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Tue 1st Jan 2013

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t_vo commented on We're Getting Digital Right On 3DS And Wii U, ...:

@antdickens Once you plug in the drive you never know it's there. Nothing acts any different. I got a 2TB drive for 99 bucks. A lot better value, for the amount of memory anyways, than the way the other systems work. 3ds you can just pop in SD cards so it's easy too.



t_vo commented on Pachter: Without Third Party Support Nintendo ...:

Looking at the PS4's launch line up, and the amount of games available for the wii U's (and the first year of the ps3 and xbox360 for that matter), i will be getting a ps4 in addition to my wii, but it won't be until holiday 2014.



t_vo commented on Video: New Super Luigi U Trailer Flutter Jumps...:

Too bad you just couldn't buy the disc and install it, then you wouldn't have to buy it twice, for those of you who want the convenience of digital, but want to collect the box. But I guess obsessive compulsiveness has a price, no? XD



t_vo commented on EA Has No Publicly Announced Wii U Games Plann...:

Not too worried about lack of EA games. They aren't that good anymore anyways. Mostly all sequel re-hash anyways. Japanese developed exclusives brought west will fill in nicely with a breath of fresh air. I've got a feeling this will be the NES all over again with people flocking to these "strange new games" from Japan. Wii U will be fine. They said the same thing about the 3DS, and to be honest, the 3DS is cranking out a tonne of sweet games right now. It's on fire. Wii U will be a year from now. Pretty sure you'll see the Wii U deluxe @ 299 as well. Nintendo will spin it as it not being a price cut, as the Basic will be gone, and they will drop Deluxe off the end of the name, so technically it will be a new SKU.



t_vo commented on Rumour: Wii U Sold Less Than 40,000 Units In N...:

I don't know about you, but I buy something because I want it. Not because how many other people bought it. Somehow people think they are successful through association if they support the most "successful" console. Main reason elections have so many polls, because people are more incline to vote for someone they think will win.



t_vo commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Mixed Week With Wii ...:

@Steveovig I don't agree. Most 360 guys I've talked to said unless they can play their 360 games on the next box, they aren't upgrading. They've got too much invested in the 360, and in fact, still love playing it. The sales of the 360 are still too high for the marke to embrace the new one with high sales. I think it'll will jump out of the gate and then drop right off. Similar to the PS2's effect it had on early ps3 sales.



t_vo commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Mixed Week With Wii ...:

I think a way Nintendo can put it to these guys is to step up with Publishing duties and localize a lot of the Japanese games and bring them to North America. That's what was a lot of the draw with the NES. "Wow, what's this game, I never heard of it before. It's awesome!". Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy etc. That's what helped pull the NES to the front back in the day, and I think they could do it again. I don't think as many people are gonna put down the bucks for the other next gen's just to play Call of Duty, when they can get their fill with what's offered with the 360 now. If EA was dissapointed with the sales of the Wii, they might have wished they didn't put all their eggs in the ps4/720 basket, because I think after the initial spike at release, sales of those systems will be slow as well.



t_vo commented on Dead Island: Riptide Developer Says The Engine...:

Every machine that is developed for is an "extra" cost. Maybe there is collusion between the publishers to have only 2 machines to develop for. I think it's obvious who they have chosen as those 2 machines.



t_vo commented on Nintendo States That an External Hard Drive is...:

@oldaq They're right on the main menu. I've always bought disc but with the wii u, due to the 10% off wii u deluxe promotion, i've been downloading them. Now when I want to play a game I do have on disc, I find myself saying, ah man I gotta get up and put a disc in. It's quite handy having them all on the hard drive. No noticeable difference between reading off the hard drive compared to disc either.



t_vo commented on EA: Excited About New Generation Which Is "Yet...:

I think this really prooves that there was some kind of falling out between EA and Nintendo, and EA basically told them that they will not support their system with any direct investment. However, I think when EA goes to release their first games for the PS4 and Nextbox, they'll see the small install base in the first year of those systems, and see the larger install base of the Wii U and port those "next" gen's over to the Wii'U, just to help cover the costs of the inherently lower software sales on newly realeased hardware.



t_vo commented on GameStop Sales of Wii U Are Reportedly "Slight...:

I wish they would state which wii U's are abundant. I bet the deluxes sell out quickly, but there's ton's of the basic sets. I've pretty much always seen at least on basic set on the shelves everytime I go in the store, but usually never any deluxes. Personally, when I was trying to get my hands on a Wii U, it took me six weeks from launch to get a delux, although many times I passed up on an available basic set. I give the basic set another 6 months before Ninty goes back to just one set with common items, just it'll be available in white or black.



t_vo commented on Renegade Kid Worried About 3DS Piracy:

The only reason to hack a system is to allow for pirated games. Everything else is all BS to "legitimize" it to appease their conscience and lawyers. Hackers killed the wii. Developers stopped supporting it because game sales dropped like a boat anchor when the wii was hacked. I know guys with hard drives full of wii games they never paid for. Why spend your hard earned money on games when you can get them for free right? I guess if I can't afford to buy that nice sports car I should just steal it right? If you didn't buy it, you stole it. It's not piracy, it's stealing. So hackers, don't kill the 3ds, and the WiiU. Go hack something else.



t_vo commented on Wii U Games Struggling At Retail In The UK:

These charts don't take into account sales from the eShop. I know i bought Scribblenauts off the eShop, which is a retail game as well. 10% discount to buy online. (well, 10% credit actually). Would be interesting to see what those sales are, but I'm sure those figures are never released.