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Sat 5th Nov 2011

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zip commented on New Fire Emblem on 3DS Takes Shape as Two Sepa...:

@SanderEvers Weren't you listening to the recent Nintendo Direct? The world map and locations are the same. Seasons/Ages have their own separate worlds, Fire Emblem not. It's like saying Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess are basically the same game because they play in Hyrule, lol.



zip commented on Flashcard Company Announces Initial Support fo...:

Why does this site constantly report on hacking/warez/roms related stuff? People who are interested in this sort of stuff have their own dedicated sites for this. All that those reports do is to potentially convert legit users to pirates. It's like Nintendo helping users to identify piracy devices via its AP page.



zip commented on GameStop Italy Lists Majora's Mask New Nintend...:

Just sayin, I was able to get a MM 3DS XL on launch and the built quality is worse than the Old 3DS XL. The top screen wiggles both horizontally and vertically and makes a loud click noise. Both screens have a yellow tint while my Old 3DS XL has a perfectly white screen. The golden cover plates are very cheap, thin plastic that can break or bend if you are not careful enough. The area in which the Circle Pad is embedded is sharp and not rounded like on the Old 3DS XL. Also if you press the Cirlce Pad too much and move it, it goes a bit down the hole it is embedded in and there you can feel a resistence if you move it. The stylus is crap compared to the previous one. It's smaller and more edgier at the root. Not sure if the standard New 3DS XLs have those issues as well.



zip commented on Former Cing Vice President Would Like the Stor...:

Title is misleading. Hotel Dusk already has a continuation of its story in Last Window. Just because it didn't receive a north american localization, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Plus it's the better game out of the two.



zip commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (W...:

This game has already been reviewed and everyone knows that it's great. I would appreciate it if you provide more input on the overall playability on the WIi U. Is the Gamepad the best way to play this game? How are the graphics compared to the GBA? Too pixelated or smooth? Are the colors different compared to the original? How does it play on the big screen?

Personally I can't play this game because it's too pixelated for my taste. Much better played on the GBA or DS.



zip commented on 3DS Region-Free Hack is Hacked by Hackers:

Well, it's more like bad hackers (the chinese flashcart makers) have released a firmware to play pirated games and good hackers modified this firmware to add region-free and remove the ability to play pirated roms. But the bad hackers basically have included a timebomb in the firmware (to fight off clone makers), that once modified, it will blow up. The good hackers actually identified the timebomb and defused it before they released their region-free hack, but sadly there was another timebomb in there that the good hackers missed, which means if you installed this region-free hack, there is a good chance that your 3DS will brick at some point.

At this point, if you value your 3DS you should avoid the region-free hack and flashcarts at all cost. It's just not worth it to risk your $200+ machine and all its downloaded eShop games for the opportunity to play games region-free. Once bricked, your 3DS is gone for good due to the malicious nature of the brick code.



zip commented on First Impressions: Donkey Kong Country: Tropic...:

@MilesVor It seems that Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D was Retro's side project and the new Donkey Kong their main project. I have the strong feeling that retro will do a Donkey Kong Trilogy similar to what they did with Metroid. So this means that more waiting time is required for the next Metroid release.



zip commented on Amazon UK Lists Wii Mini For £79.99:

I like the old-school case. I believe the Wii mini can be hardware modded to include WiFi and all the other missing stuff, but of course you need a spare Wii for that.



zip commented on Review: F-Zero (Wii U eShop / Super Nintendo):

I would rather play this on the 3DS.

By the way, there is an error in the european pricing. The EU version costs €0.30. Only in the UK it costs £0.30. The UK isn't europe and NoE's headquarters aren't even there.



zip commented on Review: Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward (3DS):

@sodastir Err..This isn't a DSi game, it's for the 3DS.
Interesting to know would be if these bugs occur with the download version also.
Btw, I believe you can extract your save with some chinese dongle or so. If your save is corrupted you can export your backed up save back in your cart.



zip commented on Talking Point: Gamer Protests Can Earn Small W...:

@ThomasBW84 "I believe it's been common knowledge for many years that the 50Hz TV issue has been minimal for a while, so I doubt that's the reason."

Yes but not for Nintendo. Why are the 3DS VC games 60Hz? Because you don't need a TV to play 3DS. There is no 50Hz/60Hz issue there.
If you think about it, there really is no wonder why Nintendo released their Wii VC titles running at 50Hz. With 50Hz there are no compatibility issues with TVs. With 60Hz there are. Imagine Nintendo had released VC titles in europe at 60Hz and then imagine the complaints Nintendo would have gotten from customers who can't play 60Hz games. Nintendo just made sure that such complaints won't come up in the first place.



zip commented on Talking Point: Gamer Protests Can Earn Small W...:

"it was more than likely down to Nintendo's VC team saving costs by simply copying the original ROM codes, rather than go to the effort of adjusting to run at 60Hz."

That's BS. There is zero effort in enabling 60Hz on VC titles (at least SNES ones). 50Hz and 60Hz are hardcoded together with the region of each game. It is simply a matter of changing a single value with a hex editor to enable 60Hz. Nintendo didn't do this because they still think a majority of european people use 50Hz TVs.



zip commented on 3DS eShop Sale is Underway in North America an...:

What a rip-off. Between £19.99 and €29.99 is a €7 difference. Is it possible to get the game from the UK eshop without being a resident of the UK?
Edit: Apparently it is possible, but each region has its own funds. So I need to buy £ eshop cards in order to purchase something from the UK eshop.