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Talking Point: Nintendo Makes Bold Move with the 3DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

3DS price cut an act of genius, or madness?

OK, deep breaths everyone. In its co-ordinated worldwide press releases on 28th July, Nintendo made a truly unexpected move. Some analysts were anticipating a potential 3DS price drop in the run up to the all-important holiday season, but the sheer scale of the reduction has caught many off guard. With the recommended retail price dropping to $169.99 in the US, as well as a speculated price of £150-£160 in the UK, Nintendo has dropped the trade price by roughly a third. That’s a significant change, so we thought we’d try and look at the various issues at hand and what they could mean for the 3DS. If you want the bare facts as they develop, don’t forget to check out our Nintendo 3DS Ambassador and eShop FAQ.

Why has Nintendo done this?

There is one obvious reason: money. The announcement coincided with the confirmation of financial losses in the last quarter. For a company accustomed to enjoying mammoth profits in the last five years, this will have been difficult to swallow. Officially, some blame was placed on costs of 3DS advertising and Wii U research and development; unofficially, it's clear that disappointing 3DS sales have been a contributing factor. Just 700,000 3DS consoles were sold between April and June, a truly terrible figure.

Beyond the disappointing commercial performance, this could be seen as a reaction to the market in which Nintendo finds itself. In the dedicated handheld gaming sphere, the PlayStation Vita looms large on the horizon. With powerful PS3-style graphics and some interesting features, it's a device attracting a lot of buzz. In addition, Nintendo may be facing up to the challenge of smartphones and tablets; the casual market in particular is being drawn in by iOS and Android games. By introducing a price point not far off the retail price of the DSi XL, Nintendo is clearly making the case that, like the older DS devices, this is a reasonably priced entertainment system.

Putting all its chips on the table

One thing is abundantly clear: this decision is a gamble. On the one hand, this price drop takes the fight to Sony, Apple and Android. At E3 2011, Sony made a big deal of its price point matching that of the 3DS; Nintendo has pre-empted that move in a surprisingly aggressive way. It has been speculated that Sony may be swallowing losses on each Vita device at their current price point; if true, it seems unlikely that they’ll be able to match $169.99. It's certainly bold, but it's up to individuals whether this is a show of commercial chutzpah or fear-induced panic.

The positive spin is that Nintendo is showing some muscle. Launch didn’t go to plan? No sweat, we can live with slashing the price. Only a company with a lot of cash can use these kinds of tactics, and Nintendo is demonstrating that it's in the game to win it. Not only is the 3DS going to be significantly less expensive than the Vita, it's enjoying a four-month head start at this price point. In addition, Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 are both confirmed for release during the crucial holiday shopping season. These are both blockbuster franchises and may go a long way to persuading parents to include a 3DS in their kiddy-wink’s Christmas stockings. As mentioned earlier, the price is almost on a par with current DSi XL prices, so the sales bump could potentially be impressive.

From a financial standpoint there are sources, such as Bloomberg in Japan, stating that Nintendo will now make a loss on each sale of the device. It's interesting to consider this against the backdrop of estimated costs of production. Prior to the price drop, it was speculated that Nintendo was enjoying positive profit margins on each sale. We’re not talking about whether retailers made a profit — they rarely do on hardware — but the money that Nintendo received in trade sales. A speculative breakdown of the 3DS build costs (via Eurogamer) established an estimated cost of around £61.76. Sources suggested that the original trade price was around £170, though a reduction of about a third would bring that down to around £114; these are rough figures. Even considering Nintendo’s 3DS costs for marketing, R&D, packaging and labour, it was a reasonable assumption that they were receiving a profit from the original trade price. The price drop does change that, but considering the estimated base cost and the profits that the company has enjoyed in recent years, we would suggest that Nintendo can swallow the costs in the interests of building the 3DS user base.

The negative sides of this price-drop argument are just as numerous, however. As suggested earlier, some are interpreting these moves as an act of panic, a sign that Nintendo is choking under the pressure of a poor launch. While consumers could see the price drop and buy the device in droves, it's also possible that trust in the product will be shaken, causing buyers to stay away. It also reflects poorly on the original recommended retail price of $250, or around £230 in the UK. Was Nintendo greedy and arrogant with this pricing, taking advantage of early adopters? The fact that so many retailers immediately went below £200 in the UK suggested that they also had concerns about this pricing.

It's these early adopters that are potentially the biggest concern for Nintendo. Although many early buyers will have sniffed out good deals on launch, there will be those who paid well over £200. These consumers may feel hard done by, a fact acknowledged by Nintendo of Europe in an apologetic press release. Acknowledging the scale of the price drop, the statement admits that this may “cause you, the loyal fans who supported Nintendo 3DS from the beginning, to lose trust in us, and this is not our intention in any way.” The statement goes on to “express our gratitude to our special customers like you”; it is rare for Nintendo to be quite so humble in its language.

Is the 3DS Ambassador Programme enough?

In an attempt to offset the disappointment of those who’ve already bought into the 3DS experience, Nintendo is offering 20 free downloadable titles in the coming months. Devices registered before 12th August will receive 10 NES and 10 Game Boy Advance titles at no cost. There are some juicy titles being offered, especially from the previously unavailable Game Boy Advance titles, though some gamers with a Wii may already have some of the NES downloads. While the NES releases will eventually be available for purchase to new owners, there is uncertainty over whether the GBA titles will follow, or whether these will be genuine exclusives for ambassadors.

Early reaction to the offer seems mixed. On the one hand it seems like a fair reward with a decent market value (at eShop prices), especially for gamers who’ve already had some months of enjoying the 3DS. The counter-argument is that early adopters are being bought off with old games and no choice in what those gifted titles are, many of which may already be owned. This scheme simply won’t please everyone, but short of giving existing owners cash – which won’t happen – Nintendo may argue that it is a reasonable gift for customer loyalty.

What do you think?

There are a lot of issues around this price drop and we haven’t covered them all. We want to hear what you think:

Existing 3DS owners - Is the ambassador programme offer enough to appease you? Do you feel your early purchase has been worth it so far?
Potential 3DS owners - Does this price change affect your decision on whether to purchase a 3DS? Is this strategy winning you over?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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47drift said:

Hell yes that's enough to appease me. Metroid Fusion alone would have been good enough.

I also know a lot of people who make this move look like a success. A few feel like they need to buy it at $250 now so they can get those games, and a lot of others are definitely getting it once that price drop hits.



Corbs said:

I think the price drop is a good idea to help get the system selling heading into the holiday season, but there's also a part of me that feels like it makes Nintendo look a bit weak having to drop the price so significantly and so soon after the system's launch. Of course, if it gets the 3DS sales going again and gives them a strong showing during the holiday shopping season, it will all be worth it.



CowLaunch said:

I'm going to have to vote for madness.

The free games was an ok idea, but not allowing later buyers to purchase the GBA games has annoyed me greatly. It doesn't matter which GBA games I do or do not want, it's the principle; Nintendo has basically stuck 2 fingers up to people who don't want to pay a huge amount for a portable console.



LordJumpMad said:

I say Madness
but thats my answer for everything

anyway, this price cut could mean a new nintendo handheld maybe in the works,
and thats an even bigger slap in the face.



Aviator said:

The GBA games would have been enough for me, but the NES games are an added bonus. I'm worried about the 3DS, but I can worry while playing Metroid.



grumblegrumble said:

I think it's a great idea... The price IS too steep for this system (considering a new entry level iPod touch is around the same price or cheaper) I think they are positioning themselves well to compete in a saturated market. Plus, we get free games and that's cool in and of itself I'm appeased! LOL



Corbs said:

Yeah, nice touch with the GBA games. I do hope eventually they make them available to everyone who owns a 3DS. And possibly release even more on the eShop.



Geonjaha said:

Prices are always going to drop for products. You are aware of this when you buy them. You may have spent 30% more than others but it was so that you got it straight away, which has given you months with it. The 20 free games just makes it an even better deal.



LordChimpington said:

I am happy plus even with the 10 games shown I have not played all of them and they are all pretty good titles. I was happy with my system and am having fun with it. Yea I wouldn't mind money, wii points or whatever but I would have most likely spent the money on games anyway. I think it is a smart move and I believe people will come running to the system this christmas. You can't forget when the system was released at a sort of awkward time. But now with the price drop, all the features, sweet games coming out how could you say no.

Plus you always have to remember they could have offered us original 3ds buyers nothing for buying the system early.



James said:

I couldn't agree more!

I figure it'd be good to get some people agreeing with each other instead of arguing all the time. It's a trial run, we'll see how it goes.



WhiteLayer said:

First I heard about this here on the 28th. Then in the afternoon I went and bought one. That kinda speaks for itself, I think



CowLaunch said:

The 3DS seems rushed to me.

The launch seems to have been done before there were enough games (to beat competitors to the implement the 3D technology?) and this current policy seems hastily put together.



Imperfect said:

well for the Ambassadores program, when you look at the worth of each game, assuimg that nes games will be 5$ like on the wii shop and that judging by the fact that Links awakening dx cost 7$ GBA games will be 7$+, your looking at a net worth of over 120 dollars, not to mention the fact that the games shown have all been high quality first parties for the most part and also for the bragging rights in getting (old) games before anyone else on your 3ds, including that the GBA ones may never be released to the public outside of this program. I definatley belive it's satisfactory,( hell of a lot more then I was expecting). If enough people read about the program, some people may even buy the system before the price cut just to get thoes hard to find games. The Gba ones go for a lot on ebay and stuff nowadays, so thats pretty cool by itself.

As for sales,Sony is not that big of a factor becuase they are targeting diffrent markets, so the price may not cut into sony's sales as deeply as you would think. People will buy the 3ds if they like nintendo games, not just becuase its cheaper than the Vita.

Anyway, I don't really like analyzing profits and such because its like assuming- it makes an ass out of u and me. So I'm going to stop myself their before I'm forced to eat my words.



LordChimpington said:

@5 They aren't offering the 20 games to get people to buy a 3ds at the original price. They are doing that for people who bought the system early.



GamingsCupofJoe said:

Well since a gameboy and NES game is about 35 bucks. And 35x20 is 500. So we are getting double the amount of gifts we should have (Since the 3DS is $250). SWEET



Blaze said:

I think the price drop is a good idea. I am an early adopter, and therefore will be getting free games. Although I completely understand that some won't want these games due to already owning them, or just wanting something new, but you have to keep in mind that Nintendo could have left us to bear the grunt of the price drop with nothing to soften the blow.

I also think that the price drop is quite a good idea, as many more will be enticed into buying a 3DS, however, my concern is, was this 100% necessary? If Nintendo had waited until the launch of Super Mario and Mario Kart 7, would that not have increased the sales?

And finally, I'm sure I heard somewhere near launch that the 3DS only cost £60/$100 to build, and I'm not sure about labour and all the rest, but I think Nintendo will still be scraping a profit from each 3DS. I'll post a link with the source soon.



TwilightV said:

I'm satisfied with the program. I don't regret my purchase at all. I believe in this company, and will stand firmly by that belief.

Maybe I should buy some ADRs. I've always wanted to really be a part of the company, and now seems like a good opportunity to do it, for better or worse.



Luffymcduck said:

My friends are already considering to buy the system because of the prize cut, so yeah that´s nice. And I´ll be playing old GBA and NES games, most of which I already have, so yeah. Just add Mario & Luigi SS to the list and I´ll shut up.



LordTendoboy said:

$170 is the perfect price for a 3DS, but I also wish the GBA games were available for purchase after this promotion ends.



skywake said:

@CowLaunch I don't get that logic. What difference does it make to me if the GBA games don't remain exclusive to "ambassadors"? It's not like the games will be less enjoyable if they start selling them later.

It's a bit like the 3D Classics Excitebike. That was free for a while and now it's not. I got it for free and I can still play it and the fact that they charge for it now doesn't make it a more enjoyable game. The 3D trailers were free and now they're not available, they're not suddenly better now I can't download them anymore.



rdvid said:

PSVita doesn't have for me what the 3DS does; 3D photos, 3D games and overall: 3D!



CowLaunch said:


But they're not selling the GBA games later, that's exactly the point. The free games was a nice gesture, this though I just find annoying.



LordTendoboy said:


I can't see the 3D, so that doesn't matter to me. The games are more important. The 3D is just a useless gimmick, even more of a gimmick than motion controls.



IronMan28 said:

Good move on Nintendo's part. A lot of people are unfairly crying foul on this situation and saying Nintendo is basically in dire straits, which is a ridiculous assertion, in my viewpoint. Nintendo simply hasn't been profiting as much as they'd like, but if anyone notices, they didn't mention games being any cheaper, just the hardware. Remember, a lot of games they're banking on selling well are developed in house or by second party development teams which means these games enjoying success will make up for the (possible) losses on the 3DS. Nintendo knows what its doing when it releases so many first party titles on its consoles (unfortunately, this doesn't cause competition from other developers, it tends to scare them away in some cases, hopefully not this one). In any case, I applaud their efforts in giving people 20 free games if you already shelled out for the 3DS, like I have, bravo Nintendo, bravo.



LordChimpington said:

@cowlaunch yea but you said that nintendo is sticking up 2 fingers to the people that didn't want to buy the system at the original price. But they are only giving out these 20 games because some of us bought the 3ds early and now it's gonna be $80 off. I understand that the gba games might not be released on the eshop but Nintendo is not trying to screw people who don't or didn't buy the system at the original price.



Corbs said:

I think much of the backlash has more to do with gamers who go out and support the systems on launch day and then turn around and watch the companies drop the prices so quickly after launch. And this pertains to not just Nintendo, or even the video game industry, but companies of all types of products. Perhaps in this economic time, people are just getting fed up with the practice. But what did we expect Nintendo to do with sales lagging - stick to their guns and not try anything to rectify the situation?



TwilightV said:

@Cowlaunch: They never flat out said the GBA games wouldn't be available publicly. They just won't be immediately available. They'll probably be released eventually, and it's not like there won't be anything between now and then.



skywake said:

@CowLaunch Oh I see, I misread. For some reason I thought you were saying that the people who brought it early were being screwed over not the other way around.

If that's the case then..... I still don't get why you're complaining. If you think that the people who get it early are getting a better deal then go out and buy it now. If you think that the games aren't worth the $100AU (or whatever) then pocket the cash and spend it on whatever you want.

Personally, I'd rather the cash value of the NES/GBA games in eShop credit than the ability to download a pre-determined set of NES/GBA games for free. If you get it later you can pretty much do that if you want.



ThomasBW84 said:

Thanks @3DSneedsRPGs - That article is using the same source material as we have, except they're talking in dollars rather than pounds. As stated, reputable sources such as Bloomberg have analysed the finances and predicted each 3DS will make a loss. Due to the base costs though, it may be that the loss is fairly manageable. Also bear in mind that Nintendo have been making monster profits for a few years, so it's a gamble they can probably afford to take.



R-L-A-George said:

James wrote:

@Corbs I see what you're saying, but I think it's better Nintendo looks weak and sells consoles than sticks to its price, doesn't sell consoles and looks arrogant.

Like what Sony looks like when they decided to release in October instead of early next year, very desperate and arrogant.



JimLad said:

I'd say the lack of sales is down to the price and the lack of marketing.
Also maybe the oversaturation of the DS brand name over the last five years. They always seemed to have a new version coming out and the public were never given time to breathe, now it's catching up with them.

But the DS only really took off when it got Brain Training, Nintendogs, Mario Kart, NSMB, so maybe things will change after christmas. They still need to do some serious advertising though.



Dizzard said:

I feel like the ambassador programme is enough. Even if I didn't feel that it would HAVE to be enough.

We were all willing to buy the system at the price we did, remember that. We can complain about it if we want but in the end we'd all just have to get over it. Nintendo didn't have to do something like this, so for them to do anything at all and on this scale is fairly generous.



Corbs said:

R-L-A-George wrote:

Like what Sony looks like when they decided to release in October instead of early next year, very desperate and arrogant.

Actually, I think October is probably the best time of year to launch a console and I'm hoping that Nintendo fights the urge to launch the Wii U in the spring/summer next year and instead waits until October/November 2012.



Corbs said:

Most of the Vita games I played looked very near completion at E3, so I don't get the feeling they're rushing the system. And as much as I loved getting my hands on the 3DS in March, I still think it too would have been better suited for a September or October launch. At least Nintendo are making adjustments to give the 3DS system every opportunity to succeed during the upcoming holiday season with the price drop and the amazing games on tap, Vita or not.



TNLGUY said:

My early purchase has definitely been worth it. I've been a video game addict my whole life. Unfortunately, drug addiction has caused me to part ways with most of my video games. I needed a new game system soon, and I was very excited to hear about the 3DS. I don't care what I've already paid for it, that's done and over with. The free games have me very excited, but also I am afraid for Nintendo. I hope they pull through, as they are my favorite gaming company by far.



Mandoble said:

"Existing 3DS owners - Is the ambassador programme offer enough to appease you?"
Not at all, it is a bad taste joke, I lost 100€ in exchange of 20 obsolete games that probably I've already payed for or that probably I dont like. I have 1 GBA, 1 old N64, 2 DS, 1 DSiXL, 1 3DS and 1 Wii and hundreds of games, so probably I should be considered as one of the most loyal Nintendo customers around the world. Not any more, I feel robbed, fooled, cheated by a company that kicks the mouths of these that feed them. They are experts on selling garbage at diamond price.

"Do you feel your early purchase has been worth it so far?" Obviously no. I have the impression I threw 100€ to the WC, during this time all I had is shovelware with the exception of OOT, and I already payed twice for it.

And is not that we were WILLING to buy the system at the price we did, that idea is absurd, I really was willing even more to get the system for free. It is like buying an expensive 3D TV today and finding it for free in all the shops the day after, then the company tries to shut you up with 20 classic films in a DVD for free.



MrMagpie said:

I'm more than happy with my 20 free games, but maybe because I already paid £40 less than the RRP when I bought it! These games ARE genuine classics though, not shovelware, and as such, I am thoroughly ready to forgive ninty.



y2josh said:

Nintendo has left a bad taste in my mouth with all of this. I will think about it long and hard before buying a Nintendo console in the future. I look forward to the 20 free games though. Although, they should have gave the full list instead of 5 of each.

@R-L-A-George: Has the October release been confirmed?



dimi said:

Nintendo and Sony specially in portable market are facing a new reality. Things wont be easy for either of them. Nintendo will make up from the price cut from software sales anyway. In my opinion its the price of software that needs to be cut too. There will be far more sales this way. 20 dollars/euro is a fair price for 90% of the titles. 30 euro is fair enough for high budget titles like Mario, Pokemon, Final Fantasy etc. And some of us are not anymore teenagers/college students, so we would appreciate more "mature" titles. I don't have a 3ds yet. I plan to get one now, but still there's no software to support it. The only game i really want to play is Resident Evil Revelations.



skleiman said:

awseome!!! I was going to buy the 3ds anyway but after the price cut there is no questioning about it



dizzy_boy said:

how many people have already their 3DS eShop accounts linked to their club nintendo accounts?
i would assume a fair few.
so with that in mind, 20 questionaires and a whole load of extra stars/coins are inward bounf for alot of people.



Wolfenstein83 said:

Here is a silly idea, and I am not sure if anyone mentioned this before, but what if Nintendo would have held off, and launched the 3DS right along-side the WiiU?
Then the 3DS could have been used as an interface device for the WiiU, instead of a whole seperate screen thingy.
It would be cool to aim the 3DS at the screen, and have hidden objects pop out of the game at you.
Anyways, it would have saved them money and time I think, and would have made more sense to consumers, seeing that they could use the 3DS as a handheld, or as an extra interactive device for the new console, instead of seperating them, and possibly confusing the casual gamers out there.
But that isn't what happened, and I don't have a time machine to go back to try and convince anyone of anything, so yeah, about the price drop, I think it's Nintendo over-reacting a little bit.
I am cool with it though, only because I haven't bought one yet, and we all know that down the line (Like the original DS) a better model with more features will probly come along eventually.
I just wish everyone could have access to the NES and GBA games, that would make a great selling point to most people, and not just a select few.
Not saying that the early buyers don't deserve it, just saying that Nintendo should be more broad with their moves, rather than segregate.
Sorry for the long comment, maybe I should write a book about this...hahaha!
Ah well, could be worse I guess, imagine if they went under like Sega did and stopped making consoles/handhelds all together?
Yeah, then it would be time to worry, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.



Raptor78 said:

I was an early adopter and im happy there is a price drop. Sure I may have paid more than anybody who will mid August but over the last 3 or 4 months I have racked up 272 hours and 28 mins of playtime. With the Ambasador program, the DLC content for Sam Warriors & DoA I really dont feel I have lost out on any money and the increased number of new owners will surely benefit me in more games being produced and even more Streetpass oppertunities.



Supremeist said:

The price drop is a good idea because they will get alot of sales from people who want to be eShop Ambassadors, and people who prefer the price to be knocked down alot. Nintendo made a good decision IMO.



Gamer83 said:

It's an act of desperation and something that wouldn't have had to happen if people running the show at Nintendo weren't so damn arrogant.



NGpenguin said:

Greaat choice, Nintendo!
although...... i shouldnt have got the 3DS on launch date... if only i had waited.... XD



TanookiSteven said:

I could care less how much I paid. I know that Nintendo will always do something for it's fans and guess what they did. I was already pleased with the system before, but this ambassador program's awesome .



CowLaunch said:

Intention is not the same as outcome. Nintendo may be wanting to please 'loyalists', and they may succeed in that, but a byproduct is that the GBA policy has annoyed me. I can't speak for anyone else, but I would have thought it was Nintendo fans not yet with a 3DS like myself that they're aiming for.

I thought that Nintendo had categorically stated that GBA would not be purchasable, it seems I was mistaken. Regardless I don't intend to buy a 3DS unless Nintendo states that they will be made available.

Such a policy is basically creating a 2 tier customer class, where those who spent more before a certain time get exclusives. Whether this is Nintendo's actual intention is of little importance. If there is any evidence that others feel like me (admittedly there seems to be little indication that there is) then it might be a bad business move on their part.

I'm not going to petition parliament or anything, but I do choose to vote in the marketplace.



XCWarrior said:

Nintendo is scrambling. I want a better battery life, a working hinge and a screen that won's scratch.

OH yeah, and I want games to play on the 3DS. None of those things are happening, just a price drop. No sale.



kdognumba1 said:

Is the ambassador programme offer enough to appease you?
Yes, I have many feelings on this too. First off I know the press is very quick to throw Nintendo under the bus about this, but just like the welcome back package, I feel it's more then worth it. Sure it's older games but 20 free games either way is a great deal, especially considering most companies normally don't compensate early adopters for price drops.

Do you feel your early purchase has been worth it so far?
To an extent yes to an extent no. I really enjoyed SSFIV and the 3DS's built in software and I also like the fact the system only uses 1 friend code. I didn't like the fact that the eShop and video services weren't ready at launch, though I'm glad to have them (and netflix) now. I don't like the fact that so many games that should have online don't have online, that demo's aren't available in the eShop, and I completely hate the fact I can't message friends. Seriously though, what's the point of having 1 global friends list if I can't contact the people on that list?

I'm glad that they're doing this price drop, I'm sure it will be a huge boost in sales and I'm glad I'm getting 20 free games however they really need to work on the online offerings, not just video... FEATURES. This is something Sony had to learn with the PS3, blueray is great but people want strong online features. Learn from them Nintendo, 3D is great but not at the risk of having bad online.



Samholy said:

the ambassador thing is excellent...and a bit frustrating. I do hope its not ending at 20 titles.
this program should bring small perks in the future too.
i cant to be wowed by a shiny title, this is only a big name that doesnt do much anyway.
of course those games are awesome, but theyre oldies i mostly already played. if the gba titles really stay unique to ambassadors (which i greatly doubt) then maybe the title is worth it.

but again, maybe i would have liked the 3ds 80 dollars less rather a than a bucket full of games that i dont have a choice to pick, that half of them is a mystery. With that money, i could have picked zelda ocarina of time plus a couple of shop titles of my taste.
I could have spared it for the next mario and starfox.
heck, i could have spent it on my daily life shopping.



MF_MaxiMillion said:

Existing 3DS owners - Is the ambassador programme offer enough to appease you? Do you feel your early purchase has been worth it so far?

I am appeased with any of this. However, I've seen from the very beginning it needs improvement. Small efforts to enhance the 3DS itself would have been worth 250 and there would be no worrying about sales if Nintendo made good decisions about their products.



Kevin said:

If you have a problem with getting 20 free games for those extra $80 something's wrong with you. I'll be downloading every game probably even the sucky Super Circuit.



IronMan28 said:

No matter how awesome this whole thing is, Nintendo needs to figure out how to market these games and begin to sell more digital games and needs to change its image with the general public if it wants to continue making hardware. Personally, I think it will be pretty easy for Nintendo to reposition itself, but unfortunately they may need to take an Apple-style approach to doing so. They need to also figure out how to carve their own way without seeming too pretentious like the aforementioned company can at times.



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

I think I'm getting Yoshi's Island. >D
But seriously, this is somewhat worrisome. I can understand a price drop in November or even October, but now, so early on in the system's life, does not bode well. I was thinking Nintendo would get by on the 3DS, because I'm confident the Wii U will be a failure. So this could be close to the GCN's case, except instead of the huge success of Game Boy Advance, we get a commercial flop.



BJQ1972 said:

I cannot comprehend why Nintendo are struggling with this sensational hardware.

It seems like people are going out of their way to NOT play DS games on it. It is backwards compatible and so has a huge back catalogue of games. Yes, you could argue that you could play Solatorobo on your old DS, but it just makes no sense to me.

It's like buying a 3dtv and refusing to watch anything other than 3d on it.



TKOWL said:

Potential 3DS owners - Does this price change affect your decision on whether to purchase a 3DS? Is this strategy winning you over?

Yes, it is. This bold new price drop made me want to get the 3DS more, and makes me encouraged that Nintendo isn't afraid to take risks.



blackknight77 said:

Not much to complain about. I'm looking forward to Star Fox and Resident Evil Revelations while my 3ds is about to be stocked with classic releases. I'm a happy camper



Will-75 said:

l think the price drop is awesome, as this will make the system which is a very good system, an easier purchase to those who could not afford the 250.00 price tag. As for the free stuff we are getting for having the system before the price drop, I think some people need to ask the sony fans what they got when their PSN went down for weeks after their info was hack into. I feel Nintendo is really being as fair as they can and are thinking of us their fans...



Radbot42 said:

i probably could have waited if i would have known all the games i wanted were to be delayed. i'm looking at BIT.TRIP SAGA and Cave Story and their long delays. However the 20 free games are nice I would have liked more options in them. I know they will have to be all 1st party titles because I bet other companies will not be okay with that amount of a loss.

I am looking forward to my exclusive GBA games though mainly MvDK it will be nice to have both the original and its sequel on the same handheld.



asoccerstar43 said:

i would rather have any eshop titles of our choice than them picking the titles because i wasted about $100 and i dont want the titles i dont like



Hyperstar96 said:

@42 Unlike you, many people haven't played every major Nintendo game ever made, so this is a good gift to the majority of 3DS owners. I've been a Nintendo fan for almost my entire life, and I still haven't played Metroid Fusion or Yoshi's Island (not a lot of it, anyway).

I think the Ambassador program is more than enough to win over my forgiveness, but... Nintendo is LOSING money on each 3DS?! Dis I read that right? Madness I say, MADNESS!



Nintenzo said:

Hell yeah! Now I'll be able to buy one with birthday money (which, coincidentally enough, August 12th is my birthday). :



iphys said:

I still think the system is actually worth $250, so I didn't need to be appeased with 20 free games, but I probably would have been a bit gutted by this big price drop with Excitebike 3D being the only freebie I got for being an early adopter. Getting 20 more free games makes me feel no remorse for buying early, although I suppose I would rather have $80 worth of 3D games from the eShop than these 20 VC titles, but I doubt I would have even had the patience to wait for the price drop even if I'd known in advance it would happen this soon.



daznsaz said:

i got my 3ds at midnight launch and never regretted it played nearly all launch games which were so-so then had a bit of a drought because id sold my wii ive had 100hrs on doa so far and nearly twice that on resi mercs and i have about 5 other games to fall back on from eshop.if theyd said the 3ds was now free i wouldnt be bothered i got it on release the ambassador program is just a massive bonus long live nintendo



TrueWiiMaster said:

Since right now I'm panicking to get a 3DS and connect it to the eshop before August 12th, I'd say this was a fairly smart move, if somewhat annoying. If Nintendo hadn't put that "exclusive to ambassadors" line in there, I would just wait for the price drop. I mean, I only really want 2 of the announced NES games, and I wouldn't rush to buy them on the eshop if I was paying (I already own one of them them on the Wii's VC). It's those GBA games, 4 of which I've never played, that drive me to pay as much as $80 extra to guarantee I'll get them. I'll say one thing though. Nintendo better not make the other 10 unannounced games filler, or release the GBA games on the eshop soon after the ambassadors get them, or I will be one VERY disgruntled customer.



3dbrains said:

how cheap does this make it in England?
I will buy one at a lower price but only if they fix the screen scratching problem and release the video recorder they promised.



Nintendoverse said:

I bought the 3DS for 200 quid, and it came with Pilotwings, which is the only game I've got for it so far. And have been pleasantly suprised by it. Well, the only physical game. I've downloaded around four or five games from the eShop. (Which makes me an ambassador, right? I read somewhere about needing to link your 3DS to Club Nintendo, but that isn't right, right?) The only other launch game I'm interested in getting is Shadow Wars. Will pick up Zelda soonish, too. But I am very happy with Nintendo's compensation of 10 NES games and 10 GBA games. I just hope that when the time comes, I'll be able to download them.



Froggievilleus said:

I LOVE that I am now an Ambassador!

That being said, Nintendo is going above and beyond by giving us this. And the games listed so far are great games. They could have done nothing. When was the last time Sony did anything like this?

For those who complain about getting the system before the price drop - you made the decision to do it. No one put a gun up to your head. This system has potential and have already given a lot. I have been frustrated that there is no street date for Animal Crossing, but I remind myself that the game will get release when it is ready and not before. There is still plenty to play.

As for the people who think this is the death knell of the 3DS, I think that is a bit premature. The test will be the holiday season. And I feel that they will pass with flying colours.

And for those who keep comparing the 3DS to the Virtual Boy - knock it off. The Virtual Boy was crap and doomed from the get go. And it got its price drops later than the 3DS.

I will be willing to bet that in 6 months the 3DS will do great business and we will look back and wonder what the whining was about.



yoyogamer said:

The person that benefits most here is the guy that won a free 3DS in a contest and still gets the 20 free games.



StuffyStuff said:

I agree that the initial price of the 3DS was arrogant. Nintendo tries so hard to be innovative that they forget to produce decent games on a regular basis. The launch titles were less than inspiring for me to render a purchase. Personally, I only buy Nintendo consoles for their first-party titles, but that's not enough for me anymore. It's been a while since we've experienced a console flop, and there really isn't any reason why we should ever again, but I'm thinking this may be a flopper.



FonistofCruxis said:

I think this is a good move as the price drop would encourage more people to buy a 3DS which would mean more potential customers so third-party devs might be more inclined to invest in making games for the system. Also, I think that the 20 free games is a great way to make up for early adopters paying a significantly higher price.
@3DSneedsRPGs I find it unlikely that the 3DS only costed £60 to develop as I read in an ONM interview that the 3DS development started in 2009.



hYdeks said:

people worry too much Nintendo makes TONS of money and ain't going anywhere right now.

And as for the 3DS, I got mine at $250, and I was slightly mad at first, but 20 FREE games is just UNBELIEVABLE, and 10 of them being NES games? on my portable?!?!? WITH MULTIPLAYER!!! come's a good deal, part is how lil time you have to link your 3DS to their to get this :S

Oh, and wait till' Kid Icarus Uprising, Mario 3DLand and such comes out later, you'll start seeing people buy a 3DS. Nintendogs, Pilotwings, and Steel Diver aren't enough to wow anyone into getting a system, surprised they sold as much as they did so far lol.



CapedGodot said:

I was planning to get a 3DS near Christmas anyway, so this price drop didn't really change my opinions much. It did, however, give me a chance to buy 2 extra 3DS games.



Dorkvader said:

I was planing on getting on one no matter how much it cost I would get one right now if i could for the 20 free games.



Moshugan said:

Hi everyone. I just registered here.
On the subject, I wasn't going to buy a 3DS for now, that is, until the next model came out or a good price cut. I didn't expect those to happen for a year or so. But immediately after the news I resolved to buy one now.
I'm quite pleased with the deal I got. The machine and Zelda: OoT for 220€.



Token_Girl said:

I didn't think they needed to drop it so low. I think $199 would have made the system really competitive, but if they need to play catch-up, I'm not complaining. Given how 3rd parties aren't releasing games, because of low sales, it's necessary (though, it's probably the same 3rd parties whining that they couldn't compete with top notch Nintendo games on Wii asking Nintendo to release more top notch games to sell the system now, so there's probably not much they can do there).

The ambassador program is a pretty sweet deal. If GBA games cost $8, like SNES games, we're looking at a $130 value of games. It's pretty nice. They didn't have to give people anything. If someone didn't think it was worth $250, they wouldn't have bought it.

Also, as for price losses, from what Iwata said, it sounds like the console would really only be selling at a loss until they've drawn down their unsold inventory and adjusted their production schedule. The profits may be razor thin after that, and I think it will be a LOOOOOOONG time until we see another drop, it's worth it.

At any rate, I think a price drop was smart. Instead of competing with Vita for hardcore gamers dollars, they're now in the range anyone will get. At $10 less than the launch of the DSi and a new Mario and Mario Kart game launching for the holidays, the system will fly off the shelves. I'm sure we'll see sell-outs like with the Wii now.

On a personal note, I'm watching for early sales. I'm hoping to get a 3DS for around $200 and then get to take advantage of the ambassador program for a discount. If I can't get that, I'll wait for the drop, since I don't really care for NES games I already have on the Wii.

@Cowlaunch: Ninty said "we have no plans at this time to make GBA games available in the future." Yet, why bother developing an emulator and porting the games, why not just offer an extra 10 NES games - since they're already on Wii, they're probably less costly to bring over? My thought is they want to encourage people to buy up as much old stock at $250 as possible, so they're just not confirming that they are coming. People who don't get ambassador status will be waiting for a while, no doubt, but these games are easy $$$ and Ninty knows it (and, from the looks of things, needs it).



JusticeColde said:

Now My gamps will buy the 3DS for Me, This price drop is just what I needed, Now I can't wait to pre-order Meg- I mean buy some Super Stre- I mean some Dead or Alive & Ridge Racer.



Hokori said:

Im glade I bought mine now, I even convinced a friend to buy one NOW!
and I was honest and told him of the price drop, but he wanted one before the price drop



LordChimpington said:

I know I shouldn't care about negative comments but some of the negatives above don't make any sense. Just be happy with 20 free good games. The 10 we have seen are all good. If you already have them well no shame in playing them again. And for the people who haven't bought a 3ds yet go and get one either now or when the price reduces. It is a lot of fun and if you get it later you save $80. Plus I know they will release the gba games eventually. Lastly for those who are an ambassador don't be angry if they do release the gba games. Smart move nintendo and everyone out there mad just think about everything they needed to do this and didn't have to give us 20 free games. Be Happy For Once!



Blaze said:

@mariofanatic Yeah i suppose, although that is just for the raw materials, maybe there are large costs to fit it together? I don't know....



Moco_Loco said:

I think Ambassadors should get more. When we play online games, we should be given a cheat code that allows us to win no matter how badly we play. When we're hungry, we should be able to call NOA and have Reggie personally deliver our food within 30 minutes, with parallel programs in other parts of the world. We should get a $10 discount on all first-party Nintendo titles for 3DS. Finally, we should all get free eye check-ups to see if the 3D is making us blind!

Nah, just kidding. I'm VERY happy with the 20 free games. Even if the other ones are not as good, the GBA games in particular include some real gems that either I haven't played or that I sold a long time ago and now miss. I just have to remember to be careful with WarioWare, because that game caused my first repetitive motion injury ever from heavy d-pad use!



koops330 said:

I think this is a great idea I mean I can finally afford a 3DS of course I still want to wait a little because I am still using my DS actively so maybe a "3DS Lite" will come out and I can get that or I wait until the bundle with a game that I really want and Its a special 3DS just like the Pokemon DS



warioswoods said:

Lowering the overall price a bit is fine, but I'd have rather see them focus a little of that effort on the game prices. $40 might be acceptable for the big first-party franchises, but little that any 3rd party has or ever will offer is likely to fully justify that price tag, IMO.

Aaaanyhow, as launch-day purchaser, I wouldn't have expected any compensation for a price drop (honestly, early adopters should always expect this, and you were foolish if you felt certain the price would hold indefinitely), so the free games are a fantastic bonus.

Lastly, I don't think Nintendo should ever launch hardware in the early part of the year. Why do that, when its sales are many times stronger in the holiday season? All systems sell more during the holidays, but in Nintendo's case it's a particularly enormous difference. They should take advantage of that in their timing, so that launch sales are through the roof. I'll be shaking my head if the Wii U comes out prior to next fall.



Anotheralex_x said:

Even a few months after launch the 3DS was simply not worth the $250 asking price. Only a few games could be considered exclusive system sellers and it's full online features were still missing. Giving me 20 free games does compensate for the price, but I didn't know buying one earlier would cause that. I felt stupid after hearing the price reduction and my only valid reason for having one now is because my love for Nintendo. The Vita is better, but now the 3DS is less costly and appeals to a wider audience. If Nintendo can sell its software in the millions I think the 3DS will then become a success.



pixelman said:

Annnnnnnnd again, I agree with 100% of what warioswoods said.

I do think Nintendo is starting to lose the casual audience to Apple. iOS has a fantastic range of games for ridiculously cheap prices. I've got both a 3DS and an iPad, and my iPad is definitely getting more use right now.

We'll see how it does when Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land release in the holiday season; I bet the system sales pick up quite a bit then. Right now there's not really an incentive to buy one unless you want to play a handful of decent games and some refurbished N64 classics.



multiplayermadness93 said:

i bought the 3ds on launch day, and was the first in line. i say they should just let you pick out 2 or 3 3ds games, not 20 old games



Odnetnin said:

@TheGameMonkey28 The offer is open to everyone who buys it and connects to the eShop before August 12th. Which means price isn't actually a factor; some stores were selling the system for $200 a couple days ago. You could save 50 bucks and still be an ambassador.

@GamingsCupofJoe Even if that was the cost of GBA and NES games, you couldn't expect to be compensated for the full launch price of the system. $100 is reasonable, $120+ is what we're getting. $250 is a ridiculous reimbursement, let alone $500.

@3DSneedsRPGs Don't forget manufacturing costs and R&D costs for built-in software such as AR Games and Face Raiders. The likes of Intelligent Systems and HAL Labs were reportedly tapped for them.

@warioswoods Exactly. Splinter Cell, Raving Rabbids, Petz Fantasy, and to use a non-Ubisoft example, Madden are never going to be worth $40. We had shovelware on DS, but it was a lot cheaper. Nintendo seems to think that the 3DS is more of a problem than its games, which couldn't be farther from the truth. I agree that the system was overpriced, but that now that it costs the same amount as an XL, its games have to be marked down too.

@zranoll SAGA was never delayed; the original Amazon date was inaccurate. And, well, everything that Nicalis touches is delayed multiple times.

@NintendoLife Nintendo didn't have to give us anything; buyer beware. As such, to get compensated for more than the extra $80 we spent while getting an extra month or so with Ocarina and the eShop. Though I worry for the future of the 3DS, at the moment I am a happy camper.



Wheels2050 said:

To the people complaining about the GBA games:

1. I think it's quite unlikely that Nintendo would spend the time and money writing emulators for these games (some excellent ones, I might add) and doing QA etc. on them without expecting to release them for sale at some point. That'd just be a large outlay for zero return, barring the extra sales they might get from people buying up before the price drop.

2. Even if the games aren't released for sale ever, get over it. It's a limited offer. They happen. People are acting like it's the only time any company ever has offered a deal with an expiration date. It's not like those games aren't available through other means anyway. If it really means that much to you to play them, track down a copy!

At this stage I still won't be buying a 3DS, as there's plenty of life left in my DS! Nothing really makes me want to upgrade (in fact, I've got several reasons why I really don't want to).



ElReminator said:

Still not planning to buy a 3DS anytime soon...

My DSi is still being used daily, with so many great games to complete (DQ IX (I'm deep into post-game for that one now), SMT: Strange Journey, Golden Sun, Devil Survivor, TWEWY, Puzzle Quest, March of the minis, etc...)

I can't stand 3d graphics to save my life, so really... I don't want a 3DS. I'll buy one when nothing ever gets released for DSi anymore and when I see some new MegaTen games (A persona remake for the DS? I'm in!!!) or a new (not a remake) Zelda title... And most importantly, I'll wait for the second/third gen 3DS. I did that for the DS and I'm glad I've got a DSi instead of a DS light...

That said, if they release major titles with some kind of "This game cannot be played without the 3D on" stupidity, call that a deal breaker. But I don't think a game developer would be so stupid... could they?



Hokori said:

people who say they hate getting 20 OLD GAMES, Note only 11 are actually old (assuming the other 5 GBA games arent remakes)
GBA isnt old it died out like 5-6 years ago GBA isnt OLD



bro2dragons said:

@Corbs: I don't think dropping the price makes Nintendo look "weak" at all... I think it makes them look humble. Like they made a mistake, and are actually willing to admit it. Them just saying to themselves, "yeah, we messed up, we didn't advertise the 3DS well, and we priced it too high" and then leaving the price where it is wouldn't show confidence to me, or anything of the sort, it would show asinine, childish stubbornness. People keep talking about losing faith... this is exactly the thing that's made me regain it after NOA's response to Operation Rainfall, and the weak launch of the 3DS. If Nintendo had stuck to their failing guns (more like squirt guns...), THEN I would have really started to wonder about where they were heading. THIS whole situation... genuinely won them some major favors in my book and give me hope that perhaps they're beginning to open their eyes again.



wanderlustwarrior said:

I'm not sure if this will make much of a difference. To me, it seems that people aren't too interested in the 3DS as a machine, for the same reason as me.

What else can it do that the DSi can't, besides better graphics and 3D? There's other things, yes, but how many people will actually use the AR cards?

What else can it do that smartphones can't, besides 3D? There's a lot they can do that the 3DS can't.

What else can it do that the Vita can't, besides 3D? Again, the Vita is an all around better package.

From what I hear in other media, the 3D front is fading. If so, I wouldn't be too surprised if Nintendo released a new 3DSi or 3DS XL next year. And yes I do mean next year. As I've pointed time and time again, they've released a new handheld 8 out of the 11 years this millennium. Unless they have a very compelling firmware update, which I wouldn't expect given their track record on every device with connectivity so far, it will just be more flooding the market with incremental upgrades.



Moco_Loco said:

@wanderlustwarrior: I agree to that to the casual consumer, the 3DS doesn't really bring anything major to the table other than 3D, and there are smartphones out there that can do that (and take better 3D pictures). As movie theaters are discovering, 3D is not that much of a selling point at the moment.

What sold the system to me more than anything was all the first-party titles in the works. Luigi's Mansion 2 was the game that really pushed me over the edge and made me want one. I figured that a system that could play most DS and DSiWare games in addition to any new 3DS ones to come out in the next few years was a better investment than a DSi at this point.

Even if the system fails, it's not the end of the world to me. Many people have fond memories of the DreamCast and still play its games today. Heck, I have fond memories of playing the GameCube and still occasionally play some of its games when I get hit with nostalgia. For me, personally, the 3DS was definitely the system to get. For people content with casual games, however, there's no denying that smartphones make the most sense. Maybe Nintendo will get smart and make one of their own some day!



SKTTR said:

I think the new price is exactly what it should have cost in the first place.
Now I wait for a real price drop.
I hope it affects the Wii U launch price. Please be 249,99 so that everyone buys it at launch.



TrainerOrange said:

My original plan was to wait for "3DS lite", but the huge price drop does make me wonder if it will sell enough to even get to the point where a hardware revision is done.



Tar said:

Because of this price, I will most likely get it near Christmas. But, I'm looking more forward to the Vita, because of all the other features that it has. I wasn't the biggest fan of the PSP (I didn't hate it though), but I loved my DS and DSi, The 3ds currently doesn't have enough games out to warrant my purchase quite yet, but Super Mario 3DS looks good.



SuperLink said:

I'm gonna get it after the price drop because I would rather spend my money on 3DS games that would keep me entertained longer than a GBA or NES game would.

@TrainerOrange I'm right there with you.



triforceofcourage said:

It. Is. Genius.
The 3DS started off overpriced. I'm happy with the free stuff I get from buying early, and I think others will be happy that now they don't have as much of an excuse not to buy one.



marsgreekgod said:

"The counter-argument is that early adopters are being bought off with old games and no choice in what those gifted titles are,:"

That sounds nice doesn't it? like a really good point. But heres the thing. Nintendo is going to have to port the games, and they are only going to port some games. Lets be honest here, a choice means you don't get 20 games.

They made all the games they could and gave us a choice, we download the ones we want, if we want them all, thens sweet, if we only one some, that works two.



lex0plex said:

I hope the red 3DS will be available in North America soon!

And I am completely satisfied with receiving 20 games free. My only beef is the cost of these old games on the 3DS, It just seems like a cheap way for Nintendo to make even more money. Some 20 year old games you can download for free on an emulator. Doesn't seem worth the 5-10 dollar price tag on some of them...



Remi said:

What worries me is that I don't think this will help Nintendo. I didn't want the 3DS (yet) when it was released but I got one as a gift anyways.

The price however was not the reason I didn't want it at that point, I didn't want it because of the lack of games and that situation has hardly changed.

Nintendo should wait until they released a couple of decent games and then they should decide if the price needs adjusting.



Koltrus said:

I personally bought me 3DS for nearly £270, it's kind of official price here, in Russia. And now I'm feel really cheated and no, ambassador programm is not enough for me, I just want more new, solid games, not old ones, which i beated a hundred times already. Sorry for my English)



Superducky said:

It didn't have to be that big of a drop. a $199 price tag would have been fine. I'm more than happy with all these games though.



Peznaze said:

20 free games is enough to appease me.

What I want to hear about, though, is that Q&A Iwata did where he mentioned the pay cuts... full of interesting info we have to wait on the transcript to verify...

Nintendo feared the 3ds would be another Gamecube, so they slashed the price drastically...
The 3ds is NOT profitable at this price? A first for Nintendo?
While we all think the Vita is Nintendo's concern, it's really the smartphones that they're truly worried about...

Only hearsay at this point, but intriguing nonetheless.



Matillion said:

I've got a 3DS and I'm an ambassador, and if this whole "20 free games" thing didn't exist, and there would still be a price drop, I would be seriously pissed. I'd walk into Nintendo's building in Japan and strangle people. Gotta strangle 'em all! But twenty free retro games is a decent deal and a decent apology. So, Johnny Bravo.



magos2k7 said:

REAL madness would have been Nintendo NOT dropping the price, and just assuming that their name and Dual-Screen format with one 3D screen would be enough to take on the Vita. THAT would have been pure rubber-room and straight-jacket INSANITY. Remember the speculation about the Vita's price? Upwards of $400 was the figure... but Sony found a way to do it at the same price as the 3DS. Nintendo had no idea, and no real choice, and the $170 price is their attempt to "seal the deal". What they did, folks, was the ONLY sane thing to do. Obviously, upon doing this, they had to make a robust package of free games available. It is not uncommon to have iterations of consoles come and go. Sony did it with the PS3. 20gb, 60 gb, now both gone. The 20gb model was gone almost right after it launched. With Nintendo, one package is $250 for a limited time with 20 free games, the new package will be $170 without the 20 free games. Memory, features (remember all the card readers on the PS3 that are now gone?), free games, whatever, these days it is common to offer multiple tiers of the same basic product.



Radixxs said:

Whether or not it was absolutely necessary, it almost guarantees a strong Holiday season. The bottom line is that the average consumer doesn't care whether or not Nintendo looks weak by cutting the price, they will just be happy the device is so much cheaper. Affordability + great new games = $$$



emiru69 said:

I don't think the problem is the price. The problem is the huge time gap between titles. There are months between one good title and the next one. Also Megaman Legends and AC being canceled are not helping either.



daznsaz said:

i hope a lot more people start getting the 3ds its a good console dont be waiting for a certain colour to come out etc sort yourselves out with 1 when you can



Tasuki said:

I have to say the price drop is very nice, in fact I am hoping to pick one up on the 12th if I can find one that is lol. To be honest I thought the launch price of 250 was a bit too high for a handheld heck I could get a Wii for half that price.

Yeah I will admit there arent too many games that interest me the only ones that do are SSFIV and OoT but I have both of those games on other systems so I dont see a point to buying them again. As long as they keep to the release time of Mario Kart 7 I will be happy.



Slapshot said:

Thanks for the great read on my long trip to Disney World Thomas!

The program isn't great, as I already own the titles, but it's far better than nothing.

I still think the low sales have more to do with the poor Wii U reception, which in turn becomes Nintendo's reception as a company, but that is just my opinion.



nmozdzier said:

I like where they're going with this, but they have to continue with good games for GBA, I would be amazed if they didn't include Superstar Saga, and I could care less about the NES games, I wish that instead we could choose 3-5 eShop games.



thanos316 said:

this is down the middle for me. firstly the 3ds been out for i guess half a year so far and it has some games thats gotten good reviews, and some features that the regular ds doesn't have. the ds saw many changes from the ds phat to now the dsi, and maybe some people felt ninty was gonna change the 3ds in the near future so they was holding out. so now ninty drops the price to a sweet spot of 169, well for me thats a definite buy. listen even though the ps3 is selling well the ps2 was still pushing out good units. so i guess ninty wanna try some way to bring people ova from dsi to 3ds, which was a hard sell before, but now at this reduced price and their killer apps coming later this yr, more people will jump at getting a 3ds. oh yea and if they are a lil smart they would drop the price of the games by say 5 dollars. just saying..



NintyMan said:

I was already satisifed with the 3DS before this Ambassador program was announced, and the Ambassador program is just more icing on the cake. Unlike a lot of gamers, I actually have the ability to be patient. I have plenty of games to satisfy my gaming tastes for the next few months. Hey, at least it's not like it was Summer 2008 when everyone was worried that Nintendo dumped its first-party titles. Good grief, if this happened in those days, then people really would be crying!

Frankly, I take offense that so many of you are proclaiming Nintendo's demise when it's just in a ditch instead of a cliff edge. There's going to be Star Fox 64 3D, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, and Kid Icarus: Uprising coming this Fall and Winter, four first-party games. Two of them, Super Mario and Mario Kart, are proven million-selling franchises. Then you've got Luigi's Mansion 2 and Paper Mario next year, along with what else Nintendo has in store. Besides judging the 3DS, there's still the Wii and DS, and the games that they are going to have. Nintendo will have learned to launch a console better, and they will take their time with the Wii U until development in its games is far enough for it to release.

I'm not clueless. I know Nintendo is in a bit of a slump right now. But it will get better. If Nintendo could get past the Gamecube days and 2008, then it can get past this.



DrWadsy said:

Definietly good enough for me. I was always going to buy at launch, and the $350 AUD price point was what i expected. Does it bother me that they've dropped the price? No, more 3DS users can only be a good thing.

To be fair, I should admit that once I'd traded in my XL and a bunch of old games I ended up handing over $14 cash for my 3DS , so that means that each games is costing me less than a dollar



Dyl_73 said:

I for one am happy with what they are doing and think it is probably a very sensible move. I've had my 3DS since March and the price drop doesn't bother me at all. Nintendo is a company and the idea is to make money. Compensating the relatively small number of 3DS owners with a few free games is, in my opinion, a great idea. It doesn't lose them much money and it keeps people happy. Good luck to them.



HappyHappy said:

Seeing that I don't have one yet, yes I do like the price drop. Though I think I may wait until 3DS gets more good games before I buy it.



SamuraiShyGuy said:

Price drops like this so soon after a system's launch is nothing new. It only makes a 3DS look that much sweeter. At the same price as a DSi XL, there's no reason not to buy one.



Ben_Rage_V2 said:

As soon as animal crossing comes out, I will purchase a 3DS. Then I will buy the new mario, mario kart, starfox etc. So yes, this price drop has made the system affordable for me now.



C-195 said:

I'll get a 3DS once the price goes down, in Australia the price was way too high to begin with, ?????$350??????.
Anyway, it's an act of logic to me, neither Genius or Madness.



JustanotherGamer said:

I admire that Nintendo has been pro-active in addressing Slow sales of the 3DS. A price drop from $250.00 to $169.99 is an excellent move. I will buy the 3DS now in addition to the PSvita. The PSvita is my first choice. So it was one or the other. Now I will also buy the 3DS.

The ambassador program is a good move to appeal to the people who bought a 3DS at launch. But may have been better to offer a choice of 2 3DS games. Since many people loyal to Nintendo would have already owned those games. Hopefully this will turn Nintendo's sales of 3DS around. Good move by Nintendo.



Incredible-JMAN said:

Im SUPER excited for gba vc games! but i also want a few gameboy color games aswell,theres only 1 available on the eshop!



GeminiSaint said:

Being a huge retrogamer myself, I am beyond appeased.
I'm very glad I bought the system last month.



Ayer99 said:

20 (NES/GBA games) x 5 (Average full price of these games) > 80 dollar cut



DrCruse said:

They were correcting their previous act of madness, setting the initial price at $250. This still doesn't give me any reason to buy a 3DS though, since it doesn't have any good exclusive software.



MARl0 said:

I felt that my day one purchase of the 3DS was worth it even before the price drop and ambassador program. The free games are basically just an awesome surprise for someone who was already very happy with his 3DS.



armoredghor said:

@Mandoble gee. I'm sorry they pinned you down and stole 100 from you in exchange for a 3DS.
@Wolfenstein83 That would fit the technology but most people would not have enough money to buy both at once.
@XCWarrior wait several years for a battery small enough to fit and strong enough to power 3 screens, don't whip the system in AR games, and every screen scratches. no exceptions.
@Magos2k7 Well, My only response is that the speculated price of the 3DS was $350-$400.
@Samholy they never said there wasn't a choice-they just said there are 10 games coming of each system offered by the end of the year and you get to choose 20.
@Moshugan Welcome to Nintendolife!
@allthoseofyouthatsaidthisismadness THIS IS SPARTA!



darkgamer001 said:

The ambassador programme is awesome, and I know some guys who are in two minds about buying now and getting the downloads, or waiting for the price drop. Either way, Nintendo will get more 3DS owners, which can only mean good news.

Hmm, a bit off topic, but whilst they're so humble and admitting that they made mistakes, I wish someone would mention that region locking thing, and how a whole lot of gamers would be pleased if a little update knocked out the region lock (if it is possible). Not gonna happen, but you know...just a thought



MrSothankful said:

Loving the ambassador program. It's almost worth it to buy the 3DS now if you don't have one just to get the exclusive games (If you're a big Nintendo fan.) My roommate for example, isn't that big of a Ninty fan, but he is excited over the price drop and will be getting one soon after This works for everyone!



moosa said:

Holy crap. If it was worth it to you to buy it for $250 in the first place then you have NO RIGHT to complain for that choice you yourself made. I don't think any big company has ever done anything so drastic as give away 20 games for free as compensation just to make you feel a little better. Add that to all of the other 3DS stuff Nintendo has been giving away for free so far...

But nevermind me, just keep on whiiine whiiine whining.



jdkipfer said:

I definitely don't mind. This is incredible for me. Because I tend to stick to dsiware as opposed to Wii virtual console, the only one on the list I own is SMB, and it is still great to have a portable version. To me it shows Nintendo is strong. They have the power to be able to slash $80 from an already good price, and, while their at it, they get to give out (by my estimation) at least $120 worth ($5×10 vc price for Nes games, high end vc games on the eshop are $1 higher than normal, Link's Awakening was certainly a high end game, maging the gbc starting point $5, $2 higher than gb. Because of that for these purposes, I am assuming the Gba value starting point is $7. 50+70 is 120) of free great (the lowest metascore of any of the gba games is 81) games. Doesn't seem panicky. Even if it was, it's still great for us. We get tons of great games, and lot's more people would get it, meaning more streetpass and multiplayer. All arround, it's great.



Slapshot said:

@moods They have. Sony gave 2 PS3 titles and 2 PSP titles to owners after the hacking scenario. 2 PS3 games = $40 and 2 PSP games = $40. That's $80 for loosing internet access that cost gamers $0 to use and that is before getting free access to PS+ and 6 months of Music Unlimited free as well.



Azikira said:

I personally love the Ambassador program. I LOVED my Gameboy advance, and sincerely miss those golden titles Nintendo is giving us for free. Its not like they are giving us Shovelware either! These are the cream-of-the-crop titles, so I do not regret my decision to buy my 3DS day 1. In fact im very glad I did.
XD Nintendo owns so much of my money, lol. Going to purchase the Wii U day 1 as well!



Cr0ssbows said:

"Devices registered before 12th August will receive 10 NES and 10 Game Boy Advance titles at no cost."

how exactly do you "Register" your 3DS? does this mean you have to register your 3DS on your club nintendo account?

Edit: NVM just found out it's not nessesary



Dynetheous said:

i still wish that they had an icon or something to say that you have became an ambassador, i feel uneasy right now with no confirmation that i am an ambassador. i hope i dont get ripped of here



Will-75 said:

I own a PS3 and I can say I like the 3DS's e'shop over PSN anyday, Sony could take a lessen from Nintendo on download times and with Netflix now on 3DS my PS3 is collecting dust... I can't wait for Starfox 643D... Just keep the games coming Nintendo...



BXXL said:

The real problem isn't the move they just made, it was the timing and the pricing of the original launch: a 3DS released in may/june for something like 200 euros/dollars (and with a more "dense" line-up in its first six months) would not have struggled to make its place on the market, simple as that...

Of course, a lot of us know that kind of problem, as the first year of both DS and Wii on the market were exactly the same: only a handful of exciting games (if that), and wait, wait, wait... this time, due to the high entry price, most people have chosen to wait BEFORE buying the console, not after: that's the only big difference, but it has made a huge impact on Nintendo's profits...

But in my opinion, the real trouble here is Nintendo's way of doing business. The market has changed, but they want to stay the same (control freaks with a greedy price model), and ask the customers to adapt to them: bad idea...

Most "average" games don't have that 40 euros value, and 250 euros for a portable console is quite a luxury many parents just can't afford for each one of their kids... and why buy additional hardware when smart phones offer an "all-in-one" solution with many games offering great value?

Nintendo has to change, and just can't expect everyone to stay faithful, just because they've made some of the best games ever. They're still excellent developpers, maybe still the best in their colourful style: but on the hardware side and the business model, this isn't the 80s or the 90s anymore... i hope they finally get it, now...



AltDotNerd said:

A few points I would like to make:
1. Android and iPhone games will NEVER replace the handheld console.
2. Yes, Nintendo released the 3DS prematurely, I am a die-hard supporter of their's and even I think it wasn't a good idea.
3. People seriously don't understand the 3DS at all! Most think it's just a DSi with a 3D screen. I work at an electronics retail store and people are GROSSLY misinformed about the 3DS. The 3D screen is not the only feature it has, even if you don't use the 3D screen, it still is an awesome system!
4. I know 20 free games will get people to buy a 3DS at 250$. Especially since GBA games WILL NOT be available to anyone who buys one after August 12th.
In closing: The 3DS is truly something you have to see to believe. The Wii U will be a great console, but most people are already judging it because of its name. People shouldn't immediatly judge either before being turned off altogether. (and no, I don't bash other consoles. I own a 360 and enjoy it, and I've played a PS3 but don't have any plans to get one. There simply aren't any exclusive games that are my taste)

EDIT: I also have an android phone. Angry Birds is addictive, but I will never tire of my 3DS.



Portista said:

I am very glad that they are giving away 20 free games, but I totally wish they would give us something more. Personally, I think the price drop is rather smart! I mean, who wouldn't want to buy a handheld that is amazing for just $169.99?



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

I'm actually happy to be called an ambassador of something. :3 I just hope third-party developers will take this opportunity to bring their games to the 3DS thus adding to the arsenal of software it can potentially offer. D: Though I'm still waiting on Capcom's decision to bring Mega Man Legends 3 back from the chopping block......I was really looking forward to the prototype version too since I never owned a PSone back when Legends 1 & 2 were out and about.



Bassman_Q said:

I think the price drop is great, but financially I'm not quite sure. I know it adds incentive for me to buy a 3DS, but I was already going to buy it eventually, no matter the cost. But again, the price drop DOES make me wanna buy it sooner (but after August 12) rather than later.



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

I was happy with buying the 3DS at launch price so even 1 free game would have made me happy. 20 games, I am ecstatic and more than appeased



19Robb92 said:

I'm totally with you on that! I knew what I was getting my self in to when I bought it day one. And I've been happy with it since.

These games (21 if you include that Zelda Four Swords Adventure) are just a huge bonus for me.

I'm just wondering if Nintendo will have some kind of transfer program for later iterations of the 3DS. If I buy a 3DS Lite a year from now I want to be able to transfer my DLC to that since I'll most probably be using that one instead of my old one...



Rensch said:

I do not feel tempted to buy it before 12 August. The games on that list are ones I am either not interested in or ones I already own on other systems.

I am interested in picking one up next month, though. It's mostly because of the legacy of Nintendo handhelds. I loved the DS and the various Game Boy systems before it. I was actually waiting to buy one at the first price drop, but I didn't expect it to come this soon.

What concerns me about 3DS, though, is that the 3D will turn out to be not much more than a gimmick. The DS and the Wii introduced engaging new ways of playing games and would sometimes even make the gap between player and game feel a lot smaller. I think it's a really cool effect, but it didn't bring up any ideas in my mind immediately on how it could be put to use. With the DS and Wii, I immediately saw the potential and how developers could apply it. I think that's why those two systems were so phenomenally succesful.

I do not see that same amount of potential in the 3D effects on the 3DS. It kinda feels like a purely cosmetic thing. It makes the games seem more realistic and alive, but nothing that could be put into gameplay mechanics. This is because the 3DS does not introduce any new means of control, like the Wii and DS did, rendering most of the innovations purely cosmetic. I admit I really like the AR and how 3D works really well in making it feel even more realistic, but it doesn't actually rely on 3D. It makes it look a lot cooler, but nothing else.

The 3DS is more of an evolution, rather than a revolution like its predecessor was. Nintendo will have to proof the 3DS is more than just a next-gen DS when you turn the 3D off.



Detective_TeeJay said:

Ha, you guys (including me) are so spoiled. When I went down to St. Maarten on vacation, I saw 3DS's selling for $325, DS games selling for $50, and 3DS games selling for $60-$70. Yes, I saw Rayman selling for $70. I am so happy to be back in the states and will never complain about prices again.



Ivol said:

All i have to say about all this situation is FU 3RD PARTIES! If Nintendo would've launched the 3DS with for example Nintendogs+Cats, Ocarina Of Time 3D and Mario Kart 7 the crying would've been off the charts 'WAAAAA We can't compete with Mario and Zelda WWAAAA' so what does Nintendo do? They release the damn 3DS with sub par games so that they could jump in with good content and hold the fort (making money in the process) staying out of the way of the Marios and Zeldas.

BUT NOOOOOOOO that was just too hard of a job.



GTWarrior77 said:

@TeeJay: I live in South Africa and here you will pay $400 for the 3ds console and also $70 per game.

I estimate our price to come down to about $300 after the price drop. You guys in the USA have it good over there.
I can see this Holiday being an expensive one for me as far as my gaming goes. Still need to purchase a 3DS though but I am waiting for the price cut before doing so.



Pj1 said:

I bought a 3DS at launch I sold a DS XL and some other stuff in order to buy it, I wonder if the fact that the machine is region locked has effected sales? also the lack of games must be a factor too. When the 3DS was launched it recieved bad press people complaining of sore eyes, dizzyness etc. Nintendo must learn from the lessons and not repeat this when the Wii-u comes out. Also will they rush the launch of Wii-u I think not.



catcher82611 said:

I think that nintendo is dropping the price a little to much right now to be honest. A drop to $200 at this time, and then down to $170 around the holidays would have made more sense. Hopefully it will start to sell again, and companies will actually make games, as opposed to re-releasing them. As much as I like the free games, I'd rather spend money on a 3DS game as opposed to being handed games from older system.



techwiz97 said:

HECK YA, THE AMBASSADOR THING IS GREAT. If the games cost 10 dollars, then thats a 200 dollar value



Dynetheous said:

i still wish that there was a icon or something to tell you that your an ambassador, i dont want to be ripped off



motang said:

Got to love competition, it keeps a company in check and in the end the consumer wins. I like what Nintendo did, though I think they should have launched the 3DS with that price, what's done is done and now they need to do other things to keep their new portable competitive.



theswweet said:

I'm still not swayed for the 3DS, and until it gets a good variety of games... I'm keeping away. Right now I'm MUCH more excited for the Vita.



JoeDiddley said:

I am happy as I want the 3DS to succeed and I will get the games. I bought a 3DS at launch because I was excited for the virtual console. I never had a Gameboy Advance & even though you don't get to choose the games the 5 announced so far are the ones I want most.

Even though I have already bought a few of the NES games (some twice) I would have paid yet again to have portable versions.



Ch3p3 said:

mm i would like to buy the 3DS with the price drop... but, 20 FREE GAMES [RAWR] HELL YEAH BABY!!!



SunnySnivy said:

It's madness. This whole thing is madness.

But I have faith that Nintendo will pull through this, dust it off, and move on. Once Nintendo releases Mario Land/Mario Kart, the sales will pick up and they will be back on track. It's actually quite a genius move by them at the same time. For 200$, a child can open up his 3DS with Super Mario 3D Land or Mario Kart on Christmas morning. And, since the 3DS is around the same price as the DSi/XL, parents might just say "What the heck?" and get the 3DS instead.

It's genius, but madness at the same time.



kariko said:

I bought the 3DS the day it came out, and this $80(US) price drop is surprising. For me, the Ambassador Program is more than I would have asked for. Ten classics would have been enough, but ten classics and ten GBA games? Awesome. Plus, I don't own a Wii, so no possible way I already have the titles. The games I already own for GBA that they are giving (Mario Kart Super Circuit, Super Mario Advance 3, etc.) isn't a rip-off for me, because my GBA is dead and I have no charger. I payed $250 for the 3DS, and it wasn't like I could've used that money for bills or something, since I'm 15. I'm enjoying the 3DS so far, and new games are going to make it better. I think the price drop was a shakey idea, and I agree that it is a gamble on their part. But smart.



X-145 said:

I love this ambassador idea and i'm all for it! I actually wouldn't mind if they did the price drop without a compensation. Price drops happen. The ambassador system is a nice perk for me and other early 3ds owners if you ask me. The price drop was a smart move in my opinion. The biggest reason people aren't buying the systems, from all the comments I've read, is the price. Now it's the same as a dsi if I'm not mistaken. Also, this new price is significantly lower than the up and coming PSVita. I'm confident in this move.



vdallos said:

I'm concern about being in Colombia. The Video app does not work and the i had to configure the 3ds as USA for have access to the e-store. Will work the ambassador program?



vdallos said:

Well, and about the program itself, I think is a good move. For the launch price I have enjoy a lot of play time between OoT and SSFIV and lose some with the free excite bike and pokedex, and waiting for 4swords.



tanookisuit said:

Well to answer the question as an owner, I'm very happy as many of those games I would have likely picked up, or well wanted to seeing the GBA stuff is banned from the normal public and only for ambassadors. The way I'm taking it is a savings in a round about way. NES vc wii games are $5, and given the GB stuff is 3-4, GBC is 6, I'd figure the GBA is SNES like so $8 a pop. I'm looking at it as a nice $130 apology/bribe whatever for eating it.

Why do I call it eating it? I've got industry ties going back, and my brother still is in it. I was made well aware before it came out that in the end they could have make a few coin or broken even at $250. So do answer that other question in the article, Nintendo was being damn greedy and riding their euphoric high of the Wii and standing handheld domination to pull a fast one and they got burned. I know they're not in a panic, but they are concerned just because of the price they had scared casuals back to their phones and Sony decided to play their grossly large level of loss selling stupidity at $250 on vita so they were kind of stuck. I'm strongly feeling at $180USD they're breaking even or at worse losing just a couple bucks, nothing crazy, but with that, and their software relaunch coming out of September with all the formerly mysteriously delayed games of the year shoving out then and after they got strong legs to start running with. Outside of people neck deep in gaming media and fanboys, the average joe will never know they weren't moving and will just see it as an aggressive move with a lot of new games to back it as very nice Christmas bait.



Bretonultimate1 said:

This offer is more than I could've asked for. The GBA games that have been announced would've been enough, but 20 games! I'm not too fond of the prices on the eShop, so this is something that pleases me very much, not to mention GBA games are what I have been waiting for! Hope nintendo recovers from whats happened to them.



ntuxn00 said:

I'm envious of early adopters, of course.. but a 33%+ price drop? Now I'm more pushed toward buying this..



Mange said:

If you consider this article I find it hard to believe they sell hardware with a loss or.... there is a silly profit on games.



DeQuimet said:

I saw a price drop for 3DS at Wal-Mart this weekend... for 199$! Too bad I already have a 3DS because I could've paid a lot less for the unit and still register before August 12th to benefit form the Ambassador program.

Check your local shops, some might preempt the official price drop by Nintendo.



Henmii said:

"3DS price cut an act of genius, or madness?"

Neither. It's just common sense! The 3DS was highly overpriced. Now that the price goes down, I am sure it will become a succes. Maybe not as much as the original DS, but you never know!



alLabouTandroiD said:

Thomas wrote:

Do you feel your early purchase has been worth it so far?

I preordered the system and was ready to shell out 250 € for it. I was then lucky that amazon adapted the price to its competitors (222 €) and gave me Super Monkey Ball 3D for free. So i got a quite good deal to begin with. Add in Excitebike and some nice videos for free and i never got the impression that i could be ripped off here.
And while an original flagship title will most likely still be missing until November i'm having fun with a lot of games that wouldn't have been as good on the DS. 3DS VC helps too.

The ambassador programme is promising in the titles confirmed and feels good so far. I just don't want to get too excited cause the games could be less fun than expected and there could always be some flaws in emulation. I do already own many of these games and would have liked eShop cash more. I can only speculate that Nintendo wants people to buy a 3DS now because of the exclusive (?) GBA games. And if they advertise this well enough they may have some short term success here.
I only wonder why they wouldn't wait until gamescom with that announcement since i think more people would have been reached then.

Which is where the timing of this whole move begins to feel strange to me. The price may have held back many people from buying a 3DS. And by cutting the price i hope third parties get more confidence in making great games for the system.

But people who already own a DS must be convinced to upgrade to a 3DS. I can't see any game before Super Mario 3D Land and MarioKart 7 being a system seller and just hope these two will help moving the 3DS. And casuals ? I don't see anything to convince them.
If the emulation is really good then making GBA games available to everyone on the 3DS would help moving some more systems for sure.

@Wolfenstein83 (48.): I think seeing the 3DS and the Wii U as two seperate consoles is better in most cases. I'd say you have to sacrifice too many benefits of the 3DS if you mainly see it as a Wii U controller. If it was included it would make the Wii U more expensive. If it was an optional input method only a few devs would use it.



theshahrkie said:

thiswas a COMPLETELY win win situation for me....i got a 3ds for 175 and im getting the 20 welll i traded my dsi in and there u go



Wilford111 said:

However I really really hope Nintendo releases those GBA games to the eShop.



MeloMan said:

I'll say this about the price drop-- There's still many who were oblivious to the 3DS STILL, not referring to us hardcore types that hang on every piece of 3DS news but those moms, dads, etc., that don't know much about gaming and are just trying to have a hand held, or buying for their kids, etc. As we approach the holiday season, they will come into knowledge of the 3DS only knowing that it's $170, Vita is too much for their holiday pockets, and nothing more, so future oblivious casuals won't be fazed and will eat up the 3DS still. Meanwhile, other casuals who are swayed with the slightest wind blow will come in contact with retail know it alls or just word of mouth folks (hardcore types possibly included) who say "don't get the 3DS!!!111 It's price went down cuz it SuCx!11!" and will drive these folks away, dropping consumer confidence. As for us hardcore we're almost just as split, but I think the final deciding factor for most of us will be... all together now... the software that decides whether we lump the 3DS and go full tilt with the Vita, have both, or side with the 3DS.

My own opinion: Nowhere to go but up from the wild success of the DS... as long as the s/w comes, which is coming just slowly, then I'm still on track as a 3DS supporter. To each their own...

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