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Mon 9th Aug 2010

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NGpenguin commented on Talking Point: What If Nintendo Became a Third...:

That's a horrible idea! XD
Nintendo would crash and burn if they went to a third party...... if they did, they must not be thinking about there loyal customers....

i do see a way it could become helpful, but i cant afford a playstation or Xbox 36, and im sure a few others cant afford those either, (as long as they have a wii, or something?)

so nuu... its a horrible idea. D:



NGpenguin commented on Current Wii Model to be Discontinued:

....... Whats the difference in the new model? atleast a good difference please? ...
Good thing my gamecube still works, and my wii to. I still personaly think the gamecube had the best games...... (super mario sunshine, luigis mansion, legend of zelda wind waker, ect)
D: i really dont see why nintendo, plans to do this.



NGpenguin commented on Miyamoto Talks the New Generation Behind the W...:

Great idea Miyamoto!
this is what i get for staying with Nintendo. XD some more excitement is rising....

I wonder what kinds of game sereis could be in store?
Maybe a hit like Mario, Pokemon, Pikmin, or Zelda? hmmm......



NGpenguin commented on Talking Point: Wii U - Revolution or Evolution?:

I really do have a mixed opion on Nintendos new console.
I find that it could be used as a great tablet to anyone who likes to draw.
I think Nintendo could be planning an art acadamy, from the drawing of link, in the preveiw. i just have one question .... Is the main point of the wii u the tablet-like controller? Or are they hiding some other, "special" features?

Ill stick with Nintendo, saying this: Nintendo IS raising the bar of innovation with the Wii U.. beacuase i think they have something up their sleeve..
were just going to have to be pateint.. >D<



NGpenguin commented on Wii U Uses 25GB Discs and Lacks GameCube Compa...:

"Does this mean we'll one day see a Virtual Console on the Wii U with GameCube games to choose from? Let us know if you think that would be a good idea or not and why."

This popped into my mind the minute i read the title to this article. XD
I think its a great idea.