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Thu 14th Apr 2011

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ElReminator commented on Fresh Dragon Quest X Screenshots and Trailer I...:

That train looked too much like the starflight express... Maybe we'll have some kind of Stella cameo?

Anyway, looks nice, but I need to see how the combat will be handled before I invest in a Wii or Wii-U only for that game!



ElReminator commented on Nintendo Europe Dropped London Life to "Avoid ...:

I was about to say that Europeans will probably get some London Life kind of thing in the next May's Mysteries or something, since it's as close as a carbon copy of Layton as it gets, and it's not released in North America as far as I know... But that would be mean, since May's Mystery appears to lack the charm and wit of Layton, and since it IS a blatant rip off...

I can't wait for October 17th to play that new Layton Game!!! I'll let you guys know if you're missing something out of London Life!



ElReminator commented on The Last Story and Pandora's Tower Grace Europ...:


I thought the WiiU would be completely retro compatible with the Wii? They can still sell new consoles and old games, I think. (That is... if they find something great to sell the WiiU...)

Take example on Sony: They released some niche yet important games for PS2 (SMT: Persona 4, Odin Sphere...) and those did well, even if the PS3 was already released to some success, and even if some models of the PS3 couldn't read PS2 games.

I think Nintendo knows that not everyone can afford a new console at release, it's a good thing to give core games for the previous gen still, could even sell the remaining stocks of Wiis...



ElReminator commented on Talking Point: The Great Nintendo 3DS Price Dr...:

Well, I heard there was plans for a SMT:Persona game on 3DS. It's probably not going to be P5 (And thanks god for that, a major Persona title HAS to be played on a big screen), but I wouldn't mind a remake of P3 or P4, or hell, since PSP is getting P2:Innocent Sin, they could very well port it to the 3DS. That could make my buy that console.

In my opinions, the games that need to be released as quickly as possible are:

  • Mario and Zelda, of course.
  • Professor Layton
  • Final Fantasy Theatrythm (I'm really curious about this one)
  • Space Invaders Extreme 3d (I made that one up, but it would be cool if the price is low)
  • A Katamari title. (In 3D! Imagine the fun!)
  • A port of Modnation Racers (Sorry, Mario).
  • Something with as much style and personality as TWEWY.

I also believe they could take a cue from Sony's PlayCreateShare. There's WarioWare alright, but compared to the sheer freedom of LittleBigPlanet 2, it's seriously lacking. But yeah, we all know of Nintendo's genius when it comes to online capabilities...



ElReminator commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Makes Bold Move with t...:

Still not planning to buy a 3DS anytime soon...

My DSi is still being used daily, with so many great games to complete (DQ IX (I'm deep into post-game for that one now), SMT: Strange Journey, Golden Sun, Devil Survivor, TWEWY, Puzzle Quest, March of the minis, etc...)

I can't stand 3d graphics to save my life, so really... I don't want a 3DS. I'll buy one when nothing ever gets released for DSi anymore and when I see some new MegaTen games (A persona remake for the DS? I'm in!!!) or a new (not a remake) Zelda title... And most importantly, I'll wait for the second/third gen 3DS. I did that for the DS and I'm glad I've got a DSi instead of a DS light...

That said, if they release major titles with some kind of "This game cannot be played without the 3D on" stupidity, call that a deal breaker. But I don't think a game developer would be so stupid... could they?



ElReminator commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd May 2011 (North America):

I downloaded Puzzle Quest on my DSi, and it seems to be the whole package, complete with the story mode, instant action mode, vs mode, bestiary, citadel building and all we came to know and love from puzzle quest. Only problem I've noticed is the sound. GOD! It is glitchy and often ends up spitting nothing but interference sounds out of the DS' speakers. Other than that, at 800 pts, it's a must buy.



ElReminator commented on Anonymous Notes Chapter 1 - From The Abyss:

Also, sp/hp healing items are used instantly, while status cleaning ones are stored in your bag, in a questionable game design mechanic. You'll often run around killing critters, hoping for some heals to drop, and likely end up dying.

It is common that you'll just want to run right through a dungeon, kill the boss, and hope that the next dungeon will be more balanced.

Also, there is no buy/sell system, so you'll often end up with an insane amount of useless equipment, since you really just need one of any kind. This makes managing your inventory a time loss. And also, you can only manage said inventory inside the dungeon, so make sure you find a room with no monsters, as they have a wide player detection range.

Another problem is that when your player gets hit 3-4 times in a row, he'll get knocked back at a distance that seems a bit too far, really.



ElReminator commented on Anonymous Notes Chapter 1 - From The Abyss:

I downloaded it.

I'm half happy about this game.
Controls are responsive enough, but the fact you can only use items with the stylus really slows the flow of the game.

Also, since the dungeon is randomly generated, it is highly likely that you end up with dungeon floors loaded with unbalanced monsters that make it way too hard to reach the next floor in good shape. And since you lose all your items when you die, this can get very frustrating. (There is a storage system in place, but it is quite limited...)

The minimal story does a great job at making you want to retry a dungeon once you cleared it.

Visuals and sounds are okay, reminds me of the "Secret of Mana" era of gaming.

Character growth is there, even if there is no leveling up system in place.
Monsters are supporters of palette swap, but there is enough diversity and some rare monsters to keep you entertained.

Skills vary from downright useless to overpowered, but this is balanced by an elemental weakness system. Too bad you cannot know first hand what a monsters elemental attributes are (But then, obviously, a fairy that uses fire magic must be fire elemental).

Overall, it is worth 200 pts, but don't expect to find a perfectly crafted gem. It has some serious balancing issues (Hell, I've been on the same dungeon for hours now, because it has a stupid floor made of way too much magic using ennemies... and I'm out of resurection items).