprised at all the hate. I'll be picking this to upgrade for sure. Hoping for a wii u exclusive version as well.



ogo79 said:

wow no ones going to complain that ness and lucas arent on here? good job guys. im proud of you all for not complaining. you all get gold stars.
im seriously proud of you all.



TeeJay said:

@ogo79 They haven't even been announced yet and are likely unlockable characters. Why would they put unreleased characters on the design



Obito_Sigma said:

So tempting... I want to replace my old and ugly blue 3DS XL with no rubber on my circle pad, but I can't afford it! Maybe when the next successor comes... :/



Steventurous said:

This was a liiiittle tempting... But there is no way im getting rid of all the games I have digitally on my X and Y edition 3ds xl. Cant give that up.



Jake_homs said:

Looks awesome! My son is a huge smash bros fan and he's been asking for a 3DS XL... this could be the time!



Operative said:

The red is plain, the picture is too busy and not even in color. It looks like someone glued a picture to a regular red XL. The freaking box of this thing has a cooler design than the actual handheld. Very disappointed



darthllama said:

I actually really like the look of the unit...but as others have stated the product placement of Super Smash Bros throws everything off. I felt the same way about the Magical Disney 3DS unit as it takes away from the whole aesthetic. If they want to slap it on, do it on the back. Not sure I'd trade my Zelda 3DS model for this. Too bad the Shin Megami one never came, that was by far my favorite.



rjejr said:

@dkxcalibur - I was thinking abut that one but my kid already owns the game so it seemed a pointless extra. SSB should be better w/ multiple copies though. I could easily foresee us having 3 copies in our household, and 1 for Wii U - which is yet another reason why I like home consoles better - 1 copy couch mutliplayer.



PuzzleMaster7 said:

I already own the ALBW 3DS XL, so I wouldn't pick this up even if it arrived in North America. Still, I have to admit that the design is quite epic. I'm surprised that many others find it atrocious.



Hyperstar96 said:

"And it's not just a dull logo on it either"

It's literally the box art copied and pasted onto a 3DS.



WaveGhoul said:

There still hasn't been a new 3DS design that has topped the regular 'Aqua Blue' imo, that thing looks like it popped out of a shimmering mystical ocean summoned by none other than Ariel the little mermaid.

The 80's-ish sparkly cake layered aqua blue design is too pretty for words. When i got my 3DS XL blue, i was like....WTF is this plastic hot mess of boring clam cowabunga sauce. It looks like it belongs in the DSi family.



Shambo said:

I'll get it, that's for sure, and that way, not counting the standard editions of both models (which I sold) I will once again have 5 3DEES...

But I definitely DON'T like that "pre-installed" part. I'll get the game physical, and can't sell "pre-installed"...



luckybreak said:

I'm disappointed in the design. I had imagined a black or white 3DS with a red or blue smash logo. I WAS WAITING FOR THIS.



Knuckles said:

@rjejr My bad, I was using NA prices, and unless the prices have changed since I last checked, which was awhile ago, they go for $200 in America, and bundles usually have the game included, no extra money is added on to the system price.




I would've much rather preferred 'just a dull logo' instead of this cluttered mess. I was waiting for a smash 3ds xl since the game was announced and this is the what we get? I was really hoping to have a smash 3ds but I guess its not meant to be.



JubilifeRival said:

If it was a simple black 3ds with a white smash ball I'd trade in my current for this.

But it looks a bit busy. and red and blue 3dses don't look the best.



Burningocean said:

Eh,looks okay but im waiting for Pokemon OR/AS one if they do one to get an XL.Ive got a cool decal on my regular Aqua Blue 3DS so im happy with it for now.

I'd buy any of those in a heartbeat though!I like all 3 colors.That is a much better design.



UltimateDespair said:

I think it looks awesome, I'm seriously contemplating getting this and praying hard that a Persona LTD ED isn't released...

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