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Mon 10th Feb 2014

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Burningocean commented on Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue:

No comments?Okay me first!I hope its as fun as the first one,im only getting the Wii and 3DS version not Wii U.Games like this are great for spending the afternoon with my little nieces and I myself really like the Wii version of the first game,the portable version was abit lacking though so I hope this ones 3DS port is an improvemet.



Burningocean commented on Weirdness: Pokémon on Oculus Rift, with a Vir...:

This is so awesome!Maybe once this is perfected nintendo will create a fully 3d pokemon game for it.I really want one of these things and the treadmill is an interesting idea but it'd feel weird to move around wearing the headset.Are they heavy?I think the virtual boy might have inspried this,and i saw one at a yard sale and it looked really uncomfortable.(i know i misspelled things)