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i like tigers.

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Wed 7th May 2014

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tiger47 commented on Mii Mascot Outfits Shown Off for Super Smash B...:

metaknight is not as deadly as you thought he was he kind of has the worst final smash in super smash bros. brawl.
so he should come back, but if they think he's deadly they should weaken his attacks a little bit



tiger47 commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

I think people should spend the same amount on their 3DS and tablets. When I was little I only had a 20 inch TV, A Nintendo 64, The Gamecube, A Nintendo DS, A Playstation,A PSP, and A computer. Now I have A 3DS, A Wii, A 50 inch TV(or bigger),A Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3, A computer and a TV on the same device, a laptop, a Playstation 3,A PS Vita, and I still have a Gamecube, and A Nintendo 64.