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Wed 24th Oct 2012

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Daggo commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Confirms Playable Cranky Kong...:

Totally called it! xD

But they could have take advantage of the show to showcase even the same amazing trailer from Monolith Soft's "X", that would have been for the better as the audience was beyond Ninty's fans. But Nintendo's gonna Nintendo xD



Daggo commented on VGX Award Ceremony To Include New Footage of a...:


"X" or Bayonetta would be amazing! Smash would be crazy! But nah... I can't see Reggie promoting those... this event it's too NA-centric, big announcements are made with Japan in mind...
I'm ready for a Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze new trailer with Cranky Kong as the fourth playable character, and of course the subsequent letdown xD

But who knows? I'm keeping my hype in check!



Daggo commented on Talking Point: The Wonderful 101 Provides Some...:

About the Eurogamer review, maybe it's also a cultural thing, jokes of the sort and sexual innuendo are quite common in Super Sentai or some animes aimed at children/teens in Japan, so I think a 12 rating it's fair... But perhaps that makes it even more niché



Daggo commented on The Wii U Continues to Struggle in Japanese Ch...:


Sell as many units as Xbone/PS4? Mmm, we'll see...

The thing is, Nintendo hasn't sold well their idea of Wii U, it lacked a cohesive identity from the start, and that has permeated even on the (scarce) marketing.

Also, the Wii brand has attached a series of self-fulfulling prophecies that damages any attempts 3rd Parties make and scare some potential customers. Things like "Only Nintendo games sell on Nintendo consoles", "Wii has no mature games", "There are more exclusives games on other consoles".

Next time, they better send a clear message to the market. Sony is doing a good job currently with PS4. We somehow know what the console is about and which demographics they are targeting. Even when its launch titles aren't that exciting, many people are buying only on promises of upcoming titles like Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts.

I doubt Wii U will sell as much as PS4 or even XBone, at least on the west, due its unclear message. But hopefully Nintendo will prove me wrong and pull a 3DS.



Daggo commented on The Wii U Continues to Struggle in Japanese Ch...:

"(Wonderful 101) isn't the cup of tea of many gamers! The market today asks for cinematic experiencies"

Agreed. And that's why I'm thankful for what Nintendo does in regard to gaming. I'm happy that a game like the Wonderful 101 gets made; with everything that made love videogames in the first place. "Gameplay experiences"
I'm going to buy it and enjoy it, 3DS will cover all losses for Ninty xD


Please elaborate, I'd like to read more about those markets and its similarities. I've heard the term "cinematic" applied to comics too. What do you mean in the big picture of things, people buying mainly DC and Marvel?


"The Last of Us seemed like a good balance between gameplay and story (...)"

I disagree. Story and game mechanics felt so disjointed to me, the ending was nowhere satisfactory thanks to that, and almost borderlining the cliché. Basically everything I did on that game was unuseful and meaningless... there were great moments when maybe you can connect with the characters...
But only on the cutscenes.

I know a game have problems for me when I can say "This could have worked better as a movie".

Other example is Remember Me, and is sad to think about it, because it had so many potential mechanics, those Remixes sequences should be the focal center of the game, but instead opted for the modern trend to be part of the "story/do-this-do-that/story/point-a-to-b" cycle. Story-wise it was good, it might be like the Fifth Element. Maybe as a movie.

Once in a while, I can appreciate the simplicity of those "cinematic experiences". But with the PC games that I (unfortunately) bought this year: Assasin's Creed 3, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Remember Me. I'm frankly tired.

Last week it took me playing Super Metroid on VC, Tomb Raider III (&*%# yeah!) and Euro Truck Simulator to remember games should be fun not a chore
But I digress. xD

On a unrelated topic, Youkai Watch had a cool increase... let's see if when the anime starts airing it does again... unless L5 does some YW boost re-release.



Daggo commented on Two More Inazuma Eleven GO Titles Confirmed fo...:

They should do as Namco Bandai does with Saint Seiya games, dedicating its release to a Spanish version for Latin America and a Portuguese version for Brazil...

But I think it's already late, dubbing of the anime stopped, popularity is fading and there are already six games not counting different editions

Right now the only way to play the games is to import either a Japanese 3DS or a European 3DS. That or hope region-lock is lifted.

Quite sad (and expensive) workarounds considering how fun is Inazuma Eleven games.



Daggo commented on Video: Rejected CGI Zelda Film Discovered Online:

First , this kind of CGI... I dunno... looks weird...
Plus the art style isn't appelling.

The Legend of Zelda is a great videogame, unique in its genre because it relies in the strenght of the medium, why try to turn that into a film?
It would lose its essence... what makes it compelling in the first place!
Not every single piece of entertainment has to go cross-media.



Daggo commented on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destines D...:

If you want to experience all the Ace Attorney goodness, start right at the beginning, in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, then play all others, in release order.
And try to get the Nintendo DS version.

PD: I see your avatar working just fine, Rover is laughing at me endlessly



Daggo commented on Inazuma Eleven 3 Kicks Off in Europe on 27th S...:

Damn you region-lock!!!

Anyways, I though Europe was going to get the 1•2•3 collection
It had more sense in my opinion, and I bet Ogre version would be ruled out already.


Wait, so your friend tested the game for NOA, right? That means there was a intended release for NA at some point?



Daggo commented on Weirdness: Two Kids Debate The Legend of Zelda:


I'm sorry if my previous comment came as somewhat disrespectful, I sincerely apologize.

It's good to see you participating on this site that I've encountered really friendly and full of nice people. Likewise I look forward to see your comments on the forums seeing how you're quite apassionate about gaming, I respect that a lot..

Now, the Internet is a harsh place, please be careful, never take things said on the net personally, the thing is... give some anonymity to people and everyone loses their minds. So sadly you're going to encounter reactions of all kinds, from good to the very bad. Does that means you have to stop voicing your opinion?
No, of course not. But be more reasonable. What you say and believes is as valid as anyone's else, but I do think yelling, losing your temper and discrediting others points of view altogether it's not good for you nor your argument, and those things put you in a bad spotlight.

Normally this is something we all have to deal in our lives but on more private settings, and being kids that meant getting a free-pass but beacuse the Internet and how YT gave you this kind of celebrity status, now you have to grab the bull by its horns and be the grown up here, unlike those YT commenters on your videos.

Take notoriety but not from the wrong reasons. That you pose a stance and prove why it is a good position for you to hold it's more powerful than anything and something even the most popular "YouTubers" (and adults) have problem with.

Take this newfound popularity yours and use it well, construct a better way to convey what you want to say and eveything should be alright!

Too long; didn't read: "With great power, comes great responsibility"



Daggo commented on Weirdness: Two Kids Debate The Legend of Zelda:

Those videos raise many questions:
1) Why is he gotten so popular in the first place?
2) How he still got a YouTube account? He is 10 years old, tops.
3) Well, he is a bit exaggerated on his gaming stance, but why people is so aggresive to him on his YT videos? He is just a kid.
4) Looks like children are now directly influenced by those popular YT rant videos, what that does that means for the future of mankind?

Reggie on the OP made laugh:



Daggo commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

This isn't only about a "Let's import from Japan" thing, I live in Latin America and we are under NOA, so I'd expect to have here at least Nintendo big franchises translated to the region main language, right?

Well, sometimes they are not, Pokemon only come in English flavor, and that's kind of a issue for a game aimed at children. What we have to do? Either we suck it up or import multilanguage games from Europe, spanish is slightly different there, but at least it's not a entirely foreign tongue.

At the end, it's not like everyone is going to start importing all games from other countries crushing their local markets, as it's quite more expensive than usual and NOA does things right most of time, but I want to have choice, a restriction is still a restriction, and a very bad for handhelds, DS was very welcome in that regard.

I sincerely hope Nintendo do the right thing for both, WiiU and 3DS.



Daggo commented on Weirdness: Level-5's Favourite Character Poll ...:

1. Airplane (Aero Porter series)
2. Kirino Ranmaru, defensive player for Raimon soccer team, he is a guy (Inazuma Eleven series)
3. Kinako, Raimon ace striker due a time paradox (Inazuma Eleven series)
4. Shuu, mysterious child protector of God Eden and soccer player (Inazuma Eleven series)
5. Hakuryuu, arrogant captain of soccer team Zero (Inazuma Eleven series)
6. Tsurugi Kyosuke, bad-turned-into-good true Raimon ace striker, anger issues (Inazuma Eleven series)
7. Shindou Takuto, crybaby and former Raimon captain, also piano player (Inazuma Eleven series)
8. Zanark, egomaniacal fugitive and a rogue FW soccer player from the future (Inazuma Eleven series)
9. Mr. Porter (Aero Porter series)
10. Sangoku-senpai, Raimon's stand-in goalkeeper, wants to make his mom proud (Inazuma Eleven series)



Daggo commented on Smash Bros. Director Pushing Himself "To The B...:

A videogame really comes as frivolous when there's a man's health under stake. I really hope things are not as serious as he has said, occupational stress is a serious issue, it can lead to bigger problems, among there are back/neck issues and sudden cardiac arrests.

I wouldn't mind seeing SBB get delayed for health sake of all designers involved.



Daggo commented on Pachter: Without Third Party Support Nintendo ...:

First, a price cut can only be convinient when it's paired up with some releases, that definitely would boost sales. But right now it's not a good idea as it only could upset early adopters, unless they do some Ambassador Program again.

@Void , I was going to post something along those lines! I believe a really good combo right now is PC + WiiU, PS4 has one or two titles I might like but probably only a good buy in some years.

And third,
Could be really worrisome if WiiU catalogue rely on third party games only but it doesn't.

And I think what he said works conversely too, people with PC/PS4/Xbone people interested on Nintendo games should get a second console, the WiiU, for all exclusive titles.



Daggo commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Aim to Produce ...:

@WaveBoy "It's receiving praise because of it's visuals & story telling...But it's gameplay(the most important bloody thing here) is frustrating?"
That's exactly what I thought of another well-received and "standard-setter" video game: Bioshock Infinite. Awesome aesthetics (but they become repetitive), somewhat cool story, but the gameplay... come on! I pushed myself so hard to finish it! It gets boring so fast! I still like it in small doses though...

But back to the point, we're lucky to had so much variety nowadays, there is plenty to choose depending on our tastes on games so it's wise to not limit ourselves by brands or companies, likewise it's naïve to dismiss something just because we haven't played it yet or it's on some platform we don't own...

Maybe Nintendo consoles don't satisfy all your gaming needs, so get a PC, get a 3DS, get a PS4... and viceversa, I don't think Nintendo games are available anywhere else and anyone who miss these gaming experiences just for the brand's sake are fools.



Daggo commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Aim to Produce ...:

Well, then it's good we have choice, don't we? When I want to play some of those experiences I go to a PS3. I mean, why limit ourselves with one console? We'd be losing so much other good stuff.

Nintendo is pushing the boundaries of gaming in their on way, I don't think industry has to be completely homogeneous to generate change and evolve. I think it's great in a medium so young we can have a myriad of choices.

Anyway, although maybe not technically Nintendo's, I wanted to say: HOTEL DUSK!!!



Daggo commented on PES 2014 Will Not Be Dispensed On Wii U:

Bad news, I hope it gets PES 2015!
(Or even a Mario & Sonic at Fifa World Cup Brazil 2014)

If Nintendo do some neat WiiU announcements this year at E3, TGS and Nintendo Directs to get the ball rolling on sales I bet common games like this are bound to come in sooner than later!



Daggo commented on Review: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS):

Great review for an awesome game! Thank you!

I know I'm in the minority but I'd looove to see a WiiU version of this game. I'd really like to see some sweet Gamepad features included, such as local multiplayer



Daggo commented on Capcom USA Senior VP Responds to Ace Attorney ...:

I'm still worried that Shu Takumi isn't involved this time, while I loved AAI, the writing was a mess...

Anyway, if I get a 3DS on time for the release I'm sure I'll buy the game. But, we know it is going to be digital-only, so let's expect the game price reflect that!