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Tue 4th Jun 2013

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ron4540 commented on Pachter: Without Third Party Support Nintendo ...:

I like family-oriented non-violent games — Mario, Zelda, Wii Sports for me — I've never tried XBOX or PS, but in browsing the aisles at Target or Best Buy, I've never even come across any of their games I'd want to buy. I don't think NintendoLife should cover Pachter. You can't really compare Nintendo with Sony/Microsoft, since they serve different markets.

What I would like however, would be the option to buy a Wii U without the gamepad. The Wii is perfect for me, except for one thing---I'd like HD graphics. My guess is that a lot of people think the gamepad is overkill. I bought the Wii U but later sold it. I didn't need off-TV play, and preferred to use the Wiimote instead of the gamepad.

How do we get NintendoLife to turn a blind eye to Pachter? He has no special insights and we should focus on the positives, instead of giving time to Nintendo's enemies.



ron4540 commented on Pachter Predicts Wii U Price Cut, Feels Ninten...:

If the Wii U was sold as an HD device without the tablet for a cheaper price, we'd be doing much better. Of course the first party games are needed too (although they are coming soon). Perhaps Nintendo would consider selling the Wii U without the tablet at a cheaper price point, with the tablet becoming a 149-dollar accessory for those wanting the second screen experience. Many people have no need for the second screen or off-TV play. All they want is HD and access to the new games.