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Mon 13th Apr 2009

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MrPanic commented on Play: Mario Golf: World Tour With Nintendo Life:

Lol at people claiming mii's are overpowered. Mii's barely come near the stats some of these star characters have. I would actually give props to Camelot for balancing the mii's so well this time. I remember Mario Tennis Open online getting quite ridiculous with the overpowered mii's in that game.

Lol, right when I type this I managed to score an albatross with star Kamek in this tournament. GG peeps, try to do that with ya mii's, lol.

Ended the tournament on -22. Only messed up one hole with a par. Quite happy with the score, I haven't been that consistent with my performance so far so I'm quite happy I went on a roll here. Snagged myself a fourth place for now, though I'm sure I'll end up in the double digits when this tournament ends. Still amazed by that albatross, so sad this game doesn't allow you to save replays.



MrPanic commented on Feature: All the Important Details From the Ma...:

The roster looks pretty ok to me. Baby Rosa seems like a fine baby addition to me though I don't know what to say about that Pink Golden Peach. Mario Kart usually comes with a nice array of unlockable characters so I'm sure the full roster will live up to everyones expectation.

Anyway, the hype was on a low for me for some time now but this direct skyrocketed it back to the top. This game is looking amazing in every way possible and I'm sure this is a candidate of a game that's gonna last me a lifetime.



MrPanic commented on Nintendo Confirms Mario Golf: World Tour DLC, ...:

I was ready from the very first announcement of this game to drop 45€ on this game so hearing it's 35€ with a 12€ dlc deal that pretty much has as much content as a full separate golf game sounds amazing to me. Let me expand on why I support this dlc offering.

  • The base game is a complete package. We already know that the main game features four 18-hole courses and six 9 hole courses, basically seven 18-hole courses, the same number of courses toadstool tour had and more than most arcade golf games (usually six in my experience). I feel like the argument of this being cut content or not is irrelevant because it already well delivers on content.
  • Cheaper base package. This game is clearly meant as a full price game, but since golf is a pretty particular sport a cheaper base price will attract more people to buy it while the fans can spent their leftover money on extra content that expand the game far beyond how big the game would've normally been in the first place. Bigger player base + more content for basically saved money seems like a win-win to me.
  • It's a ton of content. Render me surprised as to how much content this dlc is offering. Being able to score 6 extra 18-hole courses for 15 bucks? That's like a whole extra full golf game right there.

So yeah, this seems like a dlc outing in the best form yet. Offering a full game for a discounted price with the option to use that saved money on a amazing amount of extra content. The only reason you could complain about this is if you not familiar with golf games and just like to hate on dlc in general, because this deal is just amazing and I'm very glad Nintendo is doing it right. I guess there could be something said about some being day-1 dlc and having dlc characters while the base roster is being small, but those are minor complaints when dlc offers this much imo.



MrPanic commented on Review: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (3DS):

Dammit, totally forgot about this game and now you're telling me it comes out tomorrow? Really wasn't planning on throwing money out this months but I obviously have to make an exception for this must buy.



MrPanic commented on Pachter: Without Third Party Support Nintendo ...:

My perfect setup in the near future would be a PS4 and a WiiU, though at the moment I got no urge to buy either of them, WiiU is still missing some good 1st party games and PS4 seems to be missing that killer 'must-have' game. I don't feel that the lack of 3rd party games is going to hit Ninty that hard.

To be honest, I don't think that the WiiU manifesting itself as the second console is a bad thing, Nintendo seems to be pushing itself into that corner anyway. People wanting 2 consoles because they both offer different experiences seems pretty natural to me actually, and since Ninty usually only throws out one good game every month I doubt they'll get hurt too much by people having less to spend on the WiiU because they have 2 consoles.

Pachter Ninty predictions #facepalm



MrPanic commented on Waiting For Wii U To Drop In Price? Not Going ...:

As far as I'm concerned the WiiU is too pricey, neither the features nor the games can convince me to buy it at that price. The promise of games to come is nice but until they're actually here they won't convince to get the console now. The console is nice for sure but offers nearly no new experiences compared to cheaper alternatives now. WiiU might have that gamepad but if barely any game makes good use of it it really isn't a good selling point either. Especially the E3 showed that Nintendo is going in a 'old experiences in HD' kind of direction, something that should come at a lower price in these days imo.

Of course they only say this because a price drop now would be a absolutely terrible timing for a price drop because a price drop around the holidays would have a way bigger impact than doing one in the summer. That price drop will come and I'll be one of the first to take advantage of that.



MrPanic commented on Feature: Our Top 10 3DS Games - Summer 2013:

I have exactly 10 3ds games now so I'll put them in a personal top 10:

10) New Super Mario Bros. 2
9) Mario Tennis Open
8) Star Fox 64 3D
7) Super Mario 3D Land
6) Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
5) Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
4) Mario Kart 7
3) Ocarina of Time 3D
2) Luigi's Mansion 2
1) Kid Icarus Uprising

NSMB2 and Tennis are probably quickly replaced by new titles as soon as they launch but the rest I view as top notch titles so I can't be happier with my 3DS.
Really tried to like Fire Emblem, even though I can see why it's a good game and see its appeal, I just can't have any fun with the game at all. Too bad I have to miss out on a seemingly great series because of my dislike of the genre, oh well.

Here's my current hype list:
1) Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
2) Animal Crossing New Leaf
3) Mario Golf World Tour
4) Pokemon X/Y



MrPanic commented on Review: Gummy Bears Mini Golf (3DS eShop):

Can't wait till Mario Golf. If there are people that really can't wait to play some sort of golf game till Mario Golf comes out, I'd recommend getting Let's Golf 3D over this nonsense.



MrPanic commented on Poll: Do You Follow and Watch Rival Console Re...:

Well, I gotta say that the xbox just sold me on a PS4. Microsoft just doesn't get it, either just add useless stuff I never wanna use or putting features on it that I'll never get to use since it US only. I still have to get a WiiU first anyway so I don't need neither of those two anyway, but xbox just loved it up for me so when the time comes I'll go for the PS4.



MrPanic commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd May (Europe):

I'll be getting DK in retail. Then I'll receive a code from the 'so many games' promotion for either Animal Crossing or Fire Emblem, still undecided on that.

Cool that they're putting out a X Zone demo, will surely check it out.



MrPanic commented on Interview: Marc Franklin - Nintendo of America:

Good to see the cross-compatibility of Smash Bros mentioned again.
Sad to see he still knows nothing about GBA games for the 3DS.

Other than that, a rather pointless interview, this man is obviously to good at his job to drop any interesting info.



MrPanic commented on Nintendo of Europe Offers Free Game in "So Man...:

Learn to read the terms guys.

@Beta: Yes
"To take part in the promotion, simply buy any three of the above games (as a boxed copy at retail, a Download Version from Nintendo eShop on a Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL linked to your Club Nintendo account or as part of a Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS XL bundle pack)"

@Koapa: You'll still get the free game.
"To qualify for this promotion, any three of the eight eligible games must be registered since their respective release by 30 June 2013 (23:59)."



MrPanic commented on Nintendo of Europe Offers Free Game in "So Man...:

Well, this certainly couldn't have come at a better time, got LM2 and MH3U already registered and there was no way I'm going to skip the DK port so that's a definite free game for me if I won't forget to claim it.

The question will be if I either want FE or AC, gonna be a hard choice.



MrPanic commented on Camelot Justifies No RPG Mode in Mario Tennis ...:

Although I didn't care for it in the first place, BAD excuse for leaving it out. I could come up with ten different ways how it could work with mii's in the game, blaming mii's is just the laziest excuse you could give in this regard.



MrPanic commented on Nintendo Has No Plans to Fix Mario Kart 7's Ma...:

Back in the day, games never got patches. Those were the good old days. We considered glitches as features, ways to appreciate the game even more. But that's not hip anymore, now we spot a bug and whine till we get a patch, that how we cool kids roll these days.

I can't get angered by people that do the glitch while I don't, let them have their fun and let me have mine. I you wanna play normal, play normal. If you wanna win, learn the glitch. If you want everything your way, gtfo and make your own game. Everyone can do the glitch, so saying it's unfair is a invalid statement anyways. Stop whining and join the fun.



MrPanic commented on Review: Pullblox (3DSWare):

@Henmii No. Primera is a little store were they sell magazines and sigarettes (een sigarenwinkel dus). They usually have a rack with all kinds of gift cards, there you'll find the e-cards. Don't bother asking for them though, they usually send you away because they have no idea what you're talking about, just look for them were the gift cards are.

They only sell e-cards at Primera here in the Netherlands, the cards need a special scanner because they need to be activated at the store, and normal game shops don't have those. (make sure the seller scans that card twice, you wouldn't be the first that left the shop with a not working card because he forgot to activate it)



MrPanic commented on Review: Crazy Pinball (DSiWare):

Haha, all the comments made me buy Pinball Pulse (not really buy, traded 2000 stars for 500 points) instead of the game that got reviewed here. I'm loving Pulse though, great table.



MrPanic commented on Review: The World Ends With You (DS):

By far the best game on the DS. I guess not everyone will be good enough to play and like this game but it outclasses any on the DS by far so a 10 is the only thing it deserves imo, but I guess that's a good enough reason to give it a 9.



MrPanic commented on DSiWare Will Not Be Transferable Unless Ninten...:

I have a Club Nintendo account and I can view all my VC/Wiiware/DSiware on that account so if they just make the Wii/ClubNintendo and DSi/ClubNintendo connections in-reversible ones and all of Nintendo's future consoles account-based, there should be no problem getting that content again on future consoles. That or a big update for the DSi and Wii to make them account based should do the trick, I guess Nintendo will figure it out by themselves though.

All the hating on the DSi is ridiculous though, we all knew how Nintendo's policies are for a long time so this shouldn't come as a surprice, and for the prices DSiware games are sold, the DSi is still worth it if you're in that kind of software. Stop the hating, trolls begone!



MrPanic commented on Miyamoto: Nintendo May Need to Rethink its Onl...:

If the next Ninty console offers the same online functionality as xbox live does, I would be happy to pay for it. If my 360 didn't have it's community and great online services, I'd probably sold it a long time ago. If the next console comes with a free headset and big online support as a party chat and big online game support (at least a new Mario Kart and SSB with revamped online at launch), then I wouldn't hesitate to pay 10 bucks in the month or so.

Basically, I want Nintendo to make a 360. Nintendo makes way better games then all the games that come out on the 360 so the 360's online service with the awesomesauce of Nintendo would be the perfect co-op in my book. Of course a free and a paid version would be better though, like in the free version you can find random matches but paid you get a bigger tournament modes and party chat, or something like that.