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Thu 8th Mar 2012

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Redfield_Lynch commented on EA Outlines Its Reasons for Lack of Wii U Support:

EA is lying... EA has always supported all consoles, no matter the sales... think Game cube for example... this is about something else... they are not the only ones to blame though for this mess... Nintendo is doing a horrible job with WiiU. I hope things get together with the new software line-up, but honestly i don't think there's enough there for everybody. Hope i'm worng... anyway, what EA has been saying all this time is a LIE and that's why they keep winning the worst company ever prize



Redfield_Lynch commented on Pachter: Without Third Party Support Nintendo ...:

I have to say that, i don`t really care what people think about wiiU... but, i care about Nintendo and they need to sell hardware, quickly...
Nintendo made mistakes that are beeing paid the hard way... the software lineup presented in e3 didn`t have the wow factor Nintendo needs... true microsoft helped a lot with all their stupid mistakes, but sony is going very strong and they seem to have learned from their mistakes with the ps3... we`ll see, but honestly, i don`t see a very bright future for Nintendo and no price cut doesn`t seem to be a very bright move...



Redfield_Lynch commented on DICE Tested Its Frostbite Engine On Wii U, Was...:

EA is in war against nintendo, period!!! Through out the years, even in the gamecube years, EA always, and i mean ALWAYS, supported nintendo, even when they knew the games wouldn't sell...EA thought origin would have a boost at the expense of wiiU but since it wasn't the case...



Redfield_Lynch commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Changing the Media G...:

I'm a little scared with this move from nintendo and what it may represent... last year's conference wasn't what it should have been, and truth has to be said, the message wasn't passed to the main public. Heck, i'm a nintendo fan and i still haven't bought WiiU... the Wind Waker remake will be the push i need i think, but if i ain't convinced, how about all the others... i think this is smart from nintendo in a way, since i think they won't have anything trully good and new to announce, but this is scary since sales really need a push and i don't think nintendo is doing what they should... I think WiiU will be the next gamecube, an excellent system, but a poor seller, and if this happens, nintendo will have to redesign all their strategy... i hope i'm wrong here, but i trully think nintendo will be starting over from scratch... this move from nintendo is, in my opinion, the preparation for that! I'm not worried about finantial results, but the WiiU not making the half a million mark in 4 months...



Redfield_Lynch commented on Ubisoft CEO Not Satisfied With Wii U Sales:

Truth is, games sell consoles, i think we can all agree onthat right?

So, if the WiiU wasn't so thin on new releases, specially AAA titles like Rayman right about now, i belive that would give a push to overall sales... truth is, this decision isn't doing nothing good to Nintendo....



Redfield_Lynch commented on Feature: The Future of GameCube on Wii U:

For me the biggest let down from nintendo was the fact that wiiU won't be able to upscale wii games... having said that, i still have my GC connected so, to have the possibility of playing those games in HD would be a dream come true. Since wiiU won't be able to do it, the thing i would ask would be to make HD GC games available both in digital and physical formats... i still prefer to have the real thing



Redfield_Lynch commented on ZombiU:

This is a sure buy! It's the game that got me the most excited... zombie land here i come!



Redfield_Lynch commented on Feature: Nintendo Land's Potential:

Great article... for me the most important is the way they'll present this. For me there are only two ways for this to work, one would be to include the game with the console the other would be make nintendo land some kind of home for the console.

Since i don't see the 2nd option becoming true, here's me keeping my fingers crossed for the 1st idea to come true



Redfield_Lynch commented on E3 2012: Our View of Nintendo's E3:

For me E3 was horrible. Nintendo`s presentation was badly managed... the main problem is the message they try to give us. Last year was EA our biggest partner, now it's ubisoft who is giving us all the support... on the other side, it`s not just about casual, it's about the "core gamers", but then you get more than half of the show around sing, wii fit, just dance and nintendo land... where's the next tomb raider? Where's the next splinter cell? Where's RE6? Even the game that got me the most excited, ZombiU is now announced to get a multi-platform release...

I love nintendo, i love what they represent and there`s no way won't buy a wiiU, but i have to be honest, the future seems a little darker after this year's show, and it should have been the exact opposite.

I trust nintendo will deliver, but for all the promisses that have been made, i still see 0 beeing delivered. I exepected killer games from the wii, exclusive ones, to show up in all HD glory... a new conduit, an rpg to blow us away, a new sequel to red steel... instead i got a lousy presentation that only makes me scared of the future.

I trully hope that a lot if nintendo directs are on the way



Redfield_Lynch commented on Wii U Power Lacks a 'Generational Leap':

I can understand where this is going and, for me there`s one outcome. People who love their current console will keep it, people with wii and all the ninty fans will upgrade. There's an idea about the importance of better graphics and more raw power that is important to keep... it`s the hardware builders, ati, nvidea, intel, etc, to whom this is important so that people are forced into buying new hardware. People are so blind that they really don't see the purpose behind it all... nintendo made the leap i was interested, hd output. To me this is enough, to a bunch of you guys, it's enough.

My only concern is the lack of 3rd party support, but as long as nintendo makes money and is sucesseful i'm happy



Redfield_Lynch commented on MDK2 Dev Will Never Develop for Nintendo Again:

i think the statements should have been more polite, but i can understand his point... i love my wii and basically i love nintendo in general, but wiiware could and should have been so much more...

Either way, they should have told nintendo this, in a construtive manner, help nintendo construct a better online service, if ninteno didn't care, then they would just give up until the service and conditions were better... these kind of statements don't help anyone...



Redfield_Lynch commented on Feature: Nintendo's Motion Revolution:

I like motion controls...i agree it doesn`t exactly replaces the gamepad, but it doesn`t have to, it's different, it suits certain genres better than others. Especially with the motion plus i thing motion controls are inx fact closer to what originally nintendo wanted in the first place, so... i'm absolutely ok with motion controls,when i think they aren't suited i plug in the classic controller ormy gamecube controller



Redfield_Lynch commented on Review: The Last Story (Wii):

It`s one of the best games i`ve played in years. Graphics are extraordinary, gameplay very easy to dig in but with lots to learn and master and the story... it is in fact glorious. Anyone with a wii should buy it, plain and simple



Redfield_Lynch commented on Indie Developer Phil Fish Says Japanese Games ...:

One thing is to have an opinion and make it with education and actual arguments, a very diferent thing is to be rude... excuse me but anyone in such an event with the responsability this guy has to say something like that is... i can`t really think of a better word than... stupid? Maybe he thought he was with his friends having a beer...

For me japanese games are still the best,by a long shot, but that`s not to say that everything is ok, but that`s a general problem in the videogame industry, not a japan exclusive!



Redfield_Lynch commented on Talking Point: The Inevitability of Digital Re...:

It's difficult not to mention this particular reality so,yes, nintendo must take this issue in consideration, but please companies, have in mind that a huge amount of players, myself included, want the physical support. If everything for everyone is considered, then by all means, go digital, but keep physical