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I love nintendo!

Wed 29th Feb 2012

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hendie001 commented on Download Sales Continue to Increase to New Hig...:

I finally broke down and bought a 2 tb hard drive. I used to only buy physical copy s of everything because I collect but starting to love how easy it is to just turn on my wii u and pick a game instead of having to put in a new disc.



hendie001 commented on Video: We Tackle the Legendary Hyrule Warriors...:

I have never played dynasty warriors before but I have really taken a liking to HW. Love Zelda music mixed with metal. Team ninja did a killer job on the game. Its great they gave it a more adult feel and look. Especially the ladies. lol



hendie001 commented on Trailer Shows Off Today's First Batch of Hyrul...:

I picked this up yesterday. Game and DLC. I must say I very impressed with it. Was not even going to purchase it but was at Walmart yesterday and it was calling my name. Hope Nintendo does similar things with other IPs. Was a little surprised with the cleavage but not complaining. Just waiting for a volleyball game to break out. lol



hendie001 commented on Review: Bases Loaded (3DS eShop / NES):

I wish they could bring ken griffy jr baseball too the vitual console but im sure the legal stuff would get in the way. but hey! they changed mike tyson punch out too punch out why not snes mbl baseball.



hendie001 commented on EA Germany Survey Fails To Acknowledge The Wii U:

The nhl games were always a fav of mine when I was a kid but im not big on the new controls. NFS most wanted was very good on wii u but nobody bought it. I think ea has taken its fans for granted for too many years and its starting too catch up with them. I don t think im going too miss EA on my Wii U.



hendie001 commented on "No Plans" For Ambassador Program Following Wi...:

Nintendo owes us nothing! Some peoples kids. I was an ambassader with the 3ds and it was very cool of nintendo to do that but if nintendo gave out free games everytime they cut the price on the wii or the ds they would not have any left to sell. We can t expect these hand outs all the time.