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Mon 22nd July, 2013

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Peek-a-boo commented on Feature: A Nintendo Fan's Guide to E3 2015:

I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing what Nintendo shall bring to the show, even if it is through a 'digital presentation' as opposed to an on stage presence, which I kind of miss actually.

My expectations are quite low this year, mainly because of the NX rumours that seemingly implies that the Wii U has another 18 months or so before development shifts over to their new (hardware) vision.

As long as I can play a new Metroid game, be it in 2D or 3D and on either the 3DS or the Wii U, I shall be relatively happy with their E3 showing!



Peek-a-boo commented on Nintendo Download: 9th April (Europe):

I wish Afforable Space Adventures was (much) more affordable.

Will patiently wait for a sale later in the year.

No Wii U Virtual Console line up is a bit of a bummer too. It is the Easter holidays Nintendo!



Peek-a-boo commented on Beautiful Limited Edition Super Smash Bros. 3D...:

I think you and I have a different definition of the word 'beautiful', but at least the game has a bundle of sorts. The 3DS XL would look better without the logo, methinks.

I am still SMH at the lack of AC adaptor though; terrible Nintendo being terrible.



Peek-a-boo commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U Retail Games - Summe...:

There's only five third party games on that list.

... no wonder they chose to no longer make games for the Wii U!

Those top five games are a perfect choice for new owners, although Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is much too hard for the little 'uns compared to Rayman and Super Mario.



Peek-a-boo commented on Kirby: Triple Deluxe Drops Outside UK Top 20 B...:

I reckon Mario Kart 8 will reach number two.

... why?

Watch_Dogs. It is on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 compared to one solitary game - even though Mario Kart is a popular series - on the Wii U.



Peek-a-boo commented on Nintendo Comes Up Empty at BAFTA Awards:

Well, I just arrived home to see a dozen e-mails in my inbox regarding my comment(s) on Nintendo Life.

To whoever said Nintendo would 'sell out' if they made The Last of Us, I and many MANY other people would proclaim it to be the bravest, boldest and brilliant new direction if Nintendo could actually tell a story (within a game) let alone making a game as tremendous as The Last of Us.

... I still doubt 95% of you have played the game because the words 'cliche', 'boring', 'unoriginal' and 'terrible story' keeps getting thrown around and yet the industry - and more importantly, those who work within the industry - proclaim The Last of Us as being the new benchmark.

And that was in the very same year we had BioShock Infinite too!

I thoroughly enjoyed Super Mario 3D World and played The Wind Waker HD with a silly grin on my face, but there's something about The Last of Us that took ahold of me and wouldn't let go for months after completion.

It also has one of the greatest closing scene in any videogame ... ever.

That's fine if some of you disagree however, my original comment(s) stand:

The Last of Us deserves all the plaudits that was dished out at the BAFTA Awards last night, whether there was a Nintendo game in sight or not.



Peek-a-boo commented on Nintendo Comes Up Empty at BAFTA Awards:


The Last of Us is an 18 rated game.

... what on Earth were you expecting?

Sounds like you just didn't enjoy the grown-up premises of the game, which is fair enough! It doesn't let up, that's for sure.

p.s. Your 'graphic rape' comment is not only totally bizarre, it also makes zero sense whatsoever seeing as there is absolutely no rape (scenes) in the game ... at all.



Peek-a-boo commented on Nintendo Comes Up Empty at BAFTA Awards:

If The Last of Us was a Nintendo developed game, Nintendo fans would hail it amongst their very best work ever.

... however, because it isn't on a Nintendo console, it is either 'crap' or provokes comments like 'Super Mario 3D World should have won'.

The Last of Us will be fondly remembered in ten years time, Super Mario 3D World less so.

It is nice to own all three consoles by the way as I used to be a blinded Nintendo fanboy who knew no better.

... perhaps some of you should go down this route too.



Peek-a-boo commented on Latest PS4 Sales Figures Take it Past Wii U Li...:


The Xbox One had a far, far harder hitting media and advertising campaign, and yet it is trailing the PlayStation 4 by a few million already.

The PlayStation 4 has given the general gaming audience what they want; a powerful console at a reasonable price. If anything the PS4 makes the Wii U looks too expensive.

... the GamePad is great, but the screen fails at doing what my iPad does that makes so many touch-based games so good, which is multi-touch, not the restrictive screen Nintendo bizarrely decided to use.

Anyway, as a Nintendo fan, I think Sony have done well thus far, considering there is no real 'big' game available for the PS4 yet.



Peek-a-boo commented on Video: The Top 20 Wii U Games So Far - Part One:

Goes to show that the Wii U can only compile a 'top 20' list by including old games that had been on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 YONKS before they came out on the Wii U.

... and to worse technical performance too.

I do think there is at least five or six 'must own' games though, which is not bad for a 15 month old console!

Oh, and LEGO City Undercover should be in the TOP TEN you silly sods!

: (



Peek-a-boo commented on 3DS Tops US Hardware Sales as Wii U Achieves "...:

I'm not surprised to see that Peach64, once again, is the only person who speaks common sense.

... God only knows why the rest of you think this is 'good news'. You'll be soon (daftly) saying Nintendo's financial report later today is good news too!



Peek-a-boo commented on Talking Point: Claims of Wii U Third-Party Dev...:

Reading 80% of these comments, as a Nintendo fan myself, just makes me frown.

... wake up guys, a number of third party games have already flopped horrifically on the Wii U hence third party support slowly becoming non-existent.

Apart from Bayonetta 2 and Watch_Dogs, I cannot for the life of me think of any other third party game coming out this year.

The Wii U is a GREAT little console, but to solely own the one Nintendo home system is inconceivable because the amount of high quality third party games you'd be missing out on is ridiculously absurd.



Peek-a-boo commented on Fresh 2013 UK Hardware Sales Figures Keep 3DS ...:

Perhaps Nintendo ought to stick with handheld(s) in the foreseeable future.

... I cannot wait until the next time we see 'Wii U sells 700% more this month' article in the future because I will be wise enough to know it won't be as significant as an increase that the majority of you folks implies them to be, which is just a little bit better than doing poorly.



Peek-a-boo commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Ambitious Sales Targ...:

To keep it simple:

The 2DS/3DS will do very well, especially in (the recent) light of Pokemon X & Y.

The Wii U shall do 'just okay' and perhaps, come Christmas time, past the one million units sold - worldwide - in 2013, which is pretty poor, all told.

The 3D Mario games never, EVER do better than the 2D ones therefore I personally don't think Super Mario 3D World will be the 'saviour' most folks on here proclaim (or hope) it to be.



Peek-a-boo commented on Review: Sonic Lost World (Wii U):

@ThomasBW84 ... it may surprise you to know that I actually read reviews before I look at the score, unlike some folks on here.

I just find the score(s) to not match the context of a review (sometimes) on here, especially in comparison to well, you know ... non-Nintendo championing websites!



Peek-a-boo commented on Review: Sonic Lost World (Wii U):

@TimLatshaw ... deliberately forgetting about Edge and Eurogamer (with their 4/10 reviews) are we?

I personally think every single 3D Sonic has been either average or poor and I STILL put myself through the usual 'Sonic cycle' all the blooming time.

Sonic died on the Mega Drive whereas Mario has been a consistent joy!



Peek-a-boo commented on Interview: Hideki Kamiya on The Wonderful 101,...:

'Actually, we got feedback from Nintendo regarding the visual style and it was that (the original look) might not be the best direction for reaching a wider audience.'

... and why doesn't this surprise me?

I'd argue that those original Hellboy-esque style visuals may well have reached a wider audience!



Peek-a-boo commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Limited Hard Drive ...:

I think the point of this article is that you SHOULDN'T have to buy an external hard-drive so early in the Wii U's life.

After buying an external hard-drive, the Wii U costs just as much if not more than a PlayStation 4 ... and that's utterly ridiculous!

Nintendo may make great games, but the hardware side of things leaves a lot to be desired.



Peek-a-boo commented on Review: Rayman Legends (Wii U):

This is now currently the highest rated Wii U game, more so than Pikmin 3 and New Super Mario Bros. U ... and yet half of you kids on here are acting so childish by denying yourselves from playing what is essentially the best game on the Wii U!

Who cares if Ubisoft delayed this?! It was a business decision given that ZombiU never made a profit for them and going multi-format shall not only bring more sales, but MORE people can play this.

And that, to me, is a very good thing.



Peek-a-boo commented on Talking Point: The Wonderful 101 Direct and De...:

As much as it pains me to say this, The Wonderful 101 won't sell very well ... I would be hugely surprised if it breaks into the top ten in the charts here in the UK, let alone elsewhere.

PlatinumGames are critical darlings, but their games never sell (as well as they should).

This was easily the best Nintendo Direct for quite some time though!