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Russian Federation

Sat 30th Jul 2011

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Koltrus commented on Waiting For Wii U To Drop In Price? Not Going ...:

Ehm... Your PC can't play MGSV, sorry. "It's all about games" and there are still a plenty of puiblishers who doesnt want to publish games for PC. And no, I dont have any consoles except for Wii and 3DS and I'm pretty much a PC fanboy.
And no, Destiny is NOT confirmed for Wii U.



Koltrus commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Makes Bold Move with t...:

I personally bought me 3DS for nearly £270, it's kind of official price here, in Russia. And now I'm feel really cheated and no, ambassador programm is not enough for me, I just want more new, solid games, not old ones, which i beated a hundred times already. Sorry for my English)