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Mon 22nd Nov 2010

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JustanotherGamer commented on 3DS Drops to $169.99 from 12th August:

Hopefully this will help Nintendo out. Plus serve as a warning to Nintendo not the bomb the Wii U launch. Have at least 2 Wii U must have games at launch. The 3DS didn't have a "must have" game. Closest was Street fighter 4 3D edition (8.5) and maybe Tom Clancy future soldier 3D (8.0) but both are niche titles with a certain fanbase. If Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D edition was ready at launch. 3DS sales might have been different. Plus better advertising to show the 3DS is a new system and not just a slightly upgraded DS.



JustanotherGamer commented on Nintendo Refuses to Confirm GameCube Downloads...:

Gamecube games come in a 1.4GB So dowloading on Nintendo's tiny 8GB flash memory provided by the Wii U. Nintendo had at least provide a tiny 20GB HDD with the Wii U. Otherwise only 5 Gamecube games can be downloaded onto the Wii U. At least have the option of adding a HDD to the Wii U even if it does not initially come with one. Like the 4GB Xbox 360 S which does allow for a 250GB HDD to be added.



JustanotherGamer commented on Iwata Shoulders Blame for Low 3DS Sales, Cuts ...:

Way to "man up" and take responsiblity Iwata. A lot of CEO's could learn from you. But the slow sales of the 3DS is not all Iwata fault. The great east Japan earthquake and the Economy is not the greatest. But way to lead by example. The U.S.A government could learn from Iwata.
The house and senate.
I will now buy a 3DS. I wasn't going to originally. With the price drop that makes it more reasonable. Plus Iwata has taken one for the team. I respect that So I buy the 3DS. Nintendo is trying. Way to go Iwata



JustanotherGamer commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Makes Bold Move with t...:

I admire that Nintendo has been pro-active in addressing Slow sales of the 3DS. A price drop from $250.00 to $169.99 is an excellent move. I will buy the 3DS now in addition to the PSvita. The PSvita is my first choice. So it was one or the other. Now I will also buy the 3DS.

The ambassador program is a good move to appeal to the people who bought a 3DS at launch. But may have been better to offer a choice of 2 3DS games. Since many people loyal to Nintendo would have already owned those games. Hopefully this will turn Nintendo's sales of 3DS around. Good move by Nintendo.



JustanotherGamer commented on GameCube to See New Downloadable Life on Wii U:

Hopefully Nintendo will have the downloadable Gamecube versions. arriving regularly? Just start uploading the entire Gamecube library onto the Nintendo servers. There are about 876 Gamecube games so just have the entire lot of them available for download the day of the Wii U launch. Instead of pissing around with a few each week.



JustanotherGamer commented on Pachter Thinks Nintendo has Superior First-Par...:

Umm... The Pachter is now just learning Nintnedo has superior First party Software? That is what enabled Nintendo to survive during the Nintendo 64, Nintnedo Gamecube and Wii eras. When the third party support for there systems was not great.

In is 2011 and the Pachter has just discovered Nintendo's strength? The Wii U will be fine for First party support. Hopefully 3rd party support will be better than the Big "N"s last three home systems.



JustanotherGamer commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Have Made the 3...:

No I don't think that digital download will ever overtake physical copies. The PSPGo would have not failed in Japan. the most techonological advanced country. The PSPGo experiment failed.

The iphone is not actually a true gaming device. Nor would the likes of .99cent games ever take over. Downloadable games will always have their place but it no way come to dominate the videogame industry.



JustanotherGamer commented on Talking Point: Wii U - Revolution or Evolution?:

The Wii U is not an Evolution or Revolution in terms of a console. More of a "refinement" Nintendo is trying to appeal to everyone. That will be the Wii U's downfall. This sixth home console will do alright, Make some money for the Big N. It will start off well and then fizzle out. The N64, Gamecube and Wii. The Wii U will falter with 3rd party support and on-line support.



JustanotherGamer commented on Guillemot: "Assassin's Creed Wii U Won't Be Re...:

Well it is good that the Wii U won't become the dumping ground for "more than a year late ports" So if that means Assasins Creed 3 released on the Wii U at the same time as Xbox 360 and PS3. That would be good. Instead of just a "one off spin off" game of Assasins Creed for Wii U.



JustanotherGamer commented on Uncharted Studio: "Wii U is Full of Holes, Not...:

Sony will only pair up the PSvita and PS3. (or PS4) if the Wii U is a huge hit for Nintendo. Then yes Sony could easily counter the Wii U. With a PS3 and PSvita combo. Or even a PS4 and use an actual Sony computer tablet that has a capacistive touch screen. Sony has 2 tablet computers coming out a traditional ipad 2 or Playbook style. S1 and the other is a smaller DS style tablet the S2. Sony could really add insult to injury and use the DS shape tablet to take a stab at Nintendo. But if the Wii U is a colossol fail. Sony could take a wait and see approach.



JustanotherGamer commented on Cliff Bleszinski Thinks Wii U Naysayers Will S...:

The Wii U could be a great console. The lack of a HDD is a concern. Nintendo just needs to include the option of having on. Kinda like the Xbox 360 s With 4GB flash memory. But that SKU does have the option of adding a 250GB HDD. If the Wii U does the same that would be a start. Plus Nintendo needs to look at the option of adding the ability to have the Wii U be able to use 2 Wii U tablet controllers instead of just 1.
Right now the Wii U is just the "Could have been" console. There is still time Nintendo to avoid dreamcasting the Wii U.



JustanotherGamer commented on The Thought of a Shooter-Only Future Makes Iwa...:

Dear Iwata don't be sad. There is not going to be a shooter only future, There are like 25 genres of videogames. First person shooter is just 1 of 25 genres. Iwata must insure that the Wii U launch doesn't bomb. So no bombing the launch games of the Wii U. If that happens then you will really have something to cry about.



JustanotherGamer commented on Reggie Discusses Wii U Branding, "Not a Diffic...:

Well Nintendo did a smart thing by keeping the Wii Prefix. The Wii U will be a success but not as much as they did with the Wii. Nintendo cannot mess up the launch of the Wii U. The first round of games has to be great.

Nintendo will have a similar situtation with NES and SNES. 62million vs 49 million. Wii 87 Million Wii U 55 million.

The Wii U will do well but Unless Nintendo can please the 3rd party developers with it's new system the support will not be there.



JustanotherGamer commented on Vigil Games Talks About Wii U Development and ...:

Could the Wii U version of Darksiders 2 be the best one? Well Nintendo should in theory have the best looking Darksiders 2 game. The Wii U is supposed to exceed Xbox 360 s and PS3.

The tablet controller and how Nintnedo uses that in Darksiders 2 will be the deciding factor. So yes the Wii U version Should be the best. an important launch title for Wii U.



JustanotherGamer commented on Review: Diddy Kong Racing (Nintendo 64):

This was the game that Rare released while the very long wait for Donkey Kong Country 4. Rare eventually released Donkey Kong 64. But no true Donkey Kong Country game until Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Diddy Kong Racing was an early N64 Game. It was alright, But not the Rare game I had hoped for.



JustanotherGamer commented on Nintendo has no Desire to be Number One in Onl...:

Nintendo never could hope to be #1 in on-line gaming. Sony, Microsoft, Apple have Nintendo beaten when it comes to on-line gaming. Nintendo could never hope to beat them. Nintendo just has to have a decent on-line gaming system/network. What they have now is crap.



JustanotherGamer commented on Iwata Tells Shareholders "Core Gamers Will Acc...:

Well I will make a point of getting the Wii U. Around launch. Since Darksiders 2 is supposed to be a Wii U launch game. I played and enjoyed Darksiders on PS3. So the Wii U should be able to match/or exceed the Graphic look of Darksiders 1.

It is the new tablet controller that I want to see how Nintnedo's new control scheme can add to the gameplay in a different way that is different from PS3 & Xbox 360. Even though Darksiders will be released about a year earlier. The Wii U version of Darksiders 2 will be a launch title and a year "late". So this is where Nintendo can show why the new tablet controller is better. Darksiders is a videogame that does just fine with a standard controller (DualShock 1,2,3) has more or less been the standard since 1998.

So Nintendo will be able to demostrate how the tablet controller provides a better gameplay experince. I bought every Nintendo home videogame system. So I will buy the Wii U. Nintendo has a chance to get back to core games and the win core gamers back to Nintendo.

I will give Nintendo a chance. I like the idea of the tablet controller so in 2012. The jury will be out on Nintendo.

The N64, Gamecube and the Wii had terrible 3rd party support. So it is not only the core gaming crowd, But also the game developers Nintendo has to impress with the Wii U. Good luck Nintendo



JustanotherGamer commented on Wii Just Couldn't Handle Sonic Generations:

So the Wii is not technology able to do Sonic Generations. Now I want to rent this game to find out why? I have the other 2 consoles of this 7th generation of videogame machines. So I can play Sonic Generations.

The 3DS will have a 3D version game length shorter. I guesst it is not worth the money to port it to the wii at this point.



JustanotherGamer commented on Pachter: Wii U is Too Late, 'Dumbest Name Ever':

In Some ways Pachter is correct. Nintnedo is smart by keeping the "Wii" name branding. But calling the console Wii U is not good. a bad name. As for the Console being late. Nintendo is the first to launch in the 8th generation of consoles. Nintendo should enjoy a 1year to 18month head start over Sony and MS.

Nintendo having strong 3rd party support, and a great on-line gaming service is key to the success of the Wii U.
Plus they have 18 months at least to show ups what that tablet controller and the Wii U console can do.



JustanotherGamer commented on Rumour: Wii U is 50% More Powerful Than PlaySt...:

If Nintendo could at least aspire to make the Wii U at least as 2X as powerful as Playstation 3/Xbox 360. Not just by 50% more. Sony and Microsoft will eventually release their successor consoles. When they do Nintendo Wii U will look and be outdated. Thus 3rd party support will die off and suffer. So Nintendo has about 1year to 18months head start in the 8th Generation. But it may not be enough to keep 3rd party developers around for long.



JustanotherGamer commented on Take a Closer Look at the Wii U Console:

Well looks like a Nintendo Console. I would like it if at launch Nintendo made the Wii U available in Black. I waited until the Wii was available in Black to buy one. Same with the Gamecube.

Nintendo does like the apple white scheme. I hope that they make Wii U in black.



JustanotherGamer commented on Review: P.N.03 (GCN):

I owned this game played it only 4 times. I didn't bother finishing this. This was a early Capcom Gamecube exclusive that failed to catch on.



JustanotherGamer commented on Pikmin 3 Plucked from Wii to Find a Home on Wii U:

This had better be a launch title for Wii U. Actually if this was a pack in game for Wii U could do wonders for sales of Wii U. But given that this is Nintendo's most advanced system and most expensive controller ever. The Wii U will not come with a pack in game. And just one tablet controller. We are not even going to even get an Atomic pak with the Wii U. The system with 2 tablet controller (one in Atomic purple)
The Wii U will only come in the Core system. The console, all your hook ups and only 1 tablet controller. For $325 - $399.99

I can live will shelling out up to $399.99 for the Wii U if it has decent launch games available. Don't pull a 3DS launch this time Nintendo. Pikman 3 would make an excellent launch title, along with others.



JustanotherGamer commented on Watch Nintendo's Vision for Wii U in HD Video:

If this controller works as well as it seems in the promotional video. If Nintendo and 3rd party developers are creative with the possible outcomes using this tablet controller. If Nintendo has decent on-line this time the yes the Wii U will be a huge suceess.

Or the Wii U ends up as the "Could've been console"



JustanotherGamer commented on You'll Enjoy This HD Wii U Third Party Softwar...:

SomeHow it seems to me that the CEO's of the 3rd party developers are trying really hard to sound like they actually believe in Nintendo this time around. Nintendo Wii U could be the console that has strong 3rd party support this time. N64, GameCube and Wii didn't have strong 3rd party developer support. The Wii U had better or will end up as the "Could've been console" The Games seem to be promising. Hopefully a lot of these games will be ready at launch?



JustanotherGamer commented on Darksiders II Launching in 2012 for Wii U:

Darksiders 2 will be my launch title if I do buy the Wii U at launch. It will be interesting to compare Darksiders 2 on Wii U, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. In theory the Wii U should be better than the other 2 consoles. So we see then.



JustanotherGamer commented on Following Wii U Unveiling, Nintendo Shares Dro...:

So the stocks have dropped 10% I'd be worried if this happen if the Wii U had already launched. Things will pick up in April to November 2012 when the Wii U does launch. I imagine that Christmas 2012 the Wii U will be difficult to find as some other Nintnedo consoles have been when they Launched Wii, N64 SNES, come to mind. Stocks will increase next year...



JustanotherGamer commented on Wii U's IBM Power Processor Means Business:

Dear Nintendo please use the best IBM chips for GPU & PPU a decent CPU is a must. Don't do a half assed job. I don't expect this system to launch at $250.00. IF you could launch it at $399.99 then I will have some faith that it won't be obsolete. Even after the PS4 and Xbox 3 launch. Nintendo can make the Wii U a really good console. Don't do it have assed this time.



JustanotherGamer commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Try to Recaptur...:

Nintendo was once hardcore during the days of the NES, and SNES.

Then with the N64, Nintendo Gamecube and Wii. Nintendo was no longer hardcore. With motion controls and the Wii console reaching out into new markets. It worked but that was something Nintendo could only do once. As Microsoft and Sony have adopted Motion controls for their videogame machines. So we already have HD wii consoles. Which are just made by Sony and MS. Nintendo has begun to lose the casual crowd. So making another Wii console just in HD is not going to work in the 8th Generation.

Lack of 3rd party support has hurt the N64, Gamecube and Wii. If the 3rd party developers are not happy with Nintendo system. Then they won't bother with making games for it. So if Project cafe can be a console with decent processing power, and proper on-line. Something which Nintendo has never really had. Aside from a few experiements. SNES. Gamecube. Or ungainly on-line attempts DSi/DSXL and Wii. The friend codes failed.

Nintendo has got to embrace on-line. As a new controller is not going to keep working. The cafe conroller sounds "iffy" right now. Casual gamers are just not going to buy more than 5 games. So Nintendo has to reach out to Sony and Microsoft gamers. The best way is to make a decent go at on-line gaming. Nintendo was very slow to switch to Disc based games. Just as slow to enbrace proper on-line gaming. That is the best way to reach out to people in 2011-2012.



JustanotherGamer commented on Sony President Thinks 3DS is Just an Updated DS:

Mobile gaming on a cell phone, or android/iphone even on a tablet computer. It is an afterthought for users of these devices. Not true portable gaming. Or would the people consider themselves gamer. Nintendo and Sony don't have to worry to much about 99 cent. games. You get what you pay for. Most Android/iphone/cell phone games are crap to begin with. For every Angry birds their is 600 junk games.



JustanotherGamer commented on Rumour: 3DS Developer Conference Next Tuesday:

Hopefully the developers will get together and come up with ideas for Street pass, The e-shop, and on-line creativity for the 3DS. Naturally great games will be on the agenda. The launch of the 3DS was excatly stellar so maybe they will be able to turn things around.



JustanotherGamer commented on THQ Cancels Saints Row: Drive-By for 3DS:

Not a good sign that a 3DS game was canned so early. Or maybe it is maybe the game ended up be so bad there was no other choice. So at least there is one less crappy game. Or the 3DS sales weren't up to snuff?



JustanotherGamer commented on Nintendo Expected Higher 3DS Sales:

The 3DS currently has one 1 game worth buying Super Street fighter 4 3D edition. No wonder it has been outsold twice by the PSP a system that has been out since March 2005.

$290.00 for the System and 1 game before tax. (Many people have already played Super Street fighter 4 on other platforms)
PSP 3000 is $129.99 or $149.99 with a pack in game.

When 3DS has more games sales should improve.



JustanotherGamer commented on Review: Waterworld (Virtual Boy):

WaterWorld should be rated as the best Movie videogame ever. The Movie Flopped Massive. World biggest Movie Flop ever. On Nintendo's biggest Videogame device Flop ever.

The game did 100% what it was supposed to do. Flop.



JustanotherGamer commented on Feature: The Making of the Nintendo Virtual Boy:

Never played this system. This is one time Nintendo tried to come up with something new. A virtual reality 3D videogame portable? Console? "device"! Nintendo failed with this system.

They made the DS series work and The Nintendo Wii worked out. These wacky ideas worked out for Nintendo. The Virtual Boy and it's 22 games just stand out as a Epic fail for Nintendo.