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Mon 6th Jun 2011

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Incredible-JMAN commented on Zelda Developers Want to Judge Your Zelda Flip...:

i dont go on flipnote hatena anymore, mainly because most of the stuff people make on there sucks (lame potitions, music videos of the same thing, annoying kids screaming), and also cause im now using my 3ds, i cant wait for flipnote 3d to come out though, hopefully more advanced tools to work with.



Incredible-JMAN commented on Nintendo DS Sales Figures Make Wii's Look Tiny:

wow, i feel left out! i only have like 8 ds games! (all the good ones though, like new mario bros, 64, kart, party, pokemon pearl/silver, trackmania,) i have about 11 GBA games, and like 9 gb/gbc games. and i have only 1 3ds game, and thats ocarina of time XD, planning on getting mario kart 7 and 3d land!



Incredible-JMAN commented on Get Ready to Catch Pokémon Rumble Blast on yo...:

im not really interested in THESE type of pokemon games, im more into an actual adventure like red, blue, silver gold, diamond ect. I understand people's opinion on how they hate remakes and want something original, but im hoping for a remake of ruby and saphire to be honest,



Incredible-JMAN commented on Wii U Games Using Two New Controllers Being Co...:

hmmm.... it took me awhile to get used to the 3ds' slide pads (i always used traditional analog sticks) and since the wii u's controller uses them, and the wii u also uses the wii's crappy analog stics, its gonna be hard switching back and forth analog to slid pad...



Incredible-JMAN commented on Features: A View from Hyrule Field:

@8 he just ment that twilight princesss was slightly less creative because your in the same place going to the same places youve already been to in ocarina of time. But it WAS different because you did different stuff in the game.