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Pachter: Without Third Party Support Nintendo Fans May End Up Buying A Second Console

Posted by Andy Green

If Ubisoft drops support "you can stick a fork in Wii U"

Nintendo is currently struggling to gain third party support for Wii U, due to the console's relatively low install base. Electronic Arts is the most high profile publisher to announce it is pulling support and at this moment in time has no games in the works for Wii U.

In order to rectify the problem, Nintendo is creating more first party games to increase sales. The theory is once more consoles are out there in people's living rooms, the more opportunity there will be for third parties to make money on their investments.

Of course, it wouldn't be E3 without a certain Michael Pachter weighing in on the situation the Wii U is currently in and in an interview with Game Trailers, he gave his thoughts on the current problem Nintendo is facing with its latest home console.

I think what the Wii U is going to end up being is the console of choice for people who want to play Nintendo first party titles. That's great but I would say about 90% of those people would like to occasionally play FIFA or Call of Duty and so I don't think those games are ever going to be on Wii U again and I think they're going to end up buying one of the other consoles as well.

When asked if Nintendo should cut the price of Wii U, Pachter said it was something that definitely needed to happen:

I think the [Wii U] is close to [being] on life support. It's going to sell 30 million units eventually at some price because there's that many Nintendo fans but I don't think it's going to sell more than 30 million without third party support so I think they've got a serious problem.

If Ubisoft abandons it after this holiday I think that you can stick a fork in Wii U.

It's worth noting that Call of Duty: Ghosts has been confirmed for Wii U, so Nintendo fans will have the chance to play the latest Call of Duty title should they want to.

Ubisoft has several Wii U titles on the horizon, including Rayman Legends, Watch_Dogs and Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag. Meanwhile, EA has said it will continue to monitor the Wii U and will return to making games for the system once it becomes a "viable platform".

Do you think Wii U needs a price cut in order to boost sales and third party support? Let us know in the comment section below.


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MeddlingIdiot said:

A lot of people bought at least two consoles this generation too, Wii still sold the most. I'm not sure Wii U will do anywhere near the sales the Wii did but it's silly to say Nintendo are done if people buy a second console.



Jonny said:

This isn't news, I had to get a ps3 last generation because Wii games where too scarce and majority of third party games where lacklustre scaled down ports.



MAN1AC said:

Droughts and a lack of 3rd party games have led to most people that own a Nintendo console getting a 2nd console. Its been this way for about 3 gens now.



Haxonberik said:

Patcher saying the obvious and then being throughly negative with Nintendo as always



Pierceton said:

I agree I will buy a PS4 for Destiny is there something wrong with owning 2-3 consoles? I don't think so most people do but I still think that XBO is in more trouble than WiiU but I could be wrong.



Technosphile said:

FIFA bombed on the Wii U. Black Ops 2 Wii U was surely the lowest-selling version of that game. So how exactly would 90% of Wii U owners even remotely care about playing those games?

I don't understand why NintendoLife keeps giving this guy a platform, literally everything ever posted by him about Nintendo is negative doomsayery.

CHALLENGE MODE: post a Pachter quote/interview/article where he offers his expert analysis on how the Xbox One is on it's way to being an abject failure, before it even launches.



Tasuki said:

Really who the heck is this guy and why does he think his opinion matters? I really have not heard of him since NL started mentioning him.

Honestly though I have always had a second system besides Nintendo. Starting with the 16 bit era with a Genesis. Honestly its foolish for a real gamer to be satisfied with just one system. Not every system will have every game available for it.



SkywardCrowbar said:

Sales will boom this holiday season, 3rd party will come back, Wii U will have a healthy life span.

Pachter can stick his predictions where the sun don't shine.

Seriously, Nintendo Life, stop posting every moronic musing this guy comes up with. Don't feed the trolls.



kkslider5552000 said:

So if the exact same thing happens as the Wii...the exact same thing will happen as the Wii. Bravo dude, any other brilliant ideas you have?

In other news, people die when they are killed. When you walk fast enough, you can run!



TwilightV said:

Wii U has plenty of 3rd party support from indie devs. And unlike those "big name" companies, they actually take the time to give us an experience worth the money we give them. So Pachter can take his opinions and shove 'em.

Also, if anything needs a price cut it's that awful abomination the XBox One.



haniwa said:

Nintendo's never been in direct competition with Microsoft and Sony since the Wii so get one for the mainstreams, and get Nintendo for the Ninty games. It's carved its own niche by now.



SanderEvers said:

Pachterlife, WHY?! Why, again, post this idiot's point? Because it relates to Nintendo -Lz

However one thing is true. I'll get a PS4 to put next to my Wii U.



8thGenConsoles said:

I will not buy a second console. I don't like owning more than 1, I just buy the console that is the best in my opinion so no i won't buy a PS4.



8thGenConsoles said:

Most Wii U owners will probably have a PS4 as well and that's ok. Who cares? Just as long as the Wii U continues to sell



Varia01 said:

Not for his opinion toward the Wii U, I only agree with what is needed to be done for the Wii U's success.



GiftedGimp said:

I'm not rushing to get a ps4 as I hope as next year goeson more abd more 3rd support will find it's way to WiiU.
But there's noting wrong with owning more than one console so don't see what prat-cher is trying to do, other than make another anti WiiU press statement



Void said:

Well, I already have a nice PC, so I don't think I'm going to need to buy another console besides the Wii U this generation, but I might look into a PS4 sometime.



Undead_terror said:

I got a ps3 but I only use it to play cod and I barely play cod so I'm alright with my 3ds.



Pierceton said:

@Tasuki it's his job to give his opinion but I don't disagree with him Wii U owners that also want other forms of gaming will buy another console to go along side their Wii U that isn't really a bad thing.



Sir_JBizzle said:

Note to Patcher: I'm sure MOST Nintendo fans are two console households. And that's regardless of how many third party titles Nintendo gets. Wii U close to being on life support is as ridiculous as it gets... Knowing this Patcher guy, he'll change his tune soon... Though I am interested in seeing what he thinks about the other two platforms.



Datasun_7 said:

Kinda obvious statement to make really, but I don't think that fact guaranties the Wii u failure. As many people have said the Wii was the same, I had two consoles as well last gen



KaiserGX said:

I got a Wii U to play Nintendo games. That's why I don't have another console.



HollowGrapeJ said:

He's kinda right and kinda wrong. I bought my Wii U specifically for Nintendo games. I also think the PS4 is great, too which is the reason I want it. Not because of lack of third parties. I only had a Wii last generation. I CHOSE that. I've had multiple opportunities to get a PS3 or Xbox 360 but I changed my mind and stuck with buying ninty games instead. And most Nintendo gamers own and or want more than 1 console anyway so he really doesn't know what he's talking about. Yes I agree the third party is lacking on Wii U but who exactly buys a Nintendo console for third party? You buy a system for It's exclusives. If that's not the way you roll just buy a PC and get over it.



DreamOn said:

I buy whatever Pachter does to ensure returns. Now if I could only just find his Mii to follow...



SanderEvers said:

I've put my trust in SEGA for the third party support. Also there are many indie developers making games for the Wii U. Sure, these won't be Fifa, but is that a bad thing? Nope.

Nintendo console = Exclusive Nintendo masterpieces + some exclusives from a few third parties (see Zombi U, Sonic, etc) + a bunch of crazy indie games that we all love (Little Inferno, World of Goo, Shovel Knight, etc) and without the big expensive multiplatform games like Fifa. Sorry, but I couldn't care less.

The Wii U has currently one really awesome Nintendo game, Super Mario Bros U. Two great third party exclusives (Monster Hunter 3 HD, Lego City Undercover) , and multiple awesome third party indie games. All we now need are those games being released in the next few months. Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, Zelda...

(Nintendoland excluded since that's basically just a techdemo )



crazyj2312 said:

I think this is common though. the exclusives are enough to justify a console purchase for me, but they're released so far apart that if I want to keep gaming withing the droughts I have to buy another console. I have the 3DS which keeps me busy during these months and I'm looking to buy a ps4 to get the games I want that aren't coming to wii u



Einherjar said:

First off: Why do they think people can only have one console period ? Im pretty sure many people always had more than on ehome console / handheld and it had nothing to do with how famous and / or well recognized it was.
Also, "I have a nintendo console to play nintendo games" Why does this statement get such a negative undertone lately ? Isnt this THE reason to get a specific console ? To play the exclusive games on it ? If it wasnt for that, all you would need is an all purpose gaming PC and be done with it.
Its just the fact, that nintendos first party software is just so good, that i get their consoles / handhelds by default. But thats no reason not too look beyond the plate sometimes and get another console for the exclusive games on there.
Yes, i also think that a complete lack of third party support is bad news and qould be quite devestating in sales numbers, but ill still get exactly what i came for: Nintendos own, exceptionally good first party software. Nintendo is something special in that regard. They make good systems AND provide some of the best games for them, something the other two big fishes in the pond dont do. Sure, they have their exclusive studios, but its just not the same. Its not "the new sony game" it is and will always be "the new, say, naughty dog game"
Again, i dont get why its so negative to say "i got a nintendo console to play nintendo games" when on the other side, everyone excepts when you say "i got a PS3 to play Uncharted"
If the WiiU launched at the same time the 360 and the PS3 did, and still wouldnt get the same titles as them, that would be a far far worse fate. But the WIiU is a completely different thing than the new, now comming consoles, so its only natural that the same games wont be released on the WiiU too. Did you like the washed down HD game ports the Wii got ? Do you want the same for the WiiU ?
Heres a stupid analogy a friend of mine sai about this topic lately:
"You dont buy a car and complain about the fact, that it cant fly. Also, you dont buy a plane, use it to just "drive around" and complain that it it so cumbersome and expensive. Just get the right vehicle for the right job"
Which means: If you like Nintendo games, get a nintendo console. Why moan about games that other systems could do better ? If they are so much more important than ask yourself why you havnt waited a little longer to get these consoles instead ?
I love Nintendo games and, to be honest, do not care that much about your usual "AAA Blockbuster multi console" game. If there is a game that i REALLY want to play, i get the right system for it. The WiiU is the right system for nintendo games. And thats enough for me to be absolutely happy about it. I love my Marios and Zeldas even without the ever same Call of Assassins and what not.



Kisame83 said:

@Fazermint currently it's the most expensive. It exists in this sort of awkward middle ground, as did the Wii. Remember when the Wii version would often just mean PS2 version with some kind of wrist flick stuck in for grenades or jumping? That's on the devs, they have to be willing to spec to the console rather than just lazily release last gen parts. Then again, it's partly on Nintendo for no longer producing consoles that can keep up with cutting edge.

This sounds about right. If I were to get CoD:G, it wouldn't be on Wii U. The multiplayer will just be better on the other systems due to better friends integration and install base. In fairness, I wouldn't buy a new system for it either, since its coming to current gen. If I need the reactive fish, I'll get it on steam.

I'll get a Wii U first, for the first part content and maybe Deus Ex. I'll pick up one of the other two in a few yrs, based on exclusives...or just upgrade my pc.



TourianTourist said:

Nintendo doesn't need any Third Party support. Ubisoft didn't sell Wiis. EA didn't sell Wiis. Wii Sports did. And other great Nintendo software.

I don't have a single third party game for the Wii. And I have many Wii games. I was very happy with my Wii without any third party titles...

The only thing that keeps the Wi U from selling is Nintendo itself. Nintendo's Wii U games so far haven't given the Wii fans a big reason to adopt.



KAHN said:

"Pachter is an analyst so everyone cares about his opinion but few people actually agrees with him"

few people on NLife anyway. do you know that few people agree with him as a fact? give me your statistics, give me your sources that tell you that most people do not agree with Pachter.



JusticeColde said:

This guy doesn't see much of problem with Xbone and believes that we asked for all the terrible features... why do people listen to this guy again?



Linkstrikesback said:

People claiming Nintendo doesn't need third party support are at best ignorant, at worst stupid.

Nintendo DOES need it. If you don't have a single third party game like @TourianTourist, you missed out on a ton of good games like Sonic Colours, Okami, and many more.

At worst, you ignore the fact that Nintendo made a lot of money on third party games that sell. It makes sense to assume its near the same amount as digital, so nintendo gets around 30% of all profit from every third party game sold. And thats if you're assuming the only problem is "money", and that it would have no negative effects on the company other than in the bank account.

The problem is, you can already see the effects that no third party support is having. The Wii U is dead in the water, and Nintendo don't have a serious big game for another 6 months. And even then, Mario 3D world stinks of a rushjob because they don't have the time or money to create a truly epic new experience like Super Mario Galaxy was for the Wii.

Mario, Mario kart and Smash bros couldn't save the gamecube, and the gamecube was never selling this badly, nor did it have this little third party support. Nintendo is lucky it has the 3DS to keep the company afloat, because everything about the wii u has been a huge mistake by every definition of the word so far.

Hell, the only third party support they really have, Sega and platinum are only on board because Nintendo Moneyhatted them, Ubisoft said they're scaling back U support, and Activision is doing CoD and skylanders, but not any of the other games it has coming, nor will it do wii u versions once they have to make an original game just for the U (When they drop 360/ps3 support).

Long story short, Nintendo needs a miracle to save the wii u, because the games they have coming won't be able to do it.



CanisWolfred said:

Even with Third Party support, I had to get a 360 and a PS3 this gen along with a Nintendo Wii, and I know many who chose a similar route. Honestly, his argument doesn't just make sense - It's pretty much inevitable.



felix330 said:

If I want third party games I buy a PC. Why would I want a technologically inferior console for multiplatform titles?



NMH-TRI said:

The majority of people that will want 2 consoles probably won't be getting an Xbox1/PS4 combo. Plenty will, but not the majority imo.

I do believe Wii U will sell more than 30 mil (Mario Kart Wii sold 30 mil). Alot of the Monster Hunter following either has or will have a Wii U (I think MH4 will also see a Wii U release). Bayonetta cult will buy. Platinum games enthusiasts will buy. RPG fans (if they have any sense) will buy. Casuals will buy (less this time around). Hardcore Ninty fans have bought, many more still waiting to buy. The sales that the Wii U won't enjoy unlike the Wii is all of the hospitals, rehabilitation centers, therapy, psych, elderly care, etc. May have only been like 1 mil, but that's still 1 mil. There are also the PC owners that rock PC/Wii U combo (majority of muliplats hit PC). Then there are the folks that will buy them all.

I saw this a few days ago and it rings very true. Early adopters are a small fraction of your install base over the lifespan of a console. The bulk come after a price cut and during holidays. Late adopters also make up a much larger chunk than early.

Only time will tell though.



drumsandperc92 said:

I hate to have to agree with Pachter but this time he hit the nail on the head, despite stating the obvious.
If the Wii U sells 30 mill in it's life time it won't be much of a success for Nintendo, but it'll at least be enough to give Nintendo another chance for the NEXT next generation. Look at the sold only 21 mill consoles in it's life, not much of a success, but then Nintendo was financially hugely successful with Wii at 90+ mil.
Granted, I personally thought gamecube was overall the better system, and much of those Wii sales were "casuals". And even though the gamecube is viewed not as much of a success, there were still dedicated Nintendo fans, and amazing Nintendo games as well as 3rd party on that system, making it a fan favorite, and giving Nintendo the opportunity to bounce back with the Wii.
I wouldn't be surprised nor disappointed if that occurred with the Wii U. I will own one after I buy a PS4, and after some key games are released for it. Same as I did last gen with owning a 360 first, and then a Wii a few years later after the game I wanted were on there.
I just hope if that did occur, Nintendo would learn there lesson and for the next system go toe-to-toe with Microsoft and Sony as far as power. Why? Because Nintendo could easily become every gamers go to system if they could do everything PS/Xb could do, incorporating all of those 3rd party titles, PLUS their library of amazing Nintendo games.
I saw a number of articles and videos of people saying Nintendo won E3 simply because they had the most interesting, fun, vibrant, games; a far cry from the drab and dreary shooters and racers on the other systems. While I personally don't hold that opinion there is a valid point there. Nintendo can win gamers to their consoles with their titles alone. If they only met the needs of the third parties, and acknowledge the fact that as much as they want to not be compared to PS/XB they always will be because this industry IS connected, then Nintendo truly could rule again.
Sorry for the rant.



Dreamcaster-X said:

To the people asking why Pachters comments are posted on the internet. The answer is simple, he makes controversial comments that drive hits. Pure & simple.



CanisWolfred said:

@Phillip_J_Reed - it means any ports to the Wii U won't do well, which won't help it's third party support. That then means less games for the Wii U, which translates to less Wii Us sold. Overall, it's just a downward spiral.



Linkstrikesback said:

Philip, I think the major problem at the moment is it's not a two way street. There is very little reason for PS4 owners to get a second console (Sly punch at xbone owners there). And, this is by far the worst situation Nintendo has been in for a long time. Every £/$/Yen spent on non nintendo consoles, means less money for the big N and so they have less to invest in development.

The Wii U has been undertracking even the gamecube (Nintendos other biggest major failure) every single month since it launched, by a moderate to large amount, and Nintendo is doing nothing to help fix it.

I guess the major problem is, when Nintendo had near infinite money to work with, we got Super Mario Galaxy. When they didn't, we got super Mario Sunshine, and are now getting 3D world. Because Nintendo doesn't have the third party support, nor system sales, they can't afford the big ambitious games that they made on Wii, and that sucks.



MiNiStRy said:

I have 3 consoles in my house and have pre ordered the ps4 so this is nothing new who ever sticks to one console anymore?



KaiserGX said:

Why is it bad to own one console though? I know what I like to play and I like Nintendo. Inb4 I am missing out. Everyone is missing out on a lot of things, can't expect one person to do everything. Best most people here never went deep sea diving. I am happy just owning a Wii U. There's a 360 here but I don't have any interest in it except for stuff like Pacman Championship and the Simpsons Arcade Game, my friend just left it here because there's no room for it at his house.



Gold_Ranger said:

I will not buy First Person Shooters.
If I want to plays a Sports Game, I'll go outside and really do it and get some exercise.
Watch_Dogs is a Definate purchase, as is "X" and Assassin's Creed 4.
I just bought Assassin's Creed 3 for my WiiU.



Gold_Ranger said:

I'll NOT buy ANY EA games... ever... They have no appeal to me...
Though I might be tempted with Star Wars, but I highly doubt it, especially if it's either a FPS or you have to pay to unlock stuff...



timp29 said:

Leave Pachter alone!

He's just doing his job. I wouldn't be telling investors that everything with the WiiU is peachy. But so long as Ubisoft don't pull out of watch dogs on WiiU, I think WiiU can come back from this - although, I think Mario Kart 8 is WiiU's saving grace.



MAN1AC said:

It depends on how you look at it.
It can be great to have more then one console because you get a variety of games. However, if someone doesnt have the time or money for two consoles then they are probably less likely to pick up a Wii U.



NovaParadigm said:

I'll be buying a PS4 day one, but I'll still play plenty of games for my Wii U. The experiences they offer are different enough that they can survive in the same space. The question is whether the XBox One and the PS4 will have that kind of disparity.



LegendaryQ said:

While it's true that a lack of 3rd party support would hurt the Wii U a lot, it's kind of incredibly obvious. This isn't something we needed an analyst to tell us. Not to mention it's not like Nintendo is in trouble or anything. Worst case scenario, Ubisoft does pull out, this year isn't profitable, and they have to grab a little bit more out of their massive bank account, and prepare to win everything back 2014. Obviously not optimal, but they can easily handle it.



CanisWolfred said:

@Linkstrikesback You're making the incorrect suggestion that Super Mario Sunshine was not ambitious, when it actually did a lot to change the series, probably more so than even Galaxy.



bizcuthammer said:

I'm defiitely buying a PS4 to go along with my Wii U. I've owned a second console every gen since the N64-PS1 gen because third party games support has been awful on nintendo platforms. It got a bit better duribg the GCN era, but still wasn't as good as PS2's support. Part of it is because nintendo refuses to make their consoles friendly to port for or develop for, and while nintendo always makes fantastic games, not all third parties want to spend the extra time/resources/money on nintendo's uniqueness. Whether it was using cartridges over discs in the N64 days, a backwards approach to online gaming with the GCN, motion controls with Wii or the gamepad with Wii U, most third parties dont care about developing for nintendo systems because it requires a lot of extra work to make quality games. I've noticed third party games are always better on non-nintendo platforms outside of a few exceptions. And its not because we dont see DLC or certain features (though that doesnt help), those games just arent designed with the gamepad or wiimote in mind, so they feel clunky when it gets forced on them. I know these things are what make nintendo consoles unique, but third party devs dont want unique... They want simple, powerful and cost efficient. The Wii U is none of those things.

So i always get 2 consoles. I had a PS1 with my 64, a PS2 with my GCN, and a 360 with my Wii. I'll be getting a PS4 in 2014 to go with my Wii U. I have no confidence that Nintendo will be able to convince third parties to support Wii U the same way PS4 will be supported. Final Fantasy XV cant even be put on Wii U because of the power limitations. Kingdom Hearts 3 isnt coming either. Neither are any EA games including Star Wars Battlefront and Dragon Age 3. I doubt very much that Destiny will be on Wii U. Ubisoft's next gen games are mostly skipping Wii U as well.

So not only has Nintendo forced themselves into this situation, they're forcing us into it as well. Its why i truly hope they learn their lesson this time, and make a console next gen that gamers and devs actually want. I'm not impressed with Wii U's uniqueness. I just bought it for the same reason i always buy nintendo consoles: first party games. Mario. Smash Bros. Zelda. Metroid. Pikmin. Animal Crossing. Star Fox. Donkey Kong. Mario Kart. As long as those hit Wii U, i'll be okay with my purchase. But i will still have to get a PS4 for third party games, and its own exclusives. But mostly for FFXV, Destiny, KH3 and Battlefront. Because deep down we all know they wont be hitting Wii U anytime soon.



Mickey said:

And this is a new thing, Pachter? I thought everyone had two consoles per generation.

@CanisWolfred Granted. It still sucked though (In my honest opinion. It's alright if you enjoyed the game, I didn't.)



banacheck said:

A lot of people see the Wii U as a 2nd or 3rd console which does hurt Nintendo, think about it. Watch Dogs is a 3rd-party game a lot of people will not be buying it for there Wii U, more than likely for there PS4. I know i will for a better experience, so Nintendo platform loses money the whole reason for Ubisoft pulling out. I hope thay do sell 9 billion Wii U consoles by next year for Iwata sake, i wouldn't like his job right now.



JavierYHL said:

i always buy all consoles and first for me in home it will be beside my wii u this holiday...will be getting the shield also...but xbox one will be the only console that i ever skip for one gen...



Linkstrikesback said:

And yet, it is still agreed on to be the weakest of the 3D mario games. It was unfinished, it had the fewest stages, and every stage had the same or a very similar theme. They didn't even bother making stages for 24 stars (Blue coins) meaning it had the lightest amount of real content compared to any 3d super mario game (interestingly if 3D land had a star per stage, it would also only have 96 stars).



motang said:

Noting worng with second console, I always bought a Sony system along with my Nintendo system!



hYdeks said:

Dear Pachter: GO AWAY!!!! You get paid to say things that are obvious ¬¬

I personally won't be supporting anything other than Nintendo anymore, because I always end up going back to Nintendo in the end, and I'm really really sick of shooters, but I already know most Nintendo fans will more than likely have a secondary console, and it will most likely be a PS4



StyledFawn476 said:

It is ridiculous how little third-party support Wii U gets. I will end up buying a PS4 myself regardless, but it would be a little nice if Nintendo consoles got more third party love to at least make it less likely to purchase the competitor's consoles. On a side note, Pachter is a complete moron. There is always a 0.001% chance of him saying something accurate. He's also ignoring COD Ghosts coming to Wii U.



CanisWolfred said:

@Linkstrikesback Ambition =/= Quality. You can be ambitious yet fail at everything you do. Ambition just means what you're trying to do, not the end result. If you're talking about Scope, that's more the fault of the hardware - They used a disc that held only half the amount of Data, and no way was Nintendo going to admit their folly by using two discs in a Mario game. They were handicapped.



AugustusOxy said:

Oh god no, you buy two different products to do two different things.

I got to nintendo for games, I go to Sony/Microsoft for interactive movies. Because neither has been making games for a REALLY long time now. I go to both sets for very, very different reasons.

Sony and Microsoft both are making no real effort to appeal to a market that Nintendo can grab and because of that, expect that Nintendo will continue to dominate that area. Until Sony or Microsoft come up with a Pokemon, or a Zelda clone that isn't a third party title, look for things to hang the way they are.

Above all and closing; watch the third party support increase for the wii-u the moment companies realize that both the PS4 and xboxone are going to be commercial failures for at least two years.



ILikeRead said:

@Tasuki i know right? even though hes a nobody to me, he still wears a tie and i guess thats of some importance. then again, i've seen bums wear ties.



devilwaffle said:

Just for the record, I have never had an urge to play Fifa or Call of Duty. actually, I've never cared about those games in the first place.



nothankyou said:

I had (and am having) fun with the Wii and I'll have fun with my Wii U. I don't really care much for generic EA/Ubisoft games at all. The 3DS has already outsold the Gamecube in total sales, so I really don't think Nintendo will slow down sales-wise any time soon regardless of EA/Ubisoft shovelware.
However, it would be nice if Nintendo went back to a traditional console for the next generation. A more standard controller/console could likely boost sales and support.
Also, the Wii U is less than a year old! The 3DS had a slow start too, ya know.



Daggo said:

First, a price cut can only be convinient when it's paired up with some releases, that definitely would boost sales. But right now it's not a good idea as it only could upset early adopters, unless they do some Ambassador Program again.

@Void , I was going to post something along those lines! I believe a really good combo right now is PC + WiiU, PS4 has one or two titles I might like but probably only a good buy in some years.

And third,
Could be really worrisome if WiiU catalogue rely on third party games only but it doesn't.

And I think what he said works conversely too, people with PC/PS4/Xbone people interested on Nintendo games should get a second console, the WiiU, for all exclusive titles.



okamiki said:

Well for me right now is just nintendo platforms so yeah ill apreciate third party support but if we dont have i am just ok with it...

But buying a ps4? For what? To play games i have wii u and 3ds...



Rafie said:

@Mk_II That is false! Please don't state something as a "fact" when you haven't done the research to substantiate that claim. COD alone has already sold in the billions.

FACT: More people buy COD and FIFA than Mario! It's the hurtful truth, but that's just how it is in today's market. I don't like COD and don't play FIFA, but they are extremely popular titles across the platforms that sell big! Mario does as well, but in more recent times it's these titles here amongst others.



Ren said:

I was a pretty big fanboy and I still am for 3DS but like others here after a few years I kept seeing all the xbox could do and felt sick of waiting for Nintendo to do something so I got one. Now that I saw whats possible when you keep up with what people want I'm not locked to Nintendo consoles anymore and I'm all for a PS4. WiiU screwed up pretty bad and I tried to like it, but if support continues to wane anyone on the fence won't even want it as a 2nd console and that's dangerous odds for N. Needs real support and a big price drop soon to try and save it. Pachter is dead on, you're fooling yourself if you believe otherwise.



Rafie said:

@AugustusOxy LOL If you say so. Sorry but both consoles are here to stay. They are both more popular than the Wii U now and haven't even been released yet. I hate to even say this, but Nintendo would go down before Sony or Microsoft. Marketing and planning seems to be Nintendo's misfortunes at the moment. You're wrong to say that they haven't been making games. I won't give you a list, but I'm sure you've heard of most of them. Some even got GOTY. I'll be getting a PS4 along with my Wii U. I'm also getting a XBO.

This time...there's no denying Mr. Pachter's claims. He has a point. I'm not saying this is DEFINITELY coming to fruition, but more than likely it will happen if this continues.



ron4540 said:

I like family-oriented non-violent games — Mario, Zelda, Wii Sports for me — I've never tried XBOX or PS, but in browsing the aisles at Target or Best Buy, I've never even come across any of their games I'd want to buy. I don't think NintendoLife should cover Pachter. You can't really compare Nintendo with Sony/Microsoft, since they serve different markets.

What I would like however, would be the option to buy a Wii U without the gamepad. The Wii is perfect for me, except for one thing---I'd like HD graphics. My guess is that a lot of people think the gamepad is overkill. I bought the Wii U but later sold it. I didn't need off-TV play, and preferred to use the Wiimote instead of the gamepad.

How do we get NintendoLife to turn a blind eye to Pachter? He has no special insights and we should focus on the positives, instead of giving time to Nintendo's enemies.



F4LLEND4RK said:

I have a feeling that Wii U sales might not increase enough even with all the 1st party games we are getting soon. It's just a little worry I have because if it's true then the Wii U is truly screwed.



WaveBoy said:

It's all about the games, and so far there really isn't anything on the PS4 that appeals to me. I'd rather own one console during each generation anyways, there's too much junk to keep up with especially if you already have a 3DS and are stilling dipping into the Wii.



moomoo said:

Pachter's completely right on this one. It's what happenned with the Wii, and it's what will happen here if there's the same kind of support that the system is getting right now in the future.

A simple look around this site indicates that a lot of Nintendo fans are excited about the PS4.



Yoshis_VGM said:

Pachter is free to stick that fork in his eye. I don't really give a damn about what he says. He "claims" he's a Nintendo fan but he obviously isn't. He clearly didn't watch E3 closely enough, Nintendo made a HUGE comeback by announcing a ton of first party games.

And besides, no one buys Nintendo consoles for the 3rd party support anyways (sorry if you are one of the few people that do do this)! Most people buy Nintendo consoles because they 1) Offer an experience not available anywhere else, 2) Have an expansive library of top-notch 1st party games, and 3) All Nintendo consoles offer that core Nintendo experience.



Relias said:

Well technically even when Nintendo had Third Party Support.. I seem to remember gamers having more than one system.. (This dates back to well actually the NES and SNES... but got more relevant with N64 and beyond) So gamers having more than one system has not killed Nintendo yet.. and I doubt it will happen now.. frankly most Nintendo Gamers don't mind having little third party support.. they are perfectly happy with Nintendo Games.. and the occasional third party title for their system.. (If any) or quite used to needing another system..



GraveLordXD said:

@Rafie dude you realize cod is on every system mario is only on Nintendo systems and you wonder why cod sells more? Fact people who don't even play games or never have know who mario is I'd say the fat fire throwing plumber is more popular hands down I mean it's not like he's been the face of gaming for 30 years or anything. And the XBO is popular for all the wrong reasons not something to brag about



Bender said:

News Flash: Wii U is getting the next COD... But no one who owns a Wii U is going to care about it. So Patcher, your argument is INVALID. Besides, We have plenty of FUN games to look forward to, so COD is not on our priority list.



moomoo said:

@hwrose379 For what it's worth, we already knew about most of the games announced. The only new stuff I saw was:
New Smash Bros.
New Mario Kart
New Donkey Kong
New 3D Mario
And all of those don't seem to do much differently then what we've already played. Don't get me wrong, I'll probably get them, they look fun, but there wasn't anything at that Nintendo Direct that really caught my eye (except X and Bayonetta 2, but I already knew about those). And I know I'm not the only one that thought that.

It should be noted that the N64 and Gamecube didn't have good 3rd party support, which led to them doing pretty badly against their competition. It's not good for a company to have success with a product (in NIntendo's case, the Wii) and then fall back to lows that were in the company's past. If you own stock, you want the company that you own a part of to be growing; otherwise, you're not making money, and that's not good.

Pachter's an analyst. He gives advice to people who are thinking about investing a lot of money (i.e. hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars) into companies of his expertise. If you were advising someone whether they should invest in a Nintendo or not, a company that has fallen greatly from its high point and doesn't look prepared to face its direct competition, what would you do?



XFsWorld said:

Am I the only person that noticed Nintendo Life never mention Splinter Cell: Blacklist?......because it is an Ubisoft title coming to Wii U.



GreatPlayer said:

The most enjoyable game I have now is sonic transformed, a third party game. Nintendo should wish sega to continue its support. By the way, is there a deal btwn n and sega for it to be so supportive?



Discostew said:

My Wii U does have a companion system. It's called a 3DS.

But seriously, Pachter is only getting this now? Pachter is known for 2 things. Saying something and the exact opposite happens, and stating stuff that people have known for years.



SkywardLink98 said:

True enough. Not sure if I can but two consoles (definitely not during the same time) but the PS4 is definitely the priority here. Sorry, Nintendo, but without 3rd parties I'd rather pay $50 and upgrade to a PS4.



AVahne said:

Don't need another console to go with my Wii U; I have the PC Master Race.



ikki5 said:

But a lot of Nintendo fans do end up buying another console anyway, just because we buy Nintendo does not mean we will shun or Boycott the others, I for one have a PS3 and a Wii U (I got it when I had wii and there is lots of 3rd party support for the Wii) and I'll probably eventually get a PS4. it has nothing to do with whether Nintendo gets 3rd party games or not, some people like other games that they can't get on Nintendo anyway but we still love Nintendo and I for one will always be a fan on Nintendo.



WaveBoy said:

3rd party titles I'd like to see... Zack & Wiki 2, RE5 & 6: Wii U Edition(with pointer controls), Mega Man U, Resident Evil: Chronicles U(Base it on Revelations, 6 ect), Viewtiful Joe 3, Power Stone 3, Ghosts 'n Goblins U, Bioshock: Infinite U, Contra U, Strider U, Soul Calibur V(port), Silent Hill U ect ect.

Big 3rd party developers(in this case, Konami and Capcom) seem to be abandoning their classic japanese retro flavor in favor of Next Gen(PS4/One) realistic 3rd or 1st person dragon dude slayers, Zany Zombie slashers and War themed bullet bruisers.
It's like...Konami and Capcom have been completely westernized, for the most part.



TheAdrock said:

Price cut? Frankly N should do anything and everything possible to jack up sales of the U before their lose their proverbial shirt. Throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. Pour every resource and every dollar into original creative titles for the U, price cuts, marketing, free game giveaway gimmicks, whatever. They ought to be in full panic mode. If this 2013 Christmas season isn't BIG for N, then it will be too late to recover the U in 2014.



HandheldGuru97 said:

I for one will agree with him on this topic. While I (most likely) not be getting a X1 or a PS4 later on down the road (2016-2017) I may nab a PS4, if its got the games I like and Wii U dosen't (at that point)



Nico07 said:

@Pierceton I think the Wii U is fine at it's current price, I don't see consumers being any more motivated to buy the current Wii U because of a lower price. If anything consumers are waiting for games. Nintendo has come out and said most big first party titles will be coming starting the end of this year, spring of next. Wait until these games release and then do a $50-$75 price cut just to spur more sales. It would be awesome "if" Nintendo did this to have them do what they did with the 3DS and offer exclusive downloads to early adopters. Myself, (proudly) owning a Wii U Premium from day one, I plan to pickup a PS4 as well and then maybe an Xbox One in a few years. I read an interesting article talking about how Xbox One is basically a Microsoft Steam box, and that like Steam licenses will be locked to your account. But that your account like Steam, will need to have an online connection. We'll see how that goes. Steam started back in 2004 and as of maybe the last couple years has started to build up, for lack of a better word "steam". If Microsoft wants to do the same with flash sales and the like, I don't believe the gaming community will really accept it for a few years. But numberwise, I think Nintendo will own this generation as soon as the software starts rolling out. In my opinion Skyward Sword should have been reworked into a Wii U title to boost sales, similar to what Twilight Princess did for the original Wii.



SCAR said:

Nintendo won't drop the price, because $300/$350 is how much it costs face value. Would you sell something for less than what it's worth?
Their "1st party games sell 3rd party games" is truth to an extent. Mario Kart, Smash Bros, and other big titles will get people to buy a Wii U, believe it or not.
Once everyone has the big titles, and don't see a potential library growth for quite some time, they may just stick with Wii U.
If Wii U gets popular enough from the titles Nintendo provides for it, that are played everyday, 3rd parties will notice.
The Wii U doesn't need powerful hardware to be popular. Why did PS2 do so well when it was the worst system of that generation? The graphics argument is BS. PS2 proves that, and DVD wasn't what knocked Sega out, BTW.
I had a GCN, and no other console, because I was a kid with no money, and relied on my parents for any entertainment besides free TV.
There are still kids, and their parents won't buy them 2 consoles unless they are rich, or the parents want the more expensive consoles themselves.
Wii U will be fine, because it's the most consumer friendly. People should be wanting the most consumer friendly products out(which is Wii U out of the 3), which leads me to believe people just don't really know what they want from gaming consoles anymore.
I plan on getting the Xbox One(the ONLY downside is 24 hour time checks) to go along with my Wii U, but the Wii U should be more than enough for years to come, even if I end up not getting another console.



SkywardCrowbar said:

I would like to see the Basic Set done away with. That appears to be happening. I would also like to see a $50 price cut coming in August, giving consumer plenty of time to get a Wii U for the holidays at a new, low price.

$50 is not a big enough difference to really motivate anyone to buy a console based on price alone. $100 and $200 is, however.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Ok. I'm not gonna even bother reading the comments. I swear people better not be mad at him or argue his prediction is wrong. It's common sense!

Oh look at the adorable plush pikachu he has! :3



Neram said:

Nintendo Life needs to stop reporting on Michael Pachter or I may end up finding a better site for Nintendo news.

Seriously, I don't mean to be offensive, but I'm getting tired of visiting this site just to see negative comments that "industry" people are saying about Nintendo. It bothers me because, from a players standpoint, this crap doesn't actually matter. I come here because I want the latest news from the world of Nintendo, not the opinion of some guy who is an analyst of the video game industry. Reporting on Pachter isn't a whole lot different from reporting on something someone says in the comments section, it's just one person's opinion.

This makes me miss the days of print. When Nintendo Power would report on things that actually mattered to Nintendo fans, be it negative or positive. Michael Pachter doesn't matter, he is hardly relevant to video games or the games community.

I spent the last week discovering new info directly from Nintendo on social networking or their E3 website. Normally being a heavy Nintendo Life user, surprisingly I didn't check this website even once, and to be honest it was great. I learned about all the upcoming games and updates without having to deal with unnecessary negativity.



Jaz007 said:

Wii U owners getting a second consoles means less money for Nintendo. Nintndo getting not getting third-party being a big problem. The point about Nintndo getting a second console also ties into the effect of no having third-party titles. It means that people who aren't that intrested in Nintndo titles or at least not enough to get one to just play Nintendo games will be getting PS4 (or heaven forbid, an Xbox One) instead of a Wii U, killing tons of sales for Nintendo. He's right about this.



Trikeboy said:

This isn't news. I bought a Wii, a PS3 and 360 last generation. I have Wii U now but don't feel the need to upgrade my PS3 yet (my Xbox died). Wii U has great upcomming games that I'm pumped for. I mainly use my PS3 to download free PS+ games.



t_vo said:

Looking at the PS4's launch line up, and the amount of games available for the wii U's (and the first year of the ps3 and xbox360 for that matter), i will be getting a ps4 in addition to my wii, but it won't be until holiday 2014.



Tony_342 said:

Without Nintendo Support, Sony / Microsoft Fans May End Up Buying A Nintendo Console.



Olaf-symbiote said:

I play on Nintendo consoles exclusively. I was perfectly happy to own a Wii & DS last gen, and also happy to just have a Wii U & 3DS. I've never had droughts with Nintendo consoles as I replay many games all the time.

So there, tell me I need PS4/Xbore now, because I don't. The last non-Nintendo console I had was the oh-so-critically acclaimed PS2, which bore me to death with its library; in fact, I think I had only about five games for it, mostly using it as a DVD player. So there is absolutely no reason for me to get a different company's console.



miiandmario said:

I always have my nintendo console for first party nintendo games and then another console for multiplatform games



Rafie said:

@LDXD I know COD is on every system. Of course Mario is more popular, but today's audience is different. All they care about is shooting people. This is why COD has reached the undeserved heights that it has. With social media and all types of new communication to spread the word, COD became the best selling video game of all time. I hate to admit that, but it has. I wish people would vote with their wallets and stop buying the same game every year. Then again, these folks enjoy it hence the mass revenue Activision gets.



xiloh_battousai said:

EA BLOWS!!! Nintendo doesn't need them! Nintendo really doesn't even need 3rd party, just more hardcore software developers ready to make high quality first party games! simple as that...



GiftedGimp said:

Xb1, everyone is clear as to the many reasons its failing even before launch. Ps4 will sell well, no doubt but with No direct BC and the change to a forced on line subscription many ps3 owners are very unhappy, and saying they don't want to pay to play online and won't go to ps4.
MS & Sony both are saying they will be supporting the 360 & ps3 for many years to come and both are telling people if you don't like how the new systems are going to operate stick with the 360/Ps3 system.
Yeh I can see People owning 2 systems, but doubt it will be to the scale of last gen.
360/Ps3, are going to maintain a very high userbase for many years, much longer than in previous console generations and as a result WiiU will more likely to be sitting next to more ps3 systems than ps4's.
This next generation of systems success has nothing to do with specs, graphic quality, or even price of the system, in reality its about the services and restrictions a system offers and at what cost, both financially and otherwise.
WiiU will do fine, Sales will improve, more 3rd party publishers will put games on WiiU again, and analysts will be arguing why none of the new systems have achieved the levels of success of thier older counter parts.



GamerJunkie said:

I already pre-ordered a PS4, actually 3 of them. 2 to sell and one for myself because of my disappointment in Nintendo, so this guy is right.

Originally I planned only to get a Wii U, but I barely turn it on and when I do its for pinball and virtual console games once a week at most.

PS4 is cheap, way more powerful, has way more good games when you count 1st and 3rd party and seems like they are headed in the right direction, while Nintendo is lost at sea.



ricklongo said:

If Nintendo fans want to play those multiplatform franchises, they can always buy them for the PC. I know there's no way in hell I'm shelling out big bucks for another console if I eventually want to play FIFA.

The only reason I buy consoles is for the exclusives, and in that regard I don't think anything other than the Wii U is gonna appeal much to me.



Elhijodelrio said:

I normally dont agree with him, but i thinksome are gone a buy a second one or trade the u in, i only really want one, only one, not two



GoombaSlayer said:

Man, I will never get why some people take things like this so personal. Of course it is important what Pachter has to say, people listen to him, its his job - some Nintendo fans obviously don´t but companies - the industry - do.

And really he is not saying that you cant enjoy your firstparty Nintendo content, he is talking about how Wii U will hit or not hit in terms of the market. He has not been wrong regarding the console so far. Wii U is not a hit, Nintendo needs to make changes both in their PR and how they reach out to both third-party and the consumers if they want to have a chance. Gamecube had ALL of Nintendos great franchises, very good third party support during the first 1.5 years and Nintendo also was very progressive with collobrations, such as the Capcom Five Deal.. it still didnt sell. So it is to no ones surprise that Wii U doesnt sell, with no megaton first party content during the whole first year and lackluster third party support, especially regarding exclusives. To date Wii U is Nintendos greatest failure, in terms of sales, since the Virtual Boy. Fact.

Still dont saying that its a bad console or that one cant have fun with it. I sold my Playstation 3 and now Wii U is the only console in my living room. I have acquired 25+ retail games, but I would be lying if i said that it couldnt be better. Most because basically all titles are games i just as well could have gotten on the Playstation 3, mostly for a cheaper price and in some cases even better versions with more content - with Sniper Elite V2 as a recent example.

I give all my support for the Wii U, at least until the fall of 2014.. Then I guess we will see which platform will deserve to be the "main" console in the living room. I will get a Playstation 4 for both the exclusives and all the multiplatform games that isnt coming to the Wii U. If Nintendo doesnt make changes it will definetely be a console for Nintendos firstparty content only. It doesnt have to be that way. Its not good if it would be that way. Nintendo is only one publisher.. even when most third party left Gamecube behind and Nintendo werent producing that much many great games, third party was there with titles such as Beyond Good and Evil, Timesplitters, the Prince of Persia games, the Capcom Five deal and so on.. Wii u doesnt have that yet. Nintendo needs to fix that.

I dont like it when Nintendo says that they doesnt care or look at what the other companies are doing. Nintendo should go after the same third party content.. Call up Konami and start talk about Metal Gear Solid V, Call up Square Enix and talk about Tomb Raider, Call up Activision and talk about some exclusive mode for Call of Duty or Skylanders.. Its not only about what YOU might think about these games. Its what the market thinks as well as having a wide set of different sorts of games. Mario, Mario Kart, Mario, Mario, Mario, Mario will sell.. But remember that Mario Kart Wii and so on sold so great on a platform with a 90+ million user base. Wii U doesnt have that.



Gamer83 said:

Wii had just as piss poor third party support as Wii U and it still sold over 90 million units. I don't know if Wii U will reach those numbers but it'll pass 30 mil easily.



StarDust4Ever said:

Patcher and all the rest of you nay-sayers can "shove it." Nintendo will prove them wrong at last!

And if Nintendo goes back to being the underdog, I'm okay with that as there were tons of great games on N64 and Game Cube, and the great games will continue, whether Nintendo is underdog or top dawg!



GoombaSlayer said:

@Gamer83 Thats not true. With Wii nintendo hade more third-party support then they have ever had since the Super Nintendo. It didnt get the same games as PS360, of course, since it was a much lesser platform in terms of performance.. But it still had tons of content from third party developers and publishers both in terms of multiplatform-games and exclusive titles.



BossBattles said:

It's sad that "Nintendo" website promotes this professional troll. The way that you help Nintendo is by turning the cultural tide. The hatred for the brand from dorito and dew dudebro's and media-hipsters has been the biggest problem for Nintendo.

They continue to make first rate games that are more "fun" than any other games, but they are somehow expect to be ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE, whereas other consoles can do their thing and not be expected to deliver 1st party experiences of all types.

Gaming culture is now disgusting and shameful in how it treats its own creative game makers. Every hipster and dew and dorito gamer should stop thinking that because they play shooters it makes them more "mature" and to laugh at people for playing platformers with more than two colors is "cool".

Pachter can SHOVE IT.



Ichiban said:

If i didnt have a ps3 to keep me going while the U is in drought mode, i woulda gone crazy with boredom by now!
Ill be getting a PS4 this year, and a couple of new release U games. Variety is the spice of life!



SCAR said:

What systems are we comparing the Wii U to? It's the only 8th gen console out, and it has some of the best games on Xbox 360 and PS3 like Tekken, AC3, etc.
3rd parties don't even have any games ready yet. Nintendo is literally the only company that can put games out at this point.
3rd parties won't be putting out games until Xbox One and PS4 come out, because they are focusing on the 'top tier' and that is fact.
What we can count on, though, is multiplats on Xbox One and PS4 will most likely make the jump to Wii U. The problem is, is that those other consoles aren't out, which is what 3rd parties are focusing on. Once PS4 and Xbox One launch, I think Wii U will see more games, because the install base will be higher by default.
Everyone with a Wii U is going to buy at least 1 of the Nintendo games coming out this year. It's pretty much fact, then anyone who doesn't have a Wii U will buy these one for one of those games.
The Wii U will already have a dedicated install base, and will grow with the Nintendo games. Having more consoles on the market by the time PS4 and Xbox One launch will pretty much guarantee 3rd party support for those multiplat games.



DaemonSword said:

I'll never sell out to Sony or Microsoft, no matter how much Pachter likes being spit-roasted by the both of them. 100% loyal. Last time I bought a game from EA was in the 90's (probably Ultima, the franchise they ran into the ground).



MadAdam81 said:

Many Wii owners bought a second console (me included, I got a 360 - this time round I'll probably get a PS4 in a year or two), as the Wii missed out on many more ports, but I think 100 million console sales is a pretty good "disaster" to have.
For those who want a second console, they don't need to get them early in the console's life, in fact it's good to wait until you know which console has the exclusives you want and wait until the console and the games are at a decent price.



Dater100 said:

this is a big problem for nintendo they need 3rd party support
all nintendo games coming in 2014
iwata move fast!



DaemonSword said:

@MiNiStRy Me. (unless you count the 3DS). I like gaming, but it gets harder as my career, my friends, and my gal take up more of my time, so I can only pick one (WiiU + 3DS gaming on the road). Never cared about SwagF*g/Dude Bro games that the other big 2 excel at.



C7_ said:

Why are you posting his crud? His job is to guess professionally to investors, and he is not supposed to be in the public eye, but because gaming press like Gametrailers and apparently now this site like using him for click-baiting he's made money off of being an analyst troll in the public eye. Almost every prediction he made this year at E3 YET AGAIN was wrong and the few that weren't were flat-out obvious just like last year and just like his nonsense predictions at PAX that the Xbox One would be a rousing success that would sell 75-85 million consoles and would be subsidized to a cheaper price. We ALREADY know half of that isn't true, and that he was literally pulling everything he knew about the One (then named the Durango) out of thin air.

What this man says isn't news, it's rubbish given false credibility by a desperate branch of journalism still in its infancy. Do not make this problem worse by supporting someone who makes guesses for a living to people despite knowing very little (if anything) more than they do.



Dater100 said:

i m for sure if ubisoft and activision dont make more games to wii u
i will sell my wii u i love nintendo games but coming too late



NMH-TRI said:

@GreatPlayer I'd say it's because Sonic games appeal to the same audience as the Mario ones (including Sonic Racing transformed). That Sonic racing game saw 25% of its sales on the Wii U. That's insane when you consider the install base of the Wii U vs the PS3 vs the 360.

Sonic and Mario are easily marketed to the older "retro" audience, families, and children. I think its great. I think that Sega should concentrate its older franchises on the Wii U. If there could ever be a potential powerhouse for Nintendo to absorb, it's Sega. Sadly, I remember reading somewhere that Sega still has piles of money, so I don't see that happening soon. Exclusivity deals for certain series isn't a stretch at all though.



doctor_doak said:

The current price point for the deluxe is worringly close to the PS4. I think Nintendo need to rethink their pricing strategy if they want to get this thing off the ground. Mario Kart 8 releasing next Spring is not going to help things in the important Q4 window. Wii U is currently $355 (US) on Amazon at the moment, which is only $45 dollars less than the PS4 with its next gen tech and 3rd party support. I don't think Nintendo can compete with PS4 on those term.

$299 (US) w/h 3D Mario World bundled in would be a start. Nintendo are going to have to bite the bullet if they don't want to be pushed out of the picture by Sony's aggressive pricing strategy.



Luffy said:

I dont have the time to game more then what Nintendo provides me. Last gen I got a ps3 but this new gen I'm going just play Wii U 1st partys and some 3rd parties taht make it to the wii U is all i got time for now.



Ganondwarf said:

I'm a Nintendo fan and I'm happy with the games I've got and will be getting and no I will not be getting xbox one or ps4 pachter is dead wrong I will be happy with donkey kong, legend of Zelda, Mario then nextyear I get more mature different titles like X and Bayonetta 2 maybe Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem!



defrb said:

When you have an xboxone or an ps4 you still need to buy a wiiu when you like one of the many exclusives that are allready on the wiiu.
Ive owned every nintendo system sinds the 8bit and the wiiu is the best ive ever had. No EA games?,.. who cares, they produce mainstream casual crap wich can be played on almost every system? i have a power pc for such games.

And to be honest maybe im gonne get a ps4 when they have enough exclusives wich i cant run on my pc. first i need a 3ds now

Ah well you have gamers hwo are gaming and people trolling in the forums discussing how much the wiiu suck without playing it
Everybody got to do what he/she likes most^^



AtomicToaster said:

I dunno if I'll get a Ps4 yet. If you own both 3ds and Wiiu and haven't ejoyed many of the multiplats on Wiiu, there's actually a lot to play right now. I'd like them to fix their situation with third parties, but for now what they have is fine.



TechnoEA said:

There isn't a may to it, at least not for me. I like Nintendo but I love Sony. So as such I will be getting the Wii U AND PS4. I own a Wii and PS3. 3DS and Vita.

I buy Nintendo products for Nintendo games and I buy PlayStation products for PlayStation games and third party. I never buy third party games on Nintendo console (handhelds are another story), I prefer playing with the PlayStation controller. Not saying Nintendo controllers are lame, I just love the PlayStation controller design and feel. It's constant and rarely changes (even the PS4 controller is pretty much the same)

I was never aware this was a new thing. Most gamers own all three or buy Sony and Nintendo products both.



DESS-M-8 said:

It needs a price cut or better marketing. £349 for PS4 with a 500gb HDD vs £349 for a Wii U with 32GB HDD extra controller and one game is either a nobrainer for informed gamers or a close call/leaning toward PS4 for most. However to provide the same experience, the PS4 also needs a Vita at £190 so the cost is suddenly £540 vs £349, then there's the HDD trade off, where you can answer the wii u can add an external 2TB drive for £70 which takes it to £420 now levelled at
PS4 with 500GB at £540 (with 0 games) £40 per year for online gaming
Wii U with 2000GB at £420 with (with 1 game) free online gaming

This comparison all of a sudden doesn't look as competitive on price point and shows a price drop isn't necessary as long as all
This information is blatant to EVERY SINGLE potential consumer.
Shame is neither is true at this point so Nintendo either need to spend money on REAL marketing or they need to spend nothing and drop the premium bundle to £249



xevious said:

Pachter is one of the biggest fanboys and trolls in the industry. He never says anything positive about Nintendo, even if sales were spectacular. This is what he predicted for Wii also and now that it's actually happening for the Wii U he is fully taking everything out of it. All the Nintendo-haters around the world, with Pachter at the forefront are really cherishing the situation Nintendo is in with the Wii U. I suppose it's a way get back at Nintendo for dominating the seventh console generation. Pachter might even have a point hidden in there every now and then, but knowing his biased attitude, I can't take seriously a word from his mouth. Nothing new here, but I keep wondering why does Nintendolife feel the need to give this fool coverage??



datamonkey said:

I often agree with Pachters statements and I intend on buying a PS4 shortly after release.



Flashman said:

@JusticeColde strange that he has said nothing negative about xbox one. Because I have heard him say Microsoft have been arrogant and that the console is about $100 overpriced. Also that he expects it to be outsold by PS4 and then Microsoft drop price. But nothing negative at all.



Lan said:

Join the PC master race and play your third-party releases the right way!



PachterStation said:

Most gamers buy a second console anyway, or they have a console and a PC. Owning a 3DS, Vita, Wii U, Xbox One and PS4, is out of reach for most people, that includes me. Owning one console or just having a PC is madness.



JusticeColde said:

@Neram @BossBattles @C7_

I agree with these guys. Y'all need to stop reporting what Pachter says, it has no real value to us gamers.

It's like watching CNN report on everything Harold Camping says.
Seeing "X company won't support Wii U" or "X executive says Y about Wii U" more than actual Nintendo news is just so damn annoying, the reason why I don't go to any gaming media site other than NintendoLife is because I don't want to see this "news," I just want news about games and not circle-Js of Nintendo dislike/hate/bashing/negativity/fear mongering.



PachterStation said:

@DESS-M-8 A PS4 will set you back about £400 with a camera which isn't included. I'd even say at £149 for the white model, extra for a game and an external hard drive and a controller, the price shoots right up. £99 for a Wii U is never going to happen. And Nintendo needs plenty of third party support and exclusives to drive sales, but it's never going to happen. Nintendo's own games won't drive sales much. Most gamers lagged on to the Wii and realised it was just a fad, so they've stayed away from the Wii U. And now the Xbox One and PS4 are out there, it's a massive blow for Nintendo. And delaying Mario Kart 8 until 2014 is yet another bad decision by Nintendo.



Lan said:

@JusticeColde Well said! But look at all these comments. Pachter creates traffic. If he says anything about Nintendo you can bet this site will have an article on it, that's how they get paid. And watch, this comment will be deleted or edited as soon as a mod sees it



DreamDrop said:

I got the Wii when it was in its 4th year and got over with it in 6-7 months. It's not surprising that third-parties aren't able to find a good use of the "WiiU GamePad" because nowadays they are just sitting on their lazy squids waiting for their engines to do most of the work whilst rehashing old files onto a supposed new title (CoD and AC big proof right there), due to this laziness they aren't bothered with "innovation" at all and thus can't find a use for the pad. The WiiU needs a price-cut, especially considering the PS4 is launching cheap (cheap in the sense of vs PS3 launch price).



Lunapplebloom said:

@Discostew I'm with ya there. I could get by with Wii U and 3DS alone quite comfortably going forward.

But I don't see this as news worthy. It's the stuff we've all known about for a while now. I know I'll be going with a PS4 down the line, but I can wait for it to get cheaper and have most of the games I want on it to be available before taking the plunge. Otherwise I'm set with my Wii U and 3DS and backlog for the time being.



Rekiotsu said:

For once he is right, but that's how it always have been with Nintendo. If I just had money I would buy another console or consoles regardless, because Sony just has so many extremely good exclusive games, so this isn't anything new really.



darkgamer001 said:

For all those asking NLife to stop posting Pachter articles, I agree, but...this article currently has 176 comments. There's your reason why Nintendo sites keep posting whatever this 'analyst' says. Ofc, I'm sort of contributing to the problem by commenting here, but it needed to be said.
You want NLife to start ignoring him? Then ignore the Pachter articles. It's that simple.



Pod said:

Maybe they'll go to friend's house?

After all, they are LOTS of people who play Mario Kart who go to friend's house to do so, because they don't buy Nintendo consoles themselves.

I think Pachter is stating the obvious, though, but it bears repeating once in a while.

His assumption was IMMEDIATELY proved wrong in the case of Call of Duty, however, so that's at least entertaining.



Bryon15 said:

Yeah this is somewhat true. I was extremely disappointed that kingdom hearts 3 isn't coming to Wii U. So I might end up getting a PS4 just for that. It's a real shame. Because if Wii U got more big name games from third parties, I wouldn't have to waste money on another system. That I otherwise wouldn't buy.



Araknie said:

I had a SNES and nothing else, i had a N64 and nothing else, i had only one gen two consoles like PS2 and NGC, i had Wii and nothing and i will have a Wii U and nothing else.
Because money does not grow on tree and i have to get exclusives to buy a console.

I don't want a console where everygame is on another console also, what's the point?



8thGenConsoles said:

@KAHN I don't have statistics/sources but most of the things he says are stupid so if people agree with him then i guess they are stupid as well.



TheAdrock said:

Its kinda obvious that if N doesn't support the content that people want, then customers will buy the console that gives it to them. The ONLY reason I bought an XBox360 was to watch HBO Go. If N would give me that support for that content, then I would watch it on the U.



rmeyer said:

Why is Nintendolife posting Pachter everywhere, every other video game site ignores him. He obviously hates Nintendo and knows little about this industry.



mikeyman64 said:

So, when was every console required to have the same games? You buy a console that has the games you want. I bought a Wii U a couple months ago, and I will likely buy a PS4 as well, because they will have different libraries (but seriously, Xbox one? Go home, you're drunk).

I love how people like Patcher make it sound like 3rd party support is the ONLY reason to buy a console. I don't really remember the last time I purchased a Nintendo product (or Sony or Microsoft, for that matter) to play a specific 3rd party game. I buy for the appetizing exclusives, and then play whatever else I want that comes out. Heck, I bought my 360 for Banjo and Gears of War.



GamecubeMan said:

Thank you random 3rd party developer that makes games for dem 1st "big three" developers that make the hardware that keeps you in business. >:]



-Crystalline- said:

He's forgetting about handheld gaming, apparently. Nintendo has always done things right. Like I even give a damn about this guy's opinion.



JJtheTexan said:

I'm one of those Nintendo fans who will eventually have to buy a PlayStation 4. We're probably never going to get any more licensed sports games, let alone Grand Theft Auto V, Wolfenstein, etc.



GreenDream said:

I wonder why Pachter didn't say the Xbox360 and PS3 were on the verge of "life support" back during their first year, when they had terrible lineups, half-decent sales, or rampant hardware failures... Oh yeah... It's because Pachter is a paid shill for Microsoft... Since GameTrailers has business partnerships and accepts $millions from Microsoft to favor them...

Seriously... please stop treating this guy as if he were a legitimate analyst... It doesn't matter that his comments relate to Nintendo.

The only reason this person's comments would be posted here at this point is if there were some monetary benefit or reward for doing so. Please favor ethics over dirty money.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Well, no duh Pachter. People usually buy two consoles so they can play the games that are exclusive to each system. He says stick a fork in the Wii U? I say stick a fork in his opinion. The only console I can see others getting with the Wii U, though, is a PS4. Microsoft just more or less killed off all of their supporters (at least it seems that way), with arrogant comments, a very stupid setup, and the fact that only 21 states in the US will start with support. So I'm sticking with my Wii (for GameCube games), my Wii U, and my dad's Xbox 360 for console gaming.



MrPanic said:

My perfect setup in the near future would be a PS4 and a WiiU, though at the moment I got no urge to buy either of them, WiiU is still missing some good 1st party games and PS4 seems to be missing that killer 'must-have' game. I don't feel that the lack of 3rd party games is going to hit Ninty that hard.

To be honest, I don't think that the WiiU manifesting itself as the second console is a bad thing, Nintendo seems to be pushing itself into that corner anyway. People wanting 2 consoles because they both offer different experiences seems pretty natural to me actually, and since Ninty usually only throws out one good game every month I doubt they'll get hurt too much by people having less to spend on the WiiU because they have 2 consoles.

Pachter Ninty predictions #facepalm



SkywardLink98 said:

@DESS-M-8 In the US a Wii U + Wiimote + Game = roughly $450. Now, a PS4 will be $50 expensive sure, but it has 3rd party support, which makes it the better purchase in my mind for the extra $50.



Rafie said:

@SCAR392 I agree 100% with your post, Scar. I was expecting you to say something different, but this was very objective and you sir are correct. It will definitely play out like this. The PS4 and XBO won't have anything established until late 2014 onto 2015. This gives the Wii U a chance to establish a wider install base whilst gaining support from 3rd party devs when sales pick up. The Wii U is in a good place right now outside of the sluggish start.



Rafie said:

@MrPanic Nintendo does need 3rd party titles to help push their console to heights for the competition. It may not need every single 3rd party game, but it needs the big heavy hitters like Battlefield, COD, AC and such. Other than that, I agree with what you said.



GamerJunkie said:

@DaemonSword People that feel they have to be "loyal" to 1 console just miss out on a lot of great games. Sucks for you and all those that think Nintendo cares about you lol. You aren't loyal, you are childish thinking the 1 thing you have is best and that you are in a battle against others....

Real Gamers go where games are at. I play on PC, Nintendo, Android, soon to be PS4, have played on 360, wii, PS3, PS2, PS1, xbox, N64, Gamecube, SNES, NES, Genesis, Atari and so on......

While you sit and wait for games on Wii U, you miss out on hundreds of hours of awesome gameplay from games on other systems. I love Nintendo, but they also lack variety and pretty much only focus on a couple genres of games.

Wii U won't die or anything(this article says stick a fork in, that's dumb), but they will end up far behind Sony this time and lose a lot of customers to Sony. Not sure who will win 2nd Nintendo or Microsoft.

I can see some people staying with only a Wii U, but that means they are only fans of platform games and mostly childish games. Anybody that enjoys sports games, fighting games, RPGs, MMORPGs, FPS, will most likely need a 2nd console/PC.

For me I use PC for FPS, MOBAs and most MMORPGs and that kind of thing, steam is awesome. For sports games I will use PS4(also their 1st party and many JRPGs) and Wii U will be for 1st partying Nintendo. Also Sony will have FFXIV which I have on PC now, but wil get on there too as well as other F2P MMOs on there like planetside 2 and DC universe might be fun.



RudysaurusRex said:

Please Pachter, just shove a sock in it. He said the Vita would suck, it didn't. 3ds would suck. It didn't. Please just disappear from gaming news.



Dogpigfish said:

What this article should say is "Unless Nintendo has a new shooter this year, customers may buy another console"



DaemonSword said:

@GamerJunkie I'd rather be 'childish' than thinking my hard earned time and money MUST go to ALL companies, lest I be a real 'gamer.' If you have tons of money and time to kill on games, good for you and everyone here; I don't. Maybe if I was 12 in 2013 and didn't have to worry about rent and other grown up stuff, I probably would. Still, the products that Sony and Microsoft offered never appealed to me ("Hey bros, I got COD 85 Part 7 Episode 6 and Gears 115, we are soooo not gay by playing these bro!!" Hi-five, my dudes!! Bros before hoes!! Let's go buy some Diamond Supply and Obey shirts after this!!! YOLO!!!"), and am glad I never shelled money for red or blue rings of death, or whatever they did to blow up.



Zellybeanie said:

This guy. I just can't.

Anyway, it's quite common for people to own multiple consoles. Personally, I was happy enough with the Wii and, so far, my boyfriend and I are quite thrilled with the Wii U and don't plan on buying anything else. In fact, he's playing it riiiiiight now (instead of clearing his stuff off the dining table).



element187 said:

I think people are misinterpeting Ubisofts comments. They didn't say they would pull their support from the console if it doesn't pick up, they just said they are pulling back their exclusive support, which we already knew this when they pushed Rayman Legends to September to be multiplatform... There is no way they would pull all of their multiplatform titles, as it is relatively cheap to port a game to another platform.. maybe 200k at the most? 2 people can port a game in under 6 months. A game would only have to sell 6 or 7 thousand copies to break even.



element187 said:

"CHALLENGE MODE: post a Pachter quote/interview/article where he offers his expert analysis on how the Xbox One is on it's way to being an abject failure, before it even launches."

@Technosphile Can't be done because Pachter is a huge investor in Microsoft, and the company he works as an analyst has big money tied up in Microsoft... No way he would shake that tree, his company would fire him for causing a MSFT stock to free fall.



element187 said:

@WiiURockz I agree, I will only purchase one console this generation, and I already have the Wii U... It compliments my gaming PC nicely.. I still don't understand whats so great about the PS4/xBoned, when both companies failed to show off any exclusives that will be in 60fps.... So if I want 60fps goodness gaming, I'm only going to find it on PC/Wii U this gen.



MagicEmperor said:

I can't wait for the follow up interview with Pachter where Nintendo Life criticizes the "harsh fans," like last time!



Redfield_Lynch said:

I have to say that, i don`t really care what people think about wiiU... but, i care about Nintendo and they need to sell hardware, quickly...
Nintendo made mistakes that are beeing paid the hard way... the software lineup presented in e3 didn`t have the wow factor Nintendo needs... true microsoft helped a lot with all their stupid mistakes, but sony is going very strong and they seem to have learned from their mistakes with the ps3... we`ll see, but honestly, i don`t see a very bright future for Nintendo and no price cut doesn`t seem to be a very bright move...



letsplay said:

"That's great but I would say about 90% of those people would like to occasionally play FIFA or Call of Duty".
I don't care for either type. People buy Nintendo to play Nintendo games.



KAHN said:

@WiiURockz that's your opinion. Pachter is really smart, you're just a fanboy. so i guess i'm (as well as everyone in the comments who agrees with him) is an idiot.



8thGenConsoles said:

@KAHN I'm a fanboy? Pachter is smart? Really dude? REALLY? Pachter said 3DS would fail but it didnt. Pachter said PS4 would be 350 but its 399. Pachter said Xbox One would be 400 but its 500. He said DS would fail but it sold 150 million. I can go on and on about Pachter's stupidity but I proved my point. Pachter is wrong more often then not which is why he's not smart. Everyone who agrees with him is an idiot and you're a bigger idiot for calling me a fanboy without proof. Don't let my username fool you idiot, I've probably owned more Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft consoles than you.



bezerker99 said:

If I stick a fork in my Wii U, can I sue Pachter for the suggestion when my unit breaks???????

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